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Sr Java Developer Resume


Senior Java developer with 11 years solid experience developing complex Java enterprise applications incorporating a wide range of open source software. Strong experience with Agile development methodologies as well as traditional SDLC, with local, geographically distributed, and offshore teams.


Languages: Java, Javascript, C, C++, SQL, XML, ActionScript

J2EE: Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Hibernate, Axis2, Struts, Spring, JUnit, XSLT, Log4j

Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, JSON, jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, Swing

Database: Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Full Text, MySQL, Toad, SQL Developer, pgAdmin III

Development Tools: Ant, CVS, CruiseControl, PVCS, Visual SourceSafe, JIRA, Greenhopper

Servers: Tomcat, Sun Application Server, Weblogic

IDE: Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio

OS: Linux (Redhat, Ubuntu), Solaris, Windows

Microsoft: Windows API, .NET/COM/MFC, VB, Access



Sr Java Developer


  • Developed large scale JEE online education systems used by schools throughout the US. Strong experience with Agile Scrum methodology, and Agile support tools such as JIRA and Greenhopper.
  • Coded changes to web services and application code to enhance the company's online learning system. Used HTML, CSS, Ajax, and Javascript on the front end, all layers of the middle - tier code from the proprietary MVC model through the DAO and Hibernate database layers.
  • Developed enhancements to Axis2 web services to support the transfer of student enrollment applications from the company's CRM system to the online learning system. Modified web service APIs and server-side application code, generated WSDL files, wrote SQL scripts for associated database changes.
  • Developed a system to track user activity in the application server layers for diagnosing production performance issues. Came up with solutions to various design issues such as developing modifications to base Servlet and Action classes and the Ajax request processing engine that allowed tracking information to be passed without making changes to widely used Javascript and Java method signatures, the use of ThreadLocal variables to associate multiple request threads transparently to the application code, and design of a high performance multi-threaded in-memory data structure.
  • Developed a monitoring and reporting interface for automated nightly ETL imports of enrollment data from client schools. Developed the HTML, CSS, and Ajax content sent to the front end, extensive changes to the back-end Java ETL code, custom SQL queries via Hibernate, database scripts.
  • Supported the CruiseControl automated build and deployment processes, resolved post-deployment issues with the builds, the deployment process, and the deployed Java applications.

Environment: JEE, Oracle, Hibernate, Ajax, Axis2, jQuery, xD oclet, Quartz, Apache Commons, Log4J, and many other open source components.


Sr Java Developer


  • Designed and developed a Flash application to support psychology research at Confidential . The software presented users with a series of increasingly difficult, interactive graphical puzzles. As the user manipulated the puzzles, the system logged detailed statistics of the user's actions. Programmed in ActionScript 3.0 and the ActionScript API, and deployed as an Adobe AIR application.
  • Developed code to manipulate puzzle elements using various 2D and 3D transformations and animations, to process mouse events bubbled through the layers of graphics objects, manage two concurrent puzzle instances, collect timing information, and log it to a csv file.
  • Developed a method of greatly increasing the accuracy of timing information over that obtained by conventional methods that are subject to variations due to the operation of background processes.

Environment: ActionScript 3.0, Adobe AIR.


Senior Java Developer


  • Developed complex web-based global enterprise applications.
  • Client Management System - a complex custom CRM application used by the company's worldwide offices for management of all aspects of the company’s interactions with its clients.
  • Designed and developed the Client Confidential system. The system regularly scans the property database in search of items desired by high value clients based on text descriptions and other characteristics entered by client services representatives. The system produces lists ranked by quality of match, and alerts relevant client managers when it finds items of interest to specific clients.
  • Developed front and back-end code (JSP pages, server-side business logic, and database queries) for the system's main search pages using combined SQL relational and full text search.
  • Increased the speed of the complex primary client search function by a factor of 10 by optimization of SQL queries and more efficient server side processing of complex results lists.
  • As part of a joint venture between Amazon and Sotheby's, developed a system to support data exchange and synchronization between Confidential and Amazon databases.
  • Team member on development of the Confidential public web site as part of a complete redesign and re-engineering of Confidential as a J2EE application.
  • Developed a system that allows registered users of the web site to receive email alerts when properties of interest are scheduled for auction or exhibition, when information about a property changes, and when the sale price becomes available when sold at auction.
  • Original development and major enhancements of the global system that manages consigned property, from the detailed cataloging process, through to the assignment of lots to auction sessions at the company’s global auction locations. The system has numerous real-time interfaces to the SAP business systems, the Confidential public web site, and other internal systems..

Environment: Eclipse, JEE, Struts, JSP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Prototype, Scriptaculous, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 8i/9i, WeblogicSun Application Server / Glassfish


Senior Software Engineer


  • Worked on development of advanced web-based video and multimedia database applications for the television industry..
  • Developed a C++ plug-in for the Virage Video Data Logging application to allow users to save video segments and associated XML meta-data to Confidential 's DB2 Multimedia Content Management System.
  • Worked on an advanced technology project to develop an application that used speech recognition software to automatically generate searchable text transcripts from the audio layer of digital video of news interviews. In response to user searches for keywords and phrases, the system displays text transcripts of matching.
  • Users could highlight an area of interest in the transcript, and the system would get the relevant Confidential video file from the database, extract the video segment corresponding to the highlighted text in the transcript, and stream it to the user.
  • Solved complex timing problems among multiple asynchronous media streams (byte stream from an Confidential encoder, text stream from the speech recognition engine, and SMPTE time code data from the source video) in order to embed accurate time code information in generated HTML text transcripts.

Environment: Windows NT, IIS, AIX, DB2 database, CORBA, HTML, Java, Swing, C++, Win32 API, WinSock, ViaVoice speech recognition engine, Optibase Confidential encoder, various Confidential middleware

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