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Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Olympia, WA


  • Over 5yrs of experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Testing of web - based applications using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle, Software Development Methodologies (Agile)and practices.
  • Extensive experience in developing web-based application using J2EE components like Web Services, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, JSP and Servlets, Swing.
  • Experience in using various design patterns such as MVC (Model-View-Controller)


Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, SQL, HTML, DHTML, XML, jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS.

Java Technologies: Java, JavaBean, J2EE, JMS

Web Technologies: Angular JS, Bootstrap, Servlets, XML, DHTML, JSP, JSF, Ajax, JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, J2EE, JDBC, SOAP and Restful Web Services.

Operating System: MS-DOS, Windows, Linux

Databases: IBM DB2, Oracle 9i/10g, MySQL, MS SQL Server

Web/App Servers: WebSphere Enterprise 8.5, Apache Tomcat 5.5

Development Process: AGILE, Waterfall

Frame works: Struts 1.x/2.x, Hibernate, Spring

Version Control Tool: CVS, SVN

Build Tool: Ant

Java Tools: JUnit, JWebUnit, Log4j

IDE: IBM RAD,Eclipse 3.x, NetBeans 6.x, Adobe Flex 3x/4x


Confidential, Olympia, WA

Java Full stack Developer


  • Involved in Development and Implementation of the business solution.
  • Responsible for creating Web Services for Washington State Patrol for offender data.
  • Design and Development of application using JSP, and Spring (MVC) Framework in RAD 8.0.
  • Designed the client interface using JSP.
  • Developing DAO s to generate Queries dynamically.
  • Developed Data Access Objects to persist the data fetched from UI into database.
  • Used Spring Framework with Hibernate to map to Oracle database.
  • Used Restful webservices to create 14 webservices for WSP (Washington State Patrol) to get the offender Data.
  • Developed webservices using JAX - WS.Used JAXB for converting Java domain objects to XML.
  • Used CXF framework to build and develop services using frontend programming APIs, like JAX-WS and JAX-RS.
  • Used IBM WebSphere MQ explorer for asynchronous communication.
  • Deployed the application under Web Sphere 7.0.
  • Followed the Maven build life cycle to build the application and deployed into WebSphere application server.
  • Followed the Agile methodology to implement the application
  • Designed and developed Front end using JSP, JavaScript.
  • Designed the user interface of the application using Angular Js, HTML5, CSS3, Java Server Faces 2.0 (JSF 2.0), JSP, JSTL, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Involved in defect fixes using Clear Quest.
  • Followed Test Driven Development (TDD), Scrum concepts of the Agile Methodology to produce high Quality Software, involved in System Requirements study and conceptual design.
  • Participated in using Spring Boot architecture. Used Angular-JS in front-end, Spring framework in business layer and Hibernate in persistence layer.
  • Designed and developed web UI screens using Angular-JS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Experience in creating JSON files that mock the Microservices locally.
  • Created proof of concept for the next generation application using React JS with Redux.
  • Developed the application using Spring IOC to communicate with the persistence layer.
  • Implemented Spring Security Both at administration and user's side.
  • Designed and developed Restful services to handle various requests from all the application screens.
  • Worked on integrating backend Restful service calls with Bootstrap components by fetching the data using Angular HTTP service and displaying it within various Bootstrap based components.
  • Implemented automatic email notification of the monthly statements for the customers using Java Mail
  • Used Hibernate to create an in-memory Persistence Layer that was mapped to the RDBMS tables and columns.

Environment: Java 1.6, XML Http Requester, RAD, Jenkins, Cruise Control, Spring Framework, DB2, IBM ClearQuest, Maven, RESTful API,SoapUI.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Java UI Developer


  • As a Full stack developer involved in back-end and front-end developing team. Took part in designing, building, maintaining, reviewing, and supporting quality code and services.
  • Implemented Web based pages and site design using HTML, XHTML, CSS, Master Pages, Site Map, Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component - based architecture provided by Angular 2.
  • Created angular feature modules to take advantage of lazy loading for better performance.
  • Worked upon Angular 2 Service which interacts with RESTful services at backend.
  • Used Angular 2 framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (Controllers) and model values.
  • Validated forms using Angular 2 and regular expressions there by providing client-side validation and server validation.
  • Involved in deploying systems on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure services in data center.
  • Worked on AWS, High Availability Practices and deploying backup/restore infrastructure
  • Used Angular 4 Animations package and its new feature of Query Param Map.
  • Used PrimeNG as the primary source for collecting the UI components.
  • Involved in creating various Data Access Objects (DAO) for addition, modification and deletion of records using various specification files.
  • Involved in working with J2EE Design patterns (Singleton, Factory, DAO, and Business Delegate) and Model View Controller Architecture with Angular JS for frontend.
  • Configured hibernate session Factory, referred data Source bean to connection with database. Set up bean mapping, SQL queries, stored procedure through hibernate mapping XML file.
  • Wrote Servlets programming and JSP scripting for the communication between web browser and server.
  • Utilized gulp, NPM, Grunt, jQuery, and LESS for build process and JavaScript architecture
  • Involved in multi-tiered J2EE design and coding utilizing Spring Inversion of Control (IOC) architecture and Hibernate.
  • Developed user interface by using the ReactJs, Redux for SPA development and implemented client-side Interface using ReactJs.
  • Performed Unit testing on ReactJS applications using Jasmine.
  • Used ReactJs in components like JSX, creating React components, Virtual.
  • Used Spring Boot for the application development.
  • Integrated the application with Spring-MVC using Spring Boot, Spring Dependency Injection (DI), and Spring Annotations.
  • Involved in J2EE Design Patterns such as Data Transfer Object (DTO), Value Object, and Template.
  • Worked with different Spring modules (Spring MVC, Spring Core, AOP, Spring Batching and Messaging, Spring Web).
  • Used Gulp as the build task runner to build and package the application.
  • Developed various REST controllers for different HTTP methods to serve the data in JSON for the UI and created Exception handlers to send Http codes with various Failure responses with Spring REST.
  • Working with the JIRA tool for Quality Center bug tracking. Used Subversion for software version control.
  • Created/managed Mongo DB/NoSQL collections. Developed Server-side automation using Node.js scripting and connecting different types of SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Using Agile SCRUM Software, Quick Scrum to manage the issues/tasks and project work flow.

Environment: Core Java, Hibernate, REST, JSON, XML, DOM, Spring boot, spring-security, Hibernate Maven, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular 2, Angular 4, PrimeNG, Vanilla JavaScript, UML, Linux, Subversion, Eclipse, AJAX, JDBC, XML, Apache tomcat, SQL, JIRA.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Worked on the entire SDLC life cycle including Requirements gathering, designing the application and then implementing the design.
  • Participated in writing the functional requirements with the team.
  • Developed UML diagrams (Class diagrams, Activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams) as part of design documentation and other system documentation using Rational Rose.
  • Involved in Development of front end Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Struts 1.1 including validation framework and JSP.
  • Designed and developed Front end using JSP, JavaScript.
  • Implemented “Model View Controller (MVC)” architecture to obtain “Layered Architecture” to isolate each layer of the application to avoid the complexity of integration and customization.
  • Used JSP for developing Dynamic Web Pages.
  • Involved in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures and functions and packages, tables, views, triggers and data connectivity and data integration of Oracle.
  • Generated JUnit Test Cases to test the application.
  • Used Ant to build the deployment JAR and WAR files.
  • WebLogic application server was used to host the EJBs.
  • Used VSS for version control.
  • Used Bugzilla for bug tracking.
  • Used JavaFX environment for creating a desktop application.
  • Used JavaSwing for creating GUI for desktop application.
  • Performed functional and integration testing.
  • Log4j was used to log both User interface and Domain Level Messages.


Android Developer


  • Involved in Development and Implementation of the business solution.
  • Developed an Android application called Edureader. Edureader is an application which is a PDF book reader and it also converts captured image of pages into PDF book format.
  • Designed the features for the database interface relevant for the mobile application from the existing system.
  • Worked on location nearby agents with respect to the customer with the ability to navigate to the agent and call the agent location directly by using Google API's.
  • Worked with the UI team to design the appropriate icon and display for the screens.
  • Developed the database wrapper functions for data staging and modeled the data objects relevant to the mobile application.
  • Used Eclipse IDE to develop the screens for the application using MVC design pattern.
  • Tested the application on multiple android targets and debugged the issues that were found.
  • Worked on the system landscape including development, testing and production and set up and configured the Linux and SQL database.
  • Successfully deployed the app on the Android Marketplace and supported the app for different releases of Android OS.

Environment: Android studio.

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