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Software Developer Resume


Programming Languages/Technologies: Java (J2EE, SE), JSP, JavaScript, JSTL, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, AJAX, C, SQL, PL - SQL, Bash Shell, Korn Shell, Perl

Web Frameworks: Stripes, Tapestry 4.1, Struts 1.3, Spring, EJB, Node.js

ORM: Hibernate, Oracle OC4J with CocoBase

DBMS: Confidential SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2/UDB 7.x/8.x, Oracle 11g, MongoDB

JMS: IBM MQ, Open Message Queue, JBoss

Development Environments: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA 15, Oracle JDeveloper, IBM WebSphere Studio 5

Application and Web Servers: Tomcat, Apache 2.x mod jk, IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0, BEA WebLogic

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, DOS, VMS, Linux

Release Management Tools: Jenkins, ant, maven, ivy, make

Automated Load Testing Software: Mercury Loadrunner, Segue SilkPerformer

SCM/Defect Tracking Tools: GIT, Mantis, CM Synergy, Rational ClearCase/ClearQuest, PVCS Version Manager, PVCS Tracker, Confidential Visual Source Safe, SubVersion

Reports, Publishing Software: Velocity, Jasper Reports, HTMLDOC, FOP, Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES3

Graphics Tools: GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) 2

Code Analysis Tools: SonarQube

Metrics Tools: Graphite, Grafana

Monitoring Tools: cacti, nagios

Log Management Tool: Graylog



Software Developer


  • As part of a contracting team for a federal contractor, deliver development and consulting services to the Naval Sea Logistics Center ( Confidential ).
  • Write Java and Oracle SQL code for upgrades and performance improvements of existing applications, including a recent project to allow large volumes of XML to be processed by an existing web service without exceeding memory capacity.
  • Write JavaScript to improve the user experience of a dynamic PDF, utilizing Adobe LiveCycle and the Confidential Framework.
  • Communicate with Project Managers and Business Analysts to clarify requirements and meet customer needs with the most effective technical solutions.
  • Write and maintain documentation of new techniques and process improvements.
  • Utilize git for software configuration management, mentor other developers who are new to the git tool.
  • Write shell scripts and ant script modifications to enable build automation and dependency management.

Confidential, Portsmouth, NH

JavaScript Developer


  • Worked with software engineers and QA professionals at a company which supports a regional physical fitness franchise (Planet Fitness). Created a Node.js server and MongoDB (XML database) to be used as a test server for functional testing of an Azure Cloud-based REST Application.
  • Created JMeter test, written in Java, to mimic the front end and enable load-testing of the REST application.

Confidential, Conway, NH

Senior Software Engineer


  • As part of a small, agile development team wrote and maintained web applications providing purchasing, inventory and reporting services to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Utilized maven build tool to compile and deploy web applications written in Struts 1 with Spring injection of services and data access objects, plus standalone microservices using Dropwizard and a REST API.
  • Wrote and updated database queries in Confidential SQL Server 2008 and PostgreSQL.
  • Worked with EDI (X12) documents, including Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping Notices and Acknowledgments from vendors and pharmacies.
  • Co-designed a PostgreSQL database to comply with the new Drug Quality Assurance Act, and co-wrote software to populate and update the database with information to track drug supply chains.
  • Utilized Vagrant and Virtual Machines (VirtualBox) to run development versions of a JBoss Message Queue and a PostgreSQL database.
  • Wrote database migration scripts in FlyWay for database migrations.
  • Wrote and maintained JUnit tests using EasyMock.
  • Committed code via git version control tool, continuous build process using Jenkins.
  • Participated in agile methodology techniques such as: standup, planning poker, retrospectives.
  • Used the lightweight Coda Hale metrics library to insert timers into Java code, connected to a graphite database. Created Grafana Dashboards for easier viewing of metrics.
  • Utilized Graylog log compilation and search tool.
  • Wrote and used RunDeck scripts for Continuous Delivery.
  • Utilized SonarQube for code analysis.

Confidential, Dover, NH

Software Developer


  • Designed and wrote Java code and Java Server Pages to maintain and add new functionality to web applications for the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PDREP ), Past Performance Information Retrieval System and Federal Awardee Performance Integrity Information System ( Confidential ) web applications for the Naval Sea Logistics Center of the U.S. Navy.
  • Wrote and maintained Oracle 11g queries and stored procedures in support of these web applications.
  • Created and enhanced dynamic PDF Forms using Adobe LiveCycle ES2.
  • Imported Confidential Form data from the PDFs into Oracle 11g database with Oracle XML DB and Xpath queries.
  • Implemented redesign of the Confidential Public Access web application to be more consistent in look and feel to related federal web applications, and to comply with W3C and Section 508 Standards. My implementation included use of GNU Image Manipulation Program, AJAX, JSON, CSS2, JavaScript, jQuery and jQuery plug-ins to improve the user experience, accessibility and cross-browser compatibility.

Confidential, Portsmouth, NH

Java Developer


  • Performed defect fixes and upgrades to a complex Struts/J2EE application for the financial industry.
  • Implemented changes according to detailed business and UI specifications, using Java 1.6, an Oracle 10g Database, JavaScript, CSS, Velocity templates and custom JavaScript Tag Libraries.
  • Upgraded existing JavaScript to use Dojo and the JSON/REST framework.
  • Communicated with team members to avoid duplication of effort and promote cooperation, often providing a leadership role by speaking up in meetings and sharing information.
  • Backup for Configuration Team Lead, using SubVersion and Maven 2.

Confidential, Portland, ME

Java Web Developer


  • Coded Java Server Pages (JSP), Business Logic and Data Access Objects (DAO) in Java for web applications providing financial transaction support to the construction industry.
  • Implemented JMS into existing web applications with Open Message Queue.
  • Migrated web applications from a DAO that was written in-house with Java Struts framework to a new Hibernate/Stripes architecture with a common code base.
  • Coded new functionality and defect fixes to Intranet applications using Tapestry 4.1, JavaScript, AJAX, XSLT, FOP, Velocity templates and Jasper Reports.
  • Upgraded a mission-critical application which was having performance issues with legacy JSPs and a single DB connection, to use the Stripes framework with a c3p0 Pooled DB Connection. Provide production support for this application.
  • Supported and added new functionality to a standalone Java application generating financial notifications to customers using Velocity templates and HTMLDOC.
  • Wrote and maintained Confidential SQL Server stored procedures, PostgreSQL functions and queries, and scripts to create or alter database tables.

Confidential, Portsmouth, NH

Software Engineer


  • Coded enhancements, defect fixes and maintenance fixes on IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0 applications in Java Struts framework using WebSphere Studio 5.x and UDB 8.0 database.
  • Planned, executed and tested software upgrades and migrations to new UNIX servers in production, test and development environments.
  • Supported shared and back-end high-volume applications in dev, test and production environments, including a homegrown Workflow Engine written in C with UDB Stored Procedures.
  • Documented setup instructions, disaster recovery requirements and maintenance tips on numerous applications supported by Team.
  • Provided on-call production support and after-hours deployment support in all environments.
  • Clarified and implemented requirements of Customer Acquisition, Underwriting and Claims Business Analysts and developers.
  • Wrote and maintained UNIX Korn Shell and Perl scripts to automate processes previously performed manually, monitor system space, and run Java and C executables.




  • Coded business logic enhancements and fixed defects on a project using IntelliJ IDEA, Oracle8i Database, Oracle XSQL Server Pages, CocoBase database mapping, Tomcat Web Server and Weblogic EJB Server.
  • Coded presentation layer enhancements with JavaScript, XSLT and XML.
  • Coded interface and batch processing enhancements; altering complex SQL queries within Java classes that read from or write to text files that are sent via FTP to federal and state systems that exchange information with Confidential .
  • Wrote Java Code to implement Business Logic of Application.
  • Utilized Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle 9i Database with Oracle Business Components For Java.
  • Generated and maintained Oracle Java objects to represent database tables, which development team used to perform database transactions in Java..
  • Unit-tested code and integration-tested with presentation layer; assisted web page developers and testers with creation and testing of web pages.
  • Wrote and unit tested Java code for 6 months using JDeveloper.
  • Utilized Oracle 8i Database via queries in Java code and SQL*Plus for testing.
  • Set up and ran Performance Tests with Mercury Loadrunner, created web page to post results.
  • Co-authored System Test Plan, wrote System Test Cases, performed System Testing.
  • Installed and performed initial set-up of Defect Tracking tool PVCS Tracker.
  • Acted as SQA lead on an e-commerce project for the hospitality industry.
  • Used J++ to create Java test harness programs.
  • Trained client's staff in use of the new COM components as they integrate with other products of the client company
  • Wrote test plans and performed testing and defect tracking.
  • Provided Beta Testing support.
  • Member of QA Team, tested and documented Confidential remediation effort on a Confidential project using Assembler and Mainframe for the paper manufacturing industry.
  • Checking and re-running JCL and Confidential for an insurance company that had a hardware failure requiring re-running of a month of Legacy System batch jobs.

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