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Software Engineer, Agile Coach Resume

Nashville Tn Augusta, ME


  • Talented Software Engineer proficient in all phases of the software development lifecycle.
  • Adept at working with Agile and Scrum methodologies to deliver high quality software with a minimal defect rate.
  • Proficient in Java, including the use of Maven dependency management, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Sprint Boot, Apache Camel, and related libraries to build solid distributed, web - enabled, and micro services-based applications.
  • Able to effectively use C#, Python, Ruby, YAML, HTML, CSS, XML and other programming languages to complete work.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented professional with more than 18 years of progressive experience in the field.
  • Possess ancillary skills to architect and implement end-to-end solutions, including: provisioning of servers and services; installation, configuration, and administration of continuous integration/continuous delivery environments, and static code analysis toolsets.
  • Achievements include developing a web-enabled enterprise information system for use within a state government health and human services department, as well as secure RESTful service APIs for use by pharmacies and medical facilities to validate eligibility for services and authorize insurance payments based on that eligibility in real-time.
  • Collaborative team player skilled at working with hardware and software professionals to develop a cohesive and successful designs.


Programming Languages: Java JavaScript Python Ruby PHP C++ C# Perl Bash HTML CSS Sass LESS PL/SQL Transact - SQL PowerShell

Development Tools: Eclipse JDT IntelliJ IDEA Oracle JDeveloper Microsoft Visual Studio Xamarin Studio SonarQube Bamboo Jenkins Travis CI Jira Visual Studio Team Services Git Subversion CVS

Design Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere

Databases & Tools: Oracle Database Microsoft SQL Server PostgreSQL MySQL MariaDB Enterprise Oracle SQL Developer Toad for Oracle Toad for SQL Server SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Reporting, Integration, and Analysis Services

Platform Administration: Oracle WebLogic & Fusion Middleware Linux/Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP Server Apache Tomcat Server Microsoft Internet Information Server Microsoft Azure Services Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform


Software Engineer, Agile Coach

Confidential, Nashville, TN / Augusta, ME


  • Create and maintain ETL (Extract Translate Load) processes for bulk loading database with eligibility and claim status data from numerous health plans.
  • Support and enhance a robust pharmaceutical transaction processing platform by developing edits, logic, and business rules for real-time eligibility checks as well as authorizations and payment processing based on eligibility.
  • Create and maintain alerts to trigger exception handling and processing events using Apache Camel and other messaging implementations.
  • Develop and maintain web-based applications and dashboards to reflect system, application, and event statuses in support of continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Design, implement, and support EDI transaction translation applications to convert data to and from X12 EDI, XML, flat files, and proprietary file formats.
  • Create automation and scheduling of processes and jobs related to pharmaceutical transaction processing.
  • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments, and concise code.
  • Improve operations by conducting systems analysis; recommending changes in policies and procedures.
  • Agile coach and scrum master to multiple teams totaling approximately 50 developers, as well as coaching business stakeholders and key representatives in Agile frameworks.
  • Consult with management and key business stakeholders on Agile/Scrum frameworks.
  • Jira administration
  • Jenkins administration
  • SonarQube administration

Senior Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Augusta, ME


  • Responsible for implementing change from outdated and inefficient development methods to Agile/Scrum-like process.
  • Transitioned group form outdated and inefficient development methodologies to Agile for faster adaptation to changing customer needs.
  • Fostered a positive work environment by encouraging team communication and peer code review.
  • Worked with business partners to develop budget related to application development, maintenance, and IT resources in State operated healthcare facilities.
  • Coordinate information technology analyses in response to legislative initiatives (LDs) originating from within the Confidential House and Senate, as well as the Governor's office.
  • Worked with business partners to define biennial budget for information technology; ensured that products and services delivered are within budget.
  • Oversaw project to remediate significant security, accessibility, and html standards issues within a large case management application. This includes transitioning to Java 8, Springs 4, HTML5, CSS 3, WebLogic 12c, as well as the implementation of Jenkins for continuous integration, static code analysis, and rapid code deployment to development environments.
  • Successfully developed and executed migration plan for 9 Oracle databases from version 10g to version 11g RAC.
  • Successfully migrated application source code from Java version 3 to version 6, and from WebLogic version 8 to version 11g with minimal application issues.
  • Oversaw migration of application source code from WebDB/PLSQL to Java 7 with Microsoft SQL Server database with minimal application issues.
  • Reduced data footprint by as much as 70%, allowing our business partners to realize significant budgetary savings.
  • Served as the go-to resource for installing, configuring, upgrading, and patching Oracle WebLogic Server on developer workstations, as well as migrating WebLogic/Java applications to development, test, and production environments.
  • Configured and maintained Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 virtual servers, including Windows Services for Unix, CRON/scheduled jobs, Oracle Client, and SFTP for application interface automation.
  • Conducted code review sessions of Java, SQL, and PL/SQL to ensure all team members are using programming best practices, resulting in higher code quality, better application performance, and minimal impact on other applications in a shared hosting environment.
  • Configured and maintained WebLogic servers prior to migration to WebLogic 11g shared hosting environment, including maintaining uptime of servers, CRON, and shell scripting.
  • Architected and implemented application interfaces between State systems and third-party systems in support of Medicaid and grant-based authorizations, claims, and utilization review.
  • Participated as member of the Customer Service committee, with a commitment to constant improvement of relationships between the Office of Information Technology and Business partners; drafted Customer Service philosophy document that was ratified by the executive leadership.
  • Participated as member of the Education and Training committee, with a commitment to augmenting and enhancing workforce skills across the Office of Information Technology.
  • Participated as member of the Change Management committee, ensuring continuity of quality delivery of IT services while minimizing impact on other systems within the Office of Information Technology.

IT Project Manager

Confidential, Rockport, ME


  • Worked with local broadband provider and Yahoo to engineer and implement networking and streaming solutions in support of local conferences, such as Pop Tech and the Camden Conference.
  • Served as part of a technology team consulting with local government entities, such as the Town of Camden, City of Rockland, and Camden Public Safety.
  • Supervised team of repair and install technicians on daily tasks.
  • Installed and configured client computers, servers and networking equipment.
  • Repaired defective hardware and software.

Owner/Network Engineer

Confidential, Rockland, ME


  • Designed and installed wired and wireless networks.
  • Configured, installed and managed Windows and Linux servers.
  • Configured and managed Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL servers.
  • Designed and installed datacenter equipment, racks and cabinets, power switching, network switching, KVMs, and authentication equipment.
  • Supervised team of application developers.

Computer Analyst

Confidential, Bangor, ME


  • Assisted with conversion from Confidential -2 to DSL circuits to support TCP/IP technology over Wide Area Network.
  • Developed EDI (electronic data interchange) using DCL, PHP, and Perl to aid in warehousing of data from a closed proprietary system to SQL data sources.
  • Worked with department manager to migrate over 5000 newly acquired customers into our closed system using automated interface scripting.
  • Coordinated technology decisions to allow the company to move from Windows 95/98 clients to Windows XP.

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