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Senior Software Developer Resume

Houston, TX


Looking for the position of Senior Java Developer.


  • Java 10+ years
  • Spring and Spring Boot
  • Junit and Mockito
  • SDLC
  • Micro Service and RESTful
  • JPA and Hibernate
  • Build with Maven
  • Agile team experience


Programming Language: Java, C#.NET, C++, MATLAB, Python and JavaScript

Application Software: Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio and MSSQL Server

Version Control System: CVS, SVN, Git and Microsoft TFS

Developing experience: Cloud application development and deploy, Big data analysis and Machine learning

Agile method: Scrum experience

Operating System: Windows, Linux, UNIX


Senior Software Developer

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Using Eclipse RAP to set up the road map to quickly deploy the existing desktop - based software to a web-based services or web applications, it provides a cloud solution for our customers.
  • Build Spring boot web services by using micro services architecture.
  • The web services are delivering Cloud based Confidential analysis service for large-scale implementation requirement.
  • Managing the critical design, development and integration of the overall software project plans and schedules to the company’s key product Confidential, a Java based Confidential software used by Oil and Gas industry.
  • Reviewing codes, assessing bugs and malfunctions, and creating Junits and Mockito test cases for each scenario for the verification.
  • Tuning the performance of the algorithm and rendering to improve the user interactivity.
  • Developing the product Confidential, a collected sensor data processing and displaying software in SDLC.
  • Preprocessing data for this product with developed Python plug-in module then processing and visualizing the big data in the software product.
  • Providing technical support and help as well as guidance to team members in Indian to develop product PetraView, an oil field data management and organization software which is based on the cloud computing and big data technology to classification, searching and store terabytes level data in one well.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Developed compatibility module to load existing projects created by old Confidential software.
  • Worked in the development team to fix UI bugs.
  • Extracted all related algorithms from Confidential software, and implemented into the JewelSuite platform.
  • Worked as key developer of the new java based product Confidential
  • ModelBuilder in SDLC.
  • Built a common framework and on top of that developed software products such as Confidential
  • RockPrep for Confidential consulting services.
  • Developed pore pressure prediction modules and rock mechanical modeling and analysis modules.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Developed scientific software package (Image Management and Icosahedral Reconstruct System, Confidential ) to determine 3D structure of viruses with icosahedral symmetry
  • Used Iris Explorer, Explorer Module Builder to interpret 3D structure and to support end users to build scientific functionality modules
  • Converted the algorithm code to obtain high resolution structure from UNIX/Linux environment into Windows platform by using Visual Studio C++ with user-friendly GUI.
  • Implemented projection match algorithm to calculate correlation coefficient between the raw micrograph image big data and a series of projection images to get accurate initial orientation parameters.
  • Implemented MS SQL server as a data warehouse and created tables and store procedures to obtain higher throughput ability for data processing.
  • Used ADO technology in C++ code for data retrieving, built useful utilities to achieve 2D image displaying, data sorting, etc., used multi-thread to load larger image, and responded to the user interaction in the application.

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