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Full Stack Developer Resume

Mason, OH


  • Having 8+ years of IT involvement in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), such as Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance of various Client/Server Applications, Web Based applications using JAVA/J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in messaging queue services like JMS, IBM MQ, Rabbit MQ, Active MQ and Apache Kafka.
  • Experienced in JMS over messaging to exchange the information in more reliable and asynchronous way in enterprise Applications. Used Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Camel as JMS provider.
  • Experience in developing Apache Kafka as a distributed publish - subscribe messaging system and a robust queue that can handle a high volume of data.
  • Kafka is suitable for both offline and online message consumption. Kafka messages are persisted on the disk and replicated within the cluster to prevent data loss.
  • Experience in architect, design, build and prototyping models using the design patterns like Session Facade, Service Locator, Singleton, Abstract Factory and Factory Method.
  • Used Spring Boot to develop and deploy both RESTful web services and MVC applicationsanddeveloped Micro services based on RESTful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • Implemented exception handling in Java Spring boot for REST API by making use ofException Handler and Controller Advice annotations.
  • Worked with Spring cloud config, Ribbon, Hystrix and Zuul API-Gateway in the spring cloud and Netflix Eureka service to provide weighted load balancing based on several factors like traffic, resource usage.
  • Using Swagger Framework, actualizing the Restful API and Swagger gives the rich UI to test API .
  • Experience in developing XML based Web Services (SOAP/UDDI/WSDL) using Top Down and Bottom Up approach and REST based services with JAX-RS, Jersey and Spring Integration.
  • Experience in developing the application with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro Services Architecture.
  • Developed SOAP services using JAX-WS, Axis-2 and Apache CXF.
  • Excellent experience with Relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, SQL Server (MS SQL) and No SQL databases like Mongo DB, Couch DB and Cassandra.
  • Experience in writing complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions.
  • In depth and extensive knowledge of Splunkarchitecture and various components. Expert in Splunk Development, Configuration and Administration and used Kibana to view using Elasticsearch (ELK).
  • Implemented Business layer using Spring 4.0 (IOC, AOP ), Spring MVC and persistent layer using DAO and Hibernate.
  • Solid Experience with Java based ORM frameworks such as Hibernate, JPA, Spring Data and Ibatis.
  • Worked with NoSQL based ORM frameworks like Mongoose Connector and Cassandra Node Driver.
  • Implemented Hibernatefirst-level cache and Second Level Cache.
  • Hands-on experience on various AWS Cloud services like EC2, Route53, EBS, Auto Scaling, VPC, Cloud Formation, S3,RDS, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, IAM, Cloud Watch and other services of the AWS infrastructure like Dynamo DB, SQS and EMR focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance and auto-scaling.
  • Experience in Windows Azure services like PAAS, IAAS and worked on storages like Blob and SQL Azure.
  • Deployed our Application on Pivotal Cloud Foundry which is used to reduce the development overhead by providing a ready to use platform.
  • Experience with application servers like Web Logic, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat and IBM Web Sphere.
  • Involved in migrating monolithic application in Micro Service Architecture and Developed Micro services using Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform build upon Spring Boot Services.
  • Implemented the authentication and authorization of the application using Spring Security and OAuth 2.0.
  • Implemented security functionality OAuth 2.0, Spring security, SSL and site minder (SSO).
  • Extensive hands on experience in setting up CD/CI pipelines using Jenkins, Bamboo and GOCD.
  • Experienced in building applications using Maven, Gradle and ANT tools.
  • Involved in writing test cases and test plans using TestNG, Spock, Mockito and JunitPower mock, HQL embedded DB to test databases.
  • Used Mockito for testing the application and Log4j for logging all the debugging and error information.
  • Used log4j which is a reliable, fast and flexible logging framework (APIs) written in Java, which is distributed under the Apache Software License.
  • Good Knowledge on Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry and worked on configuring Docker Tool Box and Kubernetes as deployment manager.
  • Used various version control software such as SVN, GIT, GIT LAB, CVS, Big Bucket for maintaining code repositories.
  • Extensive experience in Front-End UI technologies like HTML4/5, JSP, jQuery, CSS2/3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Angular2.0,4.0 in developing dynamic and responsive web pages.
  • Good experience in Client-Side Scripting like JavaScript/Typescript, ES6 to build highly interactive web pages.
  • Extensively used view rendering JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, React JS and HandleBar.JS.
  • Experience in developing MVC based Java script frameworks like Angular JS, Back Bone JS, Ember JS and KnockOut.JS.
  • Experience in MVVM frameworks and developing single page applications using Angular 2/4.
  • Experience in ReactJS which is JavaScript library used for building reusable UI components and Implemented React JS and working with Redux and Flux architecture.
  • Used ReactJS virtual DOM which is a JavaScript object. This will improve apps performance and it can be used on client and server side as well as with other frameworks.
  • Experience in developing Angular 4 advanced features such as interfaces, nested components, services, routing and modules.
  • Experience in developing Client-side validationsusing Angular 4 and in developing Custom pipes, Shadow DOM.
  • Experience in developing network applications using Node.js with an event-driven, Asynchronous approach and single threaded model with event loops.
  • Good understanding on Server-side JavaScript structures like Node.JS with Express.JS and Hapi.JS.
  • Involved in using Grunt as a JavaScript Task Runner which can be used as a command line tool for JavaScriptobjects.Grunt can perform repetitive tasks very easily, such as compilation, unit testing, minifying files, running tests, etc.
  • Tools like Gulp are often referred to as "build tools" because they are tools for running the tasks for building a website.
  • Wrote unit tests for JavaScript based Applications using Karma, Jasmine (Angular), Protractor, Mocha and Chai (React) testing frameworks.
  • Worked on various SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from Waterfall to Agile (SCRUM) models.


Programming Languages: Core Java, C, C++, SQL.

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, Ember JS, Knockout JS, Back Bone JS, Flux, Redux, NodeJS, Express JS.

J2EE Technologies & frameworks: Servlets, EJB, JSP, JSF, JDBC, SOAP, WSDL, REST, XML, XSD,JAXP, JAXB, JPA, Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Batch, Spring cloud.

Databases: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11i, DB2, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 , MYSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra.

Application/Web Servers: Oracle Web logic, IBM Web Sphere, JBoss, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat.

Messaging Services: JMS, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, Kafka

Build & Configuration Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Gulp, Web pack, Chef, Puppet

Testing Tools: Junit, TestNG, Mockito, Jasmine, Karma, Mocha, Chai.

Version Control Tools: GIT, SVN, CVS, Bitbucket, TFS

Project Management Tools: JIRA, Rally, Microsoft Project

Cloud Technologies: AWS, EC2, EBS, S3, Docker, ECS, 3API Gateway.

Windows, Linux, Unix, MS: DOS

IDE s: Eclipse, Visual Studio, Spring Tool Suite, Sublime Text, Atom


Confidential, MASON, OH

Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in analysis, specification, design, and implementation and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) and used agile methodology ( SCRUM ) for developing application.
  • Application is implemented using Agile methodology where there is a daily SCRUM meeting to understand the status and resolve any issues.
  • Involved in the development of user interface using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript.
  • Implemented Angular4 component router for navigation. Worked with Angular 4 Directives, Injectables, pipes, Components.
  • Programmed in Angular4 to upload images/files to the AWSS3 browser from the Front-end by installing NPM package of AWS - SDK .
  • Made Created Typescript reusable services and components to consume RESTAPI’s using Component-based architecture provided by Angular4 .
  • Developed Good knowledge on creating services with Angular4Injectable property, to make the service available for dependencyInjection when creating components.
  • Closely worked with Application using React.JS and Node.js libraries NPM, gulp directories to generate desired view.
  • Developed various Typescripts (ES6) objects including Components, ngModules, Providers, Services and classes using arrow functions and optional types.
  • Worked with Express.js for development of RESTful web services and middleware configurations.
  • Performed verification and validation process for the code written by making use of Karma and Jasmine.
  • JavaScript testing framework by testing across various scenarios of the Angular4 applications.
  • Worked with the Node package manager (NPM) along with Gulp.
  • Worked with SASS to build better and optimized Style sheets.
  • Used features like concurrency, Stream’s, FiltersAPI and Lambda functions and Functional interface Java 8 programming.
  • Deployed the Dockerimage of services building Docker file and build a continuous delivery pipeline for containers using AWSCode Pipe Line and Amazon ECS.
  • Deployed the with Zero Down Deployment using Kubernetes orchestration service application.
  • Used Docker Container to address every application across the hybrid cloud and Docker for better collaboration and innovation.
  • Created AWS Lambda, EC2 instances provisioning on AWS environment and implemented security groups, administered Amazon VPC’s.
  • Designed and developed RESTful web services using Springboot and Jersey framework.
  • Used Springboot which is radically faster in building cloud microservices and develop Spring based application with very less configuration.
  • Migrating existing application into REST based Microservices to provide all the CRUD capabilities using Springboot.
  • Used SpringData as the ORM framework to connect with MYSQL database.
  • Wrote services with Angular4 to store and retrieve user data from the Mongo DB for the application on devices with HTTP service.
  • To sync with multiple sources like Elastic Search or another Mongo DB, Mongoose Connector is used.
  • Junit is implemented along with Mockito to perform unit testing on our RESTful web application.
  • Worked with various features in Spring such as SpringAOP, SpringTransactionmanagement.
  • Implementation Spring Bean Factory using IOC configured Bean properties using dependency injection.
  • To check the application for log errors, exceptions, and business logic and log analytics Splunk is implemented and logging using Log4J.
  • Handled consumer logs and monitor Kafka Metrics using Kafka Manager.
  • Developed data transformer for converting legacy data from source tables to Avro format and fed into Kafka using Camel to process the file for multiple routes to different host locations.
  • Implemented Spring Netflix Zuul API gateway and Eureka service registry for reverseproxy and Dynamic service discovery of API's.
  • Worked with Zuul Api gateway for Authentication and hystrix circuit breaker for fault tolerance.
  • Implemented Spring Security OAuth 2.0 and OIDC Token mechanism for authentication and authorizing for social websites logins using Spring Social Module.
  • Extensively used Git for version controlling and regularly Pushed the code to GitHub.
  • Used JIRA as the bug tracking system to track and maintain the history of buds/issues on everyday basis.
  • Used GIT for version control, and Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

Environment: java8, Angular 4.0, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript,Typescript, Jasmine, Karma, GULP, NPM, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Node.js, Express.js, OAuth 2, MySQL, Mongo DB, Mongoose Connector, Elastic Search, React with Redux, Apache Kafka, Docker, AWS, EC2, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Spring AOP, Spring Cloud, Junit, Mockito, Netflix Zuul, GIT, Hystrix, Swagger.

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

Full Stack Developer


  • Coordinated with project managers, business analyze new proposed ideas Requirements, designed the integrated tool, developed and implemented all the modules.
  • Developed User Interface using React JS, HTML5, CSS/CSS3(SAAS), Bootstrap 4.0, Redux, MongoDB.
  • Responsible to style, look and feel of the web page with LESS that extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variable, mixing, operations and functions.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using React.js and used various predefined components from NPM and Redux library.
  • Worked in using React.jsRouter, Forms, Animations, Keys, components, Events and REDUXconcept.
  • Responsible for ReactUI and architecture. Including Tree, Building components library, TableGrid and Slide-View.
  • Implemented stable React components and stand-alone functions to be added to any future pages.
  • Developed a dashboard based on Ajax calls with Business Customers Count, Flags, Real-time graphs for Analytical Reporting using Node.js.
  • Post-processors, transpires, tests etc. based on build target.
  • Developed REST API services using Node JS, Express JS, Body-Parse and other node modules to serve the web application with JSON data.
  • Developed readable and writable streams of Node JS to process the data from external means of the application.
  • Added Excel-Building to download the Tabular data in Excel Format using React.
  • Created a pipeline from Mongo DB cluster by configuring Mongoose Connector, to sync with multiple sources like Elastic Search or another Mongo DB.
  • Used Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the connection/service binding details are injected from the deployed cloud platform itself.
  • Used a microservice architecture, designed and developed RESTful web services using Apache CXF and Spring Boot framework.
  • Installed a single node Elasticsearch "cluster" to index MongoDB for use in a NodeJS, Express on a native AWS EC2Ubuntu14.04 instances.
  • Worked with build tools like Bower, NPM and Grunt.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting Cassandra Clusters this includes monitoring and performing troubleshooting as per requirements.
  • Designed, developed and maintained PostgreSQL Data base architecture.
  • Used build tools to bundle the application through webpack and used Gulp for task automation of minification of Angular scripts.
  • Implemented Spring Cloud-NetflixOSSStack along with using Ribbon for client-side load balancing, NetflixZuul API Gateway with Eureka service registry for reverse proxy infrastructure and Hystrix Circuit Breaker for fault tolerance.
  • Bottle micro-framework implemented with RESTful service and used WADL (Web Application Description Language) for modelling the resources provided by the services and relationships between them.
  • Used Spring Data Framework to use the features of Spring JDBC and Spring ORM classes like JDBC Template to perform the database operations by connecting to Data sources available.
  • Implemented JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for creating tokens to assert claims in the application and thus providing authentication of RESTful services.
  • Use Maven build tool to maintain Project dependencies.
  • Designed, built and deployed application using the AWS stack (Including EC2, Mongo DB, Docker, Kubernetes Orchestrationcontainer(EKS) focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance and auto-scaling.
  • Deploying the applications using Docker container services and building continuous integration(CI) and continuous deployment(CD) pipeline using Jenkins with GitHub.
  • Implemented Kibana for centralized logging and monitoring that builds on Elasticsearch of the application data for analytics and visualization of the user's login.
  • Worked with Spring Boot for automatic configuration and starter for Maven configuration and performed metrics and externalized configuration.
  • Developed test cases for unit testing in the integration layer using Mockito framework.
  • Splunk is implemented in the application for log errors, exceptions, and business logic and log analytics. Gradle build tool is used to deploy the application on the web servers i.e. JBoss.
  • Employed the Single Sign On (SSO) authentication using Site Minder for logging to the application from different websites.
  • Developed unit test scripts using Karma and Jasmine for Angular 2 framework and Mocha for Node JS API end points.
  • Behavioral and Integration testing is done using Cucumber and Selenium respectively.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Express.js, JavaScript, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Bootstrap, REST API, Bower, Grunt, NPM, Mongo DB, Rest Services, JWT, Cassandra, Docker, Mocha, Jasmine, Karma, Gulp, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, WADL, SSO Authentication, PostgreSQL,Web Pack, Elastic Search, Netflix Zuul API, Eureka, Kubernetes, Maven and Jenkins, Splunk,Kibana, Hystrix, Mockito, Cucumber, Selenium, GIT, AWS Services.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Java/J2EE Developer

Responsibilities :

  • Involved in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC) using Agile methodology.
  • Developed the view-controller components using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Angular JS.
  • Created distributed Oracle coherence domains, configuration and system design based on oracle coherence .
  • Experience in building end to end web applications using MEAN stack with Angular1.X , 2
  • Developed user-friendly interface to seamlessly combine the new module with existing login system by using Angular JS and Bootstrap.
  • Developed HTML5 Mobile application with HTML5, Java, Jenkins, IIS, Java, SaaS , big data, cloud, POC, RBDMS, Java Script, jQuery, JSON and RESTful web service.
  • Used Angular JS to create maintainable and testable single page application and Implemented two-way data binding and used ng-filters across the applications.
  • Developed reusable and interoperable Web service modules based on SOA architecture using SOAP and RESTful Services.
  • Expertise in using FIX Protocol API . Testing admin and application FIX messages like heartbeat, logon, logout, resend request, reject, sequence, pre-trade, trade and post-trade messages
  • Developed the service layer, a layer that acts a bridge between the presentation layer and data access layer, with Spring Framework features like Spring JDBC and Spring ORM.
  • Used Apache camel integration for routing and transforming the data between two Applications using HTTP protocol.
  • Used Spring MVC Design Pattern to hold the UI data and serve the request and to send the response.
  • Implemented Dependency Injection (IOC) feature of Spring Framework to inject beans into User Interface and AOP for Logging.
  • Developed Oracle PL/SQL packages and stored procedures for data warehouse that consolidated loan information from disparate systems and platforms.
  • Migrated legacy databases by using ETL tools . Developed custom PL/SQL packages for gaps found in the ETL tools .
  • Developed web service API methods using PL/SQL, SQL/XML and XML to enable conferencing resellers to write their own clients to interface with our web conferencing platform.
  • Involved in migrating monolithic application in Micro Service Architecture and Developed Micro services using Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform build upon Spring Boot Services.
  • Developed applications using Application Lifecycle Management to deliver reliable applications.
  • Developed persistence Layer using Hibernate to persist the data and to manage the data.
  • Worked on Hibernate for mapping the Java objects to relational database and SQL queries to fetch the data, insert and update the data from the database.
  • Developed Hibernate configuration files and queries and Implemented DAO classes.
  • Web Services were called using SOAP protocol, WSDL descriptor file, Universal Description, Discovery and Integration Registry (UDDI).
  • Created Stored Procedures , functions, views, indexes and constraints, triggers required SQL tuning to reduce the response time in the application.
  • Developed the JSON structure for the data transfer in between the Goggle Web Toolkit (UI) and business tier.
  • Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) to display report data using jQuery in Cross-browser compatibility and Web Application Scaling.
  • GUI design and development using Java Swing, JFC Used for open source web testing.
  • Configured development environment using WebSphere application server for developer’s integration testing.
  • Experience with integration frameworks like Apache Camel for enterprise integration.
  • Developed test cases for Unit testing using JUnit.
  • Used Jenkins and Maven for automated builds and deployments.
  • To keep track of issues and tasks on individuals used JIRA ticketing system.
  • Used Spring Tool Suite (STS) for application development.

Environment : Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Security, Hibernate, REST, SOAP, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, WSDL, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), Oracle, JUnit, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA, Apache Camel, WebSphere Application Server and STS IDE.

Confidential, Plano , TX

Java Developer


  • Involved in Daily Scrum (Agile) meetings, Sprint planning and estimation of the tasks for the user stories, participated in retrospective and presenting Demo at end of the sprint.
  • Involved in the front-end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, ExtJS, AJAX.
  • Designed developed screens of RBH/CPM Module ExtJS . Developed reusable ExtJS components Such as Viewport, Panel, and Grids etc.
  • Designed and Integrated ExtJS prompts, designed navigation controllers, added search functionality.
  • Involved in building or supporting web applications with Sencha Ext JS , JavaScript, HTML and AJAX.
  • Implemented MVC architecture using Spring, Hibernate and used Spring Framework to initialize managed beans and services.
  • Invoked view components by configuring Dispatcher Servlet and View Resolver to handle incoming requests and manage the Spring MVC flow.
  • Involved in development of Agent Verification System using Spring MVC framework.
  • Implemented Spring Bean Factory using IOC Configured Bean properties using dependency injection.
  • Used Spring Inheritance to develop beans from already developed parent beans.
  • Used Spring AOP for logging, auditing and transaction management to distinguish business logic from the cross-cutting concerns.
  • Used Spring Security for Authentication and Authorization of the application.
  • Worked on developing secured Web Services approach for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and in developing REST API which is secured by using HTTPS and securing the API by enabling the CORS on the listeners.
  • Designed and developed RESTful web services using Springboot and Jersey framework.
  • Implemented asynchronous, AJAX based rich client for improved customer experience.
  • Created data model and generated Hibernate mappings and domain objects using Hibernate tools.
  • Interfaced with the MySQL back-end database by integrating Spring with Hibernate.
  • Extensively used hibernate named queries, criteria queries, Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and Optimistic Locking and Caching to process the data from the database.
  • Developed Unit /Integration test cases using JUnit.
  • Used Gradle tool for building and deploying the Web applications in Web Logic Server.
  • Used JIRA tool for tracking stories progress and follow agile methodology.
  • Used logging techniques provided by Log4J tool for efficient logging and debugging.
  • Developed the application using Eclipse as the IDE and used its features for editing, debugging, compiling, formatting, build automation and version control (SVN).
  • Involved in Maintenance and Enhancements for the project.

Environment: Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Sencha ExtJS, AJAX, Struts, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, JDBC, Hibernate, My SQL, HQL, SQL, JUnit, Gradle, JIRA, Log4J, Eclipse, SVN and Web Logic Server.


Java Developer


  • Involved in developing the business components and responsible for developing the user interfaces using JSPs.
  • Developed JSP's with Struts custom tags and implemented JavaScript validation of data.
  • Primarily focused on the spring components such as action Servlets, actions, Model and View Objects, View Resolver.
  • Used JavaScript for the web page validation and Struts Validator for server-side validation.
  • Wrote the high performance multi-threaded Java code using singleton, mediator, visitor, facade, observer, template, factory, publish and subscribe design pattern.
  • Involved in the extensive coding of JavaScript to handle the client-side validations.
  • Worked on Struts framework and production support issues of the existing applications.
  • Development of Action Forms, Action Servlets, Action and Validating Action Forms in Struts framework.
  • Used Strut and spring frame works to design and develop applications. Implemented the project using Singleton, Factory Design Patterns.
  • The Strut Validator frame works are used for server-side and client-side validations.
  • The Strut Tiles framework for developing User Interface.
  • Coded JDBC calls in the Servlets to access the SQL Server database tables.
  • Used SQL and PL/SQL queries to perform database operations on Web Sphere.
  • Developed action classes and action form classes, created JSP’s using Strut Tag libraries and configured in config.xml, web.xml.
  • For encapsulating the dynamic functionality TLD (Tag Library Descriptor) and used JSTL tags for populating data on to JSPs. The Strut framework is implemented to enable JDBC Connection for data access.

Environment: Java (v6), JavaScript (v1.8), JSP, Spring, Struts (2.x), EJB, SQL, PL/SQL, JDBC, Eclipse, Web Sphere (v 7.0).


Java Developer


  • Technical responsibilities included high level architecture and rapid development
  • Design architecture following J2EE MVC framework
  • Developed interfaces using HTML, JSP pages and Struts -Presentation View
  • Developed and implemented Servlets running under JBoss
  • Used J2EE design patterns and Data Access Object (DAO) for the business tier and integration Tier layer of the project
  • Used Java Message Service (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information, such as loan status report, between the clients and the bank
  • Designed and developed Message driven beans that consumed the messages from the Java message queue
  • Implemented CMP entity beans for persistence of business logic implementation
  • Development of database interaction code to JDBC API making extensive use of SQL Query Statements and advanced prepared statement
  • Inspection/Review of quality deliverables such as Design Documents.
  • Wrote SQL Scripts, Stored procedures and SQL Loader to load reference data.

Environment: J2EE, Java Servlets, JSP, Struts, MVC Framework, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, JMS, SQL, HTML, JDBC, EJB .

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