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Sr. Solutions Architect Resume


  • Position in software architecture and development that will leverage my extensive architectural, development and problem solving experience, formal education and training to deliver excellent product and exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • I will provide an input on strengthening the competitive advantages, new markets recognition and hidden resources discovery using functional - inventive analysis, various structure and quality improvement methodologies.
  • I’m excited to develop inventive technologies and services, ERP, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, NLP, and other AI systems, high performance and reliable intuitive systems for the Web, desktop and devices based on Java/J2EE, C/C++, Asp.Net/C#, Scala and other emerging technologies.


Programming Languages & Scripts: Java(10), C(7), C++(5), PL/SQL(3), SQL(10), Shell Script(5), prolog(5)

Technologies: JSP(6), Servlets(6), JDBC(10), XML(5), Web Service(1), SOA(4), AJAX(2)

Tools: & Framework: Struts 1.2.8(2)/2.1.6(1), Spring 1.2.9(1)/2.5.6(1), Hibernate 3.0(2)/3.3(1), Log4J(3), Junit(3), Ant(2), dom4j(2), Axis(2), iBatis(1)

Mark-up/ Scripting Language: HTML(10), DHTML(3), CSS(3), XML(5), XSLT(2), JavaScript(8).

Application/Web Servers: Web Sphere 5.0/6.0(6), Apache(3), Tomcat 4.0/6.0(2), JRun(5), JBoss 3.2(1), MQSeries(3), WebLogic 8 (2)

Web Services: SOAP(1), WSDL(1), XML(5), XSLT(2), SOA(4).

Databases: Oracle; DB2; SqlServer; Mysql.



Sr. Solutions Architect


  • Architect solutions for various accounts

Technologies utilized: Java, Scala, Cloud, Microservices, Spring, Containers, Angular, AWS, UML, Mobile, Togaf.


Technical Architect/ Team Lead


  • Improve usability and functionality of the Confidential Connected Home line of intelligent home administration solutions.
  • Architect and implement solutions based on Restful web-services utilizing Apigee infrastructure.

Technologies utilized: Apigee, Node.js, Apigee No-Sql BaaS, flows, policies, json, javascript, jQuery, Runscope, GhostInspector, mocha, chai, Java, Spring, Drupal, python, scala, Docker, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), AWS (Amazon web services), SWI-Prolog, SpringBoot, SpringData, Machine Learning, Angular 2/4, C/C++, stl, boost, iOS, objective-c, swift, event driven architecture, RabbitMQ, Kafka, jms, Microservices, AWS Lambda.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

Software Architect


  • Implementation and expansion of the enterprise network security solution, based on proprietary BigData distributed machine learning technology
  • Development of high performance, high throughput, low latency, high frequency solutions.
  • Extend functionality of proprietary No-Sql database solution.
  • Architect and implement consolidated enterprise network security functionality from separate proprietary legacy systems.

Technologies utilized: java, perl, sql, xml, json, Eclipse, Sql, No-Sql, R, Scala, Akka, c/c++, stl, boost, ruby, machine learning, AWS (Amazon web services), Spark, utilize Machine Learning (AI) to detect network intrusions based on detecting anomalies in network in traffic.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Architecture, design and development of the enterprise integration solutions for various business entities - Orlando, Anaheim, Paris, Honk Kong.
  • Design, develop, optimize, performance tuning of enterprise business services: facilities, parks, tickets, dining, attractions, reservations, etc.

Technologies utilized: java, php, perforce, Couchbase, Apigee, Varnish, Quartz, xml, json, Eclipse, NodeJS, REST ws, AngularJS, SpringBoot.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Architecture, design and development of the solutions to improve derivatives processing and other Capital Markets functionality.
  • Improve derivatives reconciliation software system (FRA, IR swaps, swaptions, etc.)
  • Unified trades representation and reconciliation based on perspective no-Sql techlology
  • Optimize memory consumption and performance parameters.
  • Implement high performance, low latency trading solutions
  • AI ML research on stock price prediction

Technologies utilized: java, python, perforce, jsf, ejb, jms, xml, json, webservices, json, jni, Eclipse UI (rcp, swt), Scala, ActiveMQ, AMQP, c/c++, stl, boost, iOS, objective-c, swift, event driven architecture, AWS (Amazon web services), Spark.

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Sr. Software Engineer


  • Architecture, design and development solutions to improve performance and maintainability of Confidential Corporate Applications.
  • Provide proof of concepts on new technological and business for the Corporate Applications.

Technologies utilized: JEE, Struts, Hibernate, GWT, Perforce, Blaze.

Operating Environments: Ubuntu (Goobuntu), Confidential Cloud AppEngine, Confidential Cloud Datastore.

Confidential, Columbia, SC

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Design and Develop voice response (VR) solutions to improve customer experience and process effectiveness using voice xml and contemporary IBM Websphere approaches.
  • Envision utilization of voice xml potential and webservices versatility to deliver powerful and flexible solutions for existing and future VR functionality.
  • Provide proof of concepts on new technological and business directions to create powerful and elastic cloud environment.
  • Architecture, design and development solutions for automation Commercial and Tricare health plans processing.
  • Introduce process automation solutions based on PitneyBowes EngageOne Document composition technology.

Technologies utilized: JEE, EJB 3.0, Struts, REST ws, Jax-WS, JSON, VoiceXML, CA Harvest.

Operating Environments: Windows, zOS, Rational Application Developer (RAD) 7.0.

Application servers: Websphere App. Server 7.0.

Confidential, Ashburn, VA

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Design and Develop global Internet security monitoring solutions.
  • System provides information on security health of the corporate networks.
  • Architect, design and develop enterprise wide flexible content filtering solutions for web and emails as well as firewalls configuration functionality.
  • Build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) communicating to webservices
  • Utilize Richfaces and JAX-WS and other modern technologies

Technologies utilized: J2EE, Ajax, Struts2, Spring, iBatis, Hibernate, Javascript, JSF, RichFaces, Oracle BI EE (OBIEE) components, Weblogic Portlets, maven, Ant, Webservices (JAX-WS, JAXB), SVN, REST webservices, scala, AWS.

Operating Environments: Windows, Eclipse 3.5, Linux, SunRay 2FS, vnc.

Application servers: Tomcat, Weblogic App. Server 10.3.2, Weblogic Portal, Oracle DB

Confidential, FL

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Design and Develop integration solutions and new business functionality for the innovative Web2.0 self-service account maintenance and reservation system.
  • Provide easy to use powerful functionality based on SOA architecture and Rich Internet Application approach.
  • In corporate secure payment solution
  • Analyze system from performance, reusability and maintainability perspective
  • Use Dojo and JabsOrb approaches to build RIA application

Technologies utilized: J2EE, EJB, JMS, Axis2 WebServices, JAXB, Dojo, GWT, JabsOrb, Camel Integration Framework, JPA, ExtJS.

Operating Environments: Windows, Rational Application Developer 7.5.5, NetBeans 6.8

Application servers: WebSphere App. Server 6.1, 7.0, MS SqlServer, Oracle DB

Confidential, Miami, FL

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Architect, Design and Develop cellular phone Customer Service Representative (CSR) support system.
  • I improved functionality of the existing CSR system and redesigning it to utilize Confidential (SOA) approach to achieve better maintainability and performance.
  • I utilized Spring Jdbc template to access Oracle database and Web Flow to maintain multipage dialog with user.
  • Some pages were implemented in Struts to be technologically consistent with existing functionality.

Technologies utilized: J2EE, Spring, Struts, CSS, JSTL, Jython/Python, Grinder, Selenium, JSF.

Operating Environments: Windows, Linux

Application servers: Weblogic App. Server, Oracle DB

Confidential, Longwood, FL

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect


  • Architect, Design and Develop Technology solution for the travel industry.
  • We are implementing vital functionality to consolidate and coordinate travel providers.
  • Software system “Acres” allows users to share, maintain and display availability calendars, make reservations with various optional extras, maintain payments and receipts. Majority of functionality was architect and developed by me.

Technologies utilized: NetBeans, PHP, J2EE, Hibernate, Struts, Spring, MySql, CSS, Dojo/Ajax

Operating Environments: Windows, Linux

Application servers: Apache, GlassFish

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