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Sr. Soa Developer Resume

Detriot, MI


  • Over 8+ Years of Design and Development experience in building SOA applications using IBM IIB (Message Broker), DataPower XI52/XI50, XG45 and XB62 and WTX 8.4.x/8.3.x.
  • Extensive experience in PKI, Transports, XML, Web services, Web services security (WS - Security, XML encryption and XML digital signature), Identity management(Kerberos, LDAP, OAuth and SAML)
  • Good Experience with SOA Governance (web services management and registries) with WSRR in IIB and DataPower.
  • Strong Development Experience with ESQL, Java, XSLT, Java Script and Mapping.
  • Good Experience with JMS, SOAP and REST Web services, FTE, XSD and WSDL creation.
  • Designed and Developed maps, trees for Validations, Transformations using WTX.
  • Experience with WebSphere DataPower (XI50, XI52 and XB60) and in developing and configuring MPGW, WSP, XML firewall and all related configuration including AAA, cryptographic objects and LDAP
  • Experience in Integration with SAP and Health Care Experience
  • Good Experience with Java/J2EE
  • Good Experience with Agile Methodology


SOA IBM: IBM IIB 10, 9.0, Message Broker 8, 7, 6.1, Datapower (XI50, XI52, XB62 and XB60), WPS (Websphere Process Server), Websphere Transformation Extender 8.3.4, 8.4.x, WSRR, MQ FTE, ODM, Cast Iron

Languages: ESQL, JAVA, J2EE, JSP, JAVA SCRIPT, Shell Scripting

Databases: DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MY SQL

Operating System: Windows, AIX, Solaris, HP UNIX, Linux, AS 400, Z/OS

Others Tools: SAP, Facets, HIPAA, HL7, Akana, F5, CVS, SVN, Clear case, UML, RTC, ITCAM, Tivoli, LDAP, Log4j, RFH Util, SOAP UI, Curl


Confidential, Detriot, MI

Sr. SOA Developer


  • Part of the C360 Services team responsible for the design, development and enhancement of Existing SOA Services. Defined patterns and identified strategic interfaces.
  • Developed SOAP and REST Web services in IIB and DataPower
  • Developed services using objects such as; WS-proxy, MPGW and XML Firewalls use WebSphere Data Power XI52
  • Developed Web services to process SOAP, XML and JSON Message formats over SOAP and HTTP nodes.
  • Designed and developed Common sub flows for Logging and exception handling.
  • Worked on performance improvements and tuning of existing message flows.
  • Worked on troubleshooting and error handling both in Message Broker and DataPower.
  • Incorporated standards into ITS operating procedures, and ensured they are kept up-to-date.
  • Provided input on automated testing approaches and plans.
  • Worked with multiple teams in collaborative environment
  • Configured WSPs and MPGW services in DataPower. Configured Front side and Backend handlers, Load balancing groups.
  • Created application codes in accordance with applicable Confidential Development Standards and Guidelines.
  • Designed and developed Common and reusable components Error handling, logging as well as implementation of business functionality.
  • Provided level 2 and 3 supports for application production environments.
  • Worked closely with the QA to ensure quality deliverables, developed Test cases and involved on Integration and Performance testing.
  • Implemented WS-Security, OAuth, SSL, Key certificates in DataPower
  • Implemented XML, XSLT, XSD, XPATH, Web Services, SOAP WSDL, CLI scripting and SOMA
  • Worked on Agile methodology and Participated in multiple scrums.
  • Participates on projects and provides support to clients and business analysts in translating, defining, designing, and documenting requirements
  • Developed Business rules and decisions using ODM.

Environment: Message Broker 7, DataPower XI50, Java, ESQL, XSLT, WSDL, Oracle, SAP, Linux, Unix, Windows., SOAP UI, Oxygen, Curl, WSRR, DB2, SWIFT, ITCAM, ODM

Confidential, FL

Sr. SOA Developer

Technologies: IIB 10/9, Message Broker 8, DataPower XI52, XB62, WTX 8.4.x, Akana Policy Manager, MQ Series 8, 7.5, XML, XSLT, ESQL, SOAP UI, Curl, Splunk, F5, Java Script, Java, DB2, Oracle on Linux, AIX and Z/OS


  • Participated in the design of Confidential new SOA Platform consisting of IIB, DataPower, WTX and Akana. Involved in Capacity planning, HA environment planning.
  • Analyzed various existing services and developed various POCs for replacing legacy services in IIB and DataPower.
  • Configured AAA, WSP, MPGW, SLM, Logging and SLM in DataPower.
  • Implemented WS Security, SSL, OAuth and Identity Management in IIB and DataPower.
  • Developed message transformations using XSLT, XQuery and DataPower extension functions to support JSON/XML formats.
  • Developed WTX Type trees, Maps and functional maps. Used WTX maps in IIB (Integration Servers) and DataPower (Interoperable services).
  • Implemented Global Caching in IIB/Message Broker. Implemented Object and Navigation Caching in Global Caching.
  • Analyzed Akana Policy Manager for implementation and maintenance of DataPower Configurations
  • Involved in Identifying IIB and MQ Series Product issues and raised PMRs with IBM. Applied various IFixes.
  • Developed transformations in IIB using ESQL, Java, XSLT and Mapping.
  • Developed transformations in Datapower using XSLT and WTX Maps.
  • Involved in the design and development of exception handling frame work in IIB.
  • Developed Stored Procedures and used them in IIB. Worked with XML Datatypes in DB2 and Oracle
  • Involved in the Creation of Deployment procedures in IIB and DataPower
  • Developed XSDs and WSDLs. Developed message models using DFDL
  • Developed SOAP and REST Web services in IIB and DataPower
  • Developed IIB Services to Interact with SAP with Adapter nodes (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Worked with File nodes and MQ FTE Nodes in Message Broker
  • Developed Message flows using Aggregate, Collector, JMS, MQ Get, File Read and timer nodes
  • Worked on developing Best practices in IIB and DataPower
  • Involved in the migration of IIB and DataPower.
  • Involved in the administration and production support of DataPower, MQ and IIB Environments.
  • Acted as an offshore coordinator and mentored off shore team
  • Created test Cases and involved in the Integration testing and UAT. Worked with testers in defect resolution.

Confidential, Charlotte NC

Sr. SOA Developer

Technologies: IIB 9, Message Broker 8, DataPower XI52/XI50, WTX Cast Iron, MQ Series 7.5, WSRR, XML, XSLT, ESQL, Cobol, Java, DB2, Oracle on Linux, Unix and Mainframes


  • Developed Message flows for doing transformation from XML to EDI, XML to Copy Book and Text to Copy Book etc. using ESQL, Java and Mapping Nodes.
  • Developed Message Models using DFDL. Also enhanced existing Message set definitions.
  • Implemented SOAP and REST Web services and Implemented WS Security in Message Broker/IIB and Datapower.
  • Involved in the migration from Message Broker 8 to IIB 9.
  • Involved in the review of existing Legacy applications and migrated them to IIB and Datapower
  • Developed WTX Maps and type trees to process 837, 270, 271 Transactions. Worked with 276 Claim Status, 278 Authorization and 834 Transaction sets
  • Implemented Eligibility 270 Request, 271Response maps according to the Eligibility 5010 Data Matrix
  • Configured WSPs, MPGW, and AAA in DataPower. Configured Off Device Logging. Set up Log Targets and Event Categories.
  • Developed Transformations in DataPower using XSLT. Developed custom XSLT functions. Used DP extension functions.
  • Developed Load Balancer Groups to load balance the requests to multiple back end points in DataPower.
  • Configured Front Side Handler and Back-End Connectivity including HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, MQ Resource and SSH
  • Developed AAA policies to authenticate and authorize user requests using LDAP.
  • Involved in the Administration and troubleshooting of Datapower Appliances
  • Enhanced existing Error handling Procedures. Developed Error Handlers (Continue & Exit) to be used with in the Nodes for Exception processing
  • Designed/Developed Timer nodes based Scheduler framework for initiating broker flows for batch processing.
  • Developed Message flows which use WSRR integration with registry and endpoint lookup nodes to achieve SOA Version Management
  • Worked with Production support and on call support and administration of MQ, IIB/Message Broker and DataPower.


Sr. Message Broker and WTX Developer

Technologies: IIB 9, Message Broker 8, 7, DataPower XI50, XB60, WTX 8.3.x, WX, MQ Series XML, XSLT, ESQL, SOAP UI, RFH Util, Oxygen, Java, DB2, Oracle on Linux, AIX and Z/OS


  • Involved in the design and development of Shinhan SOA hub comprising of Message Broker/WTX and Datapower forming the ESB Layer.
  • Developed Web services in Message Broker and DataPower.
  • Developed transformations using ESQL, Java, Mapping and XSLT
  • Developed Scheduling Message flows using Timer nodes which does batch processing by using File Read Nodes.
  • Involved in the design and development of exception handling procedures and Common Procedures
  • Developed stored procedures in DB2 and used them in Message Broker. Worked with XML Datatypes in Oracle/DB2 from Message Broker.
  • Configured WSP and MPGW in DataPower. Set up AAA, Error actions, off device logging in DataPower
  • Worked on Clustering, Multi instance queue manager creation.
  • Built XSDs, WSDLs for implementing Web services in Message Broker and DataPower
  • Implemented Global caching in Message Broker.
  • Created WTX Maps and Type trees to support EDI and Cobol transformations
  • Installed WSRR and set up SOA service versioning in Message Broker and DataPower
  • Involved in the administration of Message Broker/IIB, Datapower and MQ environments
  • Created Test cases, Design documents and setup deployment and monitoring scripts.


Java & Message Broker Developer

Technologies: Java/J2EE, Java Script, MQ Series, Message Broker, WTX, XML, XSLT, ESQL, Tivoli, SAP, Mainframes, AIX and Websphere


  • Worked closely with technical resources, Architects, business analysts, peer system analysts and production support to perform analysis and provide solutions to resolve complex system problems
  • Developed message flows to process Text, Copy Book (Binary) and XML Messages.
  • Developed Message flows using Compute, Java Compute XSLT and Mapping nodes (Transformation), File, MQ, JMS, HTTP, SOAP (Protocol) and Database nodes.
  • Developed backup and recovery procedures for MQ Series
  • Installed and Configured MQ and Message Broker on Windows and Unix environments
  • Developed SAP Inbound and Out Bound message flows using SAP Adapter nodes.
  • Designed and implemented the Publish/Subscribe message pattern.
  • Participated in requirements and design walkthroughs and conducted meetings for Test Strategy walk-through and obtain signoff from appropriate stake holders.
  • Developed customized Java utilities, Scripts to start and stop WebSphere MQ.
  • Developed message flows using Java compute node to access external resources using Java, maintain and access the existing Java applications using Java enhancement API, developed applications in Java/J2EE and JMS that feed and receive messages
  • Responsible for 24X7 support of WebSphere MQ and Message broker environment.
  • Involved in the troubleshooting and debugging production issues.

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