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Sr. Soa Developer Resume

Minnesota, MN


  • 8+ years of professional experience in design, development and administration of EAI and SOA applications with IBM MQ Series, IIB (10&9), Message Broker (8 & 7), DataPower (XI52/XI50/XB62), WTX, WSRR (8.5, 8) and Cast Iron.
  • Extensive experience in PKI, Transports, XML, Web services, Web services security (WS - Security, XML encryption and XML digital signature), Identity management (Kerberos, LDAP, OAuth and SAML).
  • Extensive Experience with SOA Governance (web services management and registries) with WSRR in IIB and DataPower.
  • Strong Development Experience with ESQL, Java, XSLT, Java Script and Mapping.
  • Extensive Experience with JMS, SOAP and REST Web services, FTE, XSD and WSDL creation.
  • Designed and Developed maps, trees for Validations, Transformations using WTX.
  • Experience with WSRR (SOA Governance and Service Versioning), Cast Iron and Akana Policy Manager
  • Good Experience with Canonical Data formats (XML, EDI, Health Care, Financial and Travel Industries)
  • Extensive experience with DFDL, MRM, DTD, XML and XSLT.
  • Strong experience in creating Functional and Technical design documents.
  • Lead off shore teams and provided Code reviews and Performance reviews.
  • Opened PMRs worked on Problem resolutions and War Room Production support.
  • Strong experience in Database design and development of Queries and Stored Procedures. Worked with DB2, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server Databases.
  • Strong Knowledge on Unix, Linux and Mainframes environments. Have done shell scripting
  • Worked in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies. Strong Scrum experience.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Very interested to work in new environments and learn new technologies.
  • Strong experience on API management and API Connect, oath 2.0 IBM BLUE MIX, security level, AAA on DP
  • Currently works for Western Union located at New Jersey WS message Broker and IIB and DataPower.


Languages: Java/J2EE, ESQL, XSLT, SQL, Java Script, XQuery.

IBM Family: Integration Bus 10, 9, Message Broker 8.0/7.0/6.1, DataPower XI52/XI50, XB62, WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX 8.3.x, 8.4.x), WSRR, Cast Iron, API Management

Tools: & Others SAP, Siebel, Omegamon, ITCAM, Splunk, SOAP UI, CURL, RTC, SVN, Clear Case, Quality Center, Remedy, F5 Load Balancer.

Database: Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server

OS Platforms: IBM AIX, Solaris, HP-Unix, Linux, Windows, AS/400, Z/OS


Confidential, Minnesota, MN

Sr. SOA Developer


  • Analyzed, designed and developed the Message Flows by participating in JAD sessions interacting with the business people. Gathering the requirements and adding the changes to existing services.
  • Played a key role in architecture related engagements
  • Developed WSDL’s and Schema’s for Web Services Development
  • Developed Test cases, Use case documents and requirement documents.
  • Configured and Developed WSP, Multi-Protocol Gateway and XML firewall services in Datapower
  • Implemented PKI, One - way and two-way SSL implementation in Datapower
  • Architected, designed, and orchestrated various web services and message flows in order to facilitate system integration
  • Developed ESQL and Java based transformations in Message Broker/IIB.
  • Involved in the Migration
  • Used SOAP UI, Curl for Unit testing of REST and SOAP Web services
  • Implemented SOA Governance and Versioning in Datapower and Message Broker using WSRR
  • Developed and tested Interfaces in Integration Bus/Message Broker using File, JMS, SOAP, HTTP, MQ, Collector, Aggregate, Mapping, Compute, Java Compute and XSLT Nodes
  • Developed custom XSLT functions to be used in Transformation
  • Created Type trees and Worked with ANSI X12 Transaction sets in WTX
  • Created Functional Maps and transformation maps in WTX.
  • Set up WSRR environment and Configured DataPower and IIB to use WSRR for SOA Service versioning
  • Created Message flows to process Batch file updates.
  • Developed Message flows using Aggregate and Collector Nodes
  • Developed flows to implement Global Caching and WSRR integration.
  • Have experience on API management and API connect on IMB BLUEMIX and CLOUD.
  • Currently work for WESTERN UNION

Environment: DataPower XI52, IIB 10 & 9, MQ Series, WTX 8.4.x,ESQL, Java, DB2, Oracle, Splunk, ITCAM, Cobol, XSLT, XML on Z/OS, AIX Linux and Windows

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. SOA Developer


  • Developed Message flows for doing transformation from XML to EDI, XML to Copy Book and Text to Copy Book etc. using ESQL, Java and Mapping Nodes.
  • Developed Message Models using DFDL. Also enhanced existing Message set definitions.
  • Implemented SOAP and REST Web services and Implemented WS Security in Message Broker/IIB and Datapower.
  • Involved in the migration from Message Broker 8 to IIB 9.
  • Involved in the review of existing Legacy applications and migrated them to IIB and Datapower
  • Developed WTX Maps and type trees to process 837, 270, 271 Transactions. Worked with 276 Claim Status, 278 Authorization and 834 Transaction sets
  • Implemented Eligibility 270 Request, 271Response maps according to the Eligibility 5010 Data Matrix
  • Configured WSPs, MPGW, and AAA in DataPower. Configured Off Device Logging. Set up Log Targets and Event Categories.
  • Developed Transformations in DataPower using XSLT. Developed custom XSLT functions. Used DP extension functions.
  • Developed Load Balancer Groups to load balance the requests to multiple back end points in DataPower.
  • Implemented message transformation with Custom XSLT and DP Extension functions.
  • Designed/Developed Timer nodes-based Scheduler framework for initiating broker flows for batch processing.
  • Developed Message flows which use WSRR integration with registry and endpoint lookup nodes to achieve SOA Version Management
  • Worked with Production support and on call support and administration of MQ, IIB/Message Broker and DataPower.

Environment: IIB 9, Message Broker 8, DataPower XI52/XI50, WTX Cast Iron, MQ Series 7.5, WSRR, XML, XSLT, ESQL, Cobol, Java, DB2, Oracle on Linux, Unix and Mainframes

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. EAI Developer


  • Involved in the migration of MB 7 to 8.
  • Providing Administrative support for MQ objects including Queue Managers, Remote queues, Local Queues, Queue Aliases, Channels, Transmission Queues, Triggered Processes. Strong experience in trouble shooting and problem determination and resolution.
  • Designed and developed Common sub flows for Logging and exception handling.
  • Designed and developed Web services in message broker using SOAP and HTTP Nodes
  • Worked with File, Email and Collector nodes.
  • Coded in both ESQL and Java to develop message flows
  • Developed message flows using JMS and Timer nodes
  • Developed message flows to handle, EDI formats, Cobol Copy books and XML based message transformation and routing
  • Writing to and reading from oracle tables within Web sphere Message Broker.
  • Preparation of Use Case, Technical Design Documents (TDD), mapping documents, Interface diagrams /models and Activity /Sequence /Deployment diagrams for the interfaces.
  • Designed and developed reusable sub flows for error checking, Business exception handling and logging.

Environment: Message Broker 7, 8, DataPower XI50, Java, ESQL, XSLT, WSDL, Cobol, Oracle, My SQL, EDI, SAP, Linux, Unix, Mainframes and Windows.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Message Broker & MQ Developer


  • Involved in the requirement gathering and converting them into Functional specs.
  • Set up the test environment and was responsible for migration between Dev. and staging environments.
  • Involved in conducting smoke testing, regression testing and sanity tests.
  • Identify the different test scenario and created appropriate test cases and test data to effectively test the application
  • Developed message flows for handling the bulk file updates using File nodes.
  • Developed message flows and message sets for handling message transformations from XML to COBOL Copy book messages.
  • Effectively managed the testing process using Quality Centre to manage the requirement and test case and have a clear traceability between them.
  • Document the defects using the Bugzilla and track them to completion by communicating and coordinating with the development and test leads.
  • Administration and deployment of Message flows on Web Sphere Message Broker.
  • Developed message flows to act as Web services provider and subscriber using SOAP nodes.
  • Provided technical support / direction to developer's team working to create stable, conventional and effective message broker components.
  • Developed message flows and message sets for handling inbound and outbound data to backend systems and other Pub-Sub models and merge, purge of insurance data.
  • Developed error handling sub-flows for handling all types of errors throughout the message flow i.e. Application Errors, Business Errors and System Errors as per the client requirement.
  • Developed message flows to handle inquiries by sending the messages on to main frames and sending the response back (Request - Response message flows)
  • Developed message flows to retrieve data from databases and respond to inquiries through use of Dynamic SQL and stored procedures
  • Involved in the development of exception handling sub flows that can be used in canonical form across the organization.
  • Involved in the basic administration tasks of MQ and Message Broker on windows and Unix environments

Environment: WebSphere, IBM MQ Series, Message broker 6.1, 7, WSRR, ESQL, DB2, AIX, Linux, AS/400 and Mainframes.

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