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Full-stack Developer Resume

St Louis, MissourI


  • 5+ years of developing websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, Redux, AJAX, JSON, Node.JS, Express
  • Currently works on frontend with React.JS framework combining with HTML/CSS and backend with Node.JS express
  • Worked on different phases of Software Development Life Cycle such as requirements analysis, design, implantation, algorithm, testing and maintenance.
  • Detailed understanding of DOM and DOM function
  • Used popular UI lib to improve the performance of a website, like Ant Design, Material UI etc.
  • Incorporated in several web application development projects with Responsive Web Design
  • Utilized Node.JS framework such as Express to design Restful API for handling HTTP requests
  • Used JavaScript, AJAX and JSON to develop event - driven application
  • Experienced in cloud platform such as EC2, EMR, S3 of Amazon Web Service (AWS) and GCE, GAE, Big Query of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Expertise on Object-Oriented Programming concepts and proficiency with Data Structure
  • Hands on experience with user-facing features using React.JS to implement the webpage depending on users’ requests and involves the popular workflow such as Redux and Flux
  • Detailed understanding of customized creating, modules and components which expand the module of core Node.JS
  • Experienced in relationship database (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) including modeling and functionality
  • Worked on different package docs such as Babel and webpack as transpiler
  • Professional abilities at maintainable, readable, and well-commented codes
  • Be comfortable for developing, debugging, testing via different Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Sublime, Atom
  • Experienced with installing, configuring, modifying, testing and deploying applications into Apache
  • Familiar with JSON based REST web services
  • Experienced in Java Servlet to handle server-side HTTP requests
  • Be familiar with data analysis skills including feature engineering, model selection visualization etc. as well as the tool of R and Python
  • Knowledge of developing applications in SCRUM methodology


Web Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, React.JS, JSON, AJAX, Java Servlet, Laravel

Languages: JavaScript, Java, SQL, PHP

IDE, HTML Editor: Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Sublime, Atom

Application Server: Tomcat Server

Database: MySQL, MongoDB

Cloud Technology: Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), BigQuery, ElasticSearch

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Version Controls: GIT, SVN

Data Analysis: MapReduce, Spark

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall


Confidential, St. Louis, Missouri

Full-Stack Developer


  • Worked on a React/Redux multi-functional client info management website with pagination table list
  • Programmed front-end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, AJAX, JSON
  • Worked with react-route-dom to jump to other pages
  • Deployed each page with React.JS - state, props, forms, events, keys
  • Combined with middleware react-thunk promise to fetch data from server-side which the callback of RESTful API call
  • Imported third-party UI lib Ant Design to design pages as well as costuming the filter, sorting, search method to show the different view of existing records
  • Customized Ant Design modal widgets to modify table information
  • Redesign the previous pages form contact page into lading with React.JS
  • Developed Ant Design Form, Table, Avatar, Button, Modal etc. widgets to redesign the previous contact page into React.JS
  • Adjusted pages into responsive website using JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3
  • Programmed with the advanced level of JavaScript, CSS and pure CSS layout
  • Used React.JS axios to dispatch different GET, PUT, DELETE, action by different RESTful API
  • Utilized Reducer for implementing business logic into the scope
  • Debugged with Chrome developer’s tools to retrieve the data from redux
  • Programmed with NodeJS framework Express to build the server side
  • Utilized Node.JS Promise to avoid callback hell for improving code readability
  • Utilized MongoDB to store all records and all modifications will be saved via RESTful API which was defined in express router
  • Used express multer image uploading open source tool to save image operations instead of encoding images with base64 and saved image link into MongoDB
  • Used Postman to test GET, POST, PUT, DELETE RESTful API of Node.JS Express framework
  • Used mongoose Schema to design the application model and the controller will apply all RESTful API functionality
  • Deployed application into AWS Cloud using cloud technology
  • Used Scrum to meet and discuss the following tasks on the dashboard

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, React.JS, Redux, JavaScript, Node.JS, Express, MongoDB, AWS, IntelliJ IDEA, Scrum


Software Engineer


  • Developed with a responsive webpage using HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Used Font Awesome icons lib as main vector icons and logos
  • Utilized AJAX technology to initial current user location for searching nearby events
  • Used event listener, form control of JavaScript
  • Create each page with dynamic DOM element
  • Used content-based recommendation algorithms to implement business recommendation sorting via the geo-location
  • Combined with relational database (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) to maintain the event data captured from TicketMaster API
  • Utilized RESTful pattern to handle the HTTP request via Java servlets
  • Deployed the project into Amazon EC2 with the Tomcat Server and MySQL as database
  • Deployed a server to Amazon EC2 and sent 200 fake requests from Apache JMeter to test the website capacity
  • Installed the ElasticsSearch on AWS EC2 to save the users’ session data and performed a pre-preprocessing before analysis
  • Used Timelion of Kibana to analyze the peek views period such as, weekend or holidays etc.
  • Utilized the GeoIp of Kibana to display the geographic distribution and the number of users
  • Used Kibana dashboard to browse and generate for comparison and future analysis
  • Applied with fake requests from JMeter and used different parameters to test website traffic for improving the quality of the website

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, MongoDB, Tomcat, AWS, ElaticSeach, Kibana, JMeter, Node.JS, IntelliJ IDEA


Software Engineer


  • Designed and created several webpages for assisting clients to know recent news and submit their requests with Bootstrap UI lib
  • Changed page into responsive website with HTML/CSS
  • Adopted with MVC framework to separate the Model, View and Controller logic
  • Developed with Blade templates to improve the view layout
  • Used authentication to verify user login and register process
  • Utilized router to separate each RESTful API request
  • Understood and used Request Lifecycle to make framework work well
  • Programmed with different request category to design different Restful API and provided with responses and errors handling
  • Tracked with log file to save daily activities and for future analysis
  • Utilized PHP Laravel framework to build the website
  • Developed with MySQL as the database and the SQL query will implement the user request
  • Used Eloquent of Laravel ORM to manipulate MySQL database
  • Debugged the webpages with Chrome Developer’s tool
  • Used GIT as a version-controlling tool

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Laravel, MySQL, GIT


Software Engineer


  • Developed a file management using Java, Swing and MySQL
  • Utilized JDBC to drive and connect MySQL server and programmed with SQL query to implement the CRUD operations based on ER diagrams
  • Designed the MySQL database schema based on business requirements and logic
  • Adopted with DBUtil to assistant connect database connection
  • Adopted with Java Builder design pattern to contribute the logical model
  • Used JUnit to write different files to test each page functionality
  • Deployed with Java Swing to design the GUI of login and the main page meanwhile used button action listener to track each button action
  • Understood with the Swing MVC model
  • Configured with Java plugin-in WindowBuilder GUI to design interfaces
  • Used Eclipse Java IDE to program and debug
  • Export project into an executable file so that the project can install and run
  • Used GIT as a version-controlling tool

Environment: Java, Swing, MySQL, Eclipse, GIT

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