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Sr. Front End Engineer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • 7+ years of extensive experience as a User Interface/Front End Developer in developing web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, DOM, REACT.JS and Ajax.
  • Expertise in Client Scripting language and server side scripting languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REACT.JS, JSON, Bootstrap, NPM, React/Redux, and Twitter Bootstrap, GRUNT.
  • Over 3 yrs. of experience with ReactJS, Node JS, Object Oriented JavaScript.
  • Experience in writing Enzyme test cases for UI code and do integration with Jenkins for automation testing.
  • Experience in developing Graphic User Interface (GUI) to display business data using REACT.JS with Cross - browser compatibility and Web application scaling.
  • Extensive experience on implementing the AJAX features using JavaScript and REACT.JS.
  • Excellent knowledge in the development of User Experience for web and mobile-based applications.
  • Experience with Backbone JavaScript library with a Restful JSON interface.
  • Strong experience in web development using React.js, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Strong knowledge in developing and designing web 2.0 and business application according to Information architecture and Usability standards using Webpack, ReactJS, Flux, NodeJS, OO JavaScript framework, Ajax, React.js, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Java, JSP, Servlets, XML, Less, SAAS, CSS, Servlet and MVC framework.
  • Extensive knowledge in OO JavaScript design pattern and JavaScript.
  • Good understanding of Tableless Design / Tableless Layout using CSS and HTML and also experience of fixing cross-browser and cross-platform issues.
  • Expert in developing Application & Framework using MVC Architecture, JavaScript Design Patterns, Use-case design and Core Java Patterns


Web Technologies: OO JavaScript, AJAX, React.js, JSON, Bootstrap, require.js, Backbone.js, Node.js, React.js, Redux.js, Angular.js, Grunt.js, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, DHTML, XML, XHTML, WAP Browser, XSLTJAVA: IDE's WebStron IDE, Eclipse IDE, NetBean IDE.

Web/App: Servers Apache Tomcat.

Database: MySQL, No SQL, Mongo DB, Oracle7.x/8.x/9.x/10

CASE Tools: Rational Rose

Framework: Ajax, React.js, Redux.js, MVC, Java Framework, JavaScript Libraries.

Other Tools: QTP, SQL, SQL PLUS, Mercury Quality Center.

Tools: ANT, Maven, JUnit, WebPack, Node.js


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Front End Engineer


  • Developed a site-wide web 2.0 migration service using MVC framework React.js and Redux, Bootstrap and HTML5.
  • Debugged the common code platform to remove bugs from several features of the code using Eclipse IDE and Firebug tool.
  • Developed UI library components to increase the code reusability and support standard coding practices.
  • Implemented React.js row expansion feature to display a list of “Interestingness” like Flickr and to display a list of image titles, when a row is expanded the photo is displayed in the expansion area along with a link.
  • Developed a Customer profile area auto scroll with the messages to increase the usability of the chat.
  • Developed functionality for displaying values in tag style and implemented validations like null check for duplicate value check etc.
  • Worked on developing Proof of concept and prototype for Navigation Filter and pagination using React.js, Redux.js, node.js and Grunt.js.
  • Developed node.js components to set initial state and defining props which utilize the state within a component NodeJS to render view Redux to be filled to empty scan and other UI changes.
  • Created a string-based template to format the row expansion area using React.js.
  • Designed expanded rows that will wiped out and restored when the DataTable paginates or sorts, and to keep track of expanded rows and automatically restore them after each rendering of the DataTable.
  • Defined and developed the application’s presentation layer using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Type Scripting and used React.js and node.js framework
  • Implement tokeninput autocomplete plugin to make the integration and the data is saved on the database.
  • Implemented React.js Tokeninput section header to define section headers (a kind of disabled title item that would headline following results) on the result list of a tokeninput search.
  • Implemented the fancybox to Change the image of popup when link is clicked.
  • Developed SQL statements to get fetch data and implemented pagination.
  • Used standard coding practices to debug the code and provide a general object oriented solution to support all other features in the game.

Environment: and Technologies: OO JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, node.js,, React.js, Grunt.js, Bootstrap, Redux, HTML5, XML, CSS3, Core Java, JSP, Servlet, REST API, NoSQL DB, Oracle, Tomcat, Ant, Eclipse, SVN, Tomcat AS, Backbone.js.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Sr. Web UI Developer


  • Involved in development and finalization of initial design of the application and worked with content managers, copywriters and designers to resolve the issues.
  • Worked extensively on Ajax Driven application using Angular.js, OO JavaScript, React.js, JavaScript framework and AJAX in Presentation Layer.
  • Implemented all UI modules for the product using Angular.js, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular.js Framework.
  • Implemented the editor component with spell-check using AJAX, JSON Integrated with REST API..
  • Integrated Angular.js GridView for all Data View for the product. Implemented most of the React.js events and React.js functions.
  • Developed a React.js library using the Angular.js plugin to resize images that are bigger than the browser window and provides versatility in inline content, images, AJAX content and iFramed content and will remain at the center of the window even if you change the size of the browser window or you scroll the pages.
  • Developed component using React.js like Menu, Nav bar and Filter and Header which exists across all routes, while the rest of the app changes.
  • Developed images to display either as an automatic or manual slideshow, with the image faded into view over the previous using Angular.js Plug-in.
  • Developed a Navigational Panel to slide up when the mouse rolls over the gallery to play, pause, or step through to a specific image within the gallery.
  • Implemented Ajax Call, when the user keys in the first few characters of mesh node entries an AJAX call is made and all the matching node entries are retrieved from database as a JSON Payload and displayed in a dropdown list box.
  • Developed UI and implemented for some plug-in using Angular.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML.
  • Writing and implementing CSS3 throughout the site, both as in-line and imported files.
  • Resolved various CSS compatibility issue and did research for CSS3 to implement and migration for our framework.
  • Writing and implementing JavaScript throughout the site, both as in-line and imported files.
  • Designed rich user experience prototype for managing users and roles.
  • Hand-coded HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create dynamic web content.

Environment: OO JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, AJAX, Angular.js, Node.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, XML, Linux, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle11g, Windows Platforms, IDE- Eclipse, Source Control - Clear Case

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Software Web Developer


  • Worked extensively on Web 2.0 migration from JSP Frame work to Ajax Driven framework using OO JavaScript, JQuery, MVC, jQuery and AJAX in Presentation Layer.
  • Designed and implemented the User Interface using OO JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JSP, AJAX and MySQL.
  • Developed code for UI using JavaScript, Java, HTML5, CSS, XSLT, and XML.
  • Used Facebook SDK for JavaScript to implement client side functionality for adding social plugins, making API calls and implementing Facebook Login.
  • Developed Ajax implementation for searching Candidates/ Jobs/ Companies for different search criteria.
  • Implemented autosuggest widget for different fields like location, job categories, skills etc. for user profile.
  • Developed HTML5 interfaces with an understanding of UI design principles and object-oriented program development.
  • Implemented a HTML5 page to present the search box with JavaScript file to handle the AJAX functionality and a server-side JSP page and MVC to return a new-line separated list of suggested searches.
  • Developed and migrated customer profile page to jQuery isotope plug-in with AJAX implementation, and extensively used jQuery Dom, traversing and selector API.
  • Developed a box model for padding, margins or borders on the playing fields or the draggable elements will cause them not to stay fully in the playing field so that they will overlap the region by the width of the margin/padding/border.
  • Developed the client/server-side library, based on prototype which supports all kinds of image manipulations and on the serverside the library is powered by combination of JSP/UI template that renders this images.
  • Developed HTML interfaces with an understanding of UI design principles and object-oriented program development.
  • Designed and developed customized OO JavaScript framework for various implementation like Array search, Array Filter, Array Iterator including browser native object functions.
  • Enabled AJAX features in one of the module using JSP, MVC (for JavaScript event handling) and API (for AJAX communication).
  • Designed and developed sophisticated, Ajax applications and framework using jQuery components including: a tool for Menu creation using jQuery tree, context menu, drag and drop capabilities to manipulate the menu tree and Custom Ajax RPC protocol and JSON.
  • Implemented script that helps to include content from multiple pages and display them on demand, using Ajax.
  • Exchanged data with the help of XML files using Ajax. Because of the simplicity of XML, the application formed the new procedure of exchanging data between server and browser.
  • Implemented AJAX driven UI Elements that were more agile and faster
  • Implemented pagination links that helps each page to download only when requested that speeds up delivery and saving on bandwidth.
  • Implemented jQuery UI Selectmenu to appear in front of a jQuery modal window to style a form’s dropdowns.
  • Worked within YUI templates to edit and modify YUI components.
  • Implemented fancybox to turn a grid of images on the page into a gallery which is linked together.
  • Changing the width of the list items that resulted in different forms of grids. Also solved the padding effect differences among the various browsers i.e. browser’s compatibility.
  • Managed time effectively meeting all the deadlines for the release of projects.
  • Worked on multiple project timelines simultaneously within a deadline driven environment.
  • Developed, modified, and implemented the Web site to ensure consistency of layout in accordance with client goals.

Environment: OO JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, DHTML, XML, DOM, Ajax, JSON, jQuery, Core Java, JSP, Servlet, SVN, FireBug, Developer Tool, Oracle 10g, Netbean, JIRA, Unix, Shell.


Software Developer


  • Created web pages for each project using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Implemented JavaScript calendar to make use of OnClientDateSelectionChanged event of calendar extender to achieve dynamic Date selection for tasks, events and invitation.
  • Developed and implemented pure CSS-based page layouts.
  • Identifying and solving cross-browser compatibility issues relating to XHTML and CSS.
  • Creating new web pages from Photoshop mockups using CSS and XHTML.
  • Worked on tools like Home site, Dream Weaver, Photoshop and Image Ready and also constructed and evaluated prototypes following standards.
  • Worked with CSS Selectors, classes, ids, pseudo classes, Inheritance and cascade concepts, Box model with fixed width, fluid & elastic layouts
  • Requirements analysis and creating functional specifications for File Portal Module, Image Segregation Module, User Module, Status Setup Module and Authorization Module.
  • Implemented User Interface using JSP and Struts.
  • Used Hibernate for O/R mapping.
  • Used the Ajax technology for making asynchronous calls for the Action classes for validating the data for the Modify and Add functionality of the Application.
  • Used Clear Case for Version Control System.
  • Involved in taking backups from DB2, Exporting and importing data.
  • Used the subnav items that are nested as children of their associated tab in the HTML. This helps to view the page without the style sheets so that the navigation makes sense.
  • Constructed Web Wireframes and Mock-ups by designing and building interaction, determined screen layouts, style, and color palettes.

Environment: and Technologies: Core Java, JavaScript, JSPs, Java MVC, Ajax, JSP, HTML, XML, CSS.

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