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Java Fullstack Developer Resume

New York City, NY


  • 9+ years of strong software experience in design, development and deployment of web - based and Client-Server business applications using OOP, Java/J2EE technologies in various domains like Finance/E-Commerce/Banking/Insurance.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which includes Integration, Implementation, Interaction, Business Analysis/Modeling, Documentation, and Testing of all software applications.
  • Experience in Agile software development process, Test Driven Development and Scrum.
  • Ability to efficiently translate algorithms, ideas and concepts to software applications.
  • Expertise with Object Oriented Design (OOD), Object Oriented Analysis (OOA), Object Oriented Modelling (OOM) based on Unified Modelling Language (UML) architecture.
  • Expertise in developing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), REST and J2EEWeb Services based on SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, JAX-WS, JAXB, JAX-RPC using tools like Apache Axis and Developed RESTFUL web services using Spring MVC.
  • Knowledge of the following: Python, Ruby, Groovy, Scala.
  • Proficient in design and rapid development of web and J2EE applications using Core Java, JSP, JSF, CSS, Servlets, EJB, JavaScript, Spring, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, SWING, HTML/DHTML, XML and Struts
  • Strong Experience in Web development, client-server, Mobile application and multi-tier architecture projects based on Angular 4.0, Redux, RxJs and Angular Material.
  • Experience in client side designing and validations using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, AngularJS and NodeJS.
  • Involved in developing and testing the web application by using the HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and React.JS
  • Familiarity and little experience with java8 features.
  • Proficient in MVC architecture using spring framework / JSP-Servlet and J2EE Design Patterns.
  • Expertise in Struts and Hibernates Frameworks.
  • Good Knowledge in Angular 4.0
  • Developed Graphical User Interfaces using UI frameworks AngularJS and Webpage's using HTML, CSS and JSP's for user interaction.
  • Implemented client side Interface using React JS.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in RDBMS databases like Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server 2005, 2008, DB2, and MySQL 4.x, 5.0.
  • Development experience in Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Docker containers and UNIX operating systems.
  • Experienced in other front-end technologies such as SASS, LESS, Typescript, BOOTSTRAP, Angular 2, Ajax,JSON, Node JS etc.
  • Experienced in installation, usage and management on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Jenkins and GIT for application servers
  • Used DAO access and writing DML, DDL and triggers for DB2 database and other client environment specific tools to design the client module. Experience in using front end frame work Ext JS and Angular JS, proficient in features such as Directives, Controllers Scopes and Data Binding.
  • Experience in Bootstrap (responsive design), Backbone, and AngularJS frameworks
  • Maintained AWS infrastructure and developed back end services
  • Experience in working with the NoSQL, Mongo DB, Apache Cassandra.
  • Developed and maintained web application systems using Node JS, React JS Angular JS and Amazon Web Services(AWS).
  • Experience in working with build management tools like Ant, Maven and Jenkins
  • Experience in installing, configuring, tuning ApacheTomcat, WebLogic and WebSphere.
  • Experience in developing Confidential services using RESTful services.
  • Worked on IDE's such as Eclipse/My Eclipse, JBuider.
  • Proven experience with Application Servers like IBM WebSphere 6.x/5.x/7.x, Oracle/BEA WebLogic9.x/8.x/7.x/6.x, JBoss and Tomcat 5.x/4.x/3/x.
  • Expertise in database modeling, administration and development using MySQL, SQL Server, DB2and PL/SQL in SQL Serverenvironments.
  • Strong understanding of internal processes of NoSQL approach
  • Understanding with platforms such as AWS, Open Shift and Spring Cloud etc.
  • Hands-on in unit testing using tools like JEST, Karma, Jasmine and seleniumweb drivers.


Languages: C, C++, JAVA

Enterprise Technologies: J2EE, EJBs, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JSTL, Java Beans.

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JSON, Java Script, AJAX, CSS, J-Query, AngularJS, React JS

Java frameworks: Spring,JSF,Structs, Hibernate, JPA

Application & Web Servers: JBoss, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat.

OperatingSystems: Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac-OS.

IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans.

Web services: Rest(JAX-RS), SOAP(JAX-WS) AWS.

Relational Databases: Oracle, SQL, DB2,MySQL,NoSQL databases MongoDB, Cassandra

Markup Languages: HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML.

Build & Management Tools: ANT, MAVEN,Log4J,Clear Case, Geo Tools, CVS, SVN.

Query Languages: SQL, PL/SQL.

Methodologies: SDLC, OOAD, Agile.

JavaScript Frameworks: Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, Backbone JS

Testing: Junit, Selenium.

Continuous Integration Tools: Hudson, Jenkins.


Confidential, New York City, NY

Java FullStack Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design, and Development Production phases of the application
  • Designed application using UML. Elaborated on the Use Cases based on business requirements and was responsible for creation of Class Diagrams and Sequence diagrams.
  • Involved and interacted with users, customers and Business users for the requirements and training with new features.
  • Developing Hibernate Configuration files for MySQL 5.1, Oracle 10g &11g and MongoDB.
  • Used React JS for templating for faster compilation and developing reusable components.
  • Used ReactJS in components like JSX, creating React components, Virtual components etc.
  • Performing the unit testing (JEST) for newly written code in React.
  • Developed API using Node JS to allocate access to data in MYSQL database.
  • Functionalities include writing code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J-Query, Ajax, JSON, AngularJS, and Bootstrap with MySQL database as the backend.
  • Involved in the development using Java/J2EE Technologies, Web services, Hibernate ORM Framework.
  • Design and Development of Objects using Object Oriented Design in Java 8
  • Developed SPA (Single Page Web Applications) using RESTFUL web services plus Ajax and Angular JS actions.Have Knowledge on Apache Spark with Cassandra.
  • Created EC2, S3, SQS, Lambda instances using cloud formation Templates on AWS
  • Developed responsive web application for backend system using Node JS, Angular JS with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Built reporting module for analytic services using custom AngularJS MVC framework components
  • Implemented RESTFULwebservicesAPI using HTTP and REST principles
  • Used bootstrap and angular.js in effective web design.
  • Knowledge on set up Cassandra wide monitoring scripts and alerting system
  • Used Angular-JS HTTP(post and get) to retrieve data through Web API from entity frame work
  • Created and maintained the framework and layout of each portal with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Migrated Existing MapReduce programs to Spark Models using Python. Develop predictive analytic using Apache Spark Scala APIs.
  • Successfully implemented Auto Complete/Auto Suggest functionality using Ajax, JQuery, DHTML, Web Service call and JSON.
  • Responsible to manipulate HTML5, CSS3 in JQuery as well as making the pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Worked on research team that developed Scala, a programming language with full Java interoperability and a strong type system
  • AWS EC2 instances were configured in developing and QA environments with NodeJS
  • Created Call flow diagrams for IVR applications using VISIO.
  • Used STRUTS frame work in designing the IVR application.
  • Wrote JAVA Servlets that generates dynamic VXML.
  • Migrated the current Linux environment to AWSLinuxenvironment and used auto scaling feature and Involved in Remediation and patching of Unix/Linux Servers.
  • Mainly involved in support, Maintenance and enhancement of the application.
  • Responsibilities included development of new modules of the application such as Web using J2EE technologies, Struts and Spring Framework.
  • Created Buckets in AWS and stored files. Enabled Versioning and security for files stored
  • Developed MVC controllers and deployed flow of Execution in the Servlet Environment using Spring MVC.
  • Extensively used Core Spring Framework for Dependency Injection of components. Implemented Web Services using SpringRESTful.
  • Writing entities in Scala and Java along with named queries to interact with database. Writing user console page in lift along with the snippets in Scala.
  • The product is responsible to give access to the user to all their credentials and privileges within the system
  • Writing scala classes to interact with the database
  • Writing scala test cases to test scala written code
  • Developed Hibernate with Spring Integration as the data abstraction to interact with the database.
  • Designed and developed the Simulator API for Amazon S3.
  • Installed and administered Jenkins CI server for continuous build of java projects.
  • Maintained version control using GIT.
  • Configured Git and maven plugins in Jenkins server.
  • Implemented backend process for sending the data through FTP.
  • Participated in NoSQL database integration and implementation.

Environment:, React JS, Angular JS, Java EE, RESTful, SOAP Web services, Spring-4.0 Framework, Hibernate-4.0, JDBC, JSON, HQL, XML Beans, Maven, SVN, JEST, AWS, Node JS, Ajax, JavaScript, Oracle 12c, No-SQL, Servlets, HTML, Apache Tomcat-8.0,BootStrap, Eclipse IDE, Mockito, Windows.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Full Stack Developer


  • Used Agile Methodologies and SDLC for managing the life-cycle development of the project. Developed UI using HTML5 and used CSS3 to describe the presentation of an HTML document.
  • Extensively worked with MVC Architecture using spring framework and Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Used Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) in Spring framework for transaction management and developing advice for logging, security and indexing.
  • Worked with Angular-JS to provide control for data binding, form validation and create reusable components.
  • Used Java8 features in developing the code like Lambda expressions, creating resource classes, fetching documents from database.
  • Bootstrap is used to document common HTML elements, dozens of custom HTML and CSS components while developing UI.
  • Worked with data in multiple file formats including Avro, ORC and Text/ CSV.Develop Spark code using Scala and Spark-SQL for faster testing and data processing.
  • Involved in DevOps to configure Maven, GitHub, Docker and AWS to build and deploy pipeline in Jenkins.
  • Experience in creating user/group accounts and attaching policies to user/group accounts using AWS services.
  • Used Rx-Java and Retrofit to make network calls and handle asynchronous operations.
  • Designed REST APIs that allow sophisticated, effective and low cost application integration.
  • Created new directives using Angular JS to invent new HTML syntax, specific to this application.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts to automate the build process, to perform regular jobs like file transfers between different hosts.
  • Implemented Thread Pool Executor and Scheduled Executor Service for multithreading.
  • Developed the REST Web Service using Spring and Hibernate to provide data from different systems.
  • Developed Confidential services using RESTful services to provide all the CRUD capabilities.
  • Used Tomcat Application server for live services.
  • Spring Inversion of Control (IOC) and Dependency Injection is used to remove dependency that makes the code easier to test and maintain.
  • Used SAML for SSO login to access the web service provided and OAuth for authorizing the user to the application.
  • Used Hibernate framework to access the data from back-end DB2 database.
  • Wrote SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, functions, packages, tables, views, triggers and data connectivity and data integration of DB2.
  • Added new features to database using DB2 database- wrote DDL and DML files using SQL- set up procedures and triggers.
  • Integrated spring with ORM frameworks such as Hibernate and JPA (Java Persistence API).
  • Generated Hibernate classes and mapping XML files using hibernate-tools and written the save, update and search methods in DAO using hibernate methods and HQL queries.
  • Implemented Lazy Loading and Eager Loading of Hibernate framework.
  • Implemented Caching technology of Hibernate to boost up Applications performance.
  • Involved in consuming and producing REST annotation based web services using JAX-RS, which includes features like WS-Security standards, role-based security to restrict access to resources.
  • Wrote XML and JSON configurations to transmit data between server and application.
  • Developed the REST Web Service using Spring and Hibernate to provide data from different systems
  • Implemented J2EE design patterns- Singleton, Abstract Factory, Factory, Business Delegate, Front Controller, Value List, Value Object and Service Locator.
  • Used Java Messaging Services (JMS) for a reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information such anodes payment status report.
  • Used JMS packages to develop MQ Series interfaces that interact with the application and for sending and receiving messages while creating web services.
  • Used JUnit to write unit tests and integration test and used Mockitoto mock/stub classes.
  • Used Maven build tool for building the application.
  • Used CVS for version control to track and maintain the different versions of the application.
  • Used Log4J utility to log error, info and debug messages
  • Worked on Integration and Analytics based on Kafka and NoSQL databases
  • Successfully secured the kafka cluster with Kerberos.
  • Involved in the deployment process of the application on WebSphere Application Server(WAS).
  • Migrated applications to the AWS cloud.
  • Using JMS to send email or notify companies or users who have subscribed to services in company product.

Environment: Java 1.7,Java 1.8, Java EE, RESTful Web services, Spring-3.1 Framework, Hibernate-4.0, JDBC, JSON, HQL, XML Beans, Active MQ, Maven, CVS, JUnit, XSLT, Ajax, JavaScript, Servlets, HTML-5, IBM DB2, Log4j, JERSEY API, Mockito, Angular JS, Eclipse IDE, WebLogic Application Server.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Sr. Java/j2ee Developer


  • Involved in gathering and analyzing business requirements and converting them into technical specifications.
  • Followed Agile Methodologies to produce high quality software.
  • Designed and coded application components in an Agile environment utilizing a test driven development (TDD) approach.
  • Built restful web services using MongoDB/NodeJS and implemented the front-end using jQuery and AngularJS controllers, directives, and service.
  • Created detailed design documents (UML diagrams like Use case, Class, Sequence, and Component diagrams) using Rational Rose.
  • Designed and developed front end using JSP, JSTL, JQUERY and other custom tag libraries.
  • Used JQuery and JSF validation framework for front end validations
  • Expertise in Web Page development using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, AngularJS.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, JSP Tag libraries, Struts Tag libraries and JavaScript, NodeJS, Express JS.
  • Developed Business logic with the help of spring and Data Access was implemented by using Hibernate
  • Developed major websites and services by including Mongo DB as backend software.
  • Reviewed the code and deployed the applications to WebSphere application server(WAS).
  • Developed business process execution language processes and deployed them using Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Configured and used Web Logic content management to display content in JSP view components
  • Used Spring framework in the development of a business bean and to interact with the Hibernate ORM tool
  • Designed asynchronous messaging using JMS to exchange of critical business data and events among J2EE components and legacy system.
  • Experience in implementing Web Services in-order to communicate between different distributed components using with SOAP Protocol using Apache Axis.
  • Designed and developed a number of RESTful web services that support JSON for other developersto access to speed up development using Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Web Services, JSON, Log4J, RESTful, MySQL, and Maven.
  • Involved in consuming, producing Restful web services using JAX-RS
  • Involved in configuring and deploying the application using Web Logic, Apache HTTP.
  • Provided Transaction Management using the Hibernate configurations and Involved in integrating the business layer with DAO layer using JPA
  • Used Maven for building and managing dependencies of the application.
  • Developed Unit /Integration test cases using JUnit and Selenium tools.
  • Use Eclipse as IDE tool to develop the application and JIRA for bug and issue tracking.
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Jenkins and GitHub.
  • Set up Jenkins server and build jobs to provide continuous automated builds based on polling the Git source control system.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, SQL Server, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL), HTML, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, Angular- JS, XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, JAX-B, WebSphere Application Server, Git, Mockito, JUnit, Ant, Log4j, Windows, Agile/Scrum, JIRA, SOA, ANT, JIRA, Jenkins, Web Logic, JSON, IBM Web Sphere, Selenium, Web Services, SOAP, REST API, Sybase, GIT, Apache AXIS, Maven.

Confidential, McKinney, TX

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Participating in user requirement sessions to gather business requirements
  • Involved in Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing of application modules
  • Designed and developed Class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Used Eclipse 3.2 IDE for coding, debugging and testing the application modules
  • Developed presentation layer for the application modules using Adobe Flex and Action Script controls
  • Developed Styles, Skinning, Charts using Flex controls
  • Implemented data push using BlazeDS, Remote Object, Web Service components
  • Used Java Script libraries for developing the Java Script Programs
  • Designed the Cascaded Style Sheets for designing the styles, skinning and layouts
  • Involved in designing the page layouts using Wire Frames templates
  • Implemented AJAX base applications using DOJO and GWT API for Performance oriented and browser
  • Independent application
  • Developed various Action classes and Form bean classes using Struts framework
  • Implemented Event Manager, e-Distribution Admin modules using Struts-Spring-Hibernate
  • Used Object/Relational mapping tool Hibernate to achieve object to database table persistency
  • Written Hibernate POJO Classes, Hibernate Configuration file and Mapping files
  • Implemented Batch Updates using Spring and configured beans in Application Context file
  • Used the features of Spring Core layer (IOC), Spring AOP, Spring ORM layer and Spring DAO support layer in order to develop the application
  • Involved in the configuration of Struts Framework, Spring Framework and Hibernate mapping tool
  • Developed the Servlets for invoking the remote notifications
  • Worked on Java Messaging Services (JMS) for developing messaging services
  • Implemented different types of messaging prototypes using JMS
  • Implemented service oriented architecture (SOA) using Apache Axis, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
  • Used SOAP UI for testing the SOAP input and output messages
  • Involved in configuring hibernate to access database and retrieve data from the database
  • Used Oracle 10g as the backend database storage
  • Created data base tables according to the application requirement
  • Developed stored procedures and triggers with PL/SQL
  • Implemented the application using Agile development methodology
  • Developed Maven and ANT Scripts to do compilation, packaging and deployment in JBoss server
  • Involved in peer to peer code reviews and cross checked whether coding standards are being followed
  • Used Remedy tool for creating change tickets and handling production bugs

Environment: Java/J2ee, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Tiles, Spring, Hibernate, Adobe Flex, Action Script, Adobe Flex Builder, Cairngorm architecture, SOAP, WSDL, WS-Security, Apache Axis, SQL, PL/SQL, CSS, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, JBoss, IBM Web sphere MQ 5.3, Eclipse, HTML, DHTML, XML, AJAX, Maven, CVS, TOAD, Oracle 10g, UNIX, UML, Shell Scripts, Agile (Scrum), Rational Rose, JUnit, Log4j, Remedy


Java Developer


  • Developed coding conventions and standards to enhance source code management and increase software maintainability.
  • Used Spring MVC on the front end using JSP, spring tags, spring validation framework. Developed several controller classes as required for the design such as Abstract Wizard form controller, Simple Form controller.
  • Used JAXB for parsing XML retrieved from the database and populated on the JSP. This xml is received via RMI service call from another application.
  • Used Crystal Reports on the backend for generating reports on Oracle 10g Database.
  • Developed spring RMI services and web services using SOAP and applied IOC (inversion of control).
  • Implemented ANT as a build system with Cruise Control for automatic builds in Development Environment and QA.
  • Designed and developed reporting modules for assessing applications performance and client interaction patterns
  • Developed structure diagrams, behavior diagrams and interaction diagrams during the design using rational rose.
  • Used Hibernate persistence framework on the backend over Oracle 10g database.
  • Used Junit Framework for Unit Testing.
  • Used rational clearcase for version control.
  • Used RAD for development as IDE.
  • Used Log4J logging framework for logging messages with various levels written throughout the Java code.
  • Involved in deploying and configuring the application on Web logic 10.
  • Involved in Coding, Debugging & Code review.
  • Provided development support for System Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Production support.

Environment: Java (JDK 1.6), Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, BEA WebLogic 10, Web Services, DHTML, XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, RAD, Crystal Reports, SOAP, RAD, Eclipse 3.5, SOAP, XSD, XSLT, DOM parser, Servlets2.4, JSP 2.0, JAXB, Oracle 10g, Rational Rose 2000, Log 4j, Junit, Rational Clearcase.

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