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Java/j2ee Developer. Resume


  • 3+ years of experience in delivering enterprise solutions in conceptualizing, designing and coding technical solutions using Java/J2EE and UI technology stacks to satisfy peculiar and complex business problem statements.
  • Experienced in all periods of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) including Analysis, Design and Development, Debugging, Support, Integration, Maintenance and Enhancements of Java/J2EE Applications.
  • Experienced working in conditions utilizing Agile ( SCRUM ) and Waterfall improvement philosophies.
  • Strong experience in Front - End UI development skills using scripting languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery with Standard Validations.
  • Experienced in Java, J2EE technologies such as Servlets, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, JMS, JDBC, Multi-Threading etc.
  • Experience in implementation of frameworks like Spring 5.x/3.x and ORM frameworks for persistence like Hibernate.
  • Implemented modules using Java collection, Java 8(Streams), multi-threading and object-oriented design.
  • Experience in Core Java ideas like Collection Framework, Multi-threading, Serialization.
  • Experience in configuring and deploying the applications into Tomcat.
  • Experienced in Middleware persistence frameworks like Hibernate/JPA Entities for mapping Java classes using Hibernate Query Language (HQL), HQL Named Queries, Criteria, Projections.
  • Enough Knowledge of Data Access Object (DAO) case to display a reflection layer between the Business reason level (Business address) and the Persistent stockpiling level (data source).
  • Hands on contribution with Spring, Hibernate and JPA structures .
  • Hands on enough experience in developing building tools like Maven.
  • Taken a shot at SQL databases systems like Oracle, SQL Server, using mechanical assemblies like SQL Navigator, for performing SQL programming .
  • Proficient in composing and taking care of SQL Queries, Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Enough measure of involvement in J2EE Testing in creating experiments with JUnit for Unit testing, and logging utilizing Log4j.
  • Responsible for providing support to the production team to optimize the job execution process. Experienced in Development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications on Windows & UNIX platforms using IDE’s such as Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite (STS).
  • Strong systematic and critical thinking abilities, exceptionally energetic, great cooperative person with great correspondence and relational aptitudes.


Languages: Java 7/8, SQL

Java Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JMS, Strings, Multi-Threading, Arrays

Web technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, XML, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap

Databases: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g/12c, SQL server.

IDE Tools: Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.8.3

Frameworks: Spring 3.x/ 5.x, Hibernate 3.x

Operating Systems: Windows, IOS.

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, SDLC

Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Application/Web Servers.: Tomcat5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x

XML Technologies: XML, JQuery.

Tools: SQL Developer, Log4J

Testing technologies: JUnit

Build tools: Maven 3.3.9, Jenkins 2.x

Version Controls: SVN, GitHub



Java/J2EE Developer.


  • Followed Agile with version1 for a 2-week release approach of development/deployment strategy, Test Driven Development (TDD) and developed Technical design documents.
  • Developed effective web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap.
  • Java expression tags were avoided using Bean, HTML and Logic Tags, used display tags to render large data.
  • Involved in developing role-based HTML navigational menu, where in menu items change dynamically based on the values derived from database in the form of XML data.
  • Worked with controller, service and view components in applications using Spring framework.
  • Implemented Spring modules like Controller, DI/IOC, Spring security, Spring AOP.
  • Hibernate DAO classes were developed to retrieve and save data using Spring framework manager classes.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was exposed through RESTful web services with loose coupling between layers using Spring framework during development .
  • Enterprise level web applications were supported by building Spring based Java.
  • Experience in Creating, Dropping Indexes, Tables, Stored Procedures and Views on Oracle DB.
  • Expertise with employment of JMS as messaging service.
  • Expertise on Data Driven framework and integrating it with Maven Build Management Tool, JUnit Unit Testing tool and Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool .
  • Hands on experience with using Version Control Systems (VCS) tools like GIT .
  • Good knowledge of concepts in Java like OOPS , Multi-Threading and Exception Handling and implemented Core -Java concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation. Extensively used Java Collection Framework
  • Able to work well independently or as part of a professional computer program development team and possess effective communication skills along with strong dedication and commitment towards work.
  • Writing Unit test cases using JUnit testing framework and performed unit and system testing.
  • Log4J is used for logging purposes and debug levels are defined for controlling what we log.

Environment: XML, Angular JS 1.5, Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Spring 4.x, Hibernate 4.x, Tomcat 8.0, Git, WebSphere 7.5, Web Services, JMS, JSON, Log4j, Oracle DB, Agile, Windows, JUnit.


Jr. Java Developer.


  • Involved in designing and implementing the application using various Java and J2EE Design patterns design patterns such as MVC and Data Access Object (DAO).
  • Implemented Spring and J2EE based MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for the application.
  • Used Hibernate Framework for object relational mapping and persistence.
  • Designing and implementing scalable, RESTful and microservices- based mobile back-end. The back-end is being written in Java using Spring Boot for simplicity and scalability.
  • Configured Hibernate session factory to integrate with spring and generation of database schema.
  • Worked on Bootstrapping technology for the best User Presence. Extensively used the JavaScript and jQuery plug-in to fetch and display the data on web pages and create interactive features in the application.
  • Used multiple Action Controllers to control the page flow, Interceptors for client validations.
  • Created Spring Interceptors to validate web service requests and to enable notifications.
  • Used OOPS design and core Java concepts such as Collections, Multithreading, Exception Handling.
  • Developed unit test cases using JUnit and used Log4J for logging and debugging.
  • Used MySQL as backend database and involved in development of Stored Procedures.
  • Used SVN as a version control to track and maintain the different version of the project.
  • Created Maven scripts to build and deploy the application.
  • Experience in defect resolutions and configuration management change processes to support applications in PROD and integration testing environments.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for designing, coding and developing applications. Responsible for Integration testing and System testing.

Environment: JDK, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, Apache Tomcat, Apache Maven, JUnit, Log4j, Jenkins, MySQL, SVN, Windows.

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