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Senior Java Developer Resume


  • Senior Software Engineer with about 5+ years of experience in developing enterprise applications using J2EE technologies such as Spring 4, Hibernate 4, Struts1.3, EJB 2.1 and Soap and Restful Web Services.
  • Great understanding of software development processes adhering to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile methodology.
  • Good understanding in implementing design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, MVC, and DAO.
  • Good knowledge in developing presentation layer of applications using MVC module of Spring framework.
  • Consumed SOAP based web services using JAX - WS, AXIS API and good working knowledge of REST based Web Services.
  • Developed backend/DAO implementation classes by implementing ORM framework such as Hibernate API using JPA support.
  • Developed test cases to test application units using J-Unit testing framework
  • Hands on experience in working with Application Servers like WebSphere, Weblogic and JBoss servers on eclipse IDE.
  • Good knowledge in using IOC and AOP features of Spring framework to achieve better testability and scalability of the application.
  • Developed Message driven programming application using JMS .
  • Working knowledge of Subversion to manage and control versions of the software.


Programming Language: Java, JavaScript, C, C++, PHP, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL

Web Technologies: Spring 4.0, Struts 1.3, JSP, JQuery, AJAX, Angular JS, JSTL

Middleware: EJB 2.1, JMS, J2EE, Web Services

Design Patterns: Singleton, Factory, Front Controller, MVC, Business delegate, Factory

App Servers / Web Servers: JBoss application server 7, Oracle Weblogic, Tomcat 7.x

IDE: Eclipse Helios, IBM RAD

Databases: Oracle 11G, SQL Server 2005, MySQL 4.1-5.5

Repositories: Subversion (Subclipse Plug-in)

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, JSP

ORM Tools: Hibernate 3.6

Testing Tools: JUnit 4.8.2, EasyMock

Operating System: Redhat linux, Windows 7/8



Senior Java Developer


  • Developed Spring MVC based interface to consume Restful web service.
  • Developed Spring Boot clients to consume Soap and Restful web services.
  • Built web services using both contact-first and contract-last approach.
  • Built Apache CXF client to invoke Soap based Web service.
  • Implemented Ajax Client to consume Restful Web services through Spring Controllers.
  • Consumed Spring Restful Web services using Angular JS.
  • Used SoapUI for testing RestFul API and Soap API Services.
  • Created Linux shell scripts to automate batch jobs applications using Cron Linux.
  • Implemented cross-cutting concerns using Spring AOP (Aspect oriented programming.)
  • Developed multithreading solutions for concurrent web services applications.
  • Conduct test driven development through Unit testing using JUnit and Mockito.
  • Followed Agile Scrum development methodology throughout development process.
  • Translated business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Provided leadership to internal team on project modules and daily production issues
  • Ensured compliance to architecture principles and IT strategies.
  • Reviewed existing software designs and provided appropriate solutions to architecture issues.
  • Designed technical presentations to the client for different software releases
  • Used Model View Controller (MVC), Front Controller, and Business delegate design patterns to direct software development process.
  • Managed code builds, version control and code deployment throughout development process using both Ant and Maven, and Apache Subversion (SVN).

Environment: Java 7, J2EE, Spring MVC 4, Hibernate 3.6, DAO, Oracle 11g, SoapUI 5.1.3, Weblogic application server 12.2.1, Eclipse IDE, JUnit 4, Log4j 1.2, RedHat Linux 6, Restful webService, Soap Webservices, UML and Design Patterns

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