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Ui Lead Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Over twelve years as an UX Java Programmer with a track record of producing extremely user friendly and resource intensive web applications. Energetic self - starter with excellent analytical, organizational and creative skills.
  • Extensive IT experience in Java Application Development, Distributed Application development, Object Oriented Programming, Internet/Intranet based Database Applications, and SDLC using Java platform (Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, JDBC, XML Struts framework and spring frameworks, JSON-RPC) and database( Oracle, DB2).
  • Expert experience in applying design patterns like Singleton Pattern, Business Delegator Pattern, Controller Pattern, MVC Pattern, Factory Pattern, Abstract Factory Pattern, DAO Pattern and Template Pattern
  • Exposed to all phases of SDLC, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance and Production support
  • Expert level skills in programming with Struts Framework, Custom Tag Libraries, and JSTL.
  • Experience in writing numerous test cases using JUnit framework with Selenium.
  • Experienced in using Version Control Tools like SubVersion, ClearCase, WinCVS, Rational Team Concert and GIT
  • Experienced in Agile SCRUM, RUP (Rational Unified Process) and TDD (Test Driven Development), software development methodologies
  • Expert level on Java and J2EE Technologies (Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JSF, Struts, spring).
  • Expertise experience with XML, Java script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, LESS, DOM, Action Script.
  • Extensive B2B development work on BEA WebLogic 6.x, 7.x, 8.x,9.x,10.x, JBoss 4.0, Jrun4, WebSphere Application Servers and IIS.
  • Strong experience in RDBMS using Oracle 10g/9i/8i/7.0, MS-Access, DB2 and MySQL.
  • Extensive experience building HTML5 User Interfaces and REST/SOAP Web-Services.


Languages: JAVA, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL


Databases: ORACLE 8i/9i/10g, DB2, MS-Access

Framework: Struts, spring, JSF and MVC Frameworks.

Servers: Apache Tomcat 4.0, WebSphere Application Servers, WebLogic v8, WebLogic v9, WebLogic v10, Jrun4, IIS

Animation tools: Maya 5.0, Dreamweaver MX, Flash, Adobe Premiere, Illustrator and Photoshop

IDE: WASD V5.0, JBuilder, Eclipse,IntelliJ,NotePad++,TextPad

JS: LIB prototype, DWR, Scriptaculos, Windows, Trimpath, JQuery, JSON-RPC,DOJO,AngularJS,JQuery Mobile, DOJO Mobile, Angular 2, Angular 4

Testing tools: Junit, Selenium


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

UI Lead


  • Created a JS based bridge API to perform two way communication between with JQUERY based applications, GWT application and Angular based application.
  • Created New GWT components and UI xml for templates. Modified event bus to make broadcasting global messages.
  • Created an dynamic loader component to dynamically create angular component and inject those inside GWT ui.xml placeholders.
  • Created angular 4 services to performing caching of content for angular components and access content from AEM.
  • Created singleton services for http ajax calls and url mapping
  • Involved in performance tuning and implementation of ansible deployment of node application.
  • Involved in designing and implementation angular based messaging, error handling framework, which can reused by other teams.
  • Involved in designing and implementation angular lib to upload and publish custom and reusable angular components using ngpackgr to private nexus NPM repository.
  • Designed and implemented JWT token for user authentication.

Confidential, Durham, NC

Senior Java UI Developer


  • Involved in redesigning the existing UI framework based on DOJO.
  • Created Junit test cases for maven and NFS server.
  • Used JSF for uploading and downloading on the fly properties files.
  • Designed new life cycles for different policies using JSF and DOJO.
  • Currently working on making application Mobile friendly using DOJO Mobile libraries
  • Redesigned existing custom NFS server to support AIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Modified the existing NFS server from single threaded to multi thread server.
  • Involved in making RAM act as a maven repositories for maven project builds.
  • Designed new attributes for maven and NFS support.
  • Designing new RAM specific user Enhancements for the Rational asset Management tool
  • Researched AngularJS to convert JSF UI components and created a POC
  • Designed custom DOJO Dijit Widgets for Tree, Menu, and Grid functionalities
  • Created various Complex DOJO behaviors and event handlers
  • Used DOJOX charting components to create stylized charts and pie graphs

Environment: Java, Eclipse, Tomcat/WAS, RTC, ANT, DB2, JSF, DOJO, HTML5, SUSE, REDHAT, RAM

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Senior Java UI Developer


  • Fixed SIT/FIT UI bugs
  • Involved in fine tuning the existing UI framework based on JQUERY.
  • Modified the Existing UI framework to improve performance and be more scalable
  • Modified existing UI code to be more modular and reusable.
  • Created new actions for new enhancements using struts2.
  • Modified existing code to be compliment with section 508
  • Used VisualStudio to code and test JavaScript and HTML codes

Environment: Java, Eclipse, Tomcat/JBOSS, SVN, ANT, Hudson, Struts 2, JQUERY, HTML5, Visual Studio

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Senior Java UI Developer


  • Involved in setting up the selenium server for web java testing
  • Created a new test data creation framework using oracle and Hibernate.
  • Implemented selenium java web testing to check the application logic and flow.
  • Integrated Junit with selenium.
  • Wrote new selenium java test classes to validate asserts
  • Designed and documented new Payment XSD and message specification document
  • Involved in creating new web services using spring - WS.
  • Integrating third party web services with for payments.
  • Developed new DAO layer for the new web services

Environment: Java, intelliJ, Web logic, clear case, clear quest, Maven, Junit, selenium, oracle, hibernate, toad,soapUI.

Confidential, Morrisville, NC

Senior Java UI Developer


  • Created rich and dynamic charting modules using High Charts
  • Designed mock prototypes for project and business demo.
  • Created new Camel orchestrations for getting information from Electric Meters
  • Manipulated XML data using XSL to create flow messages and request response messages.
  • Designed and implemented Dao and Accessor Class for processing incoming messages from flex net router.
  • Used JAXB for marshalling xml Data to custom Java objects.
  • Involved with the design of new UI framework using JQuery.

Environment: Java, Eclipse, Tomcat, JSP, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, DHTML, XML, XSL, Subversion, Maven, JQuery, Camel, ActiveMQ, JAXB, HTML5.

Confidential, Boston, MA

UI Architect


  • Designed an object orient JavaScript UI frame work using single page design pattern.
  • Designed the application using Trim path JavaScript template instead of jsp.
  • New Billing application using JQuery framework for front end and spring framework for middle tier and back end was designed and successfully implemented.
  • Implemented the web application for both desktop and Mobile Screen using JQuery Mobile and JQuery UI
  • Modified display text and CSS specific images and vector graphics using Adobe tools
  • Used prototype library for creating object oriented JavaScript programming.
  • Accessed java objects in JavaScript using DWR framework and JSON-RPC.
  • Wrote numerous java classes for DWR calls and other user interface modules.
  • Involved in the optimization of the JavaScript code for better performance.
  • Worked on a service delegate J2EE design pattern.
  • Used spring controllers for implementing MVC pattern.
  • Created numerous markups in TrimPath Language.
  • Fixed cross browser back/forward button issues for the Ajax application. integrated struts with spring dao layers using ClassPathXmlApplicationContext
  • Implemented MVC design pattern for both client side (OOP JavaScript) and server side (spring).
  • Involved in designing hybrid spring/JSON-RPC Ajax framework architecture for backend systems.

Environment: Windows XP, Java, Eclipse, WebLogic, JSP, JavaScript, Scriptaculos, prototype, DWR, Ajax, JSON,HTML, DHTML,XML, Trimpath, CVS, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, spring framework, DB2, Photoshop, illustrator and CSS.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Web Developer


  • Developed numerous custom JavaScript object oriented widgets.
  • Developed custom templates used by the application in spring framework.
  • Developed numerous JSP and html as the view component of the application.
  • Designed numerous spring controllers like abstract, multifunction and simple form controllers.
  • Used JSTL and other Taglibs for creating complete script let free view components.
  • Used spring binding and commons validator to perform form validation.
  • Enhanced the look and feel of the application by using CSS.
  • Developed working prototype of the application using struts tiles framework.
  • Configured subversion and maven build tool.
  • Worked on Ajax for desktop like user interaction experience.
  • Modified and resized and edited images for the web application using Photoshop
  • Wrote some state Management scripts for maintaining the state of custom widgets in the application.
  • Agile software development pattern was used for the product lifecycle management.

Environment: Windows XP, MyEclipse, Weblogic version 8, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, Agile, DHTML,XML,JSTL, Maven, subversion, spring framework, spring controllers, Java, TextPad, Photoshop, illustrator and CSS.


Web Developer


  • Created Dynamic and static Homepages for weekly launches.
  • Designed numerous custom JSP and HTML snippets.
  • Designed JavaScript objects to create sliders and other marketing functionality.
  • Designed, maintained, and published online flash Catalogs.
  • Designed dynamic product and landing pages.
  • Involved in developing multi variant dynamic Homepages.
  • Designed CGI and PERL scripts to perform automated data/image migrations.
  • Modified the script files using VI editor for data migration scripts codes between US and Japanese sites
  • Modified and resized and edited images for the web site using Photoshop
  • Involved in weekly updates of the both US and Japan websites.

Environment: AIX, Windows XP, WASD V5.0, Web Sphere Application Server V5, DB2, Flash, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, Photoshop Web services, notepad++, CGI, Perl, DHTML,VI editor, custom products (Page builder, service center).

Confidential, Wakefield, MA

Web Developer


  • Maintained a swing based payroll application.
  • Created complex SQL queries and procedures.
  • The swing templates were created using JTree, JTable and JPanels.
  • Designed a web based micro management application.
  • Designed numerous JavaScript front end validation scripts.
  • Used Oracle database as backend and IIS and Jrun4 as web servers.
  • Involved in reusable modular code development that consisted of three different authentication validation.
  • Created dynamic n level tree hierarchy using JSP and JavaScript.
  • Designed numerous JSP’s for the view and Java classes for the business Logic
  • Improved performance and maintainability using Struts frame work.
  • Maintained and upgraded internal website for employee.
  • Used Ajax and Json for interactive functionality in the application.
  • The application used Ajax for manipulating and displaying data’s and functionality depending on the specific user selections.
  • Used DOM to manipulate the web pages in the client side for the both xml and string Reponses from the Ajax functions.
  • Used Json JavaScript object notations as a data transfer format for quick data transmission

Environment: Java, SWING, J2EE, JSP, AJAX, Web services, Oracle 9i, JRun4,IIS, Java Script, JDBC, SQL, PL/SQL, Struts Frame work, Windows 2000.

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