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Developer Resume


  • Sr. Java/J2EE Developer with 10+ years of experience in applications - requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment and documentation of various Enterprise systems and web applications.
  • Played various roles including - Technical Lead, Senior/Junior Developer.
  • Domains worked include - Banking, Energy, eProcurement, Logistics, Manufacturing
  • Experience in designing API spec based Open API Specification using Swagger
  • Experience in developing the Microservice API in Spring Boot using Swagger.
  • Experience in creating, uploading and invoking Lambda function in AWS.
  • Experience in developing loosely coupled applications / M icroservices using Apache Kafka.
  • Strong expertise in development and deployment of web components that include JSP/Servlets and business layer components that include JDBC, JNDI, JMS, ORM.
  • Experienced in designing WSDL and developing Webservices using SOAP and Restful Services.
  • Expertise in application development using frameworks - Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate and JPA.
  • Experience in using messaging techniques using JMS with Fault Tolerance and Fail Over recovery.
  • Good Knowledge in all major Spring modules like Spring Core, Spring JDBC, Spring Transaction and Spring AOP, Spring Boot.
  • Significant experience in developing applications using Java using methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD), Scrum.
  • Experience in developing unit tests/functional tests/integration tests using JUnit, TestNG, and Mockito.
  • Knowledge in Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) using UML and reverse engineering model from code using IBM Rational Software Architect.
  • Experience in static code analyzer and software verification and related tools such as Sonar Cube.
  • Experience in preparing Architecture Document.
  • Experience in developing Use Cases, Class and Sequence diagrams using IBM Rational Software Architect.
  • Hands on experience in Design Patterns such as MVC, Front Controller, Singleton, Decorator, Template, Façade, Observer, Factory and Abstract Factory.
  • Experience in building Pipeline with Build, Test, Package, Deploy using Jenkins
  • Experience in using version control tools such as GIT, AccuRev and PVCS.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Ability to learn new concepts fast in a team environment as well as an individual.
  • Experience in performance tuning Java middleware and SQL and redesigning data layout in databases for optimal performance and related tools such as RSA profiler.
  • Key achievements and Awards received include,
  • Success story of the EVL project published in Ford ITCN - Europe Newsletter for cost savings(nearly USD0.5 million per annum) through decommissioning of 8 servers in the plant side and avoiding cost for the shipment of across Europe and other hidden cost of old methodology.
  • First place for the idea showcased in the What’s Happening Innovation Event 2.0 using Amazon Alexa Voice Service(AVS)
  • Received Functional Excellence Awards


Language: Java, XML

J2EE Technologies: Servlets/JSP, JDBC, JTA, JNDI

Frameworks: Spring Core, Spring JDBC, Spring AOP, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Netflix OSS components (Eureka, Zuul, Hystrix, Circuit Breaker), Spring Actuator, Drop Wizard Metrics, Zookeeper, AWS - Lambda, LogStash, Elastic Search, Cloud Watch, SQS, S3, Workflow Service, Mockito, TestNG, JUnit, JSF, PrimeFaces, DWR, Ajax

Hibernate, JPA: EclipseLink

EAI / Middleware: Apache KAFKA, AWS Kinesis, JMS, JBOSS MQ, Active MQ

SOA / Webservices: Swagger, Restful Services, JAX RPC, JAX WS, SOAP

AWS: PostgreSQL, DynamoDB; DB2,Oracle, MS SQL Server, Mongo DB

Application/Web Server: IBM Liberty Server 16.3, IBM Websphere 8.0, Tomcat 8.0, JBOSS

IDE: IBM Rational Software Architect, Eclipse Neon, Spring Tool Suite(STS)


Amazon Webservices: AWS, Jenkins, Maven, Apache POI, iText, JFreeChart, Sonar Cube, JFrog, Jacoco, PMD




Technologies: Java 8, Spring Core, Spring JDBC, Spring Boot, Netflix OSS components (Eureka, Zuul, HystrixCircuit Breaker), Spring Actuator, Drop Wizard Metrics, Rest Controller, Swagger, Apache Kafka, ZooKeeperAWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda, AWS Aurora-PostgreSQL, AWS DynamoDB Cloud Watch, SQS, AWS S3, Jenkins, Maven, Ansible scripts


  • Works with Product Owner to analyze requirements.
  • Design and develop stories based on acceptance criteria using Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Designed and generated the API spec based Open API Specification using Swagger.
  • Developed microservice API, model using Swagger Spec.
  • Developed Producer Library to publish events to Apache Kafka.
  • Developed Consumer Library to consume events using Apache Kafka.
  • Developed Consumer Lambda function to consume events from AWS Kinesis Stream.
  • Developed microservice to poll for files and publish events using Producer library to AWS Kinesis Stream.
  • Developed microservice to consume the system monitor events published by each microservice and persist the events to display in GUI.
  • Develop generic error monitoring service to consume the errors published by each microservice across the product and display in GUI.
  • Developed Aspects using Spring AOP to implement logging, auditing, and error handling.
  • Implemented Repository Layer using Spring Data DynamoDB.
  • Create Scheduler component to execute the tasks based on the CRON expression.
  • Developed unit tests and integration tests using TestNG and Mockito.
  • Developed Stress Test Component with multiple threaded producer and consumer for measuring the throughput of the developed Kafka producer and consumer library.
  • Created and configured Jenkins job to execute unit tests, acceptance tests and deploy to higher environments.
  • Configured Spring Actuator to know the health status and metrics of the microservice.
  • Integrated TestNG with Spring Boot as mavenzied project.
  • Performed code review with Project Architect.
  • Generated Jacoco Report, PMD report to maintain code quality after each story development.
  • Participate in building the Continuous Delivery automation and Continuous Integration pipeline using Jenkins and Maven.
  • Interact with product owners to support software acceptance process.
  • Perform basic software configuration management.
  • Demonstrate the user story deliverables to all the project stakeholders at the end of the iteration.


Technical Lead

Technologies: JPA- EclipseLink, JSF, PrimeFaces, Oracle, iText, Apache POI, Secure iNetFactoryIBM Liberty Server, Sonar Cube, TOAD, Eclipse Neon IDE


  • Involved in SDLC Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application developed using AGILE methodology.
  • Captured requirements using Use Cases and Sequence Diagrams.
  • Involved in preparing Architecture document and created base project.
  • Developed the applications using the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach, which saved up time in testing the application.
  • Developed the user interface using JSF, Ajax and PrimeFaces.
  • Implemented persistence layer with Oracle Database using JPA Eclipse link.
  • Created Domain Entity Classes with association mappings. Constructed dynamic queries using Criteria API.
  • Developed the PDF report using iText.
  • Developed the Large ResultSet Excel Report using Apache POI SXSSF (Streaming Usermodel API) Library.
  • Developed Generic JobController Servlet for handing Batch Report Request.
  • Developed FTPUtilHelper Class using the Secure iNet Factory Library for transferring report files to remote FTP Server.
  • Implemented design patterns such as Front Controller, Business Facade, Template, Factory, Singleton, Value Object, and Builder.
  • Followed the Pattern Enable Development with Unified Pattern Language naming conventions.
  • Used Sonar Cube for static code analysis and code coverage.
  • Mentoring project team members in the application, proper task allocation to resources & ensure all the tasks are completed on time as per the development plan.
  • Managing on time deliverables and performing walk through on code deliverables to confirm quality & standards, review and getting sign-off.



Technologies: Java, Servlets, Eclipse Neon, AccuRev, Sonar Cube, Pivotal Cloud Foundry


  • involved in analyzing and migrating existing J2EE application from WAS Classic to WAS Liberty Server and finally deploying the application Pivotal Cloud Tolerant Environment.

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