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Full Stack Java Developer Resume

Irvington, NY


  • Around 8 years of IT experience. Good working knowledge in architecture/design in multiple business domains ranging from Finance, Health Care and Telecommunication and IT.
  • Experience in Object Oriented design and development of Multi - Tier distributed, Enterprise application using Java /J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies like Agile, Scrum and Waterfall.
  • Experience in Web Application Development, Client-Server based Enterprise Applications, System Analysis, Technical Design, B2B Implementation, Performance Tuning and Testing.
  • Expert level skills developing applications using Core Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services (SOAP, REST), JDBC, XML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery.
  • Extensively implemented various J2EE applications using MVC, Struts 2.0, Spring MVC, JSP.
  • Developed UI and backend applications JSP, Struts 2,Hibernate, Java, HTML, JavaScript.
  • Proficient in integration of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) with existing applications.
  • Extensive experience in developing web-based applications on J2EE platform.

    Worked on various web servers like Tomcat.

  • Experience in developing Web Services using XML over HTTP (s), SOAP, Restful protocols
  • Hands-on experience on development tools like Eclipseand NetBeans.

    Log4J for extensible logging, debugging and error tracing.

  • Proficient in using Maven and ANT for building projects.
  • Solid Understanding of OOPS and RDBMS concepts
  • Experience in Multithreading applications.
  • Experience in writing SQLqueries, Triggers, Stored Procedures for accessing and managing databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server.
  • Installed, configured, and managed the servers (Tomcat, Apache, MySQL, JIRA).
  • Experience working with GITLAB, GITHUB source control repository.
  • Knowledge on Messaging Queuing services like KAFKA.
  • Worked extensively with Java 8,Exception Handling and Collection.
  • Good knowledge in Java SE/EE, Data Structures, Algorithms and object-oriented concepts.
  • Clear Understanding of Time Complexity and Space Complexity of Program and Rules of Big-O Notation.
  • Extensive experience in Design, Develop, Implementation, Integration, Maintenance, Testing in different environments.
  • Worked with JUnit for unit testing for mock creation and verification.
  • Experience in working on multiple operating systems Linux, MacOS, Windows.
  • Self-motivated and Quick learner of new concepts and technologies.
  • Proficient in software documentation and technical report writing.
  • Experience with UML diagrams like Class, Object, Use Case, State and Activity Diagrams.
  • Versatile team player with good communication, analytical, presentation and inter-personal skills.
  • Comprehensive problem-solving abilities, willingness to learn and positive minded self-motivate.


Programming Languages: Java/J2EE,C, C++, Python

Scripting Languages: jQuery, JavaScript, Shell Script, Angular

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Struts.

IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans.

Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS, XML, AJAX, Web Services, REST

Other Tools: JIRA

Web Servers: ApacheTomcat

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Server

Build Tools: Maven,JUINT

Operating Systems: Windows (XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10), Linux, Unix, MacOS


Confidential, Irvington, NY

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Participated in Sprint Planning and Showcase meetings as part of SCRUM team.
  • Involved in coding and implementation activities for various components using Java, JEE, spring.
  • Implemented the presentation layer using Spring MVC framework.
  • Developed the frontend interface using JSP with AJAX features.
  • Developed business functions using Java.
  • Developed various User Interfaces using HTML andAngularJS.
  • Developing complex Business Management and Business Intelligence functionality.
  • Designing and developing reports for the Business Analysis using Actuate Reporting platform, followed Agile Modeling.
  • Implemented routing logic and navigation from screen to screen and implemented functionality on the client side in AngularJS.
  • Worked with Web services components like RESTful Web services to interact with external systems.
  • Worked on research team that developed Scala, a programming language with full Java interoperability and a strong type system.
  • Improved stability and performance of the Scala plugin for Eclipse, using product feedback from customers and internal users.
  • Developed SOAP based web services.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool and defined the mapping and relationship of each table in system and Oracle Database.
  • Implementation of Hibernate using the Spring Framework (Created the session Factory).
  • Involved in Unit testing and performed peer review of design and code.
  • Used ClearCase for source code control and JUnit for unit testing.
  • Developed test cases using Junit.
  • Used Maven to build tool and deploying the application.
  • Software Development is driven by pure agile methodology, short sprints in from of iterations and developed using Java JEE components.
  • Implemented Spring Web MVC framework for the applying MVC Implementation to the web application.
  • Involved in Designing and Developing UI Interface using JSP, CSS, HTML, Java Script, AJAX and jQuery.
  • Involved in developing and configuring server side J2EE components like Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JSON, REST Web Services, J2EE platform using Eclipse IDE, and deployments in JBoss App Server environments.
  • Worked in developing Spring related backend services (For the flex to access the database)
  • Used Springs Jdbc to offer abstraction for the business from the database related code.
  • Created database tables in Oracle and Teradata created required SQL queries, stored procedures and used JDBC to perform database operations.

Environment:: Java /J2EE, JSP, Spring MVC, Spring, hibernate 4.2, Spring, Oracle, SQL, HTML, jQuery, CSS, XML, Ajax, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SOAP, REST, Apache SoapUI, JSON and Linux.

Confidential, West Chester, PA

Level-3 Java Developer.


  • Build RESTful Web services.
  • Created web services, WSDL and web methods with Annotation in Hibernate, Used the spring container for the data source and to load hibernate specific classes.
  • Extensively used CSS and Bootstrap for styling the HTML elements.
  • Designed Frontend within object-oriented JavaScript Framework with Angular.js.
  • Hands on experience in developing the components using Angular 2.
  • Wrote test cases using JUnit testingframework.
  • Implemented the back-end services using Spring Boot.
  • Implemented Java Multithreading to refresh the cache at a given set of the time interval.
  • Developed various UI components using Angular JS, Spring (MVC), JSP, and HTML.
  • Designed and Developed Servlets and JSP pages for authentication.
  • MySQL to access data in the database at different Levels.
  • Responsible for implementing SQL queries and managing JDBC interactions with data sources.
  • Worked on databases such as MYSQL.
  • Created Responsive Web Design using Bootstrapand other media queries to support all kinds of devices.
  • Architected, designed and implemented SPA (Single Page Application) in AngularJS which consume JSON from a Spring MVC.
  • Developed AJAX-driven application by invoking web services/API and parsing the JSON response.
  • The followed Agile process created and maintained User stories in JIRA. Actively participated in Sprint grooming, retrospectives and daily stand up meetings.
  • Developed various reusable helper and utility classes using Java Beans with Eclipse editor.
  • Configured Maven dependencies for application building processes that created Pom.xml files.

Environment:: Spring 4.0, Hibernate, Angular JS 1.5, HTML5, CSS3, Linux, Apache, Shell scripting, REST, JSP, JDK 1.8, SERVLET, MYSQL, JDBC, Eclipse, MAVEN, Agile, JIRA.

Confidential, Addison, TX

Sr. Full Stack Java Developer


  • Developed application modules using Spring MVC, Spring Annotations, Spring Beans, Dependency Injection with database interface using Hibernate.
  • Used Spring MVC front controller pattern to handle requests starting with dispatcher servlet to handle incoming requests.
  • Developed RESTful web services using Spring Boot.
  • Produced and consumed the web services data in the form of JSON, XML.
  • Application is designed and developed using Java RESTful web services that connects with Oracle database in the back-end and returns JSON data to Angular framework on UI Portal side using spring, RESTful.
  • Used core Java concepts like multithreaded environment and Executor Framework to run the processes asynchronously using different future calls to access the data
  • Used AJAX to call the REST API methods and connect to the backend. Restful web services have
  • Developed various screens for the front end using Angular JS, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Wrote database queries using SQL and PL/SQL for accessing, manipulating and updating MySQL database and no SQL database.
  • Used JIRA Tool for Bug, issue Tracking, assigning task among the Team in the Agile team
  • Developed Maven configuration files to load the context of the application.

Environment: Java /J2EE, Linux, HTML, Spring 4.0, React JS, Hibernate, RESTful, Agile Methodology, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Servlets 3.0,Eclipse, jQuery,JUnit 4, GIT, Jira,SQL.

Confidential, Brea, CA

Java Developer.


  • Worked on Core Java to implement validations for different layers of the request file Physical, Logical, and Transfer Request.
  • Used Spring DI to inject beans using both constructor and setter Dependency Injection.
  • Worked on Spring JDBC to interact with the Oracle database for all the CRUD operations.
  • Implemented Spring Modules for Designing, Developing & Testing of Service Layer Business Components.
  • Developed REST based services using Spring MVC architecture and used JSON for the data transfer
  • Designed and Developed user interactive screens using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery. BOOTSTRAP.
  • Used Git as the central repository of all the modules. Worked and helped other colleagues too in resolving their merge conflicts.
  • Developing the Micro services using Spring Boot that create, update, delete and get the information from backend.
  • Used Java 8lambda and streams for Iterating collections and performing operations.
  • Deployed applications using Lambda and Docker containers.
  • Using Multi-Threading concept to process multiple tasks concurrently to make performance better.
  • Developed user-friendly interface to seamlessly combine the new module with Luxottica login system by using Angular JS framework and jQuery.
  • Created popup forms using Bootstrap Modals, AngularJS Models and AngularJS Controllers.
  • Designed user interfaces in Angular JS, Ajax, Java Script, CSS that will be integrated to Spring MVC.
  • Implemented AngularJS Controllers to maintain each view data. Implemented Angular Service calls using Angular Factory.
  • Involved in writing SQL and Stored Procedures for handling complex queries and access them through Java Programs from Oracle Database.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Struts, spring, HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js, AJAX, XML, Maven, REST, Oracle

Confidential, Boston,MA

Java Developer


  • Worked on migrating the old java stack to Type safe stack using Scala for backend programming.

    Used OOPS concepts for message passing and data binding.

  • Responsible for developing the functionality end to end. It includes UI design, Business development in backend, writing Unit Test cases and Integration Testing.
  • Writing complex queries to fulfill the requirements.
  • Used log4J for enabling logging and debugging at the runtime.
  • Handling dependencies using WebSphere Seam configurations.
  • Used Hibernate as the persistent side frameworks.
  • Wrote Test cases with JUnit and tested the code coverage.
  • Understanding the customer requirements, mapping them to functional requirements and creating Requirement Specifications.
  • Responsible for the technical design, development, unit, and integration testing.
  • Followed agile software development with Sprint methodology.
  • Designed front end using JSF, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Environment: Java, JSF, Scala JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, Webservices, Maven, log4j, Unix, JUnit, MySQL, Java docs


Jr. Java Developer.


  • Involved in preparation of functional definition documents and Involved in the discussions with business users, testing team to finalize the technical design documents.
  • Enhanced the Web Application using Struts.
  • Created business logic and application in Struts Framework using JSP, and Servlets.
  • Documented the code using Java doc style comments.
  • Implemented SOAP using Webservices to communicate with other systems.
  • Develop cross browser compatible web pages quickly and effectively using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Angular JS.
  • Used Subversion for version control and log4j for logging errors.
  • Wrote Oracle PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, Hibernate, SOAP, Oracle, Windows.

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