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Java Developer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Software Professional with 6+ years of goal oriented professional experience in Object Oriented programming, design, developing and testing of Client/Server, Enterprise and Web Applications.
  • Experience in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC), which includes User Interaction, Business Analysis/Modeling, Design/Architecture, Development, Implementation, Integration, Documentation, Testing, and Deployment
  • Proficient in the development of Client/server and web applications using JAVA, J2EE and Web technologies for enterprise applications.
  • Expert in developing enterprise web - based application based on Java technologies using J2EE, Java Servlets, Java Beans and Apache Maven.
  • Expertise in developing web-based GUIs using Java Applets, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, JSF, & spring form tags.
  • Seasoned professional in various frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, JSF.
  • Experienced in using Spring Framework (Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring DAO).
  • Experience in publishing and consuming Web Services (RESTful/SOAP).
  • Experience in using JSON, XML, XSL for implementing Web Services.
  • Extensive work experience in JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, JDBC.
  • Extensive Knowledge on databases like Oracle, Pl/SQL Developer and MySQL.
  • Knowledge of MAVEN tool to build and deploy J2EE Applications
  • Experience utilizing AWS Cloud Formation to automate infrastructure provisioning and deployment to reduce time to production.
  • Hands on experience in configuration and deployment of multi-tier applications using servers like WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat.
  • Knowledge of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and experience in developing web services using WSDL, SOAP.
  • Strong experience in writing SQLs, stored procedures, joins and Triggers.
  • Strong knowledge of IDE’s Eclipse and Net Beans application developer.
  • Excellent team player with leadership abilities. Strong analytical skills with excellent interpersonal and communication skills with analytical ability and understanding of Organizational functioning.
  • Strong communication skills, punctual at work and ability to multi-task


Java Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Involved in creation of Low-Level Design including sequence diagrams and class diagrams to understand the existing architecture.
  • Involved in the integration of spring for implementing Dependency Injection (DI/IoC). Developed code for obtaining bean references in Spring IoC framework.
  • Involved in development of REST Web services to extract client related data from databases.
  • Created a Front - end application using JSF and Spring MVC for registering a new patient and configured it to connect to database using hibernate.
  • Implemented Presentation layer using CSS Framework, Wire-framing, HTML5.
  • Involved in writing Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers, views, joins.
  • Implemented security solutions using spring security at the façade layer.
  • Implemented JPA (ORM mapping tool) framework to interact with the database to update, retrieve, insert and delete values effectively.
  • Developed Apache Ant script to create war/ear file and deployed on the application server.
  • Primarily focused on the spring components such as Dispatcher Servlets, Controllers, Model and View Objects, View Resolver. Used Design Patterns such as singleton, Business Delegate, Session Façade, Service Locator, Simple Factory Pattern, Data Transfer Object.
  • Built from the ground up reliable infrastructure services in AWS to deliver highly scalable services.
  • Selected the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements.
  • Worked closely with development teams to integrate their projects into the production AWS environment and ensure their ongoing support once there.
  • Designed a java program to perform an ETL from mysql to ElasticSearch.
  • Used Apache CXF for building and developing web services using API like Restful JAX-RS
  • Developed a fully functional prototype application using JavaScript (jQuery and Backbone.js) and Bootstrap, connecting to a REST-full server on a different domain.
  • Lead Designed and Developed SOA enterprise system using Oracle SOA
  • Developed and configured tables including sequences, Functions, Procedures, joins and Table constraints using Oracle Database 11g, JDBC.
  • Used hibernate.config.xml file to configurations and mapping entries to access database.
  • Used Web Services (REST & WSDL) to exchange data between portal and other modules.
  • Implemented spring - Hibernate as Data Access Layer.
  • Involved in creating the Hibernate POJO Objects and mapped using Hibernate Annotations.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational Data model with a SQL- based schema.
  • Used WebLogic Application server to deploy and restart web applications.
  • Fixing bugs in different testing phases with the help of Log4J logs.
  • Involved in the creation of exhaustive Junit Unit Test Cases

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, REST web services, AWS, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, XML, XSD, Schema, PL/SQL, Agile methodology, Oracle WebLogic 10.0 Server, Oracle 11g, Apache ANT, Unix, Junit 4.0, Eclipse, JavaScript, jQuery, REST, PL/SQL, JIRA.

Java/J2EE Developer

Confidential, Grapevine, TX


  • Involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases of the project.
  • Developed and consumed RESTful services for middle tier and front end.
  • Coordinates and defect resolution tracks system and UAT defects with developers to resolve them within SLAs.
  • Built the Project Structure using apache Maven.
  • Developed Java Application using Eclipse.
  • Used Spring Boot framework to develop the application.
  • Interacted with MySQL with hibernate.
  • Used second level-cache to reduce the calls to database and improve performance.
  • Used JMS for asynchronous messaging.
  • Created a SOAP web service.
  • Mapping a JSON objects to Java using Jackson.
  • Creating an XML from java objects using JAXB.
  • Consumed and created a RESTFULL webservice.
  • Tested the SOAP webservices using SOAP UI.
  • Developed Web application using spring boot Framework (Annotations), Hibernate (ORM), Web Services.
  • Developed persistence layer using Hibernate ORM framework, configured hibernate.xml file, Coding and fine-tuning of Hibernate Queries.
  • Implemented application modules using design patterns such as DAO, MVC.
  • Developed build script using Maven to build, package, test and deploy Web applications in Tomcat container.
  • Implemented dynamically configurable logging messages in applications using log4j.
  • Provided code fixes for most of the production issues during initial application launch.
  • Responsible for developing Spring Controllers, Service Components and DAO using Hibernate framework.
  • Implemented business logic using spring boot framework and Data access objects (DAO) successfully.
  • Called Service API’s and converted jaxb response to XML response before sending it to the consumer.
  • Involved in designing and creating service using Java.
  • Used spring LDAP security services to authenticate and authorize user roles.
  • Responsible for Integration testing, bug fixes and UAT using Scala.
  • Implemented REST Microservices using Springboot. Generated Metrics with method level granularity and Persistence using Spring AOP and Spring Actuator.
  • Implemented a test util for generating data in the backend for database tables which will be used to display in the xml document.
  • Worked with the JIRA tool for Quality Center bug tracking.
  • Used Intellij IDE for developing and testing.
  • Design and Develop RESTful web services that will allow a presentation layer to submit query request to Elastic Search.
  • Consumed TFS Restful services and deployed them to AWS.
  • Worked on Amazon web services (AWS) specifically Amazon Lambda for developing and deploying application.
  • Worked with Amazon elastic cloud EC2 - cloud computing platform for virtualization, amazon S3 bucket for storage, amazon RDS to create and utilize relational database specifically MySQL.
  • Hands on experience in writing up test cases using Junit and Mockito
  • Conducted Code Reviews to team members.
  • Automated all the unit tests and practiced continuous integration using Jenkins.
  • Used TFS for tracking stories and bugs.
  • Worked in Agile (SCRUM) methodology.
  • Used git as a repository.
  • Used Kibana to view logs for our application.

Environment: Java JDK 7/8, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Restful services, Scala, Spring LDAP, Maven, TFS, ElasticSearch, Jenkins, JIRA, Eclipse, Hibernate, spring boot, Apache Tomcat9, Bootstrap, git, Kibana,, AWS.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

JAVA/J2EE Developer


  • Involve in gathering, analyzing and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data Specifications for application development.
  • Developed in Agile/Scrum methodology and Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • Develop/program new functionality and features in line with functional specifications and business requirements.
  • Provide recommendations to management concerning issues of programmer productivity and software development management.
  • Develop core Java programs for all business rules and workflows using spring framework.
  • Re-factor existing code structure to separate core business logic and Data Access Objects (DAOs).
  • Implement Hibernate for data persistence and management.
  • Analyze and fix issues related to REST Web services and Application responses.
  • Write database queries and programs for data insertion, updates and views.
  • Design and develop the presentation layer using JSPs and JavaScript.
  • Used Spring JMS related MDB to receive the messages from another team.
  • Involve in design, configuration, development and bug-fixes.
  • Conduct system analysis and development, with limited support from professional staff, to keep our systems current with changing technologies.
  • Built ANT scripts for automated deployment and for the build operation of the entire application
  • Involved in the Development of Spring Framework Controllers.
  • Developed Controller for request, response paradigm by Spring Controllers using Spring-MVC
  • Build Maven script for the application and used Log 4J for debugging.
  • Developed a tool to retrieve and send data to third party service provider. This feature was implemented using REST.
  • Developed the presentation layer written using JSP, HTML, CSS and client-side validations were done using JAVASCRIPT.
  • Analyze, design, development of software systems to form a basis for the solution of information processing problems.
  • Responsible for analysis of current programs including performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of programs presenting challenges and design solutions to overcome such.
  • Used ANT scripts for automated deployment
  • Exported web services using JAX-WS Spring support. Extensive experience in production support.
  • Integrated Hibernate with Spring by coding a Spring Configuration file.
  • Conduct functional and performance testing.
  • Respond promptly and professionally to bug reports.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring Framework 4.0, Hibernate, Node.js, Jenkins, Maven, Oracle 10g, JPA, Web Services, REST, WSDL, XML, JAXB, WebSphere Server 7.0, DB Visualize, Logging, Ant.


Java Developer


  • Responsible for designing and developing the application.
  • Followed SOA design pattern and used agile methodology in developing the application, which included iterative application development, weekly sprints stand up meetings and customer reporting backlogs.
  • Used several J2EE design patterns like DAO, DTO, Business Delegate, Front controller and MVC-Model along with Struts to develop application.
  • Prepared backend procedures, triggers, joins and functions using native SQL, JDBC.
  • Implemented action classes, Form classes and creates struts-config files, validation files, tiles definitions, resource bundles for the entire application using struts framework.
  • Designed and developed UI components using JSP, JSTL.
  • Involved in writing Ant Script to build the front-end application.
  • Developed DAO’s with SQL queries to process database transactions.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for entire application development and CVS for version controlling.
  • Deployed application on WebLogic Server using Ant build file on Windows and UNIX platforms.
  • Involved in writing Junit test cases.
  • Developed JavaScript files for user input validation and client-side revenue calculations.

Environment: Java, Eclipse, Struts, Agile, DAO, Apache Log4J, UML, Junit, SQL, JavaScript, JDBC, ANT, XML, and Windows XP


Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/XP/2000, UNIX, MAC

Languages/Web Technologies: Java, HTML, CSS5, XML, JDBC, JavaScript, WSDL, Python, ApacheSpark, Hadoop, MATLAB, C, C++

Enterprise Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JSF, Hibernate, JPA, Spring boot, Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring security, Spring REST, RESTFUL Web services, SOAP Web services

Frameworks: Spring Hibernate

Database/Database Tools (RDBMS): Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, Oracle SQL, MySQL, PL/SQL Developer.

Application/Web servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Logic, IBM WebSphere

Configuration Management/Version control Tools: SVN, CVS and Git

IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, Edit plus, Notepad++.

Other-Tools/ Packages: Maven, Unix, Junit

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