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Developer Resume

Warren, MI


Forward - thinking development professional bringing expertise in Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Database Management.


Confidential - Warren MI



  • Knowledge of E-Commerce applications based on J2EE standards like JSP, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, XML, and JDBC.
  • Knowledge of maintaining database structures using normalized tables, primary keys, foreign keys, events, triggers, etc.
  • Knowledge of standard Internet protocols, such as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  • Experience in web based applications including J2EE Apps, JSP, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript based connectivity, CSS.
  • Proven experience in web end applications in back end language Java with Object Oriented Programming. Extensive developing and implementation skills in Core Java and J2EE technologies.
  • Model-View-Controller based web and Java design.
  • Development with Oracle and MySQL Data Servers.
  • Experience in designing and modeling database tables, creating SQL queries, stored procedures, and triggers.
  • Good experience on MySQL server. Expose on writing PL/SQL functions and procedures.
  • Applied Object Oriented concepts to develop application using concepts such as Arrays, Loops, Conditional Logic, Class Methods and Constructors, Interfaces, Packages, Access Modifiers, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Exception Handling, Casting.
  • Developed a web application using J2EE platform using concepts such as MVC pattern, JSP Servlets, HTML, Apache Tomcat Web Server 7.0, Web.xml, and deployed the application on a hosting server.
  • Used the Java SPRING MVC framework and database connectivity to create a portal that accepted input from the users and stored the information in the database and used JSTL to display the content to the browser.

Environment: Eclipse Luna, J2SE / J2EE, Java Spring, Java Spring MVC, Maven, JSTL, JSP, Servlets, HTML, XML, MySQL database, MySQL Workbench 6.2, Apache Tomcat 7.0, JDBC.

Confidential - Rochester Hills, MI



  • Lead and managed the implementation of whole-school improvement initiatives related to the school strategic plan and school priorities.
  • Managed and controlled office supply inventory to ensure timely ordering or requisition of depleted or low level stock.
  • Responsibility for general discipline matters beyond the management of classroom teachers.
  • Contributing to the overall leadership and management of the school.
  • Tracked class attendance and student progress.
  • Developed and maintained effective frameworks, standards and requirements.
  • Implemented student discipline measures, decreasing classroom disruptions by 80%.
  • Received high remarks for the creativity of classroom lesson plans and instructional techniques from students, parents and faculty.
  • Assisted the principal, assistant principal and leading teachers with the performance of specific functions appropriate to the classification and role.
  • Routinely met with students’ parents regarding in-class issues and learning interruptions to discuss solutions.
  • Used Excel Sheets to make charts and tables.
  • Used designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

Environment: Microsoft Office, Unix.


  • Java SE
  • Java EE
  • Eclipse
  • XML
  • SQL scripting
  • HTML
  • Web designing
  • Web XML
  • GIT source code repository
  • JSP Servlets
  • Apache Tomcat Web Server
  • MySQL database
  • Deployed applications on web
  • Data analysis
  • Data entry
  • Extremely organized
  • User interface understanding
  • Self-motivated
  • Team liaison
  • Public speaking
  • Powerful negotiator
  • Skilled in JAVA
  • Data management
  • Document scanning
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Database design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Written and oral communication

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