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Android Developer Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • Around 8 years of professional experience with 4 years of IT experience design and implementation java base applications and latest 4+ years of Android development experience.
  • Developed multiple android application in different types of version from Android 2.0.
  • Strong expertise in building blocks of android: Activity, Intent, Content provider, Services and Broadcast Receivers.
  • Extensively worked with Android SDK, Eclipse IDE with Android ADT plugins, Android studio.
  • Professional in code optimization in application development process.
  • Expertise in developing well design custom View, SQLite, JAVA and HTML.
  • Strong expertise in creating responsive UI for various screen resolutions.
  • Expertise in implementing multithread technologies such as Handlers, AsyncTask, Threads.
  • Experience in developing application using Fragments, Activity work flow, Custom Action Bar navigation and design and implemented launcher Menus.
  • Strongly experienced in Android Webservices implementation like REST and SOAP.
  • Designed GIU and Interfaces with Services for mobile application and Asynchronous programing in android (such as Thread pool, Tasks and services).
  • Expertise in integration in Google analytics, GCM push notification and Google Maps as well.
  • Experience working with third party libraries like Picasso, GSON, Butter Knife, Retrofit, OKHttp, and Dagger
  • Experience in Android UI toolkit (list views, adapters, dialogs, menus). Proficient in Android application framework: Activities, Intents, Services, and Content Provider. Experience in Android SDK tools: Debugger (DDMS), Device Manager (AVD).
  • Good at implementing responsive Web View applications.
  • Having knowledge in creating 9 - patch images for various resolutions.
  • Extensively worked on Memory-leaks, Offline line Data save and sync to server, content providers, and multi-screen supports
  • Experience in consuming web services (REST/SOAP) and processing data (XML/JSON).
  • Sloid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms and optimization techniques.
  • Expertise in integration payment Gateways like PayPal, Payzippy, Braintree payment Gateway.
  • Experienced in using DOM and SAX parser to process, validate, parse and extract data from XML files.
  • Expertise in Implementing Intent Service and its communication with Activity/ Fragment.
  • Expertise in implementation of AIDL Inter process communication.
  • Familiar with android location-based services and implemented Google maps.
  • Good experience in ExoPlayer library which is used for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (HTTP DASH).
  • Experience in various control systems like GIT, SVN and application sever like Tomcat.
  • Hand-on experience in complete project life cycle, with domain knowledge in mobile application development and basic implementation of PHP Web services.
  • Dedicated team player, quick learner, self-starter, excellent analytical, design problem solving skills.
  • Good knowledge on Android Material designing (creating Ripples, Paper transformation).
  • Expertise in Espresso testing.
  • Always curious to learn new skill or a new technology.


Android 2.3: 7.0, Android NDK, Java, PHP, JIN, Struts-1.3, Java script.

Markup Languages: HTML5, XML, CSS3, Angular js/2/4, XHTML.

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, IBM Web sphere.

Data Bases: Realm, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle 9i/10g/11g,DB2.

Debugging Tools: Logcat, DDMS, J unit.

IDE s: Android Studio, Eclipse, Notepad++, NetBeans.

Frame Works: Struts, Springs, AJAX.

Operating System: Windows (2000/XP Professional, Windows 7/8), Unix, Linux, IOS.


Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Android Developer


  • Worked in different phases of project life cycle like design, development and testing of application for Android mobile devices.
  • Involved in requirement gathering, UI design and development.
  • Implemented web views, list views& populated lists from card engine.
  • Responsible for SERVICES, ASYNC tasks and Native Payment API to implement one-time payments feature into the mobile app.
  • Experience in using dependency injector called Dagger to test the classes.
  • Implemented Android integration framework tools like Espresso and Gradle.
  • Embedded Google Maps API, GPS Location Data into app with zooming controls.
  • Modified Android manifest XML file to include all user permissions such as GPS, Camera and External Storage.
  • Working in android Networking Libraries like Volley and OKHttp.
  • Experience in integrating the application with Analytics to log User Sessions and Touch Gestures.
  • Implemented Upload documents, download PDF’s and Print pages on web views using JavaScript interfaces.
  • Understanding system requirements, test case planning and execution, Functional testing, Integration testing, track issue records and reporting by using bug tracking tool Jira and Rally.
  • Experience with REST and SOAP web services. Worked on continuous integration and version control using Bitbucket and GIT.
  • Implemented to show the pop-up Love dialog to the customers by triggered the events and Controlled from Apptentive.
  • Debugged application using ADB, DDMS and Log Cat.
  • Experience with authenticated sessions using OAuth and authentication tokens.
  • Worked with Product owners, creative teams and technical teams at all level of an organization.
  • Coded in Java using Android Studio, on the app in MVVP architecture to achieve a complete separation of concerns, better code reusability and a higher percentage of unit tests.

Environment: Java, Android SDK, Android studio, Retrofit, MVVM, RESTFUL Web services, JSON, Google Map API, Volley, JSON, JIRA, Log cat, Agile, GIT, Jenkins, Slack.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Android Developer


  • Worked with Android Studio and the latest Android SDK in developing an enterprise level mobile application.
  • Design and develop APIs that power Confidential Commerce.
  • Integration with other payment partners that ultimately enable merchants for Pay With third party apps including PayPal, Venmo etc.
  • Lead mobile credit card integration with multiple third-party bank applications.
  • Worked on new Confidential consumer onboarding and issuance through app.
  • Instant transfer to bank via Original Credit Transaction (OCT)
  • Login/Signup process optimization (MVP refactor, intent data refactor)
  • Worked in the Use case requirements, analysis, design and development phase.
  • Design screens using MVVM pattern for the application with Android Studio IDE.
  • Creating various custom views for the application using standard Android components, database, services and various UI widgets types.
  • Collaborate with UX team in creating better UX Android widgets (phones & tablets).
  • Developed rich user interface of the application by making best use of the Android UI Layouts and Fragments.
  • Implemented several types of Layouts like Linear Layout, Constant Layout Relative Layout, & Frame Layout.
  • Consumed Web Services (RESTFUL) from third party for send the emails in bulk. This service is used to send the emails to the customers in bulk as a part of Batch process.
  • Involved in code reviews with the development team, provided actionable feedback and discussed findings.
  • Designed and developed network frameworks to consume RESTful APIs using Retrofit to fetch user profile and daily transaction details.
  • Responsible for consuming the REST services, getting JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Experience in integrating the application with analytics to log User Sessions and Touch Gestures.
  • Involved in development and enhancements of features to restrict the usage based on Authorization and Authentication tokens.
  • Implemented unit testing using Mockito framework for client-side validation.
  • Used Scrum Agile methodology that included iterative application development, weekly Sprints, stand up meetings and customer reporting backlogs. Actively participated in requirements gathering, analysis, design, and testing phases.

Environment: Android SDK, Rx Java, Retrofit, MVVM, RESTFUL Web services, JSON, Google Map API, Lotto, JIRA, Agile, GIT (version control).

Confidential, Irving, TX

Android Developer


  • Developed different projects separately in both Eclipse and Android Studio.
  • Creating various custom views for the application using standard Android components, database, services and various UI widgets types.
  • Collaborate with UX team in creating better UX Android widgets (phones & tablets).
  • Created test cases and test data for testing the application using Junit Extensions.
  • Implemented TDD and development the test design for the project before it was coded.
  • Developed activities, UI layers natively and customized as per the client request.
  • Used Android SDK and Eclipse IDE for development.
  • Worked on the SQLite database to minimize the size of the application and increase the performance.
  • Worked on Android JMS App for Point-to-Point asynchronous messaging for high transactional Banking operation.
  • Designed Custom Dialog, Custom Action bar, Custom Progress bar using fragment activity.
  • Created a new XML layout with Android Map View to display the location Map and defined the layout that can be reuse.
  • Used different transformations for extraction, cleansing & loading data to staging areas.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Implemented the application using Spring Framework which is based on Model View Controller design pattern.
  • Designed and developed network frameworks to consume RESTful APIs using Retrofit to fetch user profile and daily transaction details.
  • Used Maven as a build tool, wrote the dependencies for the jars that needs to be migrated.
  • Created Mock services in SOAPUI to test the interaction with the SOAP Web services.
  • Used JIRA for tracking the issues and resolving them.

Environment: Android SDK6.0, Android Studio 2.0, Eclipse, VBScript, Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Spring Batch, Hibernate, Junit, Soap Web services, SQLite, Agile.


Android Developer


  • Gathered all requirements from client, design application and understand depth knowledge of domain.
  • Designed the architecture and user interface using client requirement and use cases.
  • Involved in designing the logical flow for the application for different components.
  • Worked hardly in developing complex and custom Views.
  • Writing application logic and business logic for the application.
  • Implemented screen navigation using dialog boxes, action bar navigation control and designed menus based on user context.
  • Implemented chatting between users.
  • Integrated camera API to access video and picture of job.
  • Developed app screen and its workflow using Activities and Fragments which has views such as list view, Grid View, Grid layouts scroll view.
  • Analyzing the application with Trace view tool to improve the performance.
  • Implementing Broadcast receiver for android.
  • Implemented GCM push notifications.
  • Test and error logging on different version and devices of Android.
  • Implemented and error reporting system for future development support.
  • Conducted knowledge transfer sessions to junior developers.
  • Provided the support as part of post implementation support.
  • Provided the KT to the testing team on android framework.

Environment: Android SDK, Google API's, Web view, GPS service, JSON, Broadcast receivers, Git-Hub, SQLite.


Java/J2EE developer


  • Coordinated with team members in gathering system requirements and specifications required for the redesign.
  • Involvement in architectural and design discussions.
  • Helped the project team to identify the suitable technology tools required for the projects.
  • Designed and developed the Application based on Model-View-Controller architecture.
  • Involved in analysis, design, Coding and development, Implementation phase of the modules.
  • Involved in technical design and the architecture.
  • Involved in Bug Fixing (Debugging) of the application.
  • Involved in Developing User Interfaces using HTML and JSP's.
  • Involved in developing database using SQL server.
  • Developed web pages with JSP and Servlets using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and XML.
  • Used Apache Ant as the software build tool.
  • Used SVN tools for version control and management.

Environment: Eclipse, Java, J2EE, HTML, MVC, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, Spring Frameworks, CSS, UML, XML, HTTP, MVC, AJAX, Apache Ant, JavaFX, Applets

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