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Senior Java Developer Resume

Raleigh, NC


  • Around 7 years of experience in Software Design, Development, Analysis of Java web - based applications & Experience working with various SDLC methodologies like Agile Scrum, RUP and Waterfall Model.
  • Experience in Spring Frameworks, Spring MVC, IOC, AOP, JTA, IO, DAO Spring Dashboard, Spring Boot, Spring Microservices, Spring REST, Spring Eureka, Spring Ribbon, Spring Netflix & have Experience in development of Microservices and deploying using Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Ansible.
  • Expertise in developing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), REST and J2EE Web Services based on SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, JAX-WS, JAXB, JAX-RPC, JAX-RS using tools like Apache Axis.
  • Experienced in RDBMS implementation and development using MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 & Experience in NoSQL DB such as Apache Cassandra DB, Mongo DB, CouchDB.
  • Experience on (JMS) MQ's like Apache Kafka, Rabbit MQ, IBM MQ and Active MQ & Experience on Big data like Apache Spark, Scala, Hadoop, Map-Reduce, HDFS, Hive, HBase, Zookeeper, Kafka.
  • Experience on AWS platforms VPC, EC2, ELB, SQ3, and EBS, ROUTE 53, Dynamo DB CLI and SDK's/API tools & Experience in AWS infrastructure with AWS cloud environments such as Jenkins, Chef and Puppet.
  • Experienced in utilizing AWS tools S3, Lambda, Kinesis, Cloud Watch, SQS, and SNS topics ETL process & have Experienced in worked on Drools Rules Engine for writing business validation and externalization of parameters.
  • Experience on various Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Dockers Registry.
  • Experienced in Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins, GitHub and AWS AMI's & Experience in build, deployment, maintenance using Jenkins, Docker, Maven, Bash.
  • Experience on front end technologies Mule soft, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, CSS3, Android, Ajax, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular, ETL Tools, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, DOM, JSON, AJAX, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Experience in building web applications using Reactjs, Backbonejs, Nodejs, ExtJs, Emberjs, Expressjs & Expertise in designing, developing and deploying applications using J2EE technologies including Servlets, JSP, EJB, JSTL, Struts, Spring, JSF, JMS, AJAX, JDBC, SWING, JNDI, GWT Java Beans, Hibernate and Web Services.
  • Experience in programming, deploying, configuring, and tuning J2EE Application Servers like IBM WebSphere, and open source Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis and Apache HTTP Server.
  • Expertise in working on ANT, Gradle, Maven, Log4j, JUnit, Mockito, JMock, Test-ng & have Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, creative, research-minded, technically competent and result-oriented with strong problem solving and leadership skills.


Senior Java Developer

Confidential, Raleigh, NC


  • Involved in complete Software Development Life Cycle of the application from requirement analysis to testing & was Involved with the Business and Retails team to work on an Ecommerce platform with our Content Management System (CMS).
  • Followed Agile Methodology in analyze, define, and document the application, which will support functional and business requirements & Coordinated these efforts with Functional Architects.
  • Extensively worked on Responsive Web Design page development using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular 4, JavaScript, AngularJS, and JSON.
  • Designed and Implemented SPA (single page application) using Angular 4 Module, Component, Template, Metadata, Data Binding, Directives and Dependency Injection.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using component-based architecture provided by Angular 4.
  • Implemented a robust RESTful (Apache CXF) web service and automated documentation to the web services in the application provided by Swagger by configuring swaggered-UI.
  • Work with Testing and Front-end developing for providing the REST end points and solving testing issues & Worked on Spring boot, Spring MVC, Spring Rest full template to develop Application Level Micro Services
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining architecture for Restful API using Spring boot & Used Spring Security and OAuth2.0 for Authentication and Authorization of the application.
  • Used spring framework including spring core, Spring Web, Spring Security and implement the authentication, authorization, and access-control features by using Spring Security & Implemented Spring AOP for declarative transaction management.
  • Wrote SQL Queries to get the information from Oracle DB for adjusting the data in DB & Used joins to get the data from more DB Tables. Views and Unions were also part of our implementation & Configured OIDC (Open ID Connect) on top of OAUTH 2.0 authentication and authorization framework to provide the security to rest web services.
  • Implemented REST based web services using JAX-RS annotations, Jersey provider and consumed using HTTP services from angular JS modules & Used Jersey to implement Restful Web Service and used XML form to transfer the data.
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes on multiple cloud providers, from helping developers build and containerize their application (CI/CD) to deploying either on public or private cloud.
  • Experience in installing and configuring of OpenShift platform in managing Docker containers and Kubernetes Clusters.
  • Created templates and wrote Shell scripts (Bash), Ruby, Python and PowerShell for automating tasks.
  • Hand-on experience on create and modify a Docker file for application, containerize application and set up config by using docker-compose.
  • Experience with container-based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker registries. Worked on implementing microservices on Kubernetes Cluster & Experience in containerizing and migrating application to Kubernetes.
  • Worked and involved in deployment of core platform technologies, techniques, and web app frameworks such as spring, JBOSS, Tomcat, JSON, XML, HTML5, and Web Services.
  • Experience with Core Java, Multithreading, Transaction Management, Exception Handling, Concurrency, Collections, Data structures, Lambda Expressions, Functional Interfaces and JDBC.
  • Extensively used Angular features such as directives, filters, two-way data binding, services, templates, routing and dependency injection to build single-page applications in a clean and maintainable way.
  • Used Spring Inversion of Control (IOC) for injecting the beans and reduced the coupling between the classes and implemented the Model View Controller using Spring MVC
  • Experience with different Spring framework modules like Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Security and Spring Cloud.
  • Experienced in using Design Patterns, both Gang of Four patterns and J2EE design patterns (Model View Controller (MVC), Singleton, Business Delegate, Data Access Object (DAO), Front Controller).
  • Used Spring JPA for connect with the Database designing DAO (Data Access Object) layer and service layer & also Used Spring MVC as the backend for the fast Java backend development, to maintain MVC and created action forms, action mappings, DAOs and application properties.
  • Experience in Database technologies like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL & Proficient in handling response data from Restful web services using XML, JSON and jQuery to update UI & Involved in testing and deployment of the application, during integration and QA testing phase.
  • Experience on Unit Testing Java code using JUnit 4 and Integration with Jenkin & worked on Hybrid Cloud Architecture, and Automated build & deployment processes.
  • Wrote DAO layer, required SQL queries and Spring Controller to handle data and request to Spring application & Rewrote existing code written in legacy system, Create and update DB2 schemas and tables.
  • Utilized Java 1.8 features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations on Collections which would increase the performance of the Application & Managed code versioning with GitHub and deployment to staging and production servers.
  • Strong Experience in Microservice, SOA architecture and Cloud Native application development, testing and deployment of web-based and Enterprise Client-Server business applications using OOP, Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Hands-on experience working with Continuous Integration (CI) build-automation tools along with Build Plugins like Maven, and Apache Ant.
  • Used Log4j utility to generate run-time logs and used Splunk for applications logging request and response & Used Rest client - POSTMAN and SOAPUI tools to test REST API services & Hands-on experienced working with source control tools such as GIT, SVN.
  • Quick Learner, highly motivated team player and self-starter with effective communication, motivation and organizational skills combined with attention to detail and business process improvements.

Environment: Java, Git, Spring, REST, jQuery, Chef, HTML5, CSS3, Dynamo DB, Angular2, Spring Boot, Micro-services, JUnit, Lambda, Jenkins, Agile (Scrum), AJAX, Docker, kubernetes, Linux and Maven, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.

Senior Java UI/J2EE Developer

Confidential, Troy, Michigan


  • Involved in all phases of the Software development life cycle (SDLC) using Agile Methodology & Developed GUI using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, bootstrap, AngularJS and JSP's for user interaction.
  • Used Spring Boot for developing Cloud Microservices along with PCF, Distributed Cache and File Manipulation.
  • Deployed Spring Boot Micro Services into Cloud/Docker Hub using Open Shift Environment as Docker Images.
  • Worked on Docker for managing development environments through creation of Linux virtual containers & Published and consumed records using Producer and Consumer API'S with Spring Boot using Apache Kafka & Used Sqoop to import data from Oracle to HDFS and Virtualization of data using Spark to connect to Oracle.
  • Implemented Web Service (REST API) to read the tags from Dynamo DB and tags maps to the files in AWS S3.
  • Implemented CICD to create pipeline and integrated Docker Container to deploy Spring Boot app into AWS EC2 & Responsible for maintaining Infrastructure in AWS(Cloud) by migrating Physical Linux servers to Cloud.
  • Developed AWS Cloud Formation Templates and stacks launched by enabling Auto Scaling in AWS EC2 Instances & Involved in Automated Provisioning of AWS Cloud Environment using Code Deploy and Chef for deployments.
  • Experience in Serverless architectures refer to applications that significantly depend on third-party services as Backend as a Service or "BaaS" or on custom code that's run in ephemeral containers as a Service or "FaaS", which currently is AWS Lambda.
  • Developed API using AWS Lambda to read mismatched records, manage the servers and code run in the AWS & Developed business Rules using JBoss Drools Engine, workflows and Drools Dashboard for Business users.
  • Used Spark Python API (PySpark) to write Spark programs to analyze and process real-time data.
  • Executed complex queries using Scala/Spark for reading multiple XML files from S3 and write into AWS S3 buckets.
  • Build Kafka/RabbitMQ in AWS and implemented Producer Web services to process the messages to/from Queue.
  • Responsible for Configuring Kafka Consumer and Producer metrics to visualize the Kafka System performance.
  • Extracted the data from Oracle and push to Apache Kafka Queue using Golden Gate & Executed Spark SQL queries to Extract and Transform the source data and load the data into Redshift.
  • Created Single Page Application (SPA) with loading multiple views using route services and adding more user experience to make it more dynamic by using Angular 2 framework.
  • Used AngularJS created custom directives for data manipulations and display data in company standard format & Designed client-side JavaScript code to build web forms, web application, page navigation and form validation.
  • Used Node.js for server communication through Restful API and added user validations & permissions & Developed RESTful web service at back end by using Node.js.
  • Laid the initial groundwork for the front-end technology stack, centered around Ember.js & Also, worked with views, handlebars and different concepts related to Ember framework.
  • Used Node.js for server-side rendering and performed validations according to Business Rules set by Users also Used React-Router for Deep Linking, Handling Dynamic URL Parameters and Navigation across the Application.
  • Developed Client-Side Interface using React JS Components, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux Concept.
  • Implemented Java 8 new features like Lambda Expressions, Enhanced For-Loop, Filter and Functional Interfaces.
  • Used Spring Boot, AOP, JTA and Security to application with Distributed Transaction Management System & Developed the Spring Boot application using Annotation Driven Approach and set up the Spring Bean Profiling.
  • Used Maven tool for building EAR, WAR and JAR files for deployment and continuous integration with Jenkins & Developed Unit and Integration tests for existing microservices by using Mockito and Docker environments & Implemented POM based automation testing framework Java, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and JUnit.
  • Used GitHub as Version Control System for maintaining source code and to store and retrieve the Source Code.

Environment: Java, AWS SDK, Git, Spring, REST, jQuery, Chef, HTML5, CSS3, JIRA, Confluence, Dynamo DB, Angular2, Spring Boot, Micro-services, React JS, Ember.js, JUnit, Cloudera, Athena, Lambda, EC2, S3, Jenkins, Agile(Scrum), Spark, Scala, Kafka, Eureka, AJAX, Docker, Linux and Maven.

Senior Full Stack Java Developer

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI


  • Developed and tested modules using Agile (SCRUM) methodologies and developed Technical design documents.
  • Used various features in Angular2 like data binding, routing, custom filters, custom directives & Developed page level code using JavaScript, JQuery and AngularJs along with other JavaScript libraries.
  • Extensively used JQuery, Node.js in implementing various GUI components in application portal & Created Single Page Application (SPA) which can data bind and synchronize server with Angular2 framework & Used JQuery to make the HTML5, CSS3 interact with JavaScript functions to add dynamism to web page
  • Worked primarily with the database PostgreSQL 7.x - 8.x, but also spent much time evaluating and testing against MySQL.
  • Log4J is used for logging purposes and debug levels are defined for controlling what we log & Wrote Unit test cases using JUnit testing framework and performed unit and system testing.
  • Expertise on Selenium Data Driven framework and integrating it with Gradle, TestNG and Jenkins & Designed and implemented Chef, including the internal CI and CD system and made use of Jenkins for Chef CI.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based microservices Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services & Implemented the microservices to base on RESTful Utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC and Apache Kafka.
  • Implemented Spring modules like Controller, DI/IOC, Auto wiring, Spring security, AOP and AspectJ also Implemented RESTful Web services in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to retrieve data from client side and made REST API calls from NodeJS and parsed the data to client and handled the security and Authorization.
  • Used Spring Security and OAuth authentication protocol respectively & used Hibernate DAO classes were developed to retrieve and save data using Spring framework manager classes.
  • Maintained, structured, and surveyed documents within the Cassandra database ensuring data integrity Worked on Cloud environment for micro services was provided using Spring cloud Netflix (Eureka server, Hystrix, Ribbon).
  • Used Apache Kafka in cluster as messaging system between the APIs and Microservices & Expertise with employment of Spring Kafka and Zookeeper apart from JMS as messaging service.
  • Deployed the Application into Docker container and made easily accessible at runtime using Cloud Foundry and Cloud services like AWS, Netflix Eureka, Spring Ribbon for load balancing.
  • Apache Mesos and Kubernetes were used as the best ecosystem to deploy and manage Micro-services & Used Jenkins for continuous integration and involved in deployment using Docker to AWS environment.
  • Reading the log files using Elasticsearch, Log stash and alerting users on the issue and saving the alert details & Analyzed and resolve conflicts related to merging of source code for GIT.
  • Developed scripts for build, deployment, maintenance and related tasks using Jenkins, Docker and Gradle.

Environment: XML, XSL, NodeJS, AngularJS, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Ajax, Spring, Hibernate, GIT, AWS, WebSphere, JMS, Cassandra, TestNG, Maven, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Log4j, Spring Cloud Netflix, Eureka Server, Hystrix, Ribbon, Agile.

Full Stack Java Developer

Confidential, St Louis, MO


  • Involved in writing technical document Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing of modules & Developed this application based on the Agile Development practices.
  • Collaborated with Business Analysts during design specifications & Developed communication between Client and server using Multi-Threading.
  • Created stored procedures, triggers and different joins for database using SQL scripts & Used SOAP based web services (JAX-WS, JAXP-RPC, and JAXB) to communicate across different systems and worked with SOAP UI for analyzing and debugging requests/responses & Developed JUnit test classes for testing the modules.
  • Developed presentation layer using JSP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery and Apache Wicket & Implemented IPC Message queues for communication between servers & Involved in designing Activity Diagrams, Sequence diagram and Class diagram using rational rose UML tool.
  • Developed light weight business component and integrated applications using Spring framework, Spring web MVC using features like IOC and configuring application context for spring bean factory
  • Developed integrated applications and light weight component using Spring framework and IOC features from Spring web MVC to configure application context for spring bean factory & Developed the DAO classes needed for application by extensively using Spring JDBC & Deployed the application and tested on JBoss Application Server.
  • Worked on IBM DB2 for storing and retrieving data of application & Created DDL, DML to create tables and to assign specifications for created tables.

Environment: Java/J2EE, JSP, JSTL, HTML, Spring, Spring JDBC, Spring Web, JBoss, JSF, AJAX, JDK, Apache Wicket, JavaScript, IBM DB2, Eclipse.

Jr Java Developer


  • Involved in Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Implementation and Setting up the Development Environment & Involved in preparation of the software requirements and Component design documents.
  • Developed the front end using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSP, CSS, JQuery, and XML & have Strong knowledge in developing and designing web application according to Information architecture and Usability standards using Ajax, JQuery, Backbone.js, XML and MVC frameworks.
  • Experience in using design patterns and UI frameworks such as MVC, Struts, Hibernate, NodeJS, and spring & Implemented Business processes such as user authentication, Account Transfer using Session EJBs.
  • Extensively developed stored procedures, triggers, functions and packages in oracle using SQL, PL/SQL & Developed POJO's, Data Access Object (DAO) which handles all database operations using Hibernate.
  • Developed and configured Oracle DB tables including Sequences, Functions, Procedures and Table constraints & Developed data access layer using IBATIS-ORM and JDBC.
  • Implemented the Animation and styling using CSS and JQuery & Worked on Java and JSON, to interact and get the data from csv files as we are prototyping the user Experience.


Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, DOM, Ajax, AngularJS, JSON, Reactjs, BackboneJs, Nodejs, Ext JS, Emberjs, ExpressJs UI Frameworks Angular2, Bootstrap, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap.

Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Dreamweaver.

Programming Languages : Java, C++, C, SQL, PL/SQL, Scala.

JAVA/J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, EJB, JSTL, Struts, Spring, JSF, JMS, AJAX, JDBC, JNDI.

IDE's : Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, Dream viewer, Spring Tool Suite(STS), GITHUB

Deployment Tools : Jenkins, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible.

Frameworks : Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Struts, Flex, Play.

Spring Frameworks : Spring MVC, IOC, AOP, JTA, Spring Dashboard, Spring Boot, Spring Microservices, Spring REST, Spring Eureka, Spring Hateoas, Spring Ribbon, Spring Netflix, Spring Zuul Proxy.


Web Servers : WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat.

Relational Databases : Oracle SQL server, MySQL, IBM DB2, H2, PostgreSQL.

NoSQL Databases : Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB.

Cloud Environments : Azure, AWS, Netflix Eureka, Mesos, Kubernetes, Pivotal Cloud Foundry(PCF).

Methodologies : Agile, TDD, Scrum, RUP, Waterfall Model.

Testing Technologies : Junit, Jasmine, Karma, JMock, Test-ng, Protractor, Mockito.Version Control CVS, SVN, Git.

Build Tools : Ant, Maven, Gradle.

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