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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Irving, TX


  • Java Full stack developer 7 years of strong experience in SDLC such as Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing of Object Oriented applications and Web based Enterprise Applications
  • Experience in developing User Interface (UI) Applications and professional web applications using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, RWD, JSON, XHTML and XML, Angular1, Angular1.5, Angular2, Node.js.
  • Strong testing and debugging skills and knowledge of ETL procedures and strategies to extract data from different source systems.
  • Good working knowledge of J2EE best practice toolsets such as Ant, Maven and Log4j.
  • Employing Java Object/Relational bridge technologies such as Hibernate, JPA.
  • Developed applications using frameworks and API like Struts, Spring MVC.
  • Experience of enterprise level application development with Java centric technologies in the domain of Banking and Insurance.
  • Having Good experience in developing and migrating existing application into cloud - based platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Hands on experience developing single page Applications (SPA), developing consuming REST APIs.
  • Responsible to maintain HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS 2/4, Bootstrap as well as keeping the pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Experience with unit testing using JUnit, TestNG, Mockito frameworks.
  • Extensive experience working in a Test-Driven Development and Agile-Scrum Development.
  • Experienced in Web Services approach for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Developed applications based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture using core design patterns (creational, structural, behavioral) and J2EE design patterns (Data Access Object, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Façade etc.)
  • Expertise in implementing Apache camel and Apache Active MQ Web Services.
  • Experience in Implementing a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins, Bamboo, AWS API’s and GitHub.
  • Extensive experience in developing the SOA middleware based out of Fuse ESB and Mule ESB
  • Strong experience in XML related technologies including XSD, DTD, XSLT, XPATH, DOM, SAX, JAXP, JAXB, XML-RPC and XML Beans.
  • Experience using an Integrated Development Environment like Eclipse, RAD 7.5/8.5 for code development.


J2EE Technologies and languages: J2EE, Servlets, Scala JSP, JSTL, JSF, JIRA, AngularJS, JDBC, MVC, OOP, Hibernate, spring, XML., Python.

Web Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, AWS, HTML5, DHTML, XML, DTD, HTTP, HTTPS, Jquery1.8, JQuery UI, Angular JS, AngularJS 2.0, NodeJS, ReactJS and Bootstrap.

Spring framework: Bean Factory, Application Context, Dependency Injection/IOC, MVC, Struts, Data

Binding, AOP, JDBC, ORM, JMS, Security, batch jobs, schedulers (Quartz)

Distributed computing: SOAP WS, RESTful WS, JMS API, WSDL, JAXP, JAXB, JNDI and XML

Languages: Java, PL/SQL, Bash, UML, XML, HTML.

IDE Tools: RSA, RAD, WSAD, Eclipse, Net Beans

Web services: JMS, MQ Series, SOAP, Rest, WSDL, JAX-RS and JAX-WS.

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL.

Design Methodologies: UML, Rational Rose, Agile, SCRUM, TDD, XP

Version control Tools:: SVN, CVS, Clear Case and Git.

Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, Ubuntu, Unix, and OSX); Windows 9x/XP/Vista/7/8.

Testing Tools: JUnit, SOAP UI

Application Servers: Web sphere Application Server, BEA Web logic, Apache Tomcat, JBoss 4.2.x, 5.X

JBoss 6.1 EAP


Confidential,  Irving, TX

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed the application using AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Angular-UI, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Used Multithreading for invoking the database and also implemented complex modules, which contain business logics using Collection, Reflection, and Generics API.
  • Experience in integrating the internal security model into new projects with Spring Batch, Spring Micro Services and Spring Boot.
  • Wrapper developed in Python for instantiating multi-threaded application and running with other applications
  • Building web pages for data representation using several technologies from Java Servlet Pages (JSP), JavaScript to Angular 2.
  • Implemented and designed AWS virtual servers by Ansible roles to ensure deployment of web applications. Worked with multiple development teams to troubleshot and resolve issues.
  • Used CI/CD technologies such Git, Chef, Jenkins are used for developing and deploy Web services.
  • Used Hibernate to map objects (POJOs) to database tables and map relationships.
  • Involved in writing PL/SQL Stored Procedures, and Functions for Oracle database.
  • Designed and coded application components in an Agile environment utilizing a test driven development (TDD) approach.
  • Worked on the design and development of multithreaded n-tier application in a distributed environment to support new CMS System.
  • Designed and developed User Interface using JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and XML in a responsive grid layout.
  • Used Apache Camel for creating routes using Web Services.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration (CI), GitHub for version management & Maven for building the application in the cloud leveraging AWS API's.
  • Developed Restful Web Services using JAX-RS which were exposed to other applications.
  • Supporting to testers to test AngularJS 2.0 with Jasmine and Protractor.
  • Implemented J2EE Design Patterns like MVC, Service Locator and Session Facade.
  • Developed Web Services to communicate to other modules using XML based SOAP.
  • Developed Message Handler Adapter, which converts the data objects into XML message and invoke an enterprise service and vice-versa using JAVA, JMS and MQ.
  • Implemented Micro Services based Cloud Architecture on AWS Platform and Cloud Foundry.
  • Created REST API's Micro services and EJB using Express Router/Model/Controller architecture.
  • Models connect to MySQL and MongoDB using NodeJS, MySQL and Mongoose modules.
  • Used Web Services - WSDL, UDDI and SOAP for getting credit card information from third party.
  • Involved in development of the application using Spring MVC, Spring security, Spring Boot and configuring application context for necessary components.
  • Working with Test Driven Development (TestNG, JUnit).
  • Involved in writing the Maven based pom.xml scripts to build and deploy the application.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Java8, Scala, Spring (Micro services), Hibernate, JSP, Python, AngularJS 2.0, Bootstrap, Servlet, DB2, JUnit, Maven, XML, Mongo DB, ReactJS, JMS, Docker, JavaScript, Apache Camel, AngularJS 1.6, Node.js (NPM), AWS, Oracle, PLSQL, JDBC, UML, JBOSS, SOAP Web Service, NOSQL, Cassandra, RESTful, AWS Associate Dev Certified, Jenkins, SVN.

Confidential,  New York, NY

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed REST controllers using Spring Data REST to serve the UI with required JSON data.
  • Used complete annotation driven approach to develop the application using Spring Boot and was also involved in setting up the spring bean profiling.
  • Used REST to test the rest based services and used Junit and Mockito to test the middleware services.
  • Responded to application issues by troubleshooting, analysis and assessment of root cause.
  • Used Spring MVC for implementing web tier and developed web based application service components and configured beans using Spring IoC.
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database and used Hibernate Query Language (HQL) to query the database for complex data.
  • Used Spring MVC Model View Controller to handle/intercept the user requests and used various controllers to delegate the request flow to the Backend tier of the application.
  • Implemented Web Service calls for data parsing and server interaction using spring, Threads, JSON, SOAP, REST API’s and Apache.
  • Build Restful API web services using Node JS and Express JS and used a full complement of Express, AngularJS, NodeJS, and Mongo DB to store and present assessments.
  • Implemented Unit testing using JUnit/TestNG/Mockito.
  • Coordinated with QA team for development of test plan, test cases, test code and responsible for defects allocation and resolution of those defects using Selenium.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration and Go for continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD) of the applications.
  • Implemented client side scripting using JQuery and Angular.js.
  • Used Apache camel for end-to-end messaging.
  • Developed Use Case Diagrams, Object Mapping Diagrams & Class Diagrams in UML.
  • Developing APIs to support Angular JS UI migration, and XSDs to build web service data.
  • Backend scripting/parsing using Perl and Python
  • Enhanced the GUI using Java APIs and added features to tracking the fuse revision of several processors
  • Hands-on experience on developing AWS cloud formation templates and setting up Auto scaling for EC2 instances and involved in the automated provisioning of AWS cloud environment using Jenkins and chef.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, JDK, spring, Hibernate, JSP, Perl, Python, AngularJS, NodeJS, Mongo DB, NoSQL, JavaScript, Servlet's, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Mockito, HTML5, CSS3, Apache Camel, Java8, Oracle Database, SQL, JUNIT, Agile, RDBMS, GIT, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Jenkins.

Confidential,  Los Angeles, CA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • For updating the new modification and issues AJAX scripting is used.
  • Implemented JSP, spring, Java Script and CSS for developing User Interfaces.
  • Developed Rich UI applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented Collection Framework and used the Thread, I/O functionalities for meeting access.
  • Used Hibernate for database and also to manage Transactions.
  • Hibernate as an ORM tool for OR mappings and configured hibernate.cfg.xml and hibernate.hbm.xml files to create the connection pool.
  • Used slick to query and storing in database in a Scala fashion using the powerful Scala collection framework.
  • Developed Web services using XML, SOAP and RESTFUL web services.
  • Extensively used J2EE design Patterns.
  • Implemented the DOJO API for powerful scripting.
  • Developed Session and Entity (CMP) beans (EJB) for crucial business logic
  • Worked on XML Parsing (DOM/SAX), XML Schemas/DTD and XMLBeans.
  • Integration with the J2EE Services layer of Unity Platform, using Spring application context.
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures in Oracle.
  • Managed Source Control and Version Control using CVS.
  • Followed the standards of the CMMI for the risk assessment and analysis process.
  • Deployed the project in the Web Logic Application server.

Environment: J2EE 6, Scala, Akka, Play, Slick, Java, JSP, JMS, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services (REST), EJB, JSON, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML, XML, AJAX,JMS, DHTML, Tomcat, Eclipse, Web logic 10.3.1/10.3.2, PL/SQL, Oracle, DB2, Windows, CVS.

Confidential,  Utica, NY

Java/Scala Developer


  • Worked on migrating the old java stack to Type safe stack using Scala for backend programming.
  • Used OOPS concepts for message passing and data binding.
  • Responsible for developing the functionality end to end. It includes UI design, Business development in backend, writing Unit Test cases and Integration Testing.
  • Used log4J for enabling logging and debugging at the runtime.
  • Implemented design patterns in Scala for the application.
  • Handling dependencies using WebSphere Seam configurations.
  • Used Hibernate as the persistent side frameworks.
  • Created the SVN Repository and managed the central file repository.
  • Responsible for the technical design, development, unit, and integration testing.
  • Followed agile software development with Sprint methodology.
  • Requests were processed using the powerful Scala collections and persisted to the database in synchronous fashion.
  • Deployed Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) using stateful and stateless beans.
  • Closely worked with Product Managers and Business Analysts to understand the Stories.
  • Created application using STS IDE.
  • Used XML Web services for transferring data between different applications.
  • Creating class and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.

Environment: Java, JSF, Scala JSP, Servlets, EJB, Hibernate, Web services, Maven, log4j, Unix, JUnit, WebSphere, MySQL, STS, SVN, Java docs, Rational Rose, XML.


Java Developer


  • Developed user interface using JSP, Struts and Java Script to simplify the complexities of the application.
  • The entire application was developed in J2EE using an MVC based architecture with help of Apache Struts.
  • Programmed Struts Action classes, Model classes.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several Java/J2EE Design patterns like Business Delegate, MVC, Singleton, Data Transfer Object (DTO) and Service Locator
  • Used JavaScript for client-side validations, and AJAX to create interactive front-end GUI.
  • Used Web logic as the application server for deployment.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures, complex queries using SQL to process the data on Oracle DB.
  • Performed unit testing on various project modules using JUnit framework.
  • Implemented Log4J for Logging Errors, debugging and tracking.
  • Actively participated in use case designing, functional and technical documentation.
  • Used MVC architecture for developing the application.
  • Created EJB to encapsulate the business logic and to represent the model in MVC Architecture.
  • Involved use cases, class diagrams, activity diagrams and collaboration diagrams in uml.
  • Used Data Access Object (DAO) as a layer between the business logic tier and the persistent storage tier.
  • Involved in the design of the user interface and various screens in SWING.
  • Deployed the application on Apache Tomcat 6 Server.

Environment: Java 1.3, JDBC, Swings, Servlets, Win CVS, SQL-Server, WebLogic, JavaScript, HTML,J2EE, JSP, CSS, DHTML, EJB, JSP Custom Tags, JavaScript, Eclipse, UML, JDBC, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, Junit

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