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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Over 6.5 years of experience in software development, Agile Methodologies, maintenance and enhancement of software applications
  • Extensive experience in development and support of Java/J2EE web applications with emphasis on OOPs concepts, business logic, database access components
  • Experience in developing server side code with good knowledge of Design Patterns
  • Experience in working on all aspects of SDLC from Requirements Analysis to Production Maintenance
  • Good knowledge in Java programming concepts like Multithreading, Collections, Exception Handling
  • Experience with unit testing web applications using JUnit and Mockito
  • Proficiency in working with applications that are built using Microservices architecture, developing and enhancing RESTful web services using ORM frameworks like Hibernate and APIs from JAX - RS and other similar industry specifications
  • Experience working with Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Boot
  • Sound knowledge in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular 2
  • Proficient in using SQL and PL/SQL to work with relational databases
  • Knowledge in Mongo NoSQL database technology
  • Familiar with automating tests for web applications by building test suites using Selenium and Cucumber
  • Expertise in using source code version control tools - SVN, Perforce, GIT
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills


Programming: Java (8)

Frameworks/Tools: JSP, Eclipse and IntelliJ (IDEs) JUnit, Mockito, Spring - Core, MVC, Boot

RDBMS: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 12c

Servers: Apache Tomcat

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux/Unix

Web Technologies: HTML5 (and XML), CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall


Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Worked on different software applications that deal with providing Digital Marketing solutions to various clients from the automobile industry
  • Worked collaboratively with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server side logic
  • Worked with Test Driven Design (TDD) methodologies for developing applications in an Agile team, on a weekly sprint basis
  • Developed crucial REST APIs that output JSON responses
  • Got to ease with the concepts and advantages of Dependency Injection having the same applied where ever necessary
  • Extensively used Lambdas and Method References
  • Worked with various applications all of which are built on Spring Boot, for developing new and enhancing existing RESTful webservices
  • Worked with code coverage and analysis, continuous integration tools in day to day activities
  • Coded quite a number of unit tests, using frameworks like Mockito and JUNIT

Environment: Java 8, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, XML, MongoDB, Maven, Collections, JUnit, Selenium, Mockito, Swagger, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Git (Version Control), Bamboo (Continuous Integration)

Senior Java Developer


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Worked to develop a new module with several crucial web pages in Confidential ’s RMS web application
  • Developed user interface for the new module using technologies like JSP, HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript along with Confidential ’s proprietary markup framework
  • Worked with CSS to style web pages and achieve browser compatibility
  • Developed few module critical REST APIs that perform update operations to the database
  • Implemented JQuery based accordion styles for several web pages
  • Involved in various activities like analysis, design and coding for crucial sprints
  • Extensively used Confidential ’s persistent object framework to work with Oracle database
  • Deployed applications in Linux systems for Dev and QA environments
  • Developed test plans to unit test the RMS application module wise and execute unit tests using Junit 4
  • Participated in requirement review sessions with Business
  • Extensively used MAVEN for build management
  • Worked with DB2 team, QA team, Business Analysts, Project managers and users to analyze and implement the requirements efficiently
  • Performed client side validations using Javascript
  • Proved expertise in various advanced java concepts such as Collections, Multithreading
  • Hands on with GIT and Perforce
  • Worked in agile environment with active Scrum participation

Environment: Java 8, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, Collections, JavaScript, JSPs, HTML 5, CSS, Junit, JDBC, XML

Java Developer


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Implemented several enhancements in Confidential ’s Revenue Management Suite
  • Worked on all aspects of SDLC from Requirements analysis to Production maintenance
  • Involved in detail design and developing use cases, use case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams and high level activity diagrams using UML
  • Identified and resolved several high severity issues
  • Deployed applications in Linux systems for Dev and QA environments
  • Unit tested the application using Junit
  • Extensively used SQL to work with data in the Oracle Database
  • Worked with Model-N’s proprietary markup extension framework to enhance user interface for Revenue Management Suite web application
  • Created server side validations using JavaScript
  • Worked to address various Production issues within pre-committed deadlines based on the issue severity
  • Proactively worked with QA team during test cycles and also contributed to perform system testing activities
  • Involved in Production support activities and offered knowledge transfer to stakeholders from client side
  • Analysed several technical requirements specifications and identified the unfeasible ones
  • Used SVN for source code version control
  • Worked for a number of cross-browser compatibility issues for crucial web pages
  • Addressed several issues concerning data integrity

Environment: Java, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, XML, Collections, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, JUnit

Software Engineer


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Worked on two projects - Active Log Analyzer (ALAN) & Customer Resource Center
  • Contributed heavily to the User Interface development of 2 different web applications, using technologies like HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript and JQuery
  • Worked on the back-end modules for adding business logic
  • Extensively used Spring and Hibernate frameworks as part of enhancing the back-end logic
  • Coded new Hibernate DAOs and enhanced existing
  • Developed few crucial views and procedures that internally deal with user authentication processes
  • Created new Hibernate Mapping files and maintained existing ones
  • Used AJAX in suggestive search and to display dialog boxes
  • Worked for a number of cross-browser compatibility issues for several web pages
  • Assisted senior team members to prepare UML diagrams (class, activity and sequence) during the design phases
  • Used git for source code version control
  • Used JSP tag libs as part of web page development
  • Involved in developing views in SQL for oracle database
  • Took active part in discussions with internal team during the requirements gathering and analysis phase

Environment: Java, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, SQL, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Hibernate

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