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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Emeryville, CA


  • 14+ years of professional experience currently serving in the capacity of Automation Architect, Backend & Frontend Developer, Release Management & Cloud Based Continuous Delivery/ Integration.
  • E - Commerce, Digital Marketing, SALESFORCE, LEAD CRM, SEIMENS PLM & PDM & TELECO Systems (Voip, SIP & RTP). Strong knowledge in Core Java, Java 8, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Sql Server, Selenium WebDriver 2.0, JDBC, TestNg, Maven, Docker, Mesos, Jenkins, JUnit, Web Services(Soap & Restful), XML.
  • Design & Develop Restful Microservices using Java, Spring Boot & Cassandra.
  • Configure micro services for auto discovery with Consul running on AWS.
  • Create Database schema from scrach for Cassandra.
  • Data Migration from relational databases to No Sql databases (Cassandra).
  • Integrate Restful microservices with Soap services using Jaxson mapper.
  • Integrate & design backend services with existing relational databases, such as Sql Server.
  • Build & Integrate Alexa features with third party services.
  • Implemented User Registry, Login, Social Login from Scratch.
  • Integrated User Management with Auth Servers built using Java.
  • Developed UI features using React JS & Redux and support existing UI apps.
  • Data Layer management for the UI.
  • Benchmarked performance single handedly for new production site for ecommerce platform.
  • Designed & Developed Backend for Password Reset.
  • Attained 0% defects benchmark on restful services developed.
  • Experience testing Restful & Soap Webservices & how to play with webservices.
  • Well versed with POSTMAN, Swagger, SOAPUI.
  • Design Automation Streategies for UI & API.
  • Develope BootStrap Automation frameworks for UI and API using Java, Ruby, Python & JavaScript.
  • Automated Integration Testing of Restful Services using Postman, Newman, Mocha & Jenkins.
  • Automated Performance Testing of Restful Services using Jmeter & Jenkins.
  • Strong experience on - Selenium Webdriver 2.0, Watir, Quick Test Pro. Rspec
  • Skilled on various Automation Frameworks, Page Object Model, Keyword, Hybrid, BDD/TDD.
  • Well versed with differnet testing and assertion libraries, TestNg, Junit, Mocha, Chai, Ruby Rspec.
  • Experienced in the areas of Objective Oriented technologies, client/server applications.
  • Unit Testing of JavaScript Application (Manual & Automated) using Mocha & Chai.
  • Extensive understanding of various Build tools such Maven, Ant, Gradle
  • Developed Portable API Automation framework suited for many application with no code changes required.
  • API Frameworks takes care of Dependencies and Report Generation outside of TestNg capabilities. Tools/Technologies used for API Automation - Apache Client, TestNg and Java, Eclipse, YAML, JSON
  • Extending the UI framework to fetch data from various sources (API/Database) and validate the UI data.
  • Establish Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration using Docker, Mesos, Jenkins.
  • Know how to setup Jenkins Master on Mesos Cloud using Docker & Seedjobs Groovy Scripts.
  • Setup different Technology Stack Agents to Using Docker Images and Registering them on Mesos.
  • Well Versed with creating multiple Jenkins job & piplelines using DSL scripts
  • Setting up Jenkins from Scratch. Creating Dependency with different Jobs. Configure Security in Jenkins and role based access.
  • Achieve Process Automation for Unit and UI Testing.
  • Release Branching and Management in all environments from dev to prod.
  • Creating Tags & Cutting of Release branches for Release to Test, Stage and Production Servers.
  • Deploy Branches on Test, Stage and Prod environments.
  • Creating of Tpackages for deployment to differnet environments.
  • Creation of Product Docker Images for deployment using Marathon Jobs on Bamboo VIPs


Framework: Page Object Model, Cucumber, BDD, TDD, Hybrid, Keyword Drivern, Data Driven. API automation

Testing Libraries: Selenium, Mocha, Chai, Watir, JUnit, JMeter, TestNg, QTP, Appium, Selendroid

Domains: Digital Marketing, SalesForce, PLM & PDM, Team Center, LEAD CRM

Source Control: Bit Bucket, SVN, Git, Git Hub

Languages: Java, Spring Boot, Ruby, JavaScript, VB Script and Ajax.

Web Services: Soap, Restful, UML, MS Office.

IDE & Build Tools: Eclipse, RubyMine, Maven, Ant, Gradle


Databases: Cassandra, Oracle 9i, MySQL, SQL Server

Continuous Integration: Mesos, Docker, Jenkins, Groovy, DSL

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux.

Protocols: VoiP, SIP, RTP, TCP/IP, SNMP



Senior Software Engineer, Emeryville, CA


  • Design & Develop Micro services for new features from scratch.
  • Design the application workflow and strategies to enable micro services to communicate with legacy systems and databases.
  • Build robust services using Java, Spring boot, SQL and NoSQL databases(Cassandra).
  • Code review and ensuring best development practices.
  • Write CQL scripts for schema migration.
  • Create Extensive Unit Tests suites using different libraries, Junit, JMock, Mockito,
  • Create Test Automation Framework for backend systems and integration.
  • Design Automation Framework development - POM, Keyword Driven, Hybrid.
  • Develop Helper Libraries to support different data formats (xml, yaml, Json).
  • Setup Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Grid.
  • Automated Validation of Elastic Search based services & frontend.
  • Establish performance testing of various micro services using Jmeter.
  • UI Automation with real time data from API and Validate the Data on UI with API Response.
  • Created own Dependency framework same as TestNG using Java to use with Data Factory/Data Provider.
  • Soap & Rest based Web services testing using SoapUI & Postman.
  • Create Jenkins(CI/CD) jobs to support any kind of automation in place for Integration & Performance testing of micro services.
  • Develop UI for new features and support existing apps built on top React JS and Redux.
  • Handle Data migration from existing data sources to new data sources.
  • Develop extensive portable Micro Services test suites using Postman, Mocha & Newman.
  • Release management of both frontend and back end app.
  • Added Data Layer for the whole UI app.

Environment:- JavaScript, Java, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Hibernate, JPA, Junit, Mocktio, ReactJs, Redux, Ruby, Watir, RSpec, Mocha, Chai, Mochawesome, Salesforce, Fiddler, SoapUI Pro, SQL Server, VoiP, SIP, RTP, Http, SSL, Selenium Webdriver, TestNg, Maven, Jenkins, GIT Hub, Selenium Grid, Windows, iOS, Mesos, Docker, Swarm, Elastic Search, JSON, YAML, XML, SVN, Unix, Shell Scripting, Tpkg deployment.


Senior Software Engineer, San Francisco, CA


  • Design & develop Java/J2EE, spring boot based micro services.
  • Write Database Schema for Cassandra.
  • Establish backward compatibility with existing RDBMS.
  • Integrate micro services with existing SOAP services.
  • Unit Testing using Junit, Mockito & EMMA.
  • Verified Data Migration from legacy DB to Cassandra.
  • Design & Develop Bootstrap Test Automation Frameworks.
  • Design Framework development - POM, Keyword Driver, Hybrid.
  • Establish Integration testing using Postman, Newman & Chai.
  • Build & Deploy Application to different Environments (UNIX, Windows).
  • Automated Test execution using Continuous Integration with Jenkins & GIT Hub/Stash. Create Job Pipeline using different modes available
  • Created Page Object Model using different Testing Libraries, Ruby with RSpec, Selenium Webdriver, Watir, JavaScript, and Mocha & Chai.
  • Test Results reporting through Mochawesome, Surefire, XSLT, Junit Plugin, and TestNg Plugins.
  • Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration using Docker, Mesos, Jenkins.
  • Developed Extensive Helper Libraries for Key Actions, different types of Data Loading (xls, yaml, json).
  • Automated Node Js, React Js applications using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Setup Selenium Grid for Cross Browser testing.
  • Setup API automation framework using Apache Rest client and YAML as a data source. (Portable for any app)
  • Database Automated Testing using SQL Server libraries in Selenium, Microsoft / JTDS libraries.
  • UI Automation with real time data from API and Validate the Data on UI with API Response.
  • Created own Dependency framework same as TestNG using Java to use with Data Factory/Data Provider.
  • Soap & Rest based Web services testing using SoapUI & Postman.
  • Perform Database Testing to ensure data integrity on different Test & Production servers.

Environment:- JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Watir, RSpec, Mocha, Chai, Mochawesome, Salesforce, Fiddler, SoapUI Pro, SQL Server, VoiP, SIP, RTP, Http, SSL, Selenium Webdriver, TestNg, Maven, Jenkins, GIT Hub, Selenium Grid, Windows, iOS, Mesos, Docker, Swarm, Elastic Search, JSON, YAML, XML, SVN, Unix, Shell Scripting, Tpkg deployment.


Tech Lead, St Louis, MO


  • Core Member of Application Development & Support Group thereby managing the Production Validation & Release to end customer.
  • Architect System Validation of Order Management, Service Activation, Digital Notification and Telco systems.
  • Agile S/W Development Methodology implementation using Rally Dev.
  • Develop & Implement Automation Framework using Selenium, java, TestNg, Maven.
  • Setup CI using GitHub & Jenkins. Manage the whole Jenkins to create different level of security for different projects.
  • Migrated QTP 9.2 framework to Selenium Web Driver.
  • Automated Test Suite for 1500 Test Cases. Data source as mainly xls.
  • Network Testing around http, ssl, and ssh.
  • Mobile App automation using Appium / Selendroid.
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery using Docker, Mesos.
  • Execute Database Validation to ensure data integration across multiple applications. Database Automation.

Environment: Rally Dev, Selenium, Java, GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, TestNg, Quality Center 10,9.2, TOAD, Putty, WebServices (RESTful & SOAP), CADM, CANOPI, BSS/OSS, Docker, Mesos, Appium, Selendroid.


Sr. Associate, Chicago, IL


  • Managing the whole UAT QA effort required to develop a full proof solution for Salesforce data integration.
  • Automation Architect.
  • Integration of Salesforce API's with other CRM systems and vice-versa.
  • API Validation (Restful web services), create, update and deletion of leads, contacts, opportunities etc.
  • Worked on the complete Test Planning and Strategy creation for testing the Legacy systems integration with Salesforce.
  • Risk Mitigation & effort Optimization. Test Effort Estimation for whole QA cycle.
  • Validate Field Level security in Salesforce for sensitive data holder fields
  • Worked effectively to ensure that the data is protected and is made available to the authorized
  • Users by customizing the user Roles, Role hierarchies, Profiles and sharing settings
  • Worked on role hierarchy & sharing rules to configure visibility
  • Prepared training material and trained SalesForce.com business users
  • Involved in creating, monitoring, and measuring campaigns with Salesforce CRM Marketing
  • Working on doing enhancements to SFDC application required by business users
  • Test Effort Estimation for whole QA cycle.
  • Guiding the team to take the correct approach for building their knowledge and to put in best effort for validation.

Environment:- Salesforce (Sales Cloud & Service Cloud), Visualforce, Apex, Data Loader, Restful API Integration, LEAD CRM, Quality Center 10, Selenium Web driver 2.0, TestNg, Maven, Jenkins/Hudson, ANT, Eclipse Juno, Slik SVN, TOAD, Putty, SOAP UI, Java Script, HTML, CSS, SQL, MYSQL, MS Office, Windows XP, DB Visualizer, XML, Json.


QA Lead


  • Worked as a QA Lead Analyst Salesforce Integration & PAAS.
  • Design the QA Strategy to deliver a full proof solution for data integration.
  • Responsible for analyzing, collecting, uploading and validating data in Salesforce.
  • Automation framework development using Core Java, Selenium Web driver 2.0 & TestNg.
  • Continuous Integration using GIT Hub & Jenkins.
  • E2E testing of data migration & business rules implementation in SFDC
  • Worked effectively to ensure Data Security in SFDC.
  • Deliver value through innovative application of Quality Management principles, frameworksProcesses and practices covering
  • Risk Based Testing, design techniques to improve testing effectiveness
  • Defining, Monitoring process implementations
  • Industry standards including CMMi
  • Metrics and Measurements for Testing.
  • White-Box Testing Methodologies.
  • Ensure consistent use of standard test practices, processes, artifacts, metrics & tools in engagement.
  • Deliver large - scale testing projects taking the complete ownership and working on an onshore- Offshore model.

Environment: Platform As a Service(PAAS), AGILE (SCRUM), JIRA, Salesforce (Sales Cloud), DataLoader, Workbench, SOQL, Core Java, Selenium Webdriver 2.0, GIT Hub, Jenkins, Angular Js Platform, Eclipse Juno, TestNg, Maven.

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