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Salesforce Lightning Developer Resume

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  • Over 10 years of experience in application design, customization, development, support which includes 6 years of experience in Salesforce CRM platform with 2+ years of Lightning experience as Developer and Administrator and 3 years of experience as Java Developer and expertise in J2EE and client Server technologies.
  • Worked closely with business users for requirements gathering and business analysis.
  • Experience in SFDC development using Apex Classes, Controllers and Triggers, Visualforce, Force.com IDE, Migration Tool, Web Services and CPQ tool for various communication skills and trouble - shooting capabilities.
  • Have experience in Lightning Components and apps in salesforce .
  • Have experience in Force.com API and Salesforce.com S-Controls.
  • Strong Experience in designing Lightning components & compact layouts using Apex triggers, Page layouts, Visualforce pages, workflows for Mobile platform.
  • Used refined global search in Lightning by developing Apex classes and Controllers. Experienced in building Custom Applications using both Salesforce Classic & Salesforce Lightning .
  • Implemented Quote-to-Cash solution using APTTUS CPQ. Depth understanding of the APTTUS CPQ, APTTUS CLM data model and functionality. Worked on Apttus CPQ for Contract Management in salesforce.
  • Involved in end to end QA and UAT testing and validation of CPQ including Products, Pricing, Quoting etc.
  • Proficiency in SFDC Administrative tasks like creating Profiles, Permission Sets, Roles, Users, Page Layouts, Email Services, Approvals, Workflows, Validation rules, Sharing & security rules.
  • Worked on the designing of custom objects, custom fields, custom links, validation rules, role-based page layouts, custom Tabs, custom reports, report folders, report extractions to various formats, design of Visualforce Pages, and various other components as per the client and application requirements.
  • Strong experience in building Reports & Dashboards components for various business users for Opportunity pipeline, Forecast and custom report types.
  • Implemented Salesforce.com Web-to-Lead, Email-to-Case to capture leads from website and creating Cases when an email is sent to a email.
  • Good experience with application migration/deploying, salesforce components across various components using Fore.com Ant migration tool, Force.com IDE and Changesets.
  • Knowledge on various lightning components to provide a user intuitive experience on sales force lightning interface.
  • Used Eclipse with force.com plug-ins, Force.com IDE for developing salesforce application and salesforce outlook connector tool for connection salesforce with outlook.
  • Have sound knowledge in writing SOQL and SOSL queries using Force.com explorer, Eclipse salesforce.com schema and workbench and tuning SOQL queries in Apex classes.
  • Working knowledge in implementing custom formulas, data Import and managing data.
  • Provided customer with best practice solutions as related to Salesforce.com and CRM.
  • Expertise in developing, deploying and integrating Salesforce.com CRM solutions.
  • Used Force.com Enterprise, Partner Web services API for integrating external applications with salesforce.
  • Written SOAP and RESTful apex web service classes and provided WSDL, Endpoint to the consumers for accessing salesforce.
  • Strong experience with ETL activities like data migration, data cleansing using Data Loader, Excel Connector and Informatica tools.
  • Proven knowledge with Salesforce AppExchange package installation and upgrade.
  • Experience in using STRUTS to implement MVC frameworks.
  • Experience working with databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Strong analytical, de-bugging skills and documentation skills.
  • Have excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with end-users, managers and technical personnel.


Lightning Experience: Salesforce Lightning Design System, Lightning Components, Aura Framework, JavaScript Controllers, Server-side Controllers, Visual Workflow, Process Builder, Lightning App Builder.

SFDC: Apex, Visualforce, Force.com IDE, SOQL, SOSL, Triggers, Components, Controllers, Custom/ Standard Objects, Reports and Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots, Custom Objects, Web services, Apex Data Loader.

SFDC Tools: Force.com IDE, Force.com Explorer, Eclipse Plug-in, Outlook Express, Data Loader, Excel Connector, RIVA, Lightning Sync Chatter, App Exchange.

Database: Oracle 10g/ 9i, SQL Server 2005/2008, My SQL, DB2

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, Java, Apex, Visualforce

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Dreamweaver and XML

Operating Systems: Windows 7/2000/NT/ XP, Sun Solaris, UNIX and MS-DOS

Web logic, Websphere6, APPTUS: CPQ, MS Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


Confidential - Birmingham, Alabama

Salesforce Lightning Developer


  • Interacted with business user’s for gathering requirements, analysis, design and development.
  • Written Apex classes, Controller classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Implemented salesforce inboundemailhandler service to process incoming emails received to an email.
  • Developed salesforce.com Apex REST web services, which are being consumed by various internal applications like Siebel and Java applications.
  • Used Community cloud to build deeper relationship with customers to provide better service and assist them online.
  • Good knowledge on Community cloud module.
  • Administrated and monitored the company's Salesforce sales cloud application by creating the workflows for automated lead routing, lead escalation and email alert.
  • Modified data which is stored outside salesforce.org using Salesforce Connect via web service callouts.
  • Implemented Service Cloud including: Service Console, Customer Portal & Communities, Case Feed, Knowledge Base and Entitlements.
  • Created modern Enterprise Lightning Apps combining Lightning Design System (CSS and Design Parameters), Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component features. Enabled Lightning Components for use in Salesforce1 mobile Platform.
  • Used Apttus CPQ tool to create the Quote process.
  • Involved in CPQ design and mapped to the Salesforce custom objects and involved in Apttus Advanced Workflow Approvals.
  • Created and modified contract templates using APTTUS X-Author Word.
  • Used the CPQ package to create the Quote process.
  • Involved in end to end testing and configuration enhancements for the CPQ and CLM functionalities.
  • Testing the CPQ integration with ERP.
  • Developed Cascading Style Sheets in Visualforce pages for rich user interface.
  • Written front-end validation and component hiding/unhiding using Java Script and jQuery.
  • Used PageBlock, PageBlockTable, Repeat, OutputPanel, Messages, ActionRegion, ActionSupport and ActionFunction visualforce components for developing visualforce pages.
  • Written and optimized code to overcome governor limits.
  • Customized various Salesforce.com Standard Objects Leads, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Activities and custom objects.
  • Implemented lightning in developing the pages in salesforce to add the plant information.
  • Customized application business logic using declarative programming like Formula fields, Validation rules, Workflow rules, Approval process, Record Type, Picklist, Dependent Pick lists, List views.
  • Established objects relationships between various objects using Master-Detail, Lookup, self and Junction objects.
  • Performed admin activities like creating Users, Profiles, Roles, Field-level security and sharing rules.
  • Created Visualforce tabs for custom reports, developed Workflow rules, Approval Processes and developed related actions like Tasks, Email alerts and Field updates.
  • Created email templates and customized inbound emails using email-to-case.
  • Used Data Loader, ETL tools for migration and cleaning of data into salesforce.
  • Developed complex Reports, Dashboards against Opportunity, History objects and other custom objects.
  • Implemented AppExchange packages like seismic, chatter compliance etc.
  • Deployed salesforce components from sandbox to production using Force.com ant migration tool, Changeset and Eclipse.
  • Implemented Communities in salesforce for the customers.
  • Implemented lightning components to access in mobile application.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Apex, Visualforce pages, APTTUS CPQ, APTTUS CLM, Eclipse IDE, Import Wizard, XML, Controllers, Sharing Rules, Workflows, Approval Process, Email Updates, Web Services API, Data loader, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Lightning Components, Lightning UI, Salesforce Outlook Connector.

Confidential - Dallas, Texas

Sr. Salesforce Developer


  • Worked in agile methodology Process and Sprint System , attended daily standup calls.
  • Interacted with various business team members to gather the requirements and documented the requirements.
  • Involved in business requirement design meetings, prepared data model and technical design document with what components need to be developed like apex classes, visualforce pages, formula fields and validation rules etc.
  • Involved in Salesforce.com administrative tasks like point and click and declaration actions like creating Objects, Field, Users, Roles, Profiles ; writing validation rules, formula fields, workflow rules, approval process based on requirements.
  • Implemented new buttons and actions for Lightning components . Involved in creating and debugging lightning components, building with Lightning App Builder and Visualforce with the new Salesforce Lightning Design System.
  • Minimized code in JavaScript Controllers by adding reusable functions in Helper Component. Updated the APEX Controller and Helper functions regularly making the Component Context Aware as per business requirement.
  • Used Force.com platform for developing feature rich and user-friendly Visualforce pages for enhancing Salesforce UI.
  • Created lightning actions , lightning apps and more than 30 components using Salesforce Lightning framework. Used the Aura framework and Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS).
  • Tested apps by appending multiple components to a Lightning Application and thereby deploying Applications from Sandbox to Production.
  • Used Force.com Migration tool to make deployments to different sandbox environments.
  • Customized various salesforce.com objects like Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Created and configured workflow rules and approval process for sending email alerts, creating Tasks and Field updates for business process.
  • Worked on different Integration issues and worked on developing Visualforce Pages, Apex controller classes.
  • Integrated the REST Web Services API for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of salesforce.com.
  • Worked on different portals like Self Service Portal, Partner Portal and had good knowledge on Customer Portal.
  • Responsible for data like configuring Apex Data Loader, uploading data in CSV files into salesforce.com, checking for the correctness of the data.
  • Developed Custom Report Types, Reports and configured the Analytic Snapshots to dump the data on regular basis for the sales performance and Lead generation statistics.
  • Used Force.com Eclipse IDE for developing Apex Pages , Controller Classes and Triggers for deploying the projects components into different Sandbox.
  • Performed the Salesforce.com Developer and Administrative tasks in the organization.

Environment: Salesforce CRM, Apex Classes, Visualforce pages, Lightning Experience, Lightning Components, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Eclipse IDE, Force.com IDE, Force.com Explorer, Salesforce.com, S-Controls, Import Wizard, Sharing Rules, Workflows, Email Updates, Web Services API, Data Loader.

Confidential - Dallas, Texas

Salesforce Developer/Admin


  • Performed the roles of Salesforce.com Developer and Admin in the organization.
  • Developed and configured various Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Interacted with various business team members to gather the requirements and documented the requirements.
  • Created Custom Objects and fields for transactional and contractual information.
  • Worked on Validation Rules, Workflows and Approval Processes, Page Layouts, sharing rules, Profiles, Creating Roles.
  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.
  • Designed and developed Visualforce pages based on the business requirements.
  • Defined Lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects to establish connectivity among objects.
  • Worked on Web services and XML Parsing and mapping the XML string into the object entities.
  • Integrated the Rest Web Services API for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of salesforce.com.
  • Developed various Apex classes, Controller classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Worked on different portals like Self Service Portal, Partner Portal and Customer Portal.
  • Load/Manage the data using Apex Data Loader and excel Connector.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE plug-in using Eclipse.

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Force.com IDE, Apex Class, Visualforce pages, JavaScript, Salesforce.com, S-Controls, Import Wizard, CSS, HTML, XML, Controllers, Sharing Rules, Workflows, Email Updates, Web Services API, Data Loader.


Salesforce Developer/Admin


  • Configured users, roles, permissions and profiles as per business requirement.
  • Customized page layouts for standard and custom objects.,
  • Worked with various salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Reports, Cases, Campaigns and Dashboards.
  • Implemented field level security, profiles and audit trail setup.
  • Created Data Validation rules and Formulas as per business requirement.
  • Created the workflows for automated lead routing, lead escalation, alerts and custom coaching plans.
  • Created various reports such as summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards and setup report folders to authenticate users based on their profiles (permissions).
  • Developed Apex classes and Triggers.
  • Provided the training to the internal business users to use the application and develop their own custom reports.

Environment: Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, Force.com IDE, Triggers, Workflows, Validations, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, Web services, SOSL, SOQL.


Java Developer


  • Studied the project requirement and designed the project. Created tables, views, synonyms and sequences.
  • Created Database Triggers, Stored Procedure, Functions and Packages. Optimized queries using rule based & cost-based approach.
  • Created database objects like tables, views, synonyms, indexes and sequences.
  • Created front end applications using forms and reports
  • Used SQL Loader and Export, Import utilities for data loading. Modified existing forms, reports, and graphs as per the enhancement. Tested all the new and modified program units
  • Extensively used triggers, PL/SQL procedures, packages, functions while developing the forms and reports.

Environment: J2EE, JSP, Java Bean, HTML, Java script, Ant, Tomcat web server, Oracle 9i, MS visual force safe.

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