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Sr. Android Developer Resume

Cumberland, Md


  • 8+ years of experience in Software Development Engineer with 6+ years of experience in Designing, Developing, Programming Testing and Implementing the AndroidApplication for Smartphones, Tablet and client - server applications.
  • Extensive experience in developing mobile-based and web based applications using Java, J2EE, JSPServlets, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, XML, Struts, CSS, Java Beans, Web Services, JSP Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL), JBOSS, Tomcat and Oracle.
  • Proficient in Androidapplications development involving front-end User Interface development, push notifications, Adapters, Content Providers and Services.
  • Experience in developing applications in AndroidMarshmallow , Lollipop , KitKatIce Cream Sandwich , Honey Comb,Gingerbread and Jelly Bean.
  • Worked with various application servers like IBM WebSphere and client side programming with HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Ajax and JQuery.
  • Worked on various Relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2.
  • Experience in the process of a system objects with Object Oriented Design (OOD), Object Oriented analysis (OOA), Object Oriented Modeling (OOM) based on Unified Modeling Language.
  • Good expertise in developing applications and designing screens using MVC pattern for Android application using Android Studio, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Intelli IDEA, SQLite, RAD, Java and ADT plugin.
  • Experience in different methodologies like of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like Agile development and waterfall development.
  • Worked for Third-Party-APIs for developing applications like Twilio, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Extensively worked in developing and implementation of ORM framework Hibernate, JPA, unit testing frameworks using JUnit and manualtesting.
  • Experience in designing Graphic, audio and video multimedia components and managed various kinds of media using Flash, Photoshop.
  • Worked with various applications and deployed on Google play store, Samsungapp and Amazon app store.
  • Proficient in gathering requirement analysis, functional analysis, conceptual and logical thinking.
  • Analyzed Angular JS and Swift language in IOS for different applications.
  • Worked on Data Structure, Multithreading, Collection and Exception handling.
  • Experience in modifying and using source code version with tools like SVN, GIT and CVS.
  • Excellent Technical, Communication and Interpersonal Skills with strong Customer Orientation, Client Interfacing Skills.
  • Possess excellent communication and Problem Solving skills and the ability to work as a team member, as well as independently and adapt to new, evolving technologies and implement them in current projects.


Android App Mobile Development: Android NDK, Java JDK, J2EE, Android SDK versions from 2.3(Gingerbread)- 6.0(Marshmallow)

IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, MyEclipse

Operation System: Windows 9x / NT/ 2000 / XP/ 2003, UNIX, Linux, Mainframes, DOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Macintosh

Database/Testing tools: SQLite, MySQL, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, DB2, DDMS, Logcat, JUnit, TestNG

Languages: C, C#, Objective C, C++, VB, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, VBScript

Web Services/App servers: SOAP, IBM WebSphere, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, Front Page, UNIX Shell Script, Ajax, Node JS, Angular JS

Frameworks and App servers: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JDK, Android SDK, JBOSS, Apache, Tomcat, WebLogic


Confidential, Cumberland, MD.

Sr. Android Developer


  • Communicating with the Client and conducting meetings with the team members to understand the requirements.
  • Designing and developing the UI with navigation bar, view pager according to user requirement using HTML and JavaScript.
  • Developing the mobile applications and maintaining the existing applications with the help of Android SDKenvironment, Core Java,Struts, Hibernate, JSP, Spring and CSS.
  • Designing the notifications and alerts using notificationbar and pushnotifications.
  • Design methodologies SDLC , Object Oriented Methodologies (OOM) , Agile , Scrum and MVC .
  • Proficient in debugging, identifying, adjusting and fixing script error with Eclipse, Android Studio, RAD, and Intelli.
  • Worked with ContentProviders in conjunction with local data storage using SQLite to transmitdata among various other Healthcareapps.
  • Integrated the BarCodeScannerAPI scanning library in to the application for the scanning.
  • Designed the capturing the screenshot of the payment screen, features of Bitmap to pdf conversion using AndroidNDK.
  • Implemented the email features with UIcomponents for link sharing of documents with billing information and files for a Content Management System using Backbone.js and JQuery.
  • Developing WebApplicationsand Server application using ObjectOrientedPHP, WebSphere and AJAX by understanding the code written in C.
  • Efficiently managing the project versions, setting up projects through GitHub and components in JIRA .
  • Involved in modification of files as well as changes in C/C++ code with porting the entire software to use shared libraries on Linux.
  • Installing and setting up the Jenkins to build Android apps including a test project in Eclipse.
  • Executing applications on both Blackberry devices and Android devices.
  • Working on multiple frameworks for TestDrivenDevelopment ( TDD ) on Android .
  • Conducting UnitTesting for login screens and components using Espresso.
  • Testing the application using JUnit testing framework that runs on the local JVM.

Environment:: Android Studio, UI, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Struts, Hibernate, JSP, Spring, CSS, Agile, Scrum, MVC, Eclipse, RAD, Intelli, SQLite, API, Android NDK, JS, JQuery, PHP, WebSphere, AJAX, C/C++, GitHub, JIRA, JVM, Linux, Jenkins, TDD, Espresso, JUnit.

Confidential, Monterey Park, CA

Sr. Android Developer


  • Gathered the requirements for the application by interacting with users and worked on application designing, testing, deployment and maintenance.
  • Updated the reports weekly and generated status reports every month according to the requirements given.
  • Expert in developing, debugging, coding and deploying the applications using Android Studio.
  • Developed application GoogleMaps, packaging, signing and GooglePlaystore.
  • Designed a real time mobile web applications using Java, JQuery, MVC and Web Services.
  • Experience in working with storage options SQLite Database, Google Maps API, PushNotificationsand GPS Location data.
  • Working on all stages of software development life cycle (SDLC) from requirement gathering to deployment for both Android and IOS.
  • Developed many Web Sites like search engine optimization (SEO) skills using PHP, and MySQL.
  • Worked on front-end UI development skills using scripting languages like JSP, PHP,Java, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Identified the logic in applications using EclipseIDE , AndroidStudioIDE and AndroidSDK .
  • Experience in designing UI layout using Relative Layout, Linear Layout, Table Layout, Frame Layout and using custom Widgets and Android Widgets.
  • Build and deploy code, using tools such as Gradleand Maven.
  • Worked on building the Android system using AndroidPlugin for Gradle to support building Android applications with the Gradle build toolkit.
  • Updated data locally through Content Provider and sync data with SyncAdapter by retrieving data from the server.
  • Implemented unittests and used framework for Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Tested the applications using UIautomator libraries and Espresso.
  • Performed testing using JUnit on various AndroidDevices and conducted product integration.

Environment:: Android Studio, Java, JQuery, MVC, Web Services, SQLite, API, MySQL, UI, Espresso, JSP, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Eclipse IDE, Gradle, Android SDK, TDD, JUnit.

Confidential, Chicago, IL.

Sr. Android Developer


  • Worked on various stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including WireFrame andDesign methodologies and Agile Development methodologies.
  • Used SQLite to cache the data received from the RESTful web services and also used Asynctask to get response from RESTful web services.
  • Developed the applications using AndroidStudio, Eclipse IDE, Java, Android SDK, ADT Plugin and used Android Virtual Device,Android Debug Bridge as debugging tool.
  • Designed HTML5 based UI system to make responsive web sites using JQueryMobil, Google Maps Plugin and Java API.
  • Designed different layouts that is compatible with multiple screensizes of the device.
  • Implemented and created various sites using PHP, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress.
  • Supported in performance tuning, implemented tables in Oracle and DB2 databases includes SQL, PL/SQL scripts, triggers, and partitioning of the database.
  • Created XML Web Services using SOAP/HTTP for sending and receiving data from different applications.
  • Experience in using different framework APIs like Spring, Struts and Hibernate.
  • Efficiently managed the project versions, setting up projects, track issues and components in JIRA .
  • Implemented and executed Testcases and performed testing on application using Junit Extension.

Environment:: Android Studio, SQLite, RESTful, HTML, JQuery, Java, API, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Oracle, DB2, SQL, PL/SQL, Eclipse IDE, Android SDK, XML, SOAP/HTTP, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JIRA, JUnit

Confidential, Hartford, CT.

Android Developer


  • Interacted with business and development teams to analyze the user requirements.
  • Developed different projects separately in both Eclipse and AndroidStudio.
  • Implemented various applications using VBScript, ASP, C/C++, Java, JavaScript and SQL.
  • Creating various custom views for the application using standard Android components, database, services and various UIwidgets types.
  • Designing and developing the Web Tier using JSP, Servlets, HTML, Struts andtilesframework.
  • Created a real time web platform using JQueryMobile, Flex, WCFServices and TSQL stored procedures.
  • Worked with WebServices team to implement the backend support.
  • Worked on AndroidJMS App for Point-to-Point asynchronous messaging for high transactional Banking operation.
  • Designed and developed several scripts using SQL and created a database using Oracle with stored procedures and triggers.
  • Implemented the SpringAcegiSecurity for authenticating the customers.
  • Created a new XML layout with AndroidMapView to display the location Map and defined the layout that can be reuse.
  • Developed an app using the GooglePlayServicesAPIs like Web Services for directions and places in client applications.
  • Created dynamic data driven and interactive web pages using PHP, MySQL and Apache.
  • Designed new version of the app by implementing register and login screens including UI and functionality.

Environment:: Android studio, Eclipse, VBScript, ASP, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, SQL, UI, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Struts, JQuery Mobile, Flex, Web Services, JMS, XML, Android Map View, API, PHP, MySQL, Apache.

Confidential, Buffalo Grove, IL.

Java Developer


  • Analyzed the requirements of the client and designed the architecture.
  • Experience in persisting data to different relational databases and in Java persistence API .
  • Developing JavaWeb working with JavaScript,JSP, JQuery, Web Services, Struts, MVCframeworks.
  • Modified application by translating the storyboard and usecases into functional applications.
  • Responsible in maintaining the code quality, organization and automatization.
  • Ensured the best possible performance and identified the bottlenecks, bugs for the quality and responsiveness of the applications.
  • Designed HealthCare software and developed mobile patient engagement application for IOS and Android.
  • Designed wireframe user interface UI layouts using CSS, HTML, DHTML, AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Modified the existing patient portal web applications and integrated with a RESTAPI architecture on the backend.
  • Developed UML Diagrams such as use case, class and sequencediagram, designedDataModel andDataFlow.
  • Maintained database connectivity and data retrieval using JDBC APIs.
  • Installed and configured WebLogic in Development and Testing environment.
  • Performed testing on all the classes using JUnit at various class levels and methods level.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Web Services, API, JavaScript, JSP, JQuery, UI, CSS, HTML, DHTML, Ajax, JDBC, WebLogic, MVC Framework, JUnit.


Java Developer


  • Involved in analyzing, designing, coding, and testing the client requirements.
  • Worked with JavaGUI frameworks like Swing, SWT and AWT according to the project requirements.
  • Designed different MVC patterns using Struts framework and SpringFramework.
  • Implemented application using Java, J2EEJDBC, Hibernate, JSP and WebServices.
  • Worked on UI front end technologies like HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX and Angular JS.
  • Worked on Agile environment for designing and coding the applications.
  • Good with Debugging, Identifying, Adjusting and fixing script errors by assigned inJIRA.
  • Attended various meetings to figure out defects and to resolve the bugs to update status.
  • Implemented applications servers like WebSphere and WebLogic with Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • Involved in data integration using Java Web Services (JAX-WS, JAX-RS).
  • Performed testing the WebServices on SOAP UI and SOAP Sonar.
  • Created application data in XML format to transfer the data between Client and Server.
  • Used Servlets to build and parse the data in XML and in client-side Java is used.

Environment:: Java, J2EE, GUI, Swing, SWT, AWT, MVC, Struts, Spring, UI, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, Angular JS, JDBC, Hibernate, JSP, Web Services, Agile, JIRA, WebSphere, WebLogic, JVM, SOAP UI, SOAP Sonar, XML, Servlets.

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