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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Around 9+ years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle phase's analysis, design, development, deployment and testing of systems, primarily in the distributed web based and client/server applications using Java/J2ee Technologies.
  • Experience in Agile (Scrum) and Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodologies.
  • Extensive experience in developing enterprise applications using Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JPA, JMS, JNDI, JTA, RMI, JAX - RPC and JAX-WS.
  • Extensive Experience on different frameworks like Spring 4.0/3.2.5/3.1/2.5, Struts 2.3/1.2/1.1, Hibernate 4.1.9/3.5.0/3.0/2.0 , Struts Validation and Tiles Frameworks.
  • Extensive experience of working on all tiers of J2EE n-tier Architecture.
  • Experience on Java Multi-Threading, Collection, Synchronization, and Exception Handling.
  • Expertise in developing critical and responsive GUI/frontend components using Struts tag library, JSTL and custom tags, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, ember.js, Angular JS, Node JS and AJAX.
  • Strong experience in developing the Web Services using the JAX-WS, JAX-RPC, RESTful and Apache CXF.
  • Expertise in XML technologies like XSD, XSLT, DOM, SAX, JAXP, JAXB, XMLBeans SOAP, WSDL, UDDI.
  • Experience in JAVA/J2EE Design Patterns like Singleton, Factory, Abstract Factory, DAO, Business Delegate, Session Façade.
  • Experience in working web applications deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and configuring services like Aws Route, Cloud Front, Elastic load Balancer, EC2, RDS and Cloud watch.
  • Expertise in developing distributed applications using servers like Web sphere, Web Logic, JBOSS, Tomcat and IBM MQ Series.
  • Expert in writing SQL scripts and PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, queries, and triggers to interact with database.
  • Experience with databases Oracle 9i/10g, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Experience in installation, configuration, troubleshooting, working and maintenance of Kafka & Spark clusters.
  • Designed and developed object-relational mapping components using Hibernate.
  • Experience in Production Support.
  • Experience with HP Service manager to fix production incidents.
  • Expertise in writing Shell scripts.
  • Conversant with tools like Eclipse, RAD/WSAD, RSA, Spring Tool Suite, Jdeveloper and InteliJ.
  • Experience in creating build scripts using Maven and ANT.
  • Extensively worked with Repository tools like SVN, CVS, Tortoise SVN, and Subclipse.
  • Strong TDD (test driven development) and continuous integration experience using JUnit.
  • Hands on experience in Rational Suite of Products like Rational Rose in developing Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams using UML, Rational Suite.
  • Experience working in and building Continuous Integration (CI) and Continues Deployment (CD) by building custom build and deployments jobs in Jenkins, Bamboo and team city and building automation tests based on Gherkin, utilizing Cucumber and selenium web driver.
  • Experience in working on DevOps teams and help automate server and infrastructure configurations using shell scripting, Perl, chef cook books and building Docker Images.
  • Experience in Unit Testing using JUNIT and Easy Mock.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration Tools like Jenkins and Hudson.
  • Experience with Maven, Trac, Sonar, Code Coverage Tools (Checkstyle, Emma, JaCoCo, FindBugs, PMD and PIT)
  • Good team player having excellent analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills.


Sr. Java Full stack developer

Confidential - San Francisco, CA

  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Involved in Agile Development process and daily SCRUM meetings.
  • Created an UML diagram that includes Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams & use case diagrams as part of the application design using Micro Soft Visio tool.
  • Used WSDL, SOAP, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, CXF technologies to create web services, generate stubs and consuming the existing services.
  • Used CXF API to generate Restful web services.
  • Worked on running and managing web Apps using AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Designed and developed UI pages with AJAX, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, jQuery, CSS and JavaScript, AngularJS, Node-JS, JSP, JSON and Tag libraries.
  • Used Hibernate as Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Tool for the backend data persistence.
  • Designed, developed, and maintained the data layer using Hibernate and used Spring ORM to integrate with Hibernate. And, developed the Hibernate mapping files
  • Used Kafka for as a message broker on the cluster as a proof of concept.
  • Used IBM MQ Series in the project
  • Developed an AngularJS workflow manager leveraging Angular-UI's state router for flexible configuration and management of multi-step user input flows.
  • Implemented Spring MVC architecture and Spring Bean Factory using IOC, AOP concepts
  • Written Chef recipes to perform middleware binary Installation and Configuration tasks involving jdk, Tomcat, WebLogic binaries installation.
  • Configured Spring to manage Actions as beans and set their dependencies in a Spring context file.
  • Used parsers like SAX and DOM for parsing xml documents and used XML transformations using XSLT.
  • Involved in the JMS Connection Pool and the implementation of publish and subscribe using Spring JMS. Used JMS Template to publish and Message Driven Bean (MDB) to subscribe from the JMS provider.
  • Developed EJB classes in the persistence layer for transaction management.
  • Used IBM Web Sphere application server for deploying Web Services applications, used tc Server to deploy the web applications.
  • Written stored procedures, triggers, and cursors using SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Written JUnit Test cases using Easy Mock for performing unit testing.
  • Used Maven for application life cycle management.
  • Configured and scheduled Jenkins jobs for multiple projects on Jenkins.
  • Experience with HP Service Manager to fix the production defects/incidents. Experience in production support.
  • Used Checkstyle, Emma, JaCoCo, FindBugs, PMD, and PIT for code quality.
  • Used Log4J API for logging and debugging.
  • SVN is used for version control systems and source code management.
  • Involved in various internal releases of the application and supported the application modules during testing and pre-production phases.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0, 6.1, 6.0, 5.1 versions, BigFix and IBM License Metric Tool on Windows Environments.
  • Tested SOAP web services using SOAP UI and REST web services using REST Client.
  • Involved in peer & lead level design and code reviews.
  • Used ehCache for caching.
  • Involved in building the code & deploying on Web WebSphere Logic application server.
  • Used BigFix Inventory to collect data about the usage of license metrics other than PVU and RVU MAPC.
  • Configured Fixlets using BigFix.

Environment: Java 1.6, JSP, Spring 3.0, Design Patterns, EJB, XML, Angular2, SQL, PL/SQL Developer, JAX-WS, WSDL, soapUI, Hibernate, Web Sphere 8.5, tc Server, Maven, Jenkins, Trac, SVN, Tortoise SVN, Checkstyle, AJAX, jQuery, RSA, JUnit, UML, Log4j, Web services, SOAP, XSLT, ehCache, BigFix, IBM License Metric Tool, HP Service Manager.

Sr. Java, Full Stack Developer

Confidential - Des Moines

  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as requirements gathering, modeling, analysis, design, development and testing
  • Involved in complete development of 'Agile Development Methodology/SCRUM' and tested the application in each iteration.
  • Developed static pages using HTML, CSS, JSP with Ajax calls in jQuery to retrieve data as JSON Object from back-end Restful Server, then display the well-organized result in web pages by writing AngularJS controller, directives, services, and route providers. Also, used AngularJS filter to make the data searchable and sortable.
  • Designed and implemented application using Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring AOP, Spring Transactions, Spring ORM, Spring JDBC modules.
  • Worked on setting up Maven scripts to build, package, and deploy application code to the target Apache Tomcat Servers and worked on continuous integration servers like Jenkins.
  • Worked on developing Restful endpoints to cache application specific data in in-memory data clusters like REDIS and exposed them with Restful endpoints.
  • Developed the persistence layer using Hibernate Framework by configuring the various mappings in hibernate files and created DAO layer.
  • Worked with Mongo DB to store non-relational data into collection and retrieve them whenever required.
  • Involved in writing SQL and Stored Procedures for handling complex queries with help of TOAD and access them through Java Programs from Oracle Database.
  • Developed JMS and RabbitMQ components to send messages from one application to other application internally.
  • Worked with JUnit Regression Test Framework to implement unit testing, to accelerate programming speed and to increase the quality of code.
  • Design, coded and tested key modules of the project using java oops concepts, JSP.
  • Implemented DevOps patterns Using CI/CD tools Jenkins, Git, Jira and Docker registry.
  • Used Swagger specification for documenting REST API's which exposes description of a RESTFUL web services to different clients.
  • Also, worked on software build tools like Gradle, Apache Maven, Apache and Ant to write Pom.xml and Build.xml.
  • Used Git for version control tool and IntelliJ idea for IDE and Used JIRA as a defect tracking system for all projects.
  • Involved in building the modules in Linux environment with ant script
  • Used Log4j framework for logging debug, info & error data.
  • Performed the technical design reviews and code reviews.
  • Worked in Agile Scrum environment using SDLC tools like Git, Jira, Jenkins and Maven for build packaging and deployments of the application components.

Environment: Java 1.7, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS, Spring IOC, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring MVC, XML, JSON, Git, JAX-RS, Swagger, Hibernate, JDBC, Rabbit MQ, Oracle, Mongo DB, Mockito, Gradle, Jetty, Jenkins, Web Sphere, JMS, Restful, SOAP, Soap UI, Agile Methodology, Log4J, JIRA Linux and IntelliJ

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer

Confidential - Waterloo, IA

  • Involved in Brain Storming sessions, Daily Scrum meetings, Sprint planning and estimation of the tasks for the user stories.
  • Gathered and clarified requirements with business analyst to feed into high-level customization design, development and installation phases.
  • Used design patterns like Singleton, Factory, MVC, Front Controller, Service Locator, Session Facade and DAO.
  • Involved in the front end using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX.
  • Developed the web application by using PrimeFaces employing AJAX at client -side components which enables rich web application content in GUI's.
  • Worked on Spring modules like Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming and Spring Mail, Spring JMS and Spring Security.
  • Involved in development of Agent Verification System using Spring MVC framework.
  • Extensively used Hibernate mappings, HQL, EHCache, Query, Criteria, Lazy loading Transactions andLockings.
  • Spring AOP is used for logging, auditing and transaction management to distinguish business logic from the cross-cutting concerns.
  • Developed Batch Rescore Tool to rescore multiple claims using Multithreading.
  • Designed the user interactive web pages using web technologies like HTML5, XHTML, and CSS3.
  • Used jQuery to make the application highly interactive and used JSON objects effectively for efficient client-side coding.
  • Designed most interactive web using AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
  • Used Spring JMS to post and consume the messages from the IBM MQ Server.
  • Worked with Spring controllers, View Resolvers and Model and View Objects.
  • Used Spring Mail for sending emails to the customers and business.
  • Extensively used hibernate named queries, criteria queries, Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and Optimistic Locking and Caching to process the data from the database.
  • Implemented Quartz jobs for running the batch jobs based on the cron triggers configured in the Spring files.
  • Involved in deploying and testing the application in JBoss application server.
  • Used MongoDB as a NoSQL for storing JSON data.
  • Responsible for continuous monitoring and managing Elastic Map Reduce cluster through AWS console.
  • Implemented validation rules using JBoss BRMS (Business Rule Management System).
  • Extensively used Selenium IDE to record, playback and debug individual test cases, using Selenium WebDriver provided more flexibility in automating test cases.
  • Developed unit and integration test cases using JUnit, and Mockito.
  • Used CVS as version control software.
  • Used Ant for building and deploying the Web applications.
  • Used JIRA tool for tracking stories progress and followed agile methodology.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring MVC, JSP, JMS, Hibernate, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Java Script, Backbone JS, AJAX, CVS, IBM MQ, MongoDB, Mockito, Junit, JBoss, Web Services, PrimeFaces, AWS, BRMS, Eclipse, Ant.

Sr. Java Developer

Confidential, McLean City, Virginia

  • Involved in the lifecycle of the software design process including, requirement Definition, prototyping, design, interface implementations, unit testing and maintenance.
  • Worked in Agile methodology environment including Test Driven Development with Continuous Integration/Delivery.
  • Participated in business meetings along with business analysts to record user requirements, and developed design artifacts and published.
  • Status report was provided to the manager/Scrum master regarding the progress of the task assigned at both the beginning/end of the working day. JIRA tickets were created and tasks were completed in the assigned time.
  • Actively participated in the implementation, maintenance and testing phases plan generation using Struts framework.
  • Used Spring IOC, AutoWiredPojo and DAO classes with Spring Controller.
  • Developed session EJB and message driven bean (MDB) to process JMS XML messages.
  • Implemented Hibernate in the data access object layer to access and update information in the Oracle Database.
  • Developed back-end logic with Core Java using technologies including Collection Framework, Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Generics and Annotations.
  • Enhanced user interfaces to enable input of additional personal information for the purpose ofplan generation using CSS, HTML, HTML5, DOJO, JavaScript, AJAX, and Angular JS.
  • Worked inUI such as JavaScript for enhancing the user interaction with the application and for client side validation. Coding, Testing and implementing new functionalities for new requests in the Application.
  • AngularJS library has been used for creation of powerful dynamic Web Pages and web applications by using its advanced and cross browser functionality.
  • Used web service calls using Java Web Services RPC and Apache AXIS client packages. Generated Client classes using WSDL2Java and used the generated Java API.
  • Used SVNversion controls to check in/out files, etc. also responsible for branching, merging the branch to main using Tortoise SVN tool.
  • Used data modeling for creating a data model by applying formal data modeling techniques.
  • Experience in application servers like Tomcat locally and Web logic to host it on the Linux server.
  • Involved in creating and extracting data from database using SQL Queries, PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers, and packages on Oracle database.
  • Extensively used log4j to log regular debug and exception statements.
  • Used Mavenand ANTto build, run and create JARs and WAR files among other uses.
  • Performed code review and unit tested the application using Junit framework.
  • Involved in deriving at class diagrams and sequence diagrams during the design phase of the project using UML.

Environment: Java 7, Spring 3.0, Struts 1.2, J2EE, DOJO, HTML, HTML5, Hibernate 4.0, JSP, JSTL, AJAX, JQuery, Oracle, Rational Clear Case, Web Logic, Eclipse, ANT, Apache Tomcat, SVN, SOA, J2EE, Oracle, XML 1.x, JAXB 2.x, XSLT 1.x, SOAP 1.3, WSDL 2.0, JAX-WS, and Web Services.

Java/J2EE Developer

Confidential - Menomonee Falls, WI

  • Developed business logic using spring framework and for handling transactions used Spring AOP and MVC.
  • Worked with JSF-ICE faces framework for creating the managed bean and controllers.
  • Logged and handled the defects of the application using log4j.
  • Worked on webservices such as SOAP, WSDL and JAX-WS programming method.
  • Created SOAP based services with mule ESB.
  • Worked with JMeter to test the application code and Junit for logging, dubbing, testing and enduring the system state.
  • Used JSPs, HTML on front end, Servlets as Front Controllers and JavaScript for client-side validations.
  • Developed ANT script to build .war files for the application and CVS as versioning system.
  • Worked on Eclipse IDE for building business components.
  • Implemented the database connectivity using JDBC with DB2 database as backend.
  • Created test cases using Hibernate and worked with the same for unit testing.
  • Created webpages using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON and AJAX.
  • Extensively used AWS to integrate Enterprise and web applications.
  • Responsible for using Rest API, and JAXP to deal with XML data. Called Restful API to update task to different examiner.
  • Participated in gathering business requirements, analyzing the project, interaction with the Design team, Business analyst and end users of the system.
  • Developed sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, class diagrams, use cases and activity diagrams using Rational Rose for the Configuration, Cache & logging Services.
  • Understanding in Waterfall and Agile development (SCRUM) methodologies.
  • Experience in working with UNIX, LINUX and Windows.

Environment: JDK, Spring MVC, Spring, log4j, JMeter, JSP, JavaScript, ANT, CVS, Eclipse IDE, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, Hibernate, CSS, Servlet, RESTful API, JDBC, DB2, WSDL, HTML, Linux, UNIX and Windows.

Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Developed web tier by using Servlets, Java Script, XSLT and XML.
  • Used Hibernate for mapping objects to the relational database and used as database access layer data is in oracle which is persisted with Hibernate APIs.
  • Built and consumed web services developed using Restful Web Services.
  • Developed several interactive web pages using AJAX, JSP, HTML, DHTML, XML, servlets and JavaScript to perform checking and validations at Client-side. Involved in Server-side validations based on the Business logic.
  • Involved in unit and integration testing of the application using JUNIT, MOCKITO.
  • GIT was used as the version control and Maven for application life cycle management.
  • Used SQL Server2008 database for tables creation and involved in the creation of the Data Access Objects (DAO) to query, store and retrieve the data from the Database using SQL, calling Oracle Stored Procedures.
  • Used Liferay for Content Management system and used Itext for pdf processing.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Servlets, Restful Web Services, Itext, Jboss, AJAX, JSP, Java Beans, Eclipse, SQL Server, Liferay CMS, XML, HTML, GIT, JavaScript, Mockito, JUnit, Maven, Itext.

Jr. Java Developer


  • Gathered user requirements followed by analysis and design. Evaluated various technologies for the Client.
  • Developed HTML and JSP to present Client side GUI.
  • Involved in development of JavaScript code for Client Side Validations.
  • Involved in development of presentation components using Swings.
  • Extensively used XML documents with XSLT and CSS to translate the content into HTML to present to GUI.
  • Developed dynamic content of presentation layer using JSP.
  • Develop user-defined tags using XML.
  • Used Struts Framework to implement J2EE design patterns (MVC).
  • Developed, Tested and Debugged the Java, JSP and EJB components using Eclipse RCP.
  • Developed Enterprise Java Beans like Entity Beans, Session Beans (both Stateless and State Full Session beans).
  • Developed JSP as the view, Servlets as Controller and EJB as model in the Struts Framework.
  • Worked on Web Logic application server to deploy JSP and EJB applications.
  • Created and implemented PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers.

Environment:: Core Java, J2EE, Swing, EJB 2.1, JSP 2.0, Servlets 2.4, Struts, HTML, XML, CORBA, XSLT, CSS, Java Script, Eclipse RCP, PL/SQL, Weblogic8.1.


IDE Tools: Eclipse, JBuilder, Netbeans, IBM RSA, RAD 6.0

Frameworks: Struts 1.2, spring and JSF

SQL Editors: TOAD 8.X and Oracle SQL Developer.

Database: SQL Server, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, IBM DB2, Teradata and MSQL

Application Server: BEA WebLogic8.1/9.1, IBM Web Sphere 6.0/6.1, JBoss4.0

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat

Version Control Mgmt: SubVersion (SVN) and CVS

XML Technologies: XML, XSLT, DTD, Schema, XML DOM

Web Services: SOAP, WSDL, Apache Axis 1.2, JAX-RPC, JAXP

GUI Technologies: AWT, Swing

Process Management: Six Sigma Standard, SDLC.

Design Tools: Rational Rose, Microsoft VISIO.

ORM technologies: Hibernate, JPA.

Operating systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Linux and UNIX.

Web Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript 1.3/1.2, AJAX, Rustful API, Scala, CSS3, XML, SOAP 1.1, JQuery, Angular JS, Node js, Ext JS, Backbone JS

Languages: C/C++, Java, PL/SQL, XML

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