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Sr. Software Engineer Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


  • Sr. Software Engineer with over ten (10) years of IT experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including three projects from inception to delivery: experience in numerous industries including finance, mortgage, insurance, ecommerce and logistics
  • Extensive experience with advanced JAVA/J2EE/Big Data/Cloud Technologies/Frameworks
  • Designed Enterprise applications with different architecture styles SOA, n - tier, client server, MVC and Rest based
  • Aggregated Structured/Un-Structured data from different sources using big data for knowledge discovery and report generation
  • Developed search capability on Aggregated data set with document search technologies like SOLR/LUCENE
  • Setup Hadoop clustered environment in virtual private cloud using AWS
  • Hands on experience with Modeling/BPM frameworks, logging, build and deployment management tools
  • Designed applications to confirm to leading security/data compliance standards like OWASP/w3c
  • Experienced with various GoF design patterns including Singleton, Command, MVC, Business Delegate and Factory and various paradigms like IOC, AOP, and design by contract and SOLID principles (Strong Object Oriented Design principles)
  • Front-end development experience with MVC patterns using AngularJS, JQuery and build tools like gulp/grunt
  • Experienced with numerous databases including Oracle, MySQL and MS-SQL
  • Knowledge of concept and design of the database like ER-Modeling, Normal Forms, as well as writing Stored procedures, Triggers and PL/SQL statements
  • Expertise with messaging models publish-subscribe using very frameworks like JMS, KAFKA
  • Experienced with various best dev-ops practices like version control system/automated builds
  • Created unit/integration test cases using advanced frameworks like Junit, TestNG and Mockito
  • Experienced in deploying, configuring and maintaining applications on application servers such as Jboss, Web sphere, Web logic and Tomcat


Development Technologies: Java, C, C++, Python (dev-ops) J2SE 5.0/6/7/8, J2EE 4/5/6, EJB 3.0, Servlet 2.5/3.0, Struts 1/2, Spring full stack 2.0-4.0, SPRING-BOOT, JSF 1/2, Hibernate 3/3.3, JPA, Ant 1.7,MAVEN, SQL/PLSQL,SOLR,HADOOP 2.6

Web/Application Servers: WebLogic 7.0/8.1/9.2/10/11, Tomcat 4.x-8, WebSphere 5.5/6/7/9

Data Search/Management Tech: SOLR, HADOOP stack on AWS, KAFKA

Web Presentation: JavaScript, Angular, Gulp, Grunt, HTML5, DHTML, CSS, HTML, AJAX

Integration Technology: SOAP/REST-Web Services, WSDL, JMS, Lombardi BPM, ESB

Operating Systems: Windows 98/XP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Linux, Android Jellybean

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, DB2,MSSQL

Tools: Eclipse, Rationale Rose, JUnit, TestNG, Vantage Analyzer


Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Worked in the normalization team in the source pipeline
  • De-normalized hive data dumps in 10s of terabytes using spark job into sub groups of data
  • Explored the POC, to switch normalization from rule-based system to machine based system
  • Consumed data from different sources including Confidential and other market place sellers totaling 100,000 plus sellers
  • Processed source data to the tune of 140 plus million
  • Enhanced existing rule based system to become fail safe
  • Wrote rest based services to provide normalization data to the internal groups
  • Wrote Python scripts to find out the data between elastic search and hive dumps
  • Consumed Mongo data by writing queries
  • Improved build time and released by modifying UNIX scripts

Environment: Java 7/8, Spring boot, Python 2.7, Unix, mac OSX, Mongo db, elastic searches, Cassandra, devcenter, kafka, Hadoop, Hive, Maven

Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Set up a Spring boot app for rapid development and prototypes
  • Configured application security in Object Oriented way
  • Designed 2 Way authentication for client-server SSL connection
  • Designed applications to manage the concurrent sessions
  • Implemented authorization verification functionality using custom filters
  • Wrote MVC based angular modules for UI logic and redirection
  • Wrote rest services to provide the business functionality for application logic
  • Designed Angular modules for tabular display of large set paginated data in time periods
  • Handled large volumes of audits events based on user actions/system processes using apache Kafka for audit log generation
  • Triaged and fixed bugs in the existing applications like system admin, Trader GUI and market data display
  • Built and deployed in UNIX environment using custom make scripts

Environment: Java 7/8, J2EE 6, Spring 4, Spring boot, Eclipse 3.4, Tomcat 8, Angular.js-2.1, GULP, Unix, Postman and SQL server


Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Designed and implemented Hadoop cluster with six nodes for analysis of data on AWS platform
  • Managed EC2 setup with design, deploy and maintained AWS stack
  • Created HIVE queries to display in table format for relational operations
  • Discovered answers to data related queries using map/reduce programs
  • Wrote Pig scripts to perform transform and load data into hdfs
  • Good understanding of streaming and processing frameworks in the Hadoop eco system
  • Streamed the events/logs using apache kafka for processing to be completed
  • Performed analysis and Real Time processing of data using Spark

Environment: Java 7/8, J2EE 6, Spring 4,Spring boot, Eclipse 3.4, XML Spy, MapForce, Hadoop 2.6.0,HIVE and PIG,SOLR 4.10, Kafka, SPARK, AWS (EC2 and EBS)

Team Lead/Solution Architect

Confidential, Rosemont, IL

  • Lead a team of three developers for building SOA services for fulfilling the needs of other teams
  • Designed the high level technical architecture
  • Designed the Confidential and extended data model
  • Wrote SOAP based services from scratch using w3 standards for the SOA architecture for exposing the product data to different internal groups
  • Improved the Maven build process, involved in design and code reviews with Enterprise Architect team
  • Implemented the POC using Hadoop on a subset of data for exploring the benefits of big data in understanding business trends by moving 5gb of data onto Hadoop cluster
  • Analyzed historical data on Hadoop cluster to manage the inventory using PIG/HIVE
  • Attended 40 hour Big Data training sessions with hands on development with Hadoop 2.6
  • Mapped relational model to schema based model for SOA based services
  • Mentored other developers in the design and development process

Environment: Java 6, J2EE 5, EJB 3, HP-Tandem, WebLogic 11, Apache CXF, DB Visualizer, Eclipse 3.4, SOAP 2.1, XML Spy, MapForce, Hadoop 2.2.0

Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Reverse Engineered requirements and analyzed the system based on the legacy codes
  • Implemented SAML for the SSO functionality
  • Handled multiples calls in the concurrent way
  • Configured clients for calling RMI for the back end service calls
  • Wrote UI modules using angular.js MVC pattern along with templates
  • Created back end services based of myBatis to talk to AS400
  • Helped members in analyzing issues

Environment: Java 6, J2EE 5, Jdeveloper 10.3, AS 400, Weblogic 11, RPG, RMI, Spring 4, Jersey 2.8, DB Visualizer, Eclipse 3.4, Angular.js, git, grunt, ADT 22.0 plug-in, Postman

Sr. J2EE Developer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Designed the schema for business information exchange and exposed them as a Web service operation using apache axis
  • Decoupled the Confidential business logic from Web service contract using service Façade design pattern
  • Worked in the design of applications into layered architecture using design patterns with a goal to achieve SOA
  • Wrote the XSLT Transformations for the intel service gateway flow operations to convert soap calls to rest based calls
  • Handled asynchronous events using Message handlers
  • Wrote Entity beans for persisting data using EJB 3 persistence models
  • Integrated different applications using ESB and worked on NCCT for performance tuning and defect fixing
  • Debugged the deployments of the ejb in the Weblogic container
  • Followed the TDD methodology based on deadlines of tasks
  • Organized the application into various modules for various deployments
  • PRP accumulated the patient’s review data across for the national reviews database
  • Transformed the requirements to technical artifacts like use case documents and high-level design documents
  • Proposed and implemented solutions for making application as per the OWASP standards
  • Implemented security mechanisms for the top ten security risks listed by OWASP like XSS etc. using custom solutions
  • Worked on the proof of concepts to highlight the advantage of using Big Data components, using the current business data for deriving insightful results
  • Implemented the features of the provider faceted search to highlight the capabilities of big data
  • Developed custom reports for businesses based on complex requirements using advanced and custom features of Cognos
  • Worked on Stored Procedures and scripts for data loading
  • Performed coding and conduct code reviews

Environment: Java 6, Struts 2.1, Spring, Spring Security, Spring-WS, Spring ldap, Hibernate, RAD 7.5, WebSphere 7, Solr, JQuery, Intel Service Gateway, Oracle 11g, AntiSamy, Cognos 8, JUnit 4, Ant, SOAP UI, HTTPWatch, Rest Client, Windows and Unix.

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