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Full-stack Engineer Resume


  • More than 12 years of experience in Web Applications, Micro Services and Rest API using JavaApigee & Angular 4, and Built apps using Groovy on Grails. Recognized for good code quality, design, best practices, collaboration, refactoring, & unit testing Experienced and tuned with Agile methodology, pair programming, CI, TDD and Scrum. Deeper understanding of design and analysis of data structures & algorithms. Experience w/ Array, Linked - list, Hashtable, Binary tree, Stack, Queue, and Heap & Graph data structure Experienced in programming using Threads, Locks, Synchronizations and Java/J2EE design patterns. UI experience in Angular 2, TypeScript, Angular CLI, Backbone, JavaScript, JQuery, Handlebars.js, HTML, CSS. Written Java and UI unit test cases using Mockito, Jasmine and Protractor tests for E2E. Acquainted and experienced on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and html snapshot using Rhino. Wide range of ancillary skills such as database, frameworks, and tools. Developed challenging projects for SVB, Confidential, Hotwire, Confidential, Confidential, Western Union, MetLife, HP, and Thomson Financials.


Java APIs: Java 8 REST API (Jersey) JPA JAX-RS Servlets JSP EJB 3.0 JDBC JSoup Rhino

UI: Angular 2 TypeScript Angular CLI Backbone Ajax JavaScript Handlebars.js CSS SASS Web Pack JQuery HTML JSON JSONP

App Servers: Tomcat 8.x GlassFish V2 JBoss 4.2.2 Web Logic 9.x Web Sphere 5.1 iAS 6.x


IDE/Editors: IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse Sublime Text 3 RSA RAD WSAD JBuilder 9

Design: Object Oriented Design Analysis OOD & OOA UML

OS: Mac OS Windows HP-UX Solaris Unix Linux

RDBMS/Tools: Oracle 10g MySQL Sybase SQL Server DB2 WinSQL Toad SQL Developer

Frameworks: Apigee Google Guice Spring MVC/Web Flow MyBatis Groovy/Grails Hibernate

Miscellaneous: Mockito NPM TestNG JUnit Gulp Gradle Maven2 Log4j Http Clover Stash Confluence Splunk ZenDesk Jenkins Zoo Keeper

SCM tools: Git Perforce Subversion Star team 2005 CVS PVCS

Methodology: Agile Waterfall Iterative

Collaboration: Slack, Hipchat and Zeplin



Full-Stack Engineer

  • Increased the productivity and code coverage by introducing Mockito framework
  • Improved logging using Splunk event logging library


Full-Stack Developer

  • Designed and built Adv Search, Quality Chevron bars, and sign up page for Exchange app Built analytics reports powered by GoodData API. Worked under agile scrum for the development and continuous integration environment.


Senior eCommerce Developer

  • Increased site traffic and conversion with targeted SEO strategies
  • Reduced deployment time by redesigning caching mechanism of using pre-warmed cache node
  • Improved customer experience with UGP on review page using Oplapic visual commerce platform
  • Built Rest API for category, product and product details
  • Worked under agile scrum for the development and continuous integration environment.


FullStack Developer

  • Saved $3m yearly after migrated ITA flight search engine to Confidential ´s Gulf Stream API
  • Increased profit with flight+car, hotel+flight, hotel search APIs, and package deals using Confidential API
  • Worked under agile scrum for the development and continuous integration environment.


Senior Java/JEE Consultant

  • Automated web services testing by architected and engineered WSTF (WS Testing Framework)
  • Enhanced customer experience by redesigned and optimized the Add2Cart and Checkout pages


Senior Java/JEE Consultant

  • Architected and engineered Fafsa product from concept to production, Integrated with Turbo-Tax
  • Generated dynamic PDF application to enable customers to submit online

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