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Senior Staff Software Engineer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Talented and motivated software developer always seeking new exciting and challenging opportunities in cutting - edge technologies.
  • Has gained extensive experience in developing mobile and Java applications. Learns new technologies and methodologies very quickly.
  • Proven to be a reliable developer who delivers on time even under hectic work environment. Has very good communication skills and can work well in a group or independently.


Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, Mint)

Development Tools: Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, Weblogic 10, Apache Tomcat, Active MQ, Git, SVN, Maven, Intellij IDEA, Android Studio

Languages: Android, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, VB.Net, C/C++, Adobe Flex, ActionScript, Perl, Ruby, SQL


Senior Staff Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Contributed to development of common Android platform for other teams to build applications on top of including the creation of a UI design library to provide a unified design language, and contributions to the core engine including automated testing via JUnit and UIAutomator for instrumentation tests
  • Made continuous development processes for many applications more efficient by creating gradle scripts to automate publishing library artifacts to Artifactory, along with providing a consistent versioning and release process by utilizing Open Source gradle plugins
  • Facilitated Agile development process by aiding in the organization of user stories and providing feedback in the different ceremonies to continue making improvements from sprint to sprint

Senior Consultant

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Consultant for a small boutique application security company, implementing security engineering solutions for various clients
  • Gained experience in developing applications using Docker and Spring Boot within a cloud environment via AWS and Mesos/Marathon
  • Integrated applications with continuous integration system Jenkins, using pipeline and other scripts written in Groovy

Senior Android Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Member of the Android team responsible for continuing development and support of the Android app used for the corporate travel side of business
  • Utilizing native Android SDK based on Java 7, Android Studio, Google Play Services and AppCompat libraries to build application targeting JellyBean and higher
  • Developed RESTful web services in Java using Spring boot framework to serve both IOS and Android client apps
  • Implemented automated testing using Robolectric, JUnit, and Espresso frameworks

Senior Android Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Contributing to development of over 5 different Android Apps available on Google Play and Amazon Store
  • Helped integrate some brand new Material Design and Lollipop updates to all apps
  • Gained experience in iterative development using Gradle, Android Studio, Jenkins, Git, and Robotium and Robolectric automated testing frameworks

Software Engineer

Confidential,Chicago, IL

  • Developed Java web services using Spring and Apache Tomcat in a highly service oriented infrastructure
  • Developed customer facing as well as internal employee facing web applications using an Adobe Flex 3 frontend backed by MySQL databases
  • Created JRuby scripts which communicated with existing Java Spring remote services
  • Created and contributed work to common infrastructure backend and UI components used by rest of Engineering team
  • Gained experience in Agile software development practices with some experience in leading and maintaining projects

Software Developer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Refactored existing Java projects to use standard frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and Log4j
  • Configured deployments for use with Weblogic 10 application server as well as Sonic JMS
  • Enhanced functionality for web services using XFire, JiBX, and Spring frameworks
  • Created new functionality on existing Java web application using Struts2 and OpenSymphony workflow frameworks which improved the productivity of business users
  • Enhanced existing Swing GUI application by adding additional fields and import functionalities
  • Created ASP.Net web services responsible for referencing trade data across several different systems
  • Improved functionality of existing ASP.Net web applications that interfaced with SQL Server/Sybase database servers by using SSIS imports, and SSRS reporting
  • Developed .Net business applications using Spring.Net, and NHibernate frameworks

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