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Software Engineer I (java Developer) Resume

Austin, TX


Software developer with machine learning and cybersecurity experience searching for a back end / full stack position. I have experience in a diverse set of technologies.


Java: Apache BCEL, JUnit, Java audio, Java mail, Swing library, JNDI, JSP, JTL, J2EE, J2ME, log4j, Spring, EclipseLink, Hibernate, Tomcat, and Android

.NET Framework: F#, Visual Basic.NET, C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET (MVC), WPF, and Windows Forms

C / C++: Qt framework, OpenGL, and POSIX (sockets, threads)

SQL: Oracle SQL (including PL/SQL), SQL server (including T - SQL)

Python: Numpy, Jupyter (IPython), Pandas

JavaScript: JQuery, Angular, Ember, Nodejs

Ruby: Core Language

R: Core Language, both interpreted and program files

Assembly: MIPS and x86

MatLab: Core language, both interpreted and program files

Operating Systems:

Windows: 3.1 onward, Mac

OS: 8 onward

Linux: Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora

Developer Environments:

Microsoft Visual Studio: 2003 onward

NetBeans: 6.9 onward

Eclipse: Helios onward

MatLab: Release 13.


Software Engineer I (Java Developer)

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Sustaining Engineer working on the Email on premises product.
  • Maintained Webservice API for user email actions.
  • Maintained and created tools written in Python to assist tech support in diagnosis of customer issues before escalation to engineering.
  • Created and managed the Bash install / uninstall scripts for both individual and team hotfixes.
  • Performed small customer specific customizations that were deemed too specific to be a released feature to take pressure from the main development team.
  • Handled high priority support issues that were escalated to development. Performed remote session and configuration (XML), log and database analysis and suggested a configuration change or developed and published a hotfix.
  • In the case of a hotfix, a bug would be filed to the development team and code submitted for review and eventual inclusion.
  • Participated in team wide efforts to build cumulative hotfixes that would reduce the number of hotfixes necessary for customers to install and to create a continuously upgraded baseline.
  • Managed / mentored an offshore engineer.
  • Analyzed security vulnerability reports based on security researcher findings and / or CVE entries and recommended actions as part of a process of hardening the product.
  • Created training materials and knowledge base articles for technical support to reduce redundant calls and assist tech support in performing remote sessions.
  • Created onboarding guide for new developers, and some process workflow documents to fill in the loss of such documents that occurred in a division move.
  • The technologies used were server - side Java technologies (JSP, JTL, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat), Javascript, SQL Server, Linux Bash scripts, vi, more / less, Windows Batch Scripts, and XML.

Software Associate

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Initial responsibility was to do feature development the TeamConnect product.
  • Planned and implemented Aderant Compulaw integration into TeamConnect. Contribution to this integration was adding a UI control provided by Aderant and writing event handling code that activated the control and passed in necessary information to the control.
  • Shifted to a support role after a reorganization. Handled high priority support issues that were escalated to development. Performed analysis and developed and published a patch if deemed necessary.
  • The technologies used were server-side Java technologies (JSP, JTL, J2EE, Spring, EclipseLink, Tomcat), Oracle SQL, and XML.

Warehouse worker

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Worked in the shipping department working in various areas, including packing, labeling, and tracking of various items for delivery.

Researcher Intern

Confidential, Los Alamos, NM


  • Continued my research on statistical analysis, trying to find a likelihood function for a trial distribution given a set of data to use for hypothesis testing.
  • Produced a new thesis updating research done in the previous internship. The language used was again MATLAB.

Researcher Intern

Confidential, Los Alamos, NM


  • Performed research in statistical analysis (distribution fitting) of normal distributions using singular value decomposition.
  • I coded programs in MATLAB for use in the research. The results of this research were recorded daily in a notebook.
  • A required thesis and a presentation were given at the end of the internship summarizing the results.

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