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Project Leader, Lead Application Developer Resume


  • Lead application and web developer with 13+ years of work experience in the IT industry.
  • Technical strengths include full stack application development with JAVA/J2EE, spring, hibernate, Sencha ExtJS, Angular 4, jBPM drools, spring - boot microservices, Cloud foundry, Jenkins, database development using Oracle/Sybase and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Functional strengths include extensive experience on commercial lending & private banking business, project and program management, onshore-offshore coordination, various scrum roles including scrum master, team member with capital market and commercial lending products experience.
  • Other Strengths: Quick-witted, team oriented professional with excellent communication and analytical skills.


Languages: Java, J2EE, UNIX Shell script

RDBMS: Oracle 11/12g, SYBASE 15.x, SQL Server 2000

Web Technologies: Sencha ExtJS, Angular 4, Spring MVC, Spring RESTful, Spring-boot microservices, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Hibernate ORM, Tomcat, JSP, Servlet, Struts, HTML, XML, XSD, XSLT, XPATH

Operating System: Windows, UNIX, Linux

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Sublime, IBM RAD, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Sencha Architect

Reporting Tool: Business Object Crystal Report XI, DATA Dynamics Reports

Others: Maven build automation, Jenkins/Jules continuous integration, Scrum, Agile, JMeter Performance testing, Selenium/Cucumber acceptance testing, Mockito testing framework, WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE), Google map haversine algorithm (shortest distance), database party model implementation, IBM RAD, Tomcat, Quality Centre, CA Job Scheduler, Provenir, Loan IQ, distributed deployments, jBPM Drools

Tools: SQL Developer, DBArtisan, SQL Browser, Toad, MS Visio, MPP



Software and Tools: Java/J2EE, Angular 4, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring RESTful, Spring-boot microservices, Cloud foundry, Mockito and Selenium test suite, JMeter, maven, Jenkins CI, Oracle, jBPM Drools, WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE), google map, Scrum

Project leader, lead application developer


  • As a lead architect responsibility include design and architecture of the important features of the application, evaluating and suggesting technology standards, proposing design solutions and conducting knowledge sharing sessions across the team to share design and technology solutions
  • Meeting with the business users and business analysts to understand the requirements/features and formulate design plans and help with the technology requirements to convert the design plans into working solution
  • As a lead application cum web developer responsibilities include development of framework components, creating collaterals in terms of design documents and helping the team with technical and functional understanding of the project
  • Stubbing out and implementing important features of the application that include WYSIWYG editors (TinyMCE), pdf generation (velocity templates), google map haversine algorithm to find shortest distance on the map, cloud deployments, microservice design and architecture, DevOps tasks i:e Jenkins jobs and pipeline setup and integration etc..
  • As part of the project developed BaseController framework in spring/hibernate to provide a generic and elegant way to perform CRUD operations on entities. Also designed and developed NamedQuery framework to provide a performance centric way of performing complex database fetch operations
  • Full stack development including all three layers of the application i:e UI (angular 4), middleware(Spring-boot), database (oracle) along with distributed deployments (cloud foundry) and Jenkins (DevOPS)
  • Worked as a backup scrum master for the team in the absence of regular scrum master


Software and Tools: Java/J2EE, Provenir, Sencha ExtJS, Sencha Architect, Oracle, jBPM, Drools, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring RESTful, Spring-boot microservices, Selenium, JMeter, apache tomcat, Scrum, Agile

Project leader, lead application developer


  • As a project leader cum lead application developer, responsibilities include architecture, design and development of framework for the code modules, spearheading and coordinating meetings with vendor (Provenir/Cybage), leading and helping the project team in the functional and technical areas
  • Development of important framework components that include publisher/subscriber mechanism in ExtJS, breadcrumb implementation in ExtJS, dataset model implementation to provide a robust generic way of saving 2d data matrix, Party model database implementation which provides a robust, reliable and scalable data model architecture
  • Full stack development including UI, middleware, database components along with acceptance test cases in selenium and performance testing in JMeter
  • Worked on the design and development of the most critical modules of the application that include: Loan, Client, Property implementations, breadcrumb, selenium test suite, rule engine, google map integrations
  • Worked as a backup scrum master for the team in the absence of regular scrum master
  • Provided solutions for the ExtJS and Database interactions which included server-side filter and sorting implementations, optimized grid implementations, batch processing and customized breadcrumb implementations, UI performance enhancements (lazy loading of pages)


Software and Tools: Java/J2EE, Oracle, jBPM, drools, spring, Hibernate, Confidential IQ, Provenir, Murex

CoE (Centre of Excellence) Technology Lead


  • As a technical leader and lead application developer responsibilities include development of tools and accelerators for Loan IQ and Provenir products in Java/J2EE
  • Helped in the initial set up of CoE (Center of Excellence), preparing CoE set up presentations, arranging CoE meetings and sharing status updates
  • Active participation in business development activities by means of RFP/RFQ preparations, technical presentations and client demos
  • Developed Murex DataMart assessment tool with java/oracle aimed at database optimization, which helped the company to win a strategic project for a leading bank in Europe
  • Attended 2 weeks functional training on commercial lending product (Loan IQ) conducted by the product academy and attended Loan IQ on-site training provided by the loan IQ academy


Software and Tools: Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, SYBASE, UNIX, FIX, Visio, Crystal Reports, Scrum, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Visual Basic, Agile, Scrum

Project Leader, Lead application developer, Onsite Coordinator


  • As a Project leader for the project, responsibilities include creating the technical design architecture, data flow models and playing active roles in conceptualizing and summarizing the Scrum Stories for implementation
  • Creating/Modifying UNIX shell scripts for start/stop of daily Fixed Income STP server instances and acting as a communication channel for troubleshooting the connectivity issue with external system Bloomberg
  • Onsite-Offshore Coordination and allocating task to the other team members and guiding and helping them in understanding the business and Technical requirements of the project
  • Developed FI STP Simulator and FI STP Dashboard - utilities that greatly enhances the efficiency of the application by allowing the application to function properly with the external WKS-BBG link
  • Developing complex tickler reports (representing the Clients consolidated accounts based on Trades/holdings starting from the brokerage accounts rolling up to the OMNI trust account levels for Fixed Income, Emerging Markets) and implementing corresponding business rules in Stored procedures


Software and Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Report XI, MS SQL Server 2000, DBArtisan

Team Member


  • Designing the External Interfaces with VB and VBA (Macros programming in Excel)
  • Coding the Client Side Interfaces, Developing Forms & Reports
  • Interfacing the developed module with the main Product.

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