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Senior Android Developer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • 5+ years’ experience in Java, standard industry design patterns, and Object - Oriented Programming
  • Strong Android development experience with an appreciation of design, testing and backend Web Services
  • Excellent knowledge of building scalable code using dependency injection (Dagger, RXJava, Retrofit/Volley, Room, Volley, ViewModel, LiveData)
  • Experience in optimising performance and memory usage of Android Apps
  • Experience in writing custom UI components and libraries
  • Experience with multi-threading, integration with REST and SOAP APIs, custom view animations and transitions, and producing reusable libraries
  • Passion for Test Driven Development and/or Behaviour Driven Development
  • Experience with Android’s Animation Framework
  • Experience in conceptualising, implementing, and publishing apps
  • Familiar with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other short distance wireless communications protocols
  • Ability to multi-task, work independently or as part of a team, and flexible in terms of work location
  • Working experience using agile, kanban, TDD, XP and scrum methodologies
  • Offshore/Remote team collaboration and management experience
  • Ability to work on multiple projects in parallel
  • Exposure to continuous integration and continuous delivery practices, especially in an environment of weekly (or even more frequent) releases to production


Kotlin | MVVM | MVP | Java | NDK | ReLinker | MixPanel | Google Home | Google Assitance API | Play Services| Keystore | Retrofit | SQLIte | FSM | BLE | WiFi Protocols | ExoPlayer | Material Design| Zeplin TDD | BDD| Mockito | Espresso | Firebase| Robolectric| AWS| JetPack | LiveData | VOD| Bluetooth BLE| OAuth | AES Encyption Dependency Injection | Butterknife Reactive Programming | RxAndroid Agile | Scrum | XP Push Notifications | Patterns| Instruments tests |RESTful Web Service | GIT | GitLab | SVN | Jenkins | MVC | SOLID | OOP Design | Unit Testing| Multithreading | Jira| OAUTH2 | ZXing | CARD.IO | Stripe | PayPal| Android Studio 3.2 | Waterfall | AsyncTask Loaders | Circle CI | JetPack | Slices | ContentProviders | EventBus | MonkeyRunner | Slack | Kanbaan | Trello | JIRA | Confluence



Confidential, Seattle, WA

Methodology: XP Programming, TDD


  • Converted the data model, api communication service layer and view UI layer to Kotlin programming language and JetPack library
  • Used the Data Binding Library to support two-way data binding to receive data changes to a property and listen to user updates to that property at the same time
  • Created custom and compound views to show Breaking news and live video alerts data returned after parsing
  • Worked with external client to in corporate FreeWheel sdk and Nielsen proprietary measurement sdk for monetization features
  • Improved live video playback performance and fixed some display issues with the widget within the application
  • Pair-programed to use Urban Airship SDK to in corporate messaging and content delivery tools, including Push Notifications, Rich Media Messaging, In-App Purchase and Subscriptions
  • Stream favorite Confidential and MSNBC shows using ExoPlayer MediaPlayer API for adaptive playback, media composition and caching
  • Coded using ReactiveX programming to compose asynchronous and event-based programs, avoid intricate stateful programs, using clean input/output functions over observable streams
  • Wrote test cases using JUnit /Mockito testing frameworks for model and viewmodel layer
  • Worked closely with the external designer team to import the assets correctly through Invisio and Zeplin web platforms


Confidential, Brookhaven, GA

Methodology: Agile, Scrum, TDD


  • Used ReactiveX API for reactive programming with operators to transform, combine, manipulate, and work with the sequences of items emitted by Observables with schedulers
  • Changed app architecture from MVC to new lifecycle aware Architectural components of LiveData, ViewModel and Room
  • Created a Widget on home screen to show the latest rain alert for current or chosen location
  • Build Location Services in the app to get the current location, get periodic location updates, look up addresses, create and monitor geo-fences, and detect user activities
  • Added Google In-app purchasing and Amazon In- app purchasing library to buy Premium services for HD maps and unlock more rich features
  • Configured Google Cloud Messaging to send push notifications to user about Live severe weather alerts with Storm and rain with real time precipitation updates
  • Created custom views and compound views to display High-quality data in a graph
  • Pair-programed to work in Real time HD map and NOAA forecast features using ReLinker, XML Serialization, sag-android and Google Guava external libraries
  • Coded PermissionUtils permission to access user location to provide personalised local weather data, alerts, and forecasts
  • Independently worked on parsing XML data returned by Rain API, Wind speed API and Local temperature API
  • Provided continuous improvement through creative solutions to glitches in synchronisation, asynchronous APIs, and leveraging offline features


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Methodology: Agile, continuous Integration with scrum


  • Divided the application into at least three different layers and take most of logic out from the activities so that we can test it without using instrumentation tests in MVP architecture
  • Provided migration from RxJava1.0 to RxJava 2.0 using Flowable, Disposable, Schedulers, Bi-functions, operators and other functions
  • Configured MixPanel with Firebase API to send push notifications, record events and stored User Profiles
  • Used Retrofit2, okhttp library to refine service layer and display local hosts offering a place to stay and fun events data in material designed Recyclerview
  • Independently worked and optimized on the feature Easily create and manage a Confidential profile’
  • Incorporated PhotoView imageView library to perform zooming, multi-touch, double-tap and update UI based on the current zoom/scroll position
  • Performed instrumentation/UI testing, simulated any kind of user interaction, and assert what happens after some kind of user interaction
  • Improved Payment module to allow consumers to pay via credit card, debit using Stripe and Braintree SDK
  • Pair programmed to implement 128-bit encryption to protect customer data in transit and on device using Java Cryptography Architecture and Android Crypto API
  • Created paid version product flavour and build variants for paid customers to expose advance features


Confidential, Santa Monica, CA

Methodology: TDD and Iterative-Approach


  • Refactored legacy codebase, architected the project using MVP and widely applied code reusability using dependency injection libraries (Dagger2, Butterknife).
  • Improve network communications on mobile platforms making synchronous and asynchronous web service calls using Picasso, Volley, multithreading mechanism, IntentServices, REST web-services and JSON Parsing
  • Created multiple cache services to make the app available in offline mode implementing GreenDAO databases with Content Providers.
  • Used Protocol Buffers for serializing structured data
  • Built several Custom Binding Adapters to manage different attributes custom binding logics
  • Refactored old designs with Coordinator layout, toolbar, recycler view and material design principles
  • Configured Samsung In-App purchasing to buy VIP status that will allow you to view Confidential ad free
  • Make code testable, modular and compose the dependency graph at runtime using Dagger and Butterknife injection libraries
  • Measured usage trends, uncovered issues, and analysed behaviours using Crittercism
  • Used ORMLite for persisting Java objects to SQL databases for offline mode features


Confidential, Downers Grove, IL

Methodology: Watefall and BDD


  • Developed in Java using the Eclipse IDE and the Android Development Tool (ADT).
  • Worked with NineOldAndroids library to include animation rotations, translations, alpha variations and scaling.
  • Used the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) for debugging and testing
  • Used Fragment capabilities to handle multiport views and different screen size devices
  • Used services, broadcast receivers and Eventbus to implement publisher/subscriber pattern
  • Incorporated Crashlytics to deliver real-time, detailed crash report with Jenkins CI
  • Integrated Robotium for behavior driven development testing
  • Solely optimised the feature ‘Search current location or a specific address’
  • Worked with external API developers to parse ‘View others ratings api ’ and ‘reviews api’ using AsyncTask and display in customised Listview

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