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Lead Developer Resume



  • Professional experience in application software design/development/testing/maintenance.
  • Experience with Front - end/Java/J2EE/Spring/Hibernate/EJB/Servlets and JSP’s.
  • Experienced with Web application frameworks like Spring (IOC/DI), Struts (MVC) etc.
  • Experience with Mobile developments using Android/iOS and Sencha touch etc.
  • Experience with developing Single page applications and Responsive design appsusing HTMl5/CSS3/ Ajax and Java Script Frameworks.
  • Hands on experience in JS package manager Node.JS and ES6 and advance core java script skills.
  • Hands on experience in Web development using HTML, CSS, AJAX, EXTJS, Java Script, JQuery, Dojo, EXTJS, Flex.
  • Good understanding Java Script Frameworks like Angular JS and Backbone JS/Require JS/Jasmine etc.
  • Experience with developing high scalability applications using Node.JS and Express and Angular and MongoDB.
  • Experience with reusable UI components using JS Frameworks like DOJO/EXTJS/AngularJS/React JS etc.
  • Experience in developing/ architecting Mobile apps using Phone Gap, HTML5, Java Script, CSS3 and Android, iOS applications and also using Mobile Frameworks Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, and DOJO Mobile.
  • Good understanding Programming Languages Java, JavaScript, Type Script,ES6,SQL, Objective C, Swift, C#, Python, Go etc.
  • Experience in writing the apps using Dojo Mobile and Dojo AMD module with custom builds.
  • Experience with No SQL Databases like MongoDB to handle big data and query performance and to avoid complex Database relationships.
  • Experience with JDK 5, 1.6 and 7/1.8 and SOA web services, Rest, SOAP, J2EE, OR Mapping etc.
  • Experienced with Web application frameworks like Spring (IOC/DI), Struts (MVC) etc.
  • Experience with developing Single page applications and Responsive design apps.
  • Experience in writing mobile apps using Sencha Touch cross browser Framework, Sencha Architect
  • Experience in App store submission Mobile apps deployments using iTunes/Android and Enterprise Mobile apps using Air watch (MDM).
  • Experience in writing the apps using Dojo Mobile and Dojo AMD module with custom builds.
  • Good understanding Java Script Frameworks like Angular JS and Backbone JS/Require JS/Jasmine etc.
  • Hands on experience in Web development using HTML, CSS, AJAX, EXTJS, Java Script, JSP, JSF. YUI, JQuery, GWT, Dojo, Prototype, EXTJS, Openlaszlo, Flex.
  • Excellent understanding .Net Framework(ASP.Net,C#,Silverlight,LINQ,WCF,Visual Studio)
  • Developed server-side applications using technologies like Java, EJB, Servlets, JSP, JSF, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JSTL, Struts, Java Mail, RMI, CORBA, UDDI, WSDL, SOAP, XML/XSL, XML Schemas and deployed on J2EE/XML platforms. Experience working in UNIX/ Shell Scripting.
  • Strong Experience in JavaBeans, EJB, CORBA, RMI/IIOP, Java Mail, Servlets, JSP, and applets, AWT/JFC, JDBC, XML, XSL, JNDI, LDAP, ASP, Oracle and UNIX Shell Scripting. Hands on experience in implementing the web applications using the web 2.0 standards. Experience with BEA Web Logic with excellent knowledge of IBM Web Sphere, Tomcat, JBoss and J2EE reference implementation servers. Hands on experience in ORM frameworks Hibernate and iBatis.
  • Worked using several Design patterns (Singleton, Factory, Builder, and Proxy) and J2EE design patterns like Session Facade, Service Locator. Extensive experience in design, development and implementation of Model- View - Controller (MVC, MVC2) using Struts framework.
  • Good Understanding of .Net technology stack ASP.Net, C#, WCF, Win forms, XAML, Silverlight, IIS, Windows Mobile etc.


Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, HP-Unix, UNIX, Windows 2000/NT/Mac.

Languages: C, C++, SQL, and PL/SQL.

Mobile Technologies: Android, iOS, Xcode, Objective C, Webkit, HTMl5, CSS3, jQuery MobileDOJO, Mobile, Sencha Touch.

Web Technologies: AWT, Applets, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, PHP, Struts, JSF, Java Beans, JNDI,EJBRMI, CORBA, SOAP, UDD, WSDL, JMS, Spring and Hibernate

MQSeries Family: MQSeries 5.1/5.2, WMQ, WMQI, MQSI, WMQI, WBIMB, ICS, WBI AdaptersMQSeries Java, MQSeries JMS, NEON Formatter, NEON Rules,Candle, Tivoli

RDBMS: Oracle 8.X, Oracle 7.X, DB2, Sybase 11 and MSSQL Server 7 and MS Access.

Integration Tools: Web Methods, Tibco, MQ Series.

Microsoft Technologies: VC++, .Net Framework 4.0, Silver light, ASP.Net, C#, SOAP, Web services (WCF), LINQ, Entity Framework.

Rich UI: EXTJS, YUI, Prototype, Dojo, GWT, Flex, Silver Light, HTML5, CSS3.

Flex: Data Services, Web Services, Http Services, Remote Objects, MXML, Action Script, Charting, CSS, Adobe Live Cycle Data Services (LCDS), Flash, AIR.

Scripting Languages: HTML, DHTML, XML, Shell Scripting, Perl5, Python and Tcl .

GUI: GWT, Swing, AWT, JSF, and Flex.

Java Script:: AngularJS,ExtJS,Sencha,Sencha Touch, Back Bone JS,Node JS etc.

Web/Application Server: Web Sphere, WAS, Web Logic, IIS, Tomcat, and JBoss.

Tools: & Utilities:: Rational Suite, Visual Age, Borland Jbuilder2.0, and Visual Caf .

IDE: ECLIPSE, WSAD, RAD, JDeveloper, JBuilder, Oracle Developer Suite.

Version Controls: Clear Case, CVS and PVCS.


Confidential, NJ

Lead developer


  • Followed agile methodology. Understanding the requirements and involved team meetings.
  • Created UI Components using ReactJS/HTML5/CSS3 etc.
  • Followed Redux architecture used Actions/Reducers and store etc.
  • Good understanding of React Components and Virtual Dom/state/props and event handling etc.
  • Good understanding of core java script concepts/Dom manipulation/Ajax/Closures etc.
  • Hands on experience in Modern Java script ES6/Type script etc.
  • Used Build tools like Webpack/Bable/Npm etc. Visual Studio code editor.
  • Worked on reports module Micro services to create the restful services.
  • Resolved Java Out of memory issues in Production JVM using Streaming API’s.
  • Involved in integrating Confidential and Autopay API’s for producing EEO1 report.
  • Involved in detailed requirements discussion and design discussion.
  • Created flow diagram to understand the API’s integration end to end use case.
  • Created restful API’s using Java/J2ee and Spring/GuiceFrameworks.
  • Used GSON and Jackson for marshaling Java POJOS from and to JSON.
  • Involved in Framework changes to expose the rest end points to make it as internal API’s.
  • Involved in Framework changes to support batch inserts using SQL2O Framework.
  • Writing SQL queries for CRUD operations.
  • Involved in micro services deployments using Jenkins CI.
  • Testing restful end points using tools like postman. Used Splunk for logging.
  • Setup environment using VM Ware (Linux), Git, NodeJS, Eclipse, Kafka etc.
  • Resolving productions issues and out of memory issues etc.
  • Implemented the client feedback in reports and UI.

Environment: Java/J2EE, EJB,Eclipse,VM Ware, Linux, Visual Studio, Git, NodeJS, GSON,Jackson, JSON, Micro Services, REST/SOAP, Tomcat, WebSphere, ReactJS,HTML5, CSS3, Oracle.

Confidential, NJ

Director, Application Engineering


  • Involved requirements discussions and Followed Agile methodology and used JIRA and Source Tree.
  • Involved in product discussions and development and process improvement meetings.
  • Responsible for mobile application development and Web app development.
  • Followed MVC architecture and followed various J2EE design patterns in Android development
  • Responsible for creating User Interface usingadvanced Java Script and CSS3 frameworks like Angular//HTMl5/CSS3 etc.
  • Used Mongo DB no-SQL DB for performance and scalability. Developed Alerts module using Python Django Framework. Implemented Application routing and translations using Django Framework.Apps deployed in Amazon Cloud environment AWS/EC2/S3/Lambda etc. Created python scripts to provide S3 files encryption using AWS S3 API.
  • Handled Django language translations to support multiple languages Japanese/French/Spanish etc.
  • Worked with Graphics designer to make the website look great.
  • Responsible Android App design/development and deployment to the Google play store.
  • Responsible for Android/iOS app bug fixes and enhancements and redesign the application.
  • Redesigned Android screens to support the different devices using Android Layouts.
  • Used various layouts Relative and Linear etc. Responsible for developing UI to support Phone/Tablets in various sizes.
  • Implemented chat messenger components to provide the chat feature to the Mobile users. Used XMPP Smack API for chat messaging API.Migrated older versions Smack and S3 API’s.
  • Used Mobile push notifications. Resolved various certificate related issue in different Android versions.
  • Created Android activities and Layouts and UI components (Lists/Dialogs/menus/Web view/Video player/ etc.) and services etc.
  • Used encryption and Decryption and certificates and https communications to provide the security.
  • Implemented Camera/Video features to upload the videos. Used S3 API to upload the attachments.
  • Responsible for Mobile language translations to support multiple languages.
  • Fixing the Android bugs and resolving the Network related issues. Used Android Hockey API to communicate the Node.js API’s.Used localytics Framework to log the events for Analysis and reporting purpose.

Environment: Python, Pycharm, Android/iOS, Android Studio, Java, XMPP, Smack,Node.JS,iOS/Swift/ Objective-C,AWS, S3, REST/SOAP, Cloud, Java Script/Angular/HTML5, CSS3, MySQL.

Confidential, NY

Lead UI developer


  • Responsible for choosing the Java Script frameworks like Angular and React JS etc. open source software’s which suites for the project.
  • Responsible for UI prototyping and creating mockup screens. Creating Layouts and logs and styling CSS.
  • Responsible for consistent looks and feel of UI and better UI error messages and usability.
  • Responsible for creating UI to support desktop and mobile devices.
  • Responsible for creating the project structure and setting up the dev environment and deployments.
  • Followed Agile and JIRA and QC and used Eclipse and Visual studio/SQL Server and SVN etc.
  • Create UI screens using AngularJS with Material design Framework.
  • Created custom directives to create custom re-usable components across different screens.
  • Created UI Components (using ng-data table and customized as per requirements) built-in components like dropdown and text inputs and buttons and menus etc.
  • Created UI neatly without showing scrollbars as much as possible using Flex layouts and CSS3 media queries.
  • Created UI using HTML and CSS3 and Angular material components and third party UI components.
  • Used Angular MVVM framework (Services and Controllers and scope and DI etc.) unit testing using Jasmine and Karma, used Node JS/Grunt for dependency management and as a build tool.
  • Used Angular manual bootstrap and HTML5 local storage and CSS3 animations etc. Integrated Angular UI using HTTP service (Get/Post/Put methods) and JSON format with custom headers.
  • Research on Anghular2 features and Typescript/CoffeeScript/Babel/Dart and ES6 features.
  • Responsible for application performance tuning and creating UI with responsive design and cross browser.
  • Responsible for Server side coding using Spring Framework and Restful and SOAP based web servicesand Unit test using Junit.Resolving cross browser issues.
  • Spring Batch to perform batch operation for data transformations. Usedspring boot to avoid the web configurations and make it simple to bootstrap the application.
  • Used .Net framework to authenticate the user using Windows authentication and Angular JWT token to authenticate the restful services.
  • Used JMS and Active MQ to communicate Oracle ESB.Used core java features (collections and Threads etc.) and used Java 1.8 features. Build tool as Maven.
  • Deployments using Maven and Tomcat. Authentication using Windows based and IIS.
  • Used CORS to resolve the cross domain issues. Hibernate as ORM layer. Used standard J2EE design patterns.

Environment: Eclipse,Java,Spring,REST/SOAP,IIS/Windows Authentication, JavaScript,AngularJS/Material Design,HTML5,CSS3,MVC,Java,Spring Batch,SpringBoot,J2EE,.Net,Oracle ESB, JUnit,Maven,Windows Server,Tomcat.

Confidential, NJ

Senior developer


  • Responsible for Application Design and Coding and Unit testing and Code reviews.
  • Responsible for creating Technical design document and setting up the dev environment for the team.
  • Responsible for creating Application structure using MVC and MVVM Frameworks.
  • Responsible for prod support existed Confidential portal Dojo based Application. Responsible for UI enhancements used dojo Widgets and AJAX and Stores etc.
  • Responsible for creating Unified portal screens using AngularJS and Bootstrap Framework.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap Components and Layouts to create the Screen.
  • Used Components like Dialog/Panels and ng-grid etc. Migrated the screens form bootstrap framework to Google Material design. Migrated Navigation using angular material Side Nav component.
  • Migrated screens to angular material components and moved ng-data-table form ng-grid component.
  • Responsible for creating Unified portal main layout header footer and left Navigation.
  • Responsible for creating modules and services and used built-in modules like $http and $interval etc.
  • Creating custom Directives. Responsible for adding CSS3 based animations for main view (ng-view).
  • Used Angular router to navigate between the application’s different screens.
  • Responsible for application performance tuning and optimization to speed up the application.
  • Responsible for creating Angular JS views using html content and styling the html using CSS.
  • Responsible for creating angular services and controllers and framework components and Filters/Order http modules get/post etc. Unit testing using Karma Framework
  • Responsible for application design look and feel header and footer and fonts and background colors of the User Interface using CSS styles and images.Used Spring Framework and Java/J2EE in the middle layer.
  • Followed various J2EE Design patterns and Restful Architecture.
  • Restful services using Jersey rest framework also used spring boot framework and tomcat server. Responsible for integrating external API AJAX calls using CORS
  • Used Eclipse and Gradle build system to resolve the dependencies later moved to maven.
  • Core Java concepts using Collections and Threads/Synchronization/concurrency/Deep understanding Hashing and JDK1.7/1.8 versions.

Environment: Eclipse,Java,Spring,Jersey,RESTfulwebservices,SSO/LDAP, JavaScript,AngularJS/Bootstrap Framework,AngularMaterial/Dojo,MongoDB,HTML5,CSS3,MVC,Java,Spring,SpringBoot,JerseyrestFramework,Python,Cloud,AWS(AmazonWebservices)Vmware,Openstack,Docker,J2EE,JUnit,GIT,Maven,Gradle,Unix/Linux,Tomat.

Confidential, NJ

Senior UI developer


  • Involving the Requirements and Design discussions. Responsible for coordination with off shore team on daily basis.
  • Followed UI MVC Framework suggested by the EXTJS team for easy migration in future EXTJS versions.
  • Responsible for creating the design document from the use case document and mockups.
  • Responsible for creating rich UI applications responsive design and Single Page applications.
  • Responsible for Analyzing and Designing the forms and endorsements existed UI to convert form Spring/Servlets/IFrame HTML content in to EXTJS components.
  • Responsible for creating the JSON Request and Response for UI Development
  • Created User Interface using HTML/CSS3/Sencha/EXJS Framework. Responsible for creating EXTJS custom components. Understanding EXTJS Component Life cycle and EXTJS Class system etc.
  • Used Chrome Frame to improve the application UI performance in IE8.
  • Responsible for EXTJS Dom query /Dom manipulation/CSS styles modification/event handling
  • Responsible for creating Object oriented Java Script classes using Sencha Framework.
  • Responsible for creating the base classes/Abstract classes extending the base classes etc.
  • Responsible for implementing model objects and populating the data using EXTJS stores
  • Used EXTJS Layouts and View port to resize the User Interface automatically
  • Responsible for populating data in Grids/Drop downs/Trees using JSON format also used Grid renderers used AJAX to communicate the server implemented callbacks and error handling for AJAX calls.
  • Responsible for Analyzing and Designing the forms and endorsements existed UI to convert form Spring/Servlets/IFrame HTML content in to EXTJS components
  • Responsible for EXTJS Dom query /Dom manipulation/CSS styles modification/event handling.
  • Followed the J2EE design patterns like Façade/Factory/MVC/IOC/Dao etc.

Environment: JavaScript,EXTJS,AnjularJS,HTML5,CSS3,MVC,Java,Spring,WebServices,J2EE,JUnit,Oracle,DB2, Ant, WebSphere, SOAP, WSDL.

Confidential, NJ

Senior developer


  • Responsible for Mobile app Development/Deployments Enterprise apps/App store apps.
  • As part of the Global team responsible for researching web/mobile technologies and provide guidance to use various technologies and Frameworks and design patterns.
  • Responsible for researching and doing POC to evaluate the capabilities of various Web Frameworks like jQuery/Dojo/Sencha/Node.JS etc.
  • Dojo as enterprise standard Framework and Created custom widget and Custom builds etc.
  • Attended Training form Official Dojo Team in Confidential to understand Future Dojo releases.
  • Dojo Widgets and Stores and Ajax and AMD modules etc.
  • Research on Dojo Wink toolkit to understand the Framework capabilities.
  • Worked on Jamboree Framework which provides Content Management System in Enterprise Mobility.

Environment: Eclipse,XCode,ObjectiveC,Android,iPhone,iPad,Java,SSO/LDAP,DOJOMobile,WinkToolkit,SenchaTouch,EXTJS,jQueryMobile/AngularJS/BavBoneJS/JavaScript/NodeJS,PhoneGap,Java,J2EE,JUnit,Webservices,Oracle,Ant,Tomcat,SOAP,WSDL.

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