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Architect, Manager & Offshore Coordinator Resume

Omaha, NE


  • Over 23 years experience in IT industry as Manager, Architect, Team Leader and Project Leader, involved in analysis, design, conversion, testing, implementation & support for various systems based on Client/Server and Web Technologies.
  • Very experienced in requirements elicitation and systems analysis.
  • Strong OO design and development skills.
  • Experience with n - tier architectures for application partitioning and distribution using J2EE.


Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux.

Languages: Java, C/C++, PERL and UNIX shell scripts.

App Servers: JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic.

Web: J2EE experience using Servlet/JSP, EJB, Struts, Spring, Hibernate.

Databases: Sybase, Oracle, Informix along with associated ESQL s & API s.


Architect, Manager & Offshore coordinator

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • Executed the successful conversion of a Windows NT system and associated applications to QNX on a ruggedized train locomotive embedded device.
  • Prior to conversion, application was WIN32 compliant and was built on MS Visual C++.
  • Post conversion application was a multithread/multiprocess POSIX API compliant C++ application.
  • Tasks involved hands-on coding and day-to-day on-shore off-site coordination.
  • Application conversion resulted in 4-fold reduction in memory footprint and 4-fold speedup in execution.


Confidential, Indianapolis, IN


  • Architected replacement of existing Retirement System, which involved the following: In corporate the Spring Framework’s powerful features such that EJB’s are never used, which resulted in heavy performance gains.
  • Create a utility via the Spring Framework for invoking Web Services, which resulted in a simple and elegant Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution for the application.
  • Evaluate vendor-provided Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) products to in corporate SOA into the application, which gave excellent clues for progressing with a SOA solution for the application.

Senior Manager

Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI


  • Set up a performance monitoring application for Confidential, which involved utilizing JMX to obtain performance monitoring data and storing the data for statistics. Data storage/retrieval performed using Hibernate.
  • Obtained useful analysis data for applications installed in JBoss and Websphere App Servers.
  • Evaluated high-level J2EE architectural documents from various projects and participated in their design.
  • Involved in using Rational Rose and RUP methodology for producing high-level architecture design for different projects.
  • Supervised the creation and management of a Linux lab to build Linux excellence for the company.
  • Services utilized for providing full-fledged Linux solutions to existing customers.

Sr. Specialist

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Developed dynamic web pages using a four-tiered architecture based on J2EE technologies using Applets, JSP/Servlets, EJB ’s and JDBC/Sybase.
  • Increased analytics speed by a factor of 4 through inserting multi-threaded library functions from both POSIX and Solaris.

Software Engineer

Confidential, East Brunswick, NJ


  • Designed, developed and maintained a Customer Care Platform, whose end users were over 1000 collections representatives. Configured a 3-tiered architecture as follows:
  • Developed GUI providing information display, using X/Motif/TeleUSE with C++.
  • Developed gateway using Sybase Open Server & Open Client to direct information traffic between front end and various data stores nationwide.
  • Performed Sybase Open Server coding on data stores located nationwide where data was stored using different technologies, namely, Informix, MVS/DB2 & Oracle. Coding also performed in Oracle, Pro-C, Informix, ESQL, cs lib & srv lib.

Software Engineer (Consultant)

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Pioneered, designed, developed and delivered a GUI for an Architecture Simulator and Timer, which was used for tuning the initial set of PowerPC chips produced by Confidential, Motorola and Apple. Detailed, easy to view information from the GUI contributed significantly to compiler design.
  • Task involved displaying a very high level view of the chips and simulating the flow of instructions across their various components.
  • Used skills acquired in Motif, Xt Intrinsics, UIL & Xlib in previous jobs for the task. Hardware platform was an Confidential RISC 6000.
  • Designed and upgraded an internal Version Control and Defect Tracking system (similar to Confidential Tracker), utilizing X Windows with Motif, Xt Intrinsics & Xlib environments for providing user-friendly interfaces to end product.
  • Maintained Oracle database schema, including schema enhancements and performance tuning.
  • Used Oracle SQL & ESQL for the data storage and retrieval.

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