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Lead Software Solutions Engineer Resume

Shoreview, MN


  • 9+ Years experience designing, developing and managing the delivery of Real Time, Client/Server and Web Centric transactional applications using software engineering best practices that achieve business objectives.
  • Experience in managing and leading small to mid - size teams both on and offshore through various phases of software development lifecycle to deliver projects within budget.
  • Experience in developing work plans, managing budgets and resources, recruiting, performance feedback and monitoring project standards for deliverables from prototype to deployment and driving complex projects with multiple stakeholders to successful completion.
  • Researched, evaluated, documented, recommended and implemented strategies to meet the functional, technical, operational, and strategic requirements as defined by customers and corporate goals.
  • Sound knowledge in architecting Object-Oriented systems using UML and Rational Unified Process from both a Structural (Class/Object/Component/Deployment Diagrams) and Behavioral (Use Case/Sequence/State Chart/Activity/Collaboration Diagrams) perspective. Possess broad technical knowledge in areas of data, infrastructure and applications architecture.
  • Experience in identifying and applying OO Patterns and SOA concepts in the development of enterprise technical architectures integrating a wide variety platforms (mainframe, client-server and e-commerce platforms).
  • Experience in the development of multi-tier platform neutral web and client-server applications using Java, J2EE (JCA, EJB, RMI, JDBC, AWT, Java Beans, Security, CORBA, XML) and Confidential technologies (ASP, VB, SQL server).


DOMAIN: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Health insurance, Medical devices

INTERNET/ECOMMERCE: XML, DOM, SAX, HTML, PERL, JAVASCRIPT, ASP, IIS, Weblogic, J2EE Infrastructure, Web services


DBMS: SQL Server 2000, stored procedures, MS Access, SQL, PLSQL, Oracle 7.2, DB2

OO MODELING TOOLS: Rational Rose, Visio, UML Modeling Language

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE: PLM ( Confidential ), MQ Series, Mercator


METHODOLOGIES: OOA/OOD, Design Patterns, OOP, Iterative, Structured DesignRational Unified Process

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Work breakdown structures (MS Project), scope/budget management, estimating, delegation, performance feedback, mentoring


Lead Software Solutions Engineer

Confidential, Shoreview, MN


  • Project Planning, Estimating, Scheduling, Scope Management
  • Requirement / use case Analysis
  • Architecture Analysis / Definition (CORBA infrastructure, J2EE infrastructure )
  • Performance analysis and testing

Project Lead



  • Architected and Led the CORBA implementation using TAO interface to the C++ server and architect the J2EE presentation tier and enterprise tier layers to interface to the C++ server.
  • Worked as project lead on several POR projects such as multisite management, usage serve unix port, followed the SDLC process, created all appropriate documentation (Project plan, SRS, FS, PTP) and delegated work to team members for the successful completion of the project. Worked through project dependencies and between Teamcenter products
  • Created and delivered Design Review Presentations to high level management to communicate the high level design approach
  • Designed and implemented new server assignment algorithm for assigning client requests across a multiple application servers in a load-balanced enterprise environment.
  • Designed and implemented J2EE components such as JCA for connection management, EJBs for business logic processing and Java servlets and Java server pages for server side web transaction processing.
  • Led the effort to create a custom build environment to build and run the enterprise and presentation tier and CORBA server components in the configuration management system.
  • Led the effort to gather performance and scalability metrics for the system (Performance Test planning, infrastructure procurement and setup and collection and interpretation of the metrics)
  • Quickly came up to speed on disparate technologies
  • Motivated the team to complete the solution on time and within budget.
  • Tracked the business requirements from the business stakeholders to deliver the appropriate solution
  • Understood the interplay between different business systems and the associated dependencies to effectively transform the business use case into a working technical solution.
  • Provided regular status updates relating to team activities to the higher level management keeping them informed of issues and possible solutions.

Advanced Software Solutions Engineer



  • Primary contributor in several phases of the lifecycle of the project.
  • Analyzed and designed the core functionality to be exposed as web services through requirements discussions with the customer of the project
  • Led top level design and architecture discussions to decide on the layering of the Web services functionality on a J2EE infrastructure, exception handling, authentication and build mechanisms
  • Created a set of published web services schemas and WSDLs detailing the operations and message format to be used by the client to invoke the core document style web service functionality. Created UML diagrams corresponding to the XML schema relating the XML schema element to the corresponding java objects
  • Coded and tested a prototype as part of detailed design in C++ to expose a core functionality namely retrieving a product from the Teamcenter system using web services. This prototype involved parsing the input XML string into its component object and invoking the core functionality to retrieve a product and package the result object back into an XML string that corresponds to the XML schema and WSDL for the web service for consumption by the web service client
  • Used the AXIS toolkit for serialization of the input XML to JAXB objects and marshalling JAXB objects back to XML
  • Created Visual C++ code for the new resource tier layers involved in marshalling the input XML into C++ objects and invoking the appropriate components and packaging the results back into XML for the Business Object Management and Reservation web service. (Implemented about 20 web service operations and approximately 5000 lines of C++ code)
  • Performed rigorous unit testing of web service code and captured the expected and actual unit test results in a unit test plan
  • Created the exception handling, journaling and localization and internationalization framework and implementations for the entire web services project
  • Performed appropriate modifications to the product build mechanisms to build the new web services project as part of the project builds
  • Created end to end Java test clients to simulate an external web services client using the exposed web services functionality through the complete 3-tier J2EE infrastructure.
  • Gathered performance metrics for the web service operations from journals and logs created at each layer of the 3 tier architecture. Analyzed the metrics and implemented architecture enhancements to improve performance.

Lead Consultant

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Specified the standard workstation configuration for Operation Maintenance (OM) desktops resulting in reduced support and maintenance cost of the desktops used in Confidential offshore Delivery centers.
  • Created a Desktop Services process document elaborating the install, maintenance and upgrade process for the OM workstations.
  • Performed technical research of several tools used for Operational Maintenance from a wide variety of architectural platforms such as Mainframe, Application servers, EAI tools and Unix systems.
  • Coordinated the transition of the ongoing daily maintenance of 90 applications from the client to Confidential Offshore delivery centers that provided labor savings through use of off-shore resources and decreased non-discretionary operational costs for the client.
  • Managed the procurement, licensing, tracking and distribution of install software for 150 tools from diverse architectural platforms requested for Banyan OM maintenance within tight schedules and budget. This allowed the operational maintenance activities to be transitioned to offshore team on time resulting in cost savings for the client
  • Collected preliminary data from OM application resources relating to documentation and comments available in the application.
  • Created a comprehensive estimating model and work estimates based on the data collected, for the task of adding structured comments to OM applications to improve ease of maintenance.

System Analyst / Technical Lead



  • Performed system analysis and design activities for five major releases of a major platform conversion effort (a Top five Corporate-wide IT initiative) to support the conversion of customers and insured members from a legacy mainframe claims platform to a consolidated Unix claims processing system. The conversion application interacts with 6 to 10 applications across a combination of Unix and mainframe technologies
  • Created the solution approach and high level design to meet the business requirements that were targeted towards retiring the legacy claims systems resulting in a consolidated claims processing system and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Communicated the solutions to client technical and business representatives in an effective manner.
  • Created high level design solutions and architectures spanning multiple technology platforms such as IBM MVS mainframe, CICS, Unisys mainframe systems, real-time transactional systems and online systems.
  • Created System Analysis Artifacts such as Interface Specifications, Logical and Physical Data Models for DB2 database, Use case descriptions, Online Web Prototype and detail designs specifications to document the High Level design solution.
  • Coded, unit and assembly tested several asp pages within a 2 week deadline containing SQL queries to access the DB2 database to input administration data for health plans and report on the batch conversion runs.
  • Completed the build of the asp pages ahead of schedule allowing the conversion process to begin on time resulting in cost savings for the client.
  • Mentored other members on the development team on solutions to design and coding problems.
  • Created several project planning artifacts such as project estimates and scope and approach documents for multiple releases.
  • Lead the team in completing a list of System Test preparation tasks. Delegated issues to appropriate owners, monitored progress, updated top management of current status and issues as appropriate.
  • Leveraged skills of team members to complete the tasks within scheduled deadlines.

Technical Team Lead



  • Created a Process Model detailing the start - end business and technical process involved in the deploying the Confidential product.
  • Designed a Self Service Center website allowing the customer clients to pre-qualify, install and obtain product information relating to nexLink. The Self Service Center website reduces the time, effort and manual processes involved deploying the nexLink product.
  • Created the Self Service Center requirements document specifying the business, functional and technical requirements through interactions with users and business stakeholders.
  • Created the detail design of the self service center website components relating to the front-end asp pages, VB business objects and database schema of the SQL server database used for the website.
  • Created client side MQ tool in ASP, VB 6.0 to make MQI calls to a B2B exchange MQ Series server to initiate the digital certificate generation process used to generate certificate for Confidential clients.
  • Created stored procedures and queries to automatically extract data and reports on a weekly basis form the SQL server database backend of the CRM tool (Onyx) used by Confidential operational team to record data relating to the nexLink operational activities.
  • Tracked the progress of the nexLink Operational team tasks using the weekly reports and provided feedback to upper management.
  • Created nexLink Project charter document based on the business needs, scope and priorities
  • Created work plan detailing the estimates to complete the tasks in the release and identified strategies to handle resource allocation and timelines.

Technical Team Lead/Project Manager



  • Analyzed the architecture of the client B2B exchange. Created top level design of the XML transformation components that communicate to the B2B exchange using Object oriented methodologies.
  • Created detailed design of the XML parsing and Transaction Management components using UML and RUP.
  • Developed Java components to perform transformations of the data extracted from comma delimited format input claim files to XML using SAX parser.
  • Developed Java components to submit electronic claim transactions using HTTPS to a B2B exchange from provider systems, increasing the number of electronic transactions and reducing costly paper claim transactions.
  • Performed unit and integration testing of the components. Conducted code walkthrough of the XML transform components.
  • Phase 2 - Development
  • Analyzed different architectures, product and platform options utilizing application servers, MQ series and EAI products to determine the architecture that satisfies the project requirements of reliability, security and scalability.
  • Performed evaluation of EAI products such as eGate 4.5 and Mercator to determine the best fit according to the project requirements.
  • Performed analysis of MQ Series, MQ everyplace products to implement guaranteed messaging in the architecture.
  • Conducted discussions with the project sponsor and third party contractors (Sun, IBM) to communicate, influence and reach agreement on high level architecture decisions.
  • Phase 3 - Pilot
  • Created Java components to transform fixed file format to XML and communicate to B2B exchange.
  • Created detailed designs using UML for the XML transformations and performed unit and integration tests on the components. The XML transformation components handled exception conditions and validations.
  • Performed Code optimizations to improve performance of the product.
  • Phase 4 - Operational
  • Resolved issues / bugs identified in the pilot site.
  • Conceptualized and created the detail design for the several enhancements to the Confidential product.
  • Analyzed the architecture of the B2B exchange by working closely with the Client Team. Created presentations on the design of the product and performed demos of Confidential prototype and product to top level management to obtain consensus and approvals. Turned the project around from the stage of being shelved to a successful product launch.
  • Assumed mentor role and helped analysts on the team in updating their skills in Java and also involved in sharing knowledge on high level architecture and design of systems using EAI tools and Application servers.
  • Managed the scope of the project by setting priorities, created work plans according to available budget and timelines.
  • Created project estimates and assigned appropriate resources to tasks and monitored progress of tasks in the work plan. Managed dependencies across multiple development teams across several time zones and locations.
  • Communicated effectively to multiple stakeholders and clients to determine the business requirements for the product. Performed performance appraisals, and provided feedback and coaching to team members to maximize team’s performance. Updated management of the current status of the project through regular status reports and meetings.
  • Analyzed and solved poorly defined problems in the application domain.
  • Created presentations and documents to persuade clients of the business need and value added to the client through the product.
  • Reviewed resumes and conducted technical interviews to fill open positions in the team.
  • Anticipated and handled critical technical and logistical situations that arose during the course of the project and drove the project to successful completion.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Arden Hills, MN


  • Object Oriented analysis and modeling using UML and Rational Unified Process
  • Reuse Architecture
  • Build Java and C++ components
  • XML transformations
  • Life cycle development (Requirements, design, build and test)
  • Created a set of reusable software components in C++ and Java using object oriented analysis and design methodologies resulting in reduced time to market for future product releases.
  • Identified the reusable components through use case analysis of the application domain.
  • Modeled the components using the UML modeling language and represented in Rational Rose tool. Several standard OO Design patters (such as Observer pattern, Model-View-Controller, Broker pattern) were used to increase reusability and reliability.
  • Specified the requirement information relating to the reusable components using XML.
  • Used a standard DTD to represent structure of requirements document.
  • Used XML to publish the requirements on the Intranet web Site.
  • Created Perl programs to parse the XML files using the DOM API to generate several reports from the requirement documents according to the customer needs.
  • Developed XSLT to transform the XML documents due to modifications in the DTD.
  • Developed reusable user interface component (Push buttons, Menus etc) using Java AWT classes for the application domain.
  • Utilized BDK, to package the GUI components as a jar file (Java Beans) in Bean Development Kit (BDK) to enable plug and play of client side GUI components.
  • Developed a JDBC program to populate a relational database (MS ACCESS) with data from Java application modules.

Software Test Engineer

Confidential, Redmond, WA


  • Test Approach, Test case generation
  • Release Tracking
  • Performed regression testing of the Quick fix bug fixes in the SP1 release of Outlook 97.
  • Created regression test cases and performed testing against builds.
  • Identified ripple effects caused due to the fix for the bug.
  • Tested the QFE bug fixes against different scenarios involving several different operating systems like Windows NT and Windows 95 systems.
  • Analyzed the requirements provided by the program manager for the Tools/Options feature cell in the Confidential Outlook product.
  • Used black box testing methodologies (Equivalence classes and boundary analysis) to test feature cell.
  • Designed test cases to test the functionality, interoperability and stress issues of the feature.
  • Tested the builds provided by the developer and logged the bugs in a database.
  • Improved the quality of the product by logging the highest number of bugs for the Tools/Options feature cell when compared to all the other feature cells in the Outlook product
  • Performed regression tests to verify the bug fixes.

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