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Independent Contractor Resume

Eagan, MN


  • Confidential offers over 17 years of experience with extremely fast - paced and complex software development projects.
  • Results-driven and detail-minded technical professional with experience building and maintaining enterprise-wide Java/J2EE, Business Intelligence and IT Solutions Management solutions, deployment of technology to meet any level of capability, scalability and stability demands, as well as complex technology management and integration in a multi-platform environment.
  • Modeling and deployment of enterprise-grade Web solutions (primarily J2EE), from the ground up as well as major enhancements to extremely diverse existing code
  • Extensive experience modeling new data structures and tuning old ones for performance, working with some of the most stringent EA in the business
  • Able to design, describe and diagram interdependent systems to any level of complexity
  • Three years on the Change Advisory Board of the nation’s second-largest retailer provide unparalleled ability to advise on the scale, methodology and timing of enterprise production deployments
  • Administration of IT Service Management tools, with an emphasis on the Incident, Change and Configuration modules
  • Automated Event Management and live system integrations across multiple ITSM platforms
  • Supported, administered and developed new knowledge areas in Info Retriever, Confidential 's primary merchant BI application: Sales, Inventory, Supply Chain, Gross Margin, Gift Registry and forty-four other subject areas in a single data warehouse, built on Tandem SQL/MP (now HP Integrity Server).
  • Led development and tuning efforts in a proprietary reports interface, based on Confidential (now Confidential ), with a fully automated and repeatable Update process to restate historical sales based on various accounting formulas.
  • Supported, maintained and tuned all data extraction and ETL for the data warehouse mentioned above; data sources were mainly legacy IBM zOS mainframe applications.
  • Assisted Confidential 's adoption and administration of HP Service Desk 4.5 by building seventeen data integrations between Confidential and other systems across Change, Incident, Problem and Event
  • Prepared the conversion of all seventeen integrations when Confidential adopted ServiceNow, using their open source XML-based solutions.


  • WebSphere 5.0
  • Java/J2EE
  • SiteMinder
  • UML/ERWin
  • Layer7
  • SQL ( Oracle 9i and 10g, Tandem SQL/MP, MS - SQL Server 2008 and DB2 7.1)
  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • MS Office
  • Visio
  • ServiceNow
  • HP Service Desk 4.5 iWave Integrator 5.2
  • Confidential
  • BMC Control-M


Independent Contractor

Confidential, Eagan, MN


  • Evaluated current ITSM strategy for the Confidential
  • Provided advice on configuration and administration of ServiceNow (Helsinki release)
  • Planned and implemented Service Catalog module and best practices for maintaining update sets at all phases of development lifecycle

Principal Software Specialist

Confidential, MN


  • Assisted Director of IT Operations with definition of Confidential 's IT Service Management (ITSM) practice - principally hardware monitoring, Event Management and disaster recovery (DR) policies.
  • Configured logfile and monitor (pulse) heuristics for the County's virtual server assets in Splunk and TailWinds.
  • Developed several iterations of Confidential 's server assets in a custom searchable database to explore possible ways of converting to a standard CMDB.
  • Updated and partially redesigned existing SharePoint database listing various server and other hardware assets (primarily switches and routers).
  • Provided mentoring for interns and more junior team members on subjects such as Event and Incident Management and the various software development disciplines.
  • Worked with many individual clients on an informal basis for nearly all of their IT needs - general troubleshooting of hardware, software and network
  • Consulted with several firms on ITSM/ServiceNow, mainly in conjunction with several former team member who are currently working for Fruition Partners of Chicago, a Top 5 ServiceNow consulting firm.
  • One former colleague/protégé developed a custom query solution in Jelly, which won Fruition’s “Innovation of the Year” award for 2012-2013.

Technical Architect

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Performed evaluations of eight possible replacements for Confidential in a full-scale Proof of Concept; ServiceNow was eventually chosen due to its ease of use, scalability and exclusive implementation of readily-available, open-source (Java-based) Web components.
  • Performed extensive Incident Management duties and acted as first line of escalation for the ITSM stack and everything connected to it; worked closely with Confidential ’s Help Desk org to maintain performance in Confidential and ServiceNow.
  • Led the technical effort to port Confidential 's entire ITSM solution from Confidential to ServiceNow in an Agile project from September 2011 - June 2012. No custom functionality, in either the front-end screens or the back-end integrations with other systems, were lost in the process. This implementation went on to win ServiceNow's "Innovative Solution of the Year" Award for 2013.
  • Organized and implemented all development activities in Confidential 's IT Service Management system of truth in the form of three major releases per year, with smaller ad-hoc releases as needed.
  • Attended Confidential 's Change Advisory Board (CAB) to provide input on all major planned production implentations and their possible impacts to existing infrastructure.
  • Performed all tuning and maintenance of Confidential 's Oracle 10g backend, including a new (and largely untested) backup feature which populated an entire second DB instance (tested to 30 seconds latency) to allow in-depth data mining without impacting performance in the operational data store.
  • Developed an entirely separate database and front-end GUI, from scratch, for the purpose of maintaining a CMDB of 250,000+ devices at Store locations, which were under third-party service contract and therefore not under central Change control.

Sr. Systems Engineer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Led development, tuning and support (Incident Management) efforts in the Info Retriever reports interface, based on Confidential (now Confidential ) to allow access for 5,000 users (tested to 700 concurrent reports), with the ability to restate historical sales based on various accounting formulas.
  • The reporting engine, metadata layers, and database were all administered by custom-developed, mostly command-line tools; this has allowed me to understand how more modern tools like Cognos, MicroStrategy and Microsoft BI work at a much lower level than usual.
  • Developed and supported ETL from all stores via MQSeries, COBOL programs which extracted all the useful metrics and attributes from the daily master Sales file, and eighteen JCL jobs with inline SORT routines to summarize the master file into the various levels represented in the data warehouse.
  • Supported and tuned TACL scripts, triggered from z/OS to BMC Control-M, to gather the summarized data files over FTP and run another COBOL program on the Tandem Guardian platform (now HP Integrity Server) to cleanse and arrange the data for input into their respective tables.
  • Completely reworked Confidential 's vendor-interface tool (JBP) when they added two summary levels above Vendor.

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