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Open Source Project Developer Resume


  • To obtain a challenging position as a software developer and / or tester in an organization that utilizes Open Source software and the Agile methodology to accomplish the goals of the organization.


Databases: Oracle, MySql.

Languages: C++, C, Java (J2EE,Swing), OCI, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Programming.

Operating Systems: UNIX (DEC OSF, Redhat, Solaris), Windows, Mac OS.

Hardware: DEC Alpha, PC, Sun, Unisys U6000, MacBook Pro.

Open Source/Skills: Annotations, Apache, CruiseControl, Git, GridGain, Hadoop(training only), Hibernate, iText, Javassist, JBoss, Joda Time, Log4j, Logback, Maven, MySql, OSGI(virgo), Python/Jython, Robot testing framework, Spring, Spring MVC, Subversion, TestNG, Tomcat, Vaadin, WordPress .

Commercial: Oracle, Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Development Tools: Emacs, Ant, Eclipse, Intellij,Yourkit.

Development Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall


Open Source project developer


  • BitTwit is intended to simplify the making of binary protocols for the java language through the use of code generation based on a custom Xml format
  • Performs bit level operations to read and write fields of a message to an InputStream or an OutputStream
  • Supports boolean, byte, integer, long, short and string fields
  • Utilizes:
  • Java (version 6) for development
  • TestNG for unit tests
  • Maven for build management
  • Freemarker for code generation
  • Jibx for Xml processing

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Used Java(up to version 7), Spring. And Maven for all projects for all projects
  • Worked with four member team to design and create proprietary HD Radio specification and implementation
  • Created content collectors and publishers for traffic, special events, weather, fuel prices, NWS alerts
  • Supported prospective companies during their evaluation periods
  • Created custom annotations and byte code instrumentation processing and preprocessing to facilitate the conversion of java pojos to binary output and binary input to java pojos
  • Custom Maven plugin to do the actual instrumentation
  • Instrumentation included adding methods and fields to an annotated pojo to facilitate the conversion process
  • Used to implement proprietary HD Radio communication specification, some parts of the RDS traffic specification and TPEG2 traffic specification
  • The generation of traffic patterns by using GridGain to implement massive big data processing (terabytes) for a project called
  • Traffic patterns main processing using GridGain submitted two probe points to a farm of servers, all of which would calculate the road distance between two points and the original client would then determine if the calculated path was valid based on configurable parameters
  • The final product provided customers a traffic pattern history of all road segments (congestion, free flow, etc)
  • Used Vaadin to implement simple monitoring web site
  • Architecture is one or more clients send data to be processed to a farm(?) of servers, all of which can process the data
  • Used Amazon Web Service to deploy and use the application in the cloud environment
  • Used Vaadin to create front end for a traffic feed analyzer
  • Feed analyzer is used to compare to different traffic specifications and to determine how they compare
  • Used Vaadin to create front end for a HD Radio and RDS monitoring system
  • The front end is used to:
  • Maintain data in Oracle database specific to HD Radio and RDS monitoring system using hibernate
  • Monitor live data from RDS system to determine when outages occur

Specific Technology used: Apache Camel, Amazon Web Services(AWS), Custom Annotations, GridGain, Hibernate (plus Spring’s Hibernate template), iText, Java, Javassist, Log4j, Logback, JBoss, Joda time, Maven(including Maven plugin development), MySql, Oracle, OSGI(virgo), Python, Robot testing framework, Shell Scripting (light and used maven to generate), Soap, Spring, Spring MVC, Subversion, Vaadin

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

  • Used Java (version 5 and 6) for all projects
  • Created proof of concept conversion of employers proprietary client/server architecture to JBoss(EJB)
  • Stressed JMX mbeans and session beans
  • Demonstrated the capabilities of Log4j and Chainsaw as logging and log monitoring packages
  • Utilized user customizable look and feel skin (L2FProd.com)
  • Created event driven data controller mechanism used to synchronize swing screens and process unique key for specific data groupings as they relate to inventory management records
  • Implemented Hibernate with the employers base product including customized startup / restart mechanisms to initialize bothhbm.xml, including the use dynamic components for user defined columns, and annotation based pojos
  • Utilized pre anticipated data page retrieval mechanisms on the client and server as appropriate to enhance performance.
  • Led the conversion to and adoption of Subversion from Visual SourceSafe
  • Includes merging two separate SourceSafe repositories into one Subversion repository
  • Stream lined and portioned ant files to allow for complete build.
  • Taught mini training sessions for
  • Subversion
  • Java 1.5 features such as generics, enums, and enhanced for loops
  • Log4j
  • Implemented JAAS into existing client/server architecture
  • Login Dialog Module
  • Command line parameter module
  • Active Directory module

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