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Senior Java Developer Resume

West Palm Beach, FL


Languages: Java/J2EE (15 yrs WebSphere, Eclipse), C/C++(5 yrs)SQL (17 yrs), XML (10 yrs), scripting Ant, Maven, Ruby

Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, 8 yrs), Windows (12+ yrs)

Databases: Oracle (11 yrs), Informix (3 yrs), SQLServer (9 yrs), MySQL

Transport Layer: TCP/IP (Ethernet, 7+ yrs), MQL (1 yr)

Java/J2EE mods: Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, EJBs, J - Unit, Corba, Ajax

Javascript: NodeJS

Frameworks: MVC, Spring, Struts

Messaging: RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ

NoSql: Lucene, Solr

Other: Tomcat, Jboss, CVS, SVN


Confidential, WEST PALM BEACH, FL

Senior Java Developer


  • Responsible to take customer ideas (Business Requirement Doc)
  • Create development plan (Technical Specs, Pseudo code)
  • Implementation of said plan
  • Prepare project for customer acceptance and staging (Error Checking Doc)
  • Bug fixing (10%)
  • Mentor development team (1 front end, 1 backend developers)
  • Oracle (11g) database
  • NoSQL Lucene & Solr
  • SVN for source control.
  • J2EE (v7), Javascript
  • SOAP & REST webservices
  • Tomcat server
  • Implementation of FEDEX API, return/exchange on client-side with both email and image of return label, logic to prevent double credits
  • Implementation of promotions on a multi-site
  • Customize SOLR based on client provided rules. When typing a search term in the search box, the site anticipates phrases that the user is typing and presents a list of options in a drop down menu
  • Create custom field built into the backend of Site Manager to allow client to override its functionality on the fly
  • Create interface to retrieve data from Solr
  • Modified email tracking template, added shipping items detail, images, and separated tracking numbers URL
  • Implemented client-based fraud prevention customer based list (white, black, grey)
  • Implementation of removal of duplicate refinements, multiple catalogs, multiple refinements, same names
  • Implementation of sensitive search, vendor search, to prevent a key word (vendor specific) search to return items of competing vendors (Batman - Marvel)
  • Implemented Automated Clearance, shell program to automate putting products into one or more clearance categories if the product qualifies as a clearance product
  • PCI Compliance (session fixation, cookie vulnerability, cross site request forgery, cross site scripting, output encoding, form caching)
  • Re-engineered cache for faster response time
  • Re-engineered search filters for better response and user experience (UI)
  • Modified payment capture (less manual interaction)

Confidential, PALM GARDENS, FL

Senior Java Developer


  • Responsible to integrate a biometric sensor to a software package
  • Migrated software to our Cloud service
  • Developed WebServices to connect to our core products to third parties products, iOS and Andriod systems
  • Creation of APIs
  • Developed process to integrate TLO (third party APIs) into our products.
  • Developed process to integrate DSI (TCP / UDP conversions) into our cloud/host products.
  • Created multiple VM environments, separating our core products from one large environment
  • MySQL database
  • RabbitMQ for messaging
  • Used Agile methodology
  • Git for source control.
  • Core Java & J2EE (v7)
  • Spring Framework
  • Eclipse IDE
  • CentOS LINUX environment

Confidential, FT LAUDERDALE, FL

Senior Developer


  • Worked on a large scale manufacturing program, based on the Enovia (PLM) system. Took ownership of NB project. Developed project using client’s business requirements.
  • Formulate a plan to organize requirements into prioritizations (tech specs)
  • Create a test plan, and possible problems that can occur with changes.
  • Made modifications to alleviate technical debt.
  • Worked on whole scale bases, from JSPs (UI), DAOs, schemas, MQL statements, triggers, business objects, and database modeling.
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Red Hat Linux environment
  • Oracle database using MQL.
  • Used Agile methodology
  • BitBucket for source control.
  • Core Java (v5/6) - Spring Framework

Confidential, BOCA RATON, FL

Senior JAVA Developer / Architect


  • The challenge was to look over current system / strategy and come up with better overall solutions and implementation. Evaluated old system and with network engineer, re-construction system, added QA, DEV and testing environments. Integration between in-house and third party systems.
  • Studied homeowners' insurance, restrictions, financial record keeping, and audit regulations.
  • Created Postgres and SQL Server database environments (Dev, Test, Staging, LIVE).
  • Implementation of OLAP and tools for data mining.
  • Integration with Sharepoint.
  • Designed, developed and deployed server side Java based applications.
  • Implemented LDAP to internal app, creating group/user restrictions
  • Developed data entry sales and sales tracking / display (real-time / ajax)
  • Intra-net UI applications, with external exposure.
  • Developed report’s engine for mid-management for day to day operations
  • Developed financial reporting apps to meet government insurance regulations
  • Developed audit / book checker apps to verify financials and accounting books
  • Developed claims & underwriting apps to find strength and weakness in our financials
  • Migrated hosted software to internal servers
  • Used Agile methodology and Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Postgres, Informix, SqlServer DBs
  • Core Java & J2EE (v5) - Spring Framework
  • Ajax extensive work JSPs

Confidential, JUNO BEACH, FL

Senior JAVA Developer


  • Developed UI Applications that run on Portal Server framework.
  • Worked on different portlets (based on user preferences) to display reports, charts, data.
  • Full development of their event (problem) driven energy distribution system. This including:
  • Developed front end website to display, create, modify, analyze events
  • Developed database table / scripts to maintain events / website
  • Developed backend server process to retrieve data from both website and database
  • Create documentation to serve as a general view (non-technical) for process, general technical overview, and lastly, “HowTo” troubleshooting guide document.
  • Websphere (v5), Javascript - Spring Framework, jsp, css, SQL on a Oracle database.
  • Used partial page updating without page refresh (ajax).
  • Currently, working on legacy application to integrate into the portal framework. Man-hour allocation. Project used by in-house managers, accounting team, foremen, and contract vendors.
  • Developed complete project from concept.
  • Integrated this project into another, expanding that stand alone program.
  • Developed front end JSPs (use of Tiles), adding security/validation
  • Developed back end pieces, including creation of new DB tables in support of project.
  • Developed beans in support of back and front end.
  • Used JaxB to load/unload client files from/to DBs
  • Used / modified WebService to transfer data to mainframe
  • Struts framework
  • Written in Core JAVA(v5) - Spring Framework, jsp, Javascript, using JaxB, Ant, Tiles and DOJO toolkit.

Confidential, POMPANO BEACH, FL

Senior JAVA Developer


  • Re-Design of new Confidential home page (UI).
  • Maintenance on Confidential home page, as it is in constant change. Updating jsp, html, css files to coincide with Marketing department direction.
  • Worked on their website and sales/admin tools (front end) adding new functionality
  • Worked on Fraud Prevention project. Created algorithms to detect possible fraud users / transactions.
  • Worked on their Buyer Authentication project. Closely worked with VeriSign and Cardinal Commerce to implement their buyer authentication (Verified by Visa) and fraud filtering when clients use credit cards through the website.
  • Developed new payment abstracts to replace legacy code, using factory and proxy patterns.
  • Initiated new payment gateway (authorize.net).
  • Modified single sign-on between our websites, use of WebService to transfer data between DBs.
  • Core & J2EE (v5) - Struts Framework
  • SQLServer (MySQL) backend
  • Using Tomcat on UNIX environment.
  • Coding done on Windows using Eclipse.

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