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Agile Development Coach, Application Architect Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • 14+ years of design and implementation of Java / J2EE based enterprise applications. Experience in application design and architecture of B2B (Open Integration through XML, SOA, BPM and web services) and B2C (Web) applications.
  • 14+ years of experience in object oriented programming (OOP), object oriented analysis (OOA), design (OOD), Multithreading, performance tuning.
  • 2+ Years of Experience in coaching best practices on release planning, build tools (Gradle, Maven), CI/CD, Spring Boot micro services cloud deployment, and TDD.
  • 7+ years of leading design and delivery of robust, high business value applications as a solution architect.
  • 4+ years of agile development experience, SCRUM, test driven development, leading focused teams delivering products as incremental feature sets. Highly focused on meeting definition - of-done, POC development, and frequent demos to stakeholders, almost eliminating rework.
  • Always with a stress on comprehensive automation testing at unit, functional, API and performance levels enabling teams to deliver ideas with minimum time to market.
  • Experienced in onsite-offshore scrum teams and successfully managing complexities in Release planning, sprintplanning, understanding and removing impediments.
  • 4+ years of experience in architectural design patterns including SOA, API definition, development, management and documentation.Problem analysis, finding the right set of solutions is my asset.
  • Helping open source community with an example application using react, react-redux, Spring boot, oauth2, Facebook’s TAO model, Graph API.
  • Excellent knowledge in Java and event driven based enterprise IT applications.
  • Hands on experience on Devops using containerization orchestration, performance tuning, caching.
  • Working closely with Enterprise architects and key business stakeholders to understand their vision, objectives and priorities in designing enterprise systems.
  • Helped project stakeholders on selecting technologies and providing the analysis.
  • Comprehensive understanding of full life cycle business automation, migration and optimization.
  • Outstanding success in providing appreciable solutions, leading teams through full life cycle development projects.
  • Conducted detailed requirement gathering through collaboration sessions, and involved in writing technical documentation using artifacts like use-case diagrams, state diagrams, sequence-diagrams, ER diagrams, data flow diagrams.
  • High level / Low-level design of object oriented system, databases and web service contracts.
  • Leading Scrum teams through 2-week sprints, facilitated as Scrum master towards Sprint goals.
  • Successfully driving geographically distributed teams with proper balance of capabilities and expectations (Onsite-Offshore model).
  • Experience in diverse industries like Automotive, Mortgage, Trading and Finance, Retail, e-commerce, Supply chain and Government administration.


Concepts: Agile Software Development methodology; Test Driven Development (TDD); Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment; Docker based deployment; SCRUM Development Process; Extreme Programming (XP) methodology; Rational Unified Process (RUP ) methodology; Object oriented analysis, design and programming (OOA/OOD/OOP, UML, GoF design patterns, J2EE patterns, SOA patterns); Code Review; Real-time systems (queues, callback mechanisms, events handling, preemptive schedulers); Distributed systems (RPC, messaging services, synchronous and asynchronous calls, timeouts); Service oriented architecture (SOA); Multi-tier applications (data services layer, business logic layer, presentation layer); Web applications ("Model 1" and "Model 2" architecture, MVC, MV* pattern for web); Multithreaded programming (synchronizations, avoiding deadlocks); Swim Lane Diagrams; Business Logic Integration Platform(Blip); Complex Event Processing(CEP);

Cloud &Dev-ops: Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Security, AWS: EC2, RDS, Elastic IP, MOM, Vagrant, Ansible, Docker and Container orchestration

Microservices: Spring based microservices, service discovery like Eureka, circuit breaker like Hystrix.

Java/J2EE related: Core Java, J2EE, Spring AOP, IOC, MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Hateos, Spring Security, Spring Integration,Mockito, Struts, JPA, Hibernate, JSF, Richfaces, JUNIT, JBOSS DROOLS, EJB, JMS, JTA, Java Mail, email, JDBC, Servlets, Web 2.0, Java Beans, JNDI, RMI, JAAS, J2SDK, J2EESDK, Java3D,Jackson (JSON impl),NodeJS, JBPM, JBOSS Seam, Velocity templating engine, OAUTH, JAXB, JAXP (SAX, DOM), Bootstrap.

SOA and its implementations: REST:JAX-RS (Implementations: using simple HttpServlet API, Jersey, Restlet, Apache CXF; Familiar with JBossRESTEasy, and Apache Wink), WADL. SOAP:JAX-WS (WebSphere WS, Metro, Apache AXIS2, CXF), WS-* (WS-Security, WS-Reliability), WSDL, Amazon’s E-Commerce services.

Programming Languages: Java 1.7, 1.8, XML, XSLT, SAX and DOM parsers, Freemarker, C++, C, Visual Basic, PL/SQL, PHP, JavaScript, JSP, JQuery, Angular JS, BackBone, Angular JS, Ajax, HTML, Perl, shell scripting (bash/csh)

Architectural Methods: Core Java Patterns, J2EE Patterns, Web Application Patterns, Security Patterns

Distributed / Web Environments: Weblogic 10.3, JBOSS 5.0, Web Sphere 7.0, Tomcat 6.0, Jetty, N-tier, distributed components, Business Logic, Server-side programming, client-server, JBOSS ESB, Familiar with Fuse ESB, Apache ActiveMQ, WSO2 ESB

OSI-Application layer Protocols: SOAP, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, FTP

Life-cycle skills/tools/technologies: JIRA, Confluence, OOAD, OOP, UML, RUP, Rational Rose, Rational Clearcase, UML plugin eclipse, CVS, GIT, SVN

Development tools/environments: Eclipse, Net Beans, Jenkins, udeploy,STS, Visual Studio, Maven, Hudson, Ant, vi, emacs, slickedit, SOAP UI, Postman, DHC by Restlet, Intellij Idea, findbugs, checkstyle, SONAR, XML Spy, putty, Splunk

Database: Oracle 11g, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PL/SQL,NoSQL, triggers, stored procedures


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Agile development coach, Application Architect

Technologies: Bamboo, Angular JS, Gulp, Webpack, Istanbul, Karma, Jasmine, Gradle, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Akka and Kafka, Spring cloud, AWS, CI/CD, cobertura, fisheye, crucible, SONAR, and other scripting tools used for CI/CD process.


  • Coached release planning, Continuous integration and deployment using maven to other teams in the enterprise.
  • Designed micro services based architecture using spring boot microservices, MOM using RabbitMQthat fits our enterprise needs.
  • Conducting code reviews and performance tuning of applications at a regular basis to satisfy the SLAs.
  • Developed proof of concepts for deploying spring boot based applications to cloud on AWS. So far only Dev has been deployed to AWS in our org. Used EC2, Elastic IP address, firewall rule configuration in instances to get our setup working.
  • Responsible for design and implementation of micro services based web application using Spring and AngularJS for frontend. Coached front end developer on component based angular design using John Papa’s Standards, Webpack and gulp.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Solution Architect

Technologies: Java/J2EE, SOAP, Vagrant, Docker, AWS EC2, WSO2 IS, Mule ESB, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JUnit, Apache axis2,Jenkins, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Apache, Git, JIRA


  • Participation in architecture of WSO2 customization around password history and authentication using OAUTH 2.0.
  • Responsible in the development of core functionality inside WSO2 components.
  • Customized WSO2 for the stakeholders needs.

Confidential, Durham, NC

Technical Lead

Technologies: Java/J2EE, SOAP, XML/XSD/JAXB/XPATH, WSO2 ESB, WSO2 API Publisher, WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Governance Registry, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JUnit, Apache axis,Node JS, JavaScript Design patterns, Jenkins, Code review Crucible, udeploy, Backbone, JQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap, NGINX, Jenkins, Stash/Git, JIRA, Splunk


  • Participation in frontend development, middleware development using NodeJSto provide backend data that is maintained in mainframes.
  • Responsible in the development of core front-end logic using Angular JS.
  • Responsible for conducting code reviews in crucible, maintenance of deployment pipelines using Jenkins as our CI/CD tool.
  • Responsible for prototype review, choosing design methodologies and leading the team to estimate in better backlog estimates.
  • High-level design of a data transformation service domain using WSO2 ESB to construct customer settings, feature eligibility and feature enrollment.
  • Responsible for leading the discussion with POs to analyze the non-functional requirements and translate them into scalable requirements. Implement these scalable requirements using laid out principles and best practices.
  • Responsible to design and create a functional scalable configuration for the application to handle future business requirements.
  • Design of XML/JSON data formats for SOAP based communication between various services in the system. Maintenance of 3 distinct service domains with each constituting of at least 5-10 other backend services.
  • Participation in development of various services responsible for delivering customer preferences and features to frontend.
  • Responsible for communication with the Product Owner and Product Analysts to gather requirements for new features, determine scope for the future phases and provide estimates on the tasks.
  • Responsible for interface design in integrating our application with other teams in the enterprise.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Technologies: Java/J2EE,REST, Javascript, JUnit, Spring, Jersey,Spring Hateos, Spring MVC, JUNIT, Bootstrap 3, Mockito, Spring Security and Angular JS


  • Responsible for design, implementation, and coding of the application in all areas.
  • Created the application to handle key features like Transaction, Security using AOP, Logging, and Responsive web design.
  • Inspired of SPA applications and created a blog web application using four leading technologies Spring 4, Hibernate 4, Angular JS 1.0, and Bootstrap 3.
  • Implemented exception handling in service, and controller layers of the application. Mapped exceptions to real REST response codes for standardization.
  • Implemented authentication and authorization using REST resource locations. Configured Spring security in this aspect for all resources.
  • Used in-memory database for persistence of data.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Application Architect, Technical Lead

Technologies: Java/J2EE, SOAP, XML/XSD/XSLT, JAX-WS Metro, JMS, JAXB/XPATH, GROOVY, Velocity templating engine, Smooks transformations, JBOSS ESB, Freemarker, Javascript, JUnit, REST, JSF, RichFaces, EJB 3.0, LDAP, security, ETL jobs, Drools Fusion(CEP), Drools Expert(Engine), Drools Guvnor (BRMS),JBoss Seam, Seam Gen, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, PL/SQL, triggers, pl/sql procedures, Java Design patterns, Reflection, Tidal Scheduler, Code review, CVS, JIRA


  • Responsible for design of CRM upgrade application with a backbone scheduler, which is integrated with Oracle RightNow cloud platform.
  • Responsible for the design of notification queues using JMS message queues in Jboss ESB, modeling the databse using Erwin diagrams, communicating with the infrastructure team for supporting the applications in all DEV/QA and PROD environments.
  • Participated in the development and integration of CRM application.
  • Design and development of various backend and frontend components.
  • Communication with the Product Owner and gathering requirements for new features.
  • Mentoring other team members in Java EE6 related technologies and principles.
  • Responsible for design and leading multiple teams to work on a complete rewrite of 4 PowerBuilder based applications using Java EE6 supported technology stack.
  • Responsible for submitting technical software design documents SDD, UML diagrams, state diagrams to enterprise architecture team.
  • Responsible for training developers to integrate JBoss Drools for rewriting most of the business logic in these applications.
  • Participated in developing all these applications, reviewing, prototyping, and communicating with business to deliver the projects on time.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Application Architect

Technologies: Java/J2EE, SOAP, TOMCAT, Javascript, JUnit, JQuery, REST, JSP, HTML, CSS, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, Java Design patterns, Code review, SVN, SONAR, Jersey, Checkstyle, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Spring AOP, Spring Security, TIBCO data server, JAX-WS Metro.


  • Communications with business users to better understand use cases and common practices.
  • Providing technical leadership to other developers (onsite/offsite) in an agile environment using scrum methodologies.
  • Development of most critical and core functionality (Spring Framework (Core, MVC, AOP), Core Java APIs, Java collection, SOAP based Web services).
  • Acted a lead role in our team and responsible for assigning tasks to offshore team. Daily tasks for the offshore team include monitoring Sonar complaints, Check style errors, defect fixing, and UI design.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional team leads, business analysts, customers and other key stakeholders throughout all phases of the project.

Confidential, Alameada, CA

Technical Lead, Sr. Java Integration Lead

Technologies: WebSphere 6.0, Messaging, Spring 3.6(Core, MVC, Web Services, security), DROOLS, JBOSS ESB, DB2, Crystal Reports, Web Services (JAX-WS and JAX-RS), SOAP, XML, XSL, Rational Software Architect, Subversion, Maven, Hudson CI .


  • Comprehensive requirement discussion sessions, analysis and documentation
  • Careful study of environment, exposure and risks to develop the application architecture.
  • Demand calculation in low, average and peak times to estimate the software / hardware requirements. Developing mock code to validate.
  • Understanding the nature of Interfaces (both human and subsystem), their technology and complexity involved in providing the communication
  • Functional Design, Demonstrating and updating the documents as necessary
  • Overall System Design, so that each development phase delivers a functional module
  • Presenting the system architecture to the stakeholders several times to include as much interests as possible
  • Coding, Java based business logic, Spring configuration files, Web service wrappers creation and unit test case development (JUNIT and easyMock)
  • Understanding the test requirements, scope and defining the test plan to help developers writing test cases
  • Initial project setup from developer environments to continuous integration
  • Helping team members through technology during all phases of the project.
  • Implementation, majorly using Java, messaging and Security.
  • Making design decisions in choosing JAX-WS and Restful web services based on various factors
  • Developing Web services (JAX-WS) in top down approach with complex XSDs and WSDL specifications through Websphere tools
  • Guiding server teams through server setup, application requirements (common services like data sources, email, messaging, properties)
  • Prototype demonstration and integration
  • Guiding teams to prepare disaster recovery plans, guiding server teams in preparing automatic load test and continuous health check scripts

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