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Java Developer/analyst Resume

Chicago, IllinoiS


Developer with 20+ years of software programming experience. Detail oriented with excellent written and verbal communication skills enabling effective communication with technical and non - technical team members . Able to work independently or as part of a team. Typically seeking a Technical Analyst/Developer position. Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform from Sun Microsystems.


Languages: Core Java, J2EE, Java Servlets, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, JSP, Visual Basic for Applications

Systems/Frameworks: Spring MVC, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS-X, Windows, z/OS, USS, VMware, Tomcat, JBoss, JUnit, Mockito, Log4j, iBATIS, JDBC, JMS, Struts MVC, Thymeleaf, WebSphere, Spring Batch

Databases: Oracle, DB2, MySQL, VSAM, Informix, SQL Server

Other Tools: GitHub, Bitbucket, JSON, Maven, Eclipse, Bamboo, Jenkins, Nexus, Splunk, CVSGoogle Analytics, Active MQ, Jira, ClearCase, puTTy, FileZilla, Quartz Scheduler, Google Guava, MySQL Workbench, Oracle SQL Developer


Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Java Developer/Analyst

  • Development of a prototype marketing system which then became a fully developed production system.
  • The production system now generates almost $500k per month for the company.
  • Moved to an in-progress development project being run by an outside consulting company to assist with work on the service-layer aspect of the application. RESTful services providing “back end” support to two separate customer-facing mobile apps running on the iOS and Android platforms.
  • Development of new RESTful endpoints that access database elements as well as making calls to other RESTful service endpoints to access data provided by other systems groups within the company and data provided by outside vendors.
  • Automated unit tests were written for all functions using Mockito.
  • Development of a “back office” utility application that allowed business managers to access and update process configuration settings in a MySQL database.

Environment: Java, POSTMan, Spring MVC, Maven, Eclipse, JBoss, Informix, MySQL, JSON, SQL, JPA, SplunkThymeleaf, JavaScript, Mockito, Linux.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Java Developer/Analyst

  • Maintenance & feature enhancements to client-facing, RESTful web-services.
  • Enhancements to add new endpoints for POST, GET & GET ALL.
  • Authoring and update of service-contract pages to keep documentation up to date.
  • Simple bash scripts for executing database updates.
  • Amazon S3 storage access for email templates.

Environment: Java, Eclipse, Tomcat7, JSON, SQL, VM Ware, Mongo Explorer, Unix, Active MQ.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Java Developer/Analyst

  • Development/enhancements of CQ5 components, JSP pages and XML dialogues for use by site page authors.
  • Google Analytics encoding for tracking of site use by internet visitors.
  • Development of back-end, RESTful web-service calls using HttpPost objects with key/value pairs and JSON or XML formatted data responses.
  • Bamboo build-plan configuration.

Environment: CQ5/AEM, Felix/OSGI, Jackrabbit/JCR, CRXDE, Java, Mac OS-X, UNIX, XML, JSP, JQuery, GitHub, Oracle, Bamboo, Eclipse.

Confidential, Miami, Florida

SQL Developer

  • Short term contract to do DB2 table analysis in order to create queries for a set of monthly financial reports.

Environment: DB2, SQL


Senior Java Developer / Team Lead

  • Worked as part of an outside team hired to help implement a new system developed by a major consulting company. Transitioned the system to the state employees responsible for its ongoing operation.
  • Performed the analysis and correction of user-identified system faults.
  • Made system enhancement & modifications including creation of new java classes and updates to the Spring IOC XML configuration files.
  • Testing and modification of JMS/MQ interfaces between the new system and existing legacy systems.
  • Re-factored the new system’s front-end, VBA security-rights application for ease-of-use.
  • Made modifications to various application JSP pages/Java Script to update authorization rights for existing page elements and add authorization checking for new elements.
  • Modification of Struts Action classes for handling authorization changes.
  • Development of new and modification of existing SQL queries defined in the iBATIS-ORM XML configuration files.
  • Used of USS and puTTy to maintain data & configuration files on the Mainframe Unix System.
  • Modification of existing and development of new Spring Batch XML “job” files for use in special projects and as part of the nightly Spring batch-processing system.
  • Coordinated code updates with other developers using Clearcase.

Environment: Java, XML, Eclipse, Websphere, Spring IOC, Spring Batch, z/OS, UNIX, USS, puTTy, Acegi SecurityiBATIS, DB2, Struts MVC, JSP, JavaScript, RAD7, Web Services, Visual Basic for Applications, Web Service Explorer, SOA, JUnit, JMS, MQ, Shell Scripting, Apache Commons LibClearCase, ClearQuest

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Java Developer

  • Developing java components & processes controlling the application’s business rules.
  • XML based configuration files for rule parameter input.
  • Worked with dependency injection of application components via the Spring framework, autowiring and annotations.
  • Used Java Collections Framework with Java Comparator classes to develop a caching process to minimize database hits for “queue criteria” objects used to determine claim-routing.
  • Wrote JUnit classes for various modules.
  • Assisted with maintenance of the ANT build scripts for the deployment of the application’s Process Server/Human Task Manager component.

Environment: Java, Websphere, Eclipse, RAD7, JUnit, Spring, ANT, Build Forge, XML, CVS, Log4j, JSP, SDLC

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Part-time Web Developer/System Administrator

  • Developed an online database and supporting web-based application that allows the club’s officers to maintain membership information as well as up-to-date scoring and average information for all members.
  • A separate, web-based application allows rank and file members to access this information (view only) as soon as scoring data has been entered/calculated.
  • Database design.
  • Heavy use of open source technologies

Environment: Linux, Core Java, Servlets, Tomcat, JDBC, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, ANT, MySQL, XMLVMware

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Contract developer/analyst

  • Returned to Harris Bank for a second contract to work a programming & administration position involving the tailoring of a newly purchased, web-based, financial reporting system from Cartesis Corporation.
  • My responsibilities included learning how the tool worked, developing a system of VBA batch programs (over 60) that allowed the interface/update of the system and training other personnel on its use and maintenance.
  • I was responsible for installing the development & administration software on specified client workstations for “power users”.
  • I also worked with the support personnel at Cartesis Corporation to implement a series of new functions designed to improve performance.
  • I was the primary system developer/administrator

Environment: Visual Basic for Applications, MS SQL Server, Transact SQL, DTS, HTML, Cartesis, VMware

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Graduate Assistant/Computer Lab Tutor

  • While studying and working towards my Master’s in Computer Science, I was responsible for assisting undergrad students with technical questions, problem solving techniques and design issues related to university programming assignments.

Environment: Core Java, C++, Data Structures, UNIX, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Socket Programming, Thread Programming


Part-time Developer / Analyst

  • Part-time contract to develop a scoring program for the state-wide Illinois Math Contest sponsored by the ICTM.
  • My responsibilities included the design, coding and testing of a system that calculates the winning scores & schools for each of several contest categories.
  • Scoring data is weighted and ranked according to a detailed item analysis that determines question difficulty based on the number of correct answers per question, per school, per division.
  • Developed a prototype servlet application to replace the MS Access screens in use.

Environment: MS Access, Visual Basic for Applications, Java Servlets, JavaScript, HTML, Tomcat, JDBC

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