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Development Manager Resume

Saint Paul, MN


Confidential, Saint Paul, MN

Development Manager

  • Manage distributed applications (Web) department including project planning, project management, system integration.
  • Plan and implement corporate security system.
  • Design and maintain all internal websites and web - based application.
  • Automate departmental tasks via scripting.
  • Oversee all facets of GPS based tracking solutions, driver system accessibility, customer tracking systems and government/ corporate connectivity and system integration.
  • Develop project scope, cost, schedule and risk management for core web application systems.
  • Integrate web-based employee support ticket system with Autotask
  • Plan, build and deploy customer self-service credit card processing system
  • Plan, develop and administer all SQL databases for web-based applications.

Confidential, Saint Paul, MN

Independent Consultant

  • Developer/Analyst Medtronic (CRM): Designed MyHeartOnline and Eclinician Online. Development in PERL, HTML, PhotoShop in NT/2000 environment running IIS Server and SQL database.
  • Developed Pacemaker Information Retrievel System for web and Remote Monitor which displayed battery life, frequency of therapy and VTI/EKG information, stored in Pacemaker, to clinicians and pacemaker patients.
  • Maintained VPN for 39 developers based on NT/2000 platform.
  • Technical Architect and Lead Developer of wireless application for above systems. Architecture based on WML. Application allows clinicians and patients to view, store and respond to instruction via clinician/patient feedback over WAP.
  • Team Lead of developers in modeling and development. Development in JSP, Servlets and WML on NT platform.


Information Specialist

  • Design key sales and demographic reports. Design and maintain company inter/intranet. Graphic design, COM, VB, ASP, PHP, .Net, SQL and support/training for all systems.
  • Managed 40+ projects for cross functional teams that encompassed system design, security tools, software development, and systems management.
  • Established internal processes that enabled teams to communicate effectively, manage project tasks, and establish the framework for project delivery. Applied project management methods to assist people of all technical levels to produce required deliverables, including business requirements, functional requirements, technical architectures, deployment planning, and post-deployment planning. Implemented a variety of testing methods for system application integration, and provided oversight for strategically important projects such as messaging, and Intranet initiatives.
  • Introduced version control methods for software packages, images and documentation. Produced templates for project management, technical documentation, human resources, and internal marketing. Created and maintained the department Intranet website.
  • Sought standardization throughout the IT department to enable precise and effective communication.
  • Managed the engineering team focused on providing thin-client Citrix solutions to our 22 retail stores.
  • Recruited and retained a variety of professionals, including Microsoft engineers, Citrix networking engineers and instructors.
  • Business development and sales support included project oversight, scope review, proposal authoring, bid responses and related tasks.
  • Project Manager for delivery of a variety of enterprise consulting engagements, including streaming video for salesperson training.



  • Complete ASP rewrite and code clean-up for various systems for the Confidential .
  • DLL recode in VC to enable x500 authentication and populate session cookie with PeopleSoft Data.
  • Recoding included migration planning to eventual PHP system rather than ASP.
  • Over 3500 pages on site were recoded to less than 200 pages.
  • Project included migrating to multi-thread database (MySQL) from single-thread (Access).
  • Second phase of project included migration of ASP to PHP, SSL, OS install (NetBSD) and configuration including administration of Apache Web Server.


Senior Systems Engineer

  • Managed 12+ consulting engineers and security professionals to deliver hybrid networking solutions primarily with Cisco networking hardware.
  • In addition to business development responsibilities provided project oversight for multiple engagements.
  • Managed a significant network predictive modeling effort that entailed determining application performance.
  • Managed security assessments that enabled clients to identify vulnerabilities and map requirements, attributes and mitigating solutions to lock down their environment.
  • Lead Technologist for architecting and developing B2B and Banking/BillPay portal.
  • Involved with researching and testing application servers, servlet engines, source control systems and content caching applications.
  • UML modeling to model use cases and technical architecture. Architecture based on OFX/IFX architecture.
  • Lead team to develop Web/Email prototype to display dynamic graphical billing information.
  • Developed Internet for new customers allowing potential clients to learn more about TriSense prior to joining the team.
  • Designed technical architecture.
  • Development included JScript/ASP, PHP, SQLServer database, IIS, on NT.
  • Developed Electronic Forms and Applications piece of an extranet for a major national Bill Provider. The area of the site allows users to fill out and autopopulate forms with data stored on both client and server side machines. Development included java applets that interacted with client side databases, java servlets, jhtml pages, and web enabled forms.
  • Ported existing applications built in phase one (below) to Java/COM based on Windows DNA.
  • Implemented stateless COM objects to leverage MTS. Development in Perl, ASP, VB and (D)HTML.
  • Designed and developed Internet for B2B Bill Provider. The internet allows buisinesses to research past payments, look up and process current payments, and search for billing history.
  • The team defined and implemented the technical and creative infrastructure for all current and future internet applications.
  • Responsible for modeling and developing two of the three applications as well as contributing to common core components.
  • Knowledge Manager for recommending objects for reuse and transition between Development and Quality Assurance. Applications made use of style sheets, JScript/ASP components on IIS 4.0, connecting to SQL.
  • Lead Technologist for developing internal intranet for human resource information. Development in JScript ASP with IIS 4.0.


System Administrator, Developer

  • Managed NT/CC:Mail network of 50 programmers designing ProtectionNet systems.
  • Actively involved in business requirements, development partner relationship development.
  • Oversaw customer service and day to day operations.
  • Oversaw technical architecture and development of website.
  • Architected web-based, role and skill based workflow system for managing editing projects, payroll, and programmer network.
  • Architecture based on JSP model 2 - "control-model-view" - architecture.


Web Master, System Administrator

  • Developed extranet for Account Receivable. Extranet provides file sharing capabilities for agency and agency's clients. Development in Perl in NT environment.
  • Developed Internet site for Public Relations. Site provided informational resource for over 300,000 users per week.
  • Administered web systems on Windows NT and Solaris boxes including but not limited to load balancing, SMTP, User profiling, System policies, and network connectivity.

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