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Senior Software Developer Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • Desire a challenging position in the software industry with lot of growth opportunities.
  • Focused and hard working; able to troubleshoot complex problems and get the job done.
  • Effective team player with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Committed to staying current on innovations, technology and good practices of development.
  • Over 14 years of professional experience in Software development.


PRIMARY SKILLS: Java 8, JavaScript, ES6, Java EE, Spring Framework, Spring Security, jQuery, ReactJS, React Native, Redux, NodeJS, npm, webpack, Babel, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JPA, JMS, JAXB, SAX, DOM, JiBX, Maven, ANT, Log4J, Servlets/JSPs, JSP Custom Tags, JSTL, Bootstrap, HTML, JDBC

SKILL: AngularJS, Polymer, Gradle, Swift, JAX - WS, JSF, Rest WS, Android, SLF4J, EJB, EJB 3.0, Groovy, Oracle, JSON, JSONP, DBUnit, JAX-WS, XML, XLS, RMI, PHP, WordPress

TESTING TECHNOLOGIES: JUnit, EasyMock, Mockito, Eclipse TPTP, Spring Context Unit Testing, Jakarta JMeter, SOAP UI, Jakarta TCPMon.

WEB SERVERS AND APPLICATION SERVERS: Weblogic, Tomcat, Apache, JBOSS and SJSAS (Sun Java System Application Server)


DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS: IntelliJ, Eclipse, XCode, SQuirreL SQL, Oracle SQL Developer, MySQL workbench, RoboMongo, OSX, iOS, WINDOWS, Android, Linux

VERSION CONTROL, and TASK TRACKING TOOLS: GIT, Subversion, CVS, JIRA, Confluence, HP Quality Center

DESIGN PATTERNS: Strategy, Observer, Decorator, Factory, Singleton, Command, Adapter, Façade, Template Method, Iterator, Composite, State



Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Senior Software Developer


  • Redesigned Legacy struts application to Spring MVC application
  • Designed and implemented custom user driven Authorization using Spring Security
  • Introduced MyBatis for new database calls and configured it with Spring framework
  • Modularized Legacy application code into maven modules to reuse Legacy business code to plug into new PFS.
  • Used TDD approach for all new development
  • Fixed security flaws according to OWASP recommendations.
  • Ran HP Fortify analysis tool to identify security vulnerabilities.
  • Configured Fortify with Jenkins and Maven to automate Fortify scans on every code push.
  • Helped my team define branching strategies in Atlassian Stash
  • Migrated to JIRA from legacy method of tracking requirements and bugs
  • Tried to enforce JIRA as primary channel of communication and logging changes in different development phases

Technologies Utilized: Java, JavaScript, Spring framework, jQuery, BootStrap, CXF, JUnit, Mockito, Maven, GIT, Stash, Jenkins, HP Fortify

Environment: Tomcat, Oracle, GIT, Linux, Windows

Development Tools: IntelliJ, Oracle SQL Developer, Chrome Postman

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Analyzed both legacy systems and migrated existing features into new IDMS platform
  • Created a standalone application to migrate company accounts, users, user authorization, workflow configurations and other data from legacy LDAP, and Oracle systems to new system IDMS
  • Created a standalone application to configure different part of question configurations
  • Develop a fraud prevention mechanism that could occur in Insurance prefill
  • Played a part in implementing discovery process, product configuration, admin tools and more
  • Updated password recovery process by using REST webservice
  • Helped implement and migrate existing clients on legacy SOAP based B2B platform to new platform with minimum interface changes.
  • Developed IDMS's web portal. Web portal executes DVA (Discovery, Verification, Authentication) Products, have admin tools, configure workflows, and more
  • Used Spring security for user registration, authentication and authorization

Technologies Utilized: Java, Java EE, Spring, Spring MVC, LDPA, Apache CXF, XML Beans, JQuery, Bootstrap

Environment: Tomcat, MySQL, Linux, Subversion, Windows

Development Tools: IntelliJ, MyEclipse, MySQL Workbench, Apache LDAP Directory Studio, SOAP UI

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Design and develop Spotlight Ads in Dealer’s Platform.
  • Design and develop Dealer Avtivity Reports
  • Generated Spread sheets of Dealer Inventory using apache POI.
  • Added support for google analytics for tracking user clicks
  • Created tools for Application and Platform support teams to identify production issues.
  • Supported legacy dealer platform (dealer community) code.
  • Did most of Development using TDD Test Driven Development and generated Sonar reports to have better insight of the code.
  • Used pair programming techniques to supported new software engineers to resolve complicated issues.

Technologies Utilized: Java 6 and Java 7, Seam 2, Java EE 5, JSF, XHTML, JPA/EJB3, XML, XSD, Jakarta Commons libraries, EasyMock 2.5, JUnit 4.4, Log4J, EJB 3.0, Hibernate 3.3, POI

Environment: JBoss Application Server 4.2, Oracle 11g, Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Subversion, Windows XP

Development Tools: JBoss Developer Studio, Eclipse 3.7, Oracle SQL Developer 2.1, SOAP UI, MS Visio

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Java Developer


  • Developed Services Oriented Architecture to construct Network Project Order and Technical Orders that provides design elements for 1) project order entry, validation, and decomposition rules, 2) project order life cycle management, and 3) project order workflows.
  • Implemented DAO to create, modify and search Network Project Orders.
  • Created Spring AOP based to validation framework to validate different flows in the lifecycle of Project Orders
  • Worked on diff engine that provides ability to change behavior of domain object fields.
  • Built a custom logging framework to log to single logging destination in a distributed environment.
  • Designed loosely coupled set of services that are capable of operating under Workflow framework. In CANOPI workflow was developed in ActiveVOS BPEL.
  • Archived every operation on Orders for reporting and debugging purpose.
  • Created console utility in Groovy for system testers to manipulate database records.

Technologies Utilized: Java 6, Java EE 5, Spring Framework 2.5, JMS, Message Driven Beans, JPA/EJB3, XML, XSD, Jakarta Commons libraries, AspectJ 1.6.5, Spring AOP, EasyMock 2.5, HyperSQL HSQLDB 1.8, JUnit 4.4, Log4J, SLF4J, Groovy 1.7, EJB 3.0, XML Beans 2.3, Weblogic 10 Web Services, ANT 1.7, DBUnit 2.4, Hibernate 3.3, JAXB 2.1, JAX-WS 2.1

Environment: Weblogic 10, Oracle 10g, Solaris, Ubuntu Linux, Subversion, Windows XP

Development Tools: SpringSource Tool Suite (STS 2.5), Eclipse 3.6, Squirrel SQL 3, Oracle SQL Developer 2.1

Project Management: Maven 2, Subversion, HP Quality Center 10, JIRA, Crucible.

Testing Tools: Apache TCPMon, SOAP UI, JUnit, EasyMock 2.5, HyperSQL HSQLDB 1.8, DBUnit

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Java Developer


  • Designed and developed services components in Java, Java EE and the Spring Framework.
  • Used already existing Data Access Layer implemented in Hibernate, Hibernate annotation and Spring (DI, AOP).
  • Implement MVC in Stripes Framework. Imported Spring beans in MVC using Stripes’s Spring annotation.
  • Provided user authentication and authorization using Acegi Security.
  • Built numerous web components in AJAX using Javascript prototype library.
  • Created JSP custom tag to evaluate video clip’s order bin status.
  • Applied Scrum methodologies using Confluence and JIRA effectively.

Technologies Utilized: Stripes Framework MVC, Spring Framework 2.5, Hibernate 3.2, Acegi Security, AJAX, Prototype Javascript libraries, JSON, JUnit, Java 6, Java EE 5, XML, Apache Tomcat 5, JSP 2.0, Servlet 2.5 Jakarta Commons libraries, Spring mock, HTML.

Environment: Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 10g, Linux, Subversion, Windows XP.

Development Tools: Eclipse, Squirrel SQL, Oracle SQL Developer.

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