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Architect Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Over 25 years’ experience in professional commercial development.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in delivering complex telecommunications applications on schedule.
  • 20+ years’ experience developing applications using Java, JDBC, and Oracle/SQL Server
  • Certified XAware Consultant 2005, up and coming XML based Suite of Tools and J2EE engine that helps migrate and aggregate and consolidate data from many sources into XML and back.
  • Proficient in Java, C, servlets, applets, JNI, Multi - Threaded Applications, TCP/IP, Socket Communication, XML, Openwave SSPM, X.25, JavaScript, QCHAT, ACAP, JSP, SQL, LDAP, JMS, Confidential NAB API, Oracle ODSEE, UNIX shell programming, and version control system, Openstack, Docker, Docker-Swarm, Docker-Compose, AWS Mesos Framework, Marathon, STASH, GIT.
  • Experience with SOAP, SOA, J2ME, J2EE, SAX, AXIS
  • Proficient in EAI practices using Tibco Business Works and MOM and ETL tools
  • Practical knowledge in application and web servers - JBoss, Apache, WebSphere, and Tomcat. Developed database applications using, MS SQL Server, Oracle 7/8i/9i/10g/11g.
  • 4+ Years Hands on Expertise in Tibco Business Works and Tibco ADB Adapter, Tibco MQ Adapter, Tibco File Adapter Tibco EMS, Administrator.
  • 2+ Years DevOps using Openstack/AWS/Docker/CoreOS/Marathon/Mesos


Confidential, San Jose, CA



  • Confidential NAB Docker - Design and build Virtualized F1 NAB for dev and QA use.
  • Complete building of Docker images and squashing and loading into Confidential Repo. Deploying to local environments with Docker-Compose and allowing multi Docker installs with Docker-Swarm.
  • Docker-Compose/Docker Swarm/Docker
  • Vox NAB Lab - Designed and Created a Virtualized lab with the full Verizon Cloud suite. Designed and created Openstack scripting to create Virtual machines in an AWS environment. Several layers of control for a spin up time of 20 minutes for a complete workable environment.
  • Openstack/AWS/CoreOS for server
  • Marathon/Mesos/Docker for container management
  • Fleet/etcd2/zookeeper for low level service control
  • MySQL for the Database
  • Verizon Cloud API - Designed and built Data Analytics Server components to support real time events from a newly created and published API allowing 3rd party vendors to develop applications using Verizon Cloud data for their own application.
  • WSO2 DAS Server/Spark/solr/Lucene
  • Vox NAB Build tool Porting - Built extensive script to port a complex enterprise application from using Ant to the Confidential standard Maven, using Maven plugins as needed.
  • Converted Enterprise Application from Ant to Maven
  • Java/bash/Maven plugins
  • NAB White Label Design and Build
  • Designed and built a white label version of NAB for non-Verizon customers
  • Implemented Web Services Gateway HA Compressed Caching Scheme
  • Java/agile/Jira/Confluence/redis/zookeeper/zip libs
  • NAB Service Events Processor
  • Modified SEP code to allow for multiple event retries in a distributed environment using Zookeeper/spring/Java/JNDI/MQ
  • Enhanced code to allow Asynchronous pulling of events to speed up throughput.
  • Upgraded SEP to conform to Verizon MTAS messages which require a response to each event on a separate response queue within a given timeout window.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Architect/Integration Manager


  • Designed JMS Queue Infrastructure for Product to interface with Telco provisioning systems.
  • Designed and built LDAP infrastructure for GD/GR architecture using Oracle ODSEE.
  • Support client developers use of the Confidential API.
  • Designed and built internal Java tools to exercise and show use of Confidential API.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Tibco Architect/Design Lead


  • Designed Functional and Technical Design Documentation and Templates
  • Created Original POC supporting theories espoused in Design documents using Tibco MQ Adapter to Cobol Copy Book Mainframe
  • Currently Building the Interfaces in BW with a team of 5 and starting to go through QA testing and fleshing out the Infrastructure Error Handling and Reporting.
  • Extensive use of Cobol Copy Book Palette Object as well as Adapter for MQ Series to Mainframe.

Confidential, New York, NY

Tibco Architect/Developer


  • Implemented a new Infrastructure using the Tibco stack to further de- couple the unique business logic needed to gather data from disparate systems while maintaining Client xml Message Request structures.
  • All errors use common XML schema and were logged to DB for metrics analysis and for Email notification throttling within the Tibco framework.
  • Designed XML Schemas to utilize the Content Based Routing Pattern of Tibco BW that allows for one Web Service starter to be utilized for many incoming services and route them to the appropriate service using the designed elements in the service Schema.
  • Extensive use of Tibco JMS (EMS & M-Queue) in BW to facilitate triggering of events and Q based Client Queries.
  • Designed the Services infrastructures to be flexible enough to service requests for PUB/SUB and JMS Messages (M-Queue and EMS) and SOAP Requests and XML over HTML Request Reply messages.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA



  • Designed and developed conversion application for ING Insurance implementing a complex conversion from flat files through a java rules based engine extracting only specific products and migrating to the ACCORD standard XML based format. Implemented a Message Driven Bean to take the ACCORD XML and map to new application format and insert into DB for very efficient and fast migration.

Technologies used: Java, XAware, Tibco Business Works, J2EE MDB, Oracle, Web sphere AS 6.1.

Confidential, Redwood City, CA



  • Designed and developed MMSC Proxy for Bell South International. The proxy intercepts WAP209 incoming messages in real time and unencodes the WAP209 payload and changes content and headers of the message to allow successful inter country delivery of the message. Technologies used: Java, WAP209, TCP/IP Sockets.
  • Designed and developed Multi country provisioning server to allow 10 countries to provision handsets through a common XML over TCP architecture, standardizing on a common provisioning format while leaving each country with their respective internal systems unchanged.

Technologies used: Java, TCP/IP Sockets. SAX, XML, DTD, LDAP, Openwave SSPM API.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Architect/Development Manager


  • Designed and developed authentication modules to allow single sign on for users worldwide.
  • Designed and developed Java middleware module to interface with the Hyperwave API to create a custom portal experience for each user.
  • Architected and deployed high availability architecture to allow 35,000 clients worldwide to access the application with 0% downtime, through N Tier architecture and load balancers.

Confidential, Redwood Shores, CA

Senior Principal/Technical Lead


  • Developed Java custom middleware to allow a web front end to an existing DEC forms application for point of sale terminal nationwide.
  • Developed a software switch to handle 230 voice calls a second to maintain real time routing of calls across the sprint network. All routing and billing information was stored in an Oracle database the access to which was a module developed in C++ with Oracle OCI calls. One of the important milestones in the project revolved around retrieving data in less than 1 millisecond from a 1 million row database.
  • Designed and developed a Java Swing applet that allowed easy hierarchical organization and entry of switch data into an Oracle database. The applet communicated using TCP/IP to a Java middleware server that stored the data in Oracle.
  • Developed Java middleware to allow access to a proprietary product so subscribers could retrieve and read email, voicemail, faxes from a universal inbox. Lead a team of developers in building the custom API to the Oracle InterOffice product.
  • Developed a proof of concept model of the CPDP system for Lucent Technologies, the goal was to replace an expensive custom in memory database with Oracle but not to lose any performance. Succeeded in the goal of 12 selects over 1 million rows of data in under 250 ms.
  • Developed prototype of a seamless security service through network services allowing delivery and installation of any packaged software. Intelligent install agents gathered all required packages to make the selected application run and securely downloaded and installed them on the client’s machine.
  • Developed X.25 protocol interface for setup boxes to communicate to the Gateway for a Video on demand application for Bell Video Services. Oversaw the testing and integration of the Oracle video server including a 500 simultaneous streams benchmark.

Technologies used: C, X.25, Media Net, SQL, Dynix PTX, Sockets.

Confidential, Belmont, CA

District Systems Engineer


  • Application support on a dealer level for all SCI/Fortune products, operation systems support for the entire United States.
  • Trained and maintained all dealer hardware and software field technicians.
  • Pre- and post-sales support for the District Sales Manager, and evaluation and recruiting of new Fortune dealers.

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