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Senior Java Software Engineer Resume

Dresher, PA


Software developer with hands on experience in every phase of systems development life cycle. Experience spans a broad range of functional activities including gathering user requirements, business analysis, data modeling, data analysis, application design, database design, development, testing, training users, implementation and deployment.


Development: Java, J2EE, Web Services, Eclipse, C#, Visual Studio, JavaScript, HTML, PowerBuilder

Agile Project Management: Team Foundation Server, Scrum/Kanban methodologies

Database: Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports, DB2, Shell Scripts

Application Server: IIS Express, Web Logic, Sybase EAServer, IBM WebSphere

Configuration Management: GIT, TFS, Team City, Octopus, Perforce, PVCS Version Manager

Analysis and Design: Rapid SQL, SQL Server Management Studio, DBVisualizer, Embarcadero’s DBArtisan

Operating System: Unix, MS - DOS, Windows NT, Windows


Confidential, Dresher, PA

Senior Java Software Engineer


  • All projects were managed using Agile methodology with Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Built data-driven Web applications with server side J2EE MVC architecture using Servlets, EJBs and JSPs.
  • Analyzed, designed, developed, unit tested and integration tested Mail Barrel project to send emails in HTML format. Mail Barrel is an email system, stand alone windows service that monitors a database table and sends out emails when new records are added to the table. It had the ability to send out emails in plain text format. Many company wide emails were designed and developed to send HTML format emails based on client brands.
  • Worked on Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) workflow that uses Java language to create plan proposals for clients, push documents, get client e signature on documents using vendor Sertifi and pull the documents back for plan processing. Sertifi disabled Transport Layer Security 1.0 on their sand box. Fixed code to use TLS1.1 or TLS1.2 to connect to Sertifi. Fixed several other bugs. Added functionalities to various other work flows. Mentored junior and senior developers on BPM technology best practices.
  • Analyzed, designed, developed and enhanced problems on matrix daily cash balance report, loan maintenance, payroll sync report and several other production problems. Fixed several other production support bug fixes.
  • Maintained and established an excellent productive working relationship with management, client services and team members.

Confidential, East Windsor, NJ

Java Developer


  • Lead design sessions, guided a team of junior and senior developers in development of the following functionalities using J2EE MVC, Servlets, JSP, EJB. database: DB2 on AS400, application server: Web Logic 8.1, IDE: Eclipse 3.1 and Perforce.
  • Payroll Vendor Download functionality: Designed and developed functionality for payroll vendors to transfer payroll contributions files for all pay periods for mutual clients. This program reads participant contribution data from the file and checks the data for validations. If errors are detected an email is sent to payroll vendors to resolve errors and resend the file. If no errors are detected an email is sent to plan sponsor to review, approve and submit the payroll file. Participated in sales call meetings with Managers to set up secure file transfers. Provided technical support to over 38 payroll vendors and many plan sponsors. Maintained excellent client relationship.
  • Portfolio builder functionality: a participant is presented with investment objective questions. Based on the answers given an asset allocation strategy (conservative, moderate, aggressive) is selected for the participant with various funds & their allocation percentage.
  • Enhancements for Plan Sponsors and TPAs - participant level: changing/deleting participant’s SSN, home & mailing address and contribution rates - plan level: changing plan’s contact e-mail, mailing address, loan interest rates
  • Non-spousal beneficiary functionality: a married participant chooses a beneficiary other than the spouse, the request is set to pending & plan sponsor approves/denies the request after receiving spouse’s signed consent form.
  • Compliance / Non Discrimination Testing: Designed and developed functionality that displays participants who contributed more than the required contribution amount for the year, provided plan sponsor with functionality to send over contributed money back to participants.
  • Bug fixes: worked on providing code fixes to several bugs. Provided clear, concise test documents to testers.
  • Provided architect level Java production support in high paced production environment to client services, sales and trading departments on participant, plan sponsor and financial professional sites on all the 401 K business functionalities from plan proposal, plan setup, census, eligibility, enrollment, money types, funds, fund prices, payroll contributions, payroll agent, transfer agent, hardship calculations, loan requests, compliance and online statements. Analyzed code to determine the root cause of the problem and provided code fix, data fix for the above functionalities.
  • Provided trading support to DST, Matrix and PFPC trading partners. Did not miss a single trade deadline. Figured out issues and resolved them in a timely manner on a two hour deadline in order to avoid trade penalties.
  • Enhanced and supported Eligibility and Auto Enroll Agent batch job. Logic gets all census data for a plan, sets up default deferral and allocation, processes each participant in census, checks eligibility, if eligible enrolls participant, changes employment status to Active and sends Plan Sponsor an email with participant names.
  • Enhanced and supported Employer Weekly Email Agent batch job. Logic gets participant changes made in the last week, sends email to Plan Sponsor with participants who enrolled, made contribution changes, took loans, pending distributions loans rollovers.
  • Enhanced and supported Transfer Agent batch job. Logic gets participant fund rebalance-transfer records and inserts into Trade related tables, sends email to transfers support group.
  • Enhanced and supported Payroll Agent. Agent runs continuously during to match payroll that is processed by plan sponsor to amount available in account. If both match, payroll is processed - buys are sent to trading system.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Software Developer


  • Confidential is a market data provider to client brokerage companies.
  • Design, developed and maintained the following applications using MVC architecture:
  • The system was developed using application server: Sybase EAServer and database: Sybase
  • Document Object Model requests are received from the client and validated against XML schema and parsed using DOM parser.
  • Designed and developed a servlet that receives all XML requests, determines the functionality requested and calls appropriate EJB methods and returns back data in XML format.
  • Developed the following information functionality back end logic in session beans: check coordinator login, display companies a coordinator is allowed to access, display offices in those companies, display users in those offices, display servers in companies, display users on the servers and display products assigned to each user. Developed the following actions functionality back end logic to: create a new user in office, attach a user to a server, add/drop products to/from user, empty a user’s portfolio, copy products from another user, delete a user.
  • Developed using JBuilder6 and deployed on WebLogic7. It is a central entry point for all client orders.
  • Designed, developed and tested EJBs for Product, Package and Component hierarchy business logic.

Product Manager



  • The systems were developed using JBuilder6 and deployed on WebLogic7.
  • Product Manager is a data entry tool used by Product Management group to create/search products, assign values to its attributes and advance them through various stages of life cycle(dev, staging, alpha, beta, production)
  • The components of a product are retrieved from a different server/database that does not give update access. When a user changes data, it is saved in Product Manager database and an email is sent to the Approval manager.
  • Manager logs on to Data Dictionary Approval system. Data is retrieved from Product Manager and the other server/database for the manager to accept or reject the changes. When manager accepts the changes a file is created with the modified data and stored on a file server to be picked up by another programmer to update data in their server/database. The Components department is notified by an email.

Confidential, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Designed, developed and maintained the following applications at Confidential:
  • The system was developed using Visual Age for Java 3.5 and deployed on IBM Web Sphere Application Server 3.5
  • The system was an Intranet application used by Mellon compliance department to track and maintain employee pre-clearances of stock sales and purchases.
  • Mellon employees were required to get compliance department’s approval before buying or selling stocks.
  • Mellon employee, broker information and a restricted list of stocks are maintained in the database. The user enters a ticker of the stocks being bought or sold. The user is presented with questions. The ticker is compared against the restricted list of stocks, if found in restricted list the buy/sell request is declined else it is approved.
  • Systems were developed using PowerBuilder 6.0/PFC and Sybase11 as back end.
  • Single-Source Processing System keeps track of all the stock that a company issues for hundreds of companies: recording any deposits, subtracting the withdrawals and making sure that the shares being issued never exceed the balance of the reserve which is maintained by Control Books System.
  • Designed and developed interfaces for users to input letter information received in the form of faxes or mail to issue stock certificates to employees of client corporations by debiting a reserve in a company and crediting the employee shareholder
  • Control Books System keeps track of authorized, reserve, outstanding and unissued shares of clients. Designed and developed data entry interfaces: debit a reserve the outstanding is automatically credited and credit a reserve the outstanding is automatically debited, credit authorized and unissued is automatically credited. Designed and developed a reporter screen with a search object that accepts cusip and company as the search criteria and displays the authorized, reserve, outstanding and unissued amounts in a tree view.
  • Designed and developed stored procedures to match the DWAC (Deposit Withdrawal at Custodian) letters to DTC transactions by comparing fields: cusip, transaction type, shares, broker number and client reference number.
  • Designed and developed the systems using Visual Basic5 and Sybase 10 as back end
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan and Employee Stock Option Plan account management module handled share reconciliation between different accounts: Custody, CMS, Harrigan, and Dummy cusips.
  • Corporate Actions Accounting System handled smooth management of shares during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Designed and developed functionality in Managerial Approval interface to display the color of modified fields in red after changes are made in job Profile interface for manager approval.
  • Designed and developed triggers to create an audit trail functionality to capture the current and modified values.

Confidential, New York City, NY 8

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Designed and developed a ‘Check Delinquent Processing System’.
  • The system was developed in PowerBuilder 5.0 using Oracle 7.2 on IBM RS6000 server.
  • Developed three modules of the system - Check Inquiry, Check Correction and Check Update.
  • Check Inquiry was used for retrieval of returned check information by customer service & collections to properly handle incoming calls in order to inform the customer information about their checks, amount returned, administration fee charged, return to address and other related information.
  • Check Corrections and Check Update was used to correct and update returned check information for account area and auditing purposes.
  • Designed and developed a ‘Best Of Customer Service System’.
  • System was designed and developed in PowerBuilder 5.0 using n tier service based architecture with Oracle 7.2
  • The system was developed to increase efficiency of plant personnel in order to improve client/customer relations, effectively automate customer product definition, order entry, estimating, inventory, invoicing, shipping the product and return tracking.
  • Designed and developed search functionality on a tab object to search customers alphabetically and scroll down to the particular customer. Developed functionality to create a customer profile.
  • Designed and developed a ‘Promotion Management System’.
  • The system was developed in PowerBuilder 4.0 with Sybase SQL Server4.2 as back end.
  • The system was developed to assist the sales organization in analysis, discounting, order entry, reporting and invoicing to give promotions to various stores.

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