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Java Developer Resume

Plano, TX


  • Highly motivated and focused Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience in Java J2EE software development.
  • Extensive IT experience in server side development, distributed software architecture, object oriented design, messaging middleware and relational databases.
  • Experienced in development, implementation and maintenance of web and distributed Enterprise applications using Java/J2EE technologies for banking, financial, insurance, Energy, Hotel and Mortgage organizations using Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB Hibernate, Struts 1.2, Spring 3.0, JNDI, Webservices, JDBC, JAXP, RMI, XML, Javascript.
  • Expertise in server - side development with JDBC, Servlets, MVC architecture, Java Beans.
  • Proficient in Core Java concepts Collections, Multithreading, Data Structures, Serialization, and Java Beans.
  • Proficient in Java/J2EE Design Patterns including Singleton, Command Model View Controller (MVC), Data Access Object (DAO), and Business Delegate.
  • Experience in MVC architecture, spring, Struts framework, J2EE Design Patterns, Spring IOC, Java Server Faces and Hibernate.
  • Used and worked with SOAP and Rest Webservices.
  • Skilled in analyzing and defining solutions to increase efficiencies and reduce redundancy
  • Specialize in Enterprise Application Integration and Agile Methodologies.


Java Technologies: JDK (1.6), Servlets, Struts 3.0/2.0/1.2, Spring, Hibernate, JSP 1.2, JDBC 2.0, JNDI, ANT, AJAX, XML, DTD, Schema, DOM, SAX, Java Beans, Web services WSDL, Rest, SOAP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Frameworks: Spring 1.x/2.x, Struts 1.x/2.x, and 3.x, Hibernate 3.0

Languages: Java 8.0, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, XML, HTML and UML.

Database: MySQL, SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 9i/10g, PL/SQL.

Software/Tools: JENKINS, Maven

Version Control: CVS, Git, Clear Case

Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.5, JBoss 5.0 and Weblogic App Server.


Confidential, Plano, TX

Java Developer


  • Participated in various stages of the project life cycle mainly design, implementation testing, deployment and enhancement of the application.
  • Applied Agile methodologies for software development.
  • Analysis and Designing new enhancements for every release. Had good experience in low-level designs.
  • Proficient in doing Object Oriented Design using UML-Rational Rose.
  • Experienced in developing complex interfaces using spring framework and Ajax.
  • Used Multithreaded programming using concepts like thread pools, Wait/notify and latches.
  • Used RESTful Webservices to extract product and warranty information.
  • Implemented business logic using Session beans, Servlets and Stored procedures.
  • Deployed and supported the application in production using Tomcat.
  • Development of persistent components using Hibernate 3.0.
  • Wrote SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures and modifications to existing database structure.
  • Developed Scripts for UNIX platform deployment.
  • Used MAVEN and building JAR, WAR and EAR files.
  • Used JUnit/Eclipse for the unit testing of various modules.
  • Used JENKINS for CI and deployment.
  • Experience in Build, Maven, reviewing Maven site, JUnit and PMD Maven reports.
  • Expert in debugging the issues and resolving the production/test issues.
  • Involved in 24X7 production support and maintaining the application after production.

Key Technologies: Java 8.0, J2EE, JSP, Web Services, Spring 3.0, Ajax, Servlet, Oracle, PL/SQL, Web Logic Application Server 8.1, XML. UML, JUnit, MAVEN, JENKINS, Unix.

Confidential, Nashville, TN

Java Developer


  • Worked on gathering requirements from stakeholders and performed Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications.
  • Created UML diagrams (use case, class, sequence & collaboration diagram) based on the business requirements.
  • Supported the VMware environment for the migration of Oracle Java applications.
  • Used OOAD Technology classes are designed in UML with the help of Rational Rose tool.
  • Involved in Design and Development using OOAD methodology to capture and model business requirements, developing multi-threaded high performance applications server-side workflow.
  • Created user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML5 and CSS3 and Javascript.
  • Developed and deployed business logic using session beans and servlets.
  • Used Spring 3.0, MVC framework, JavaScript, AJAX, JSP for the client side validations.
  • Used the JNDI for naming and directory services.
  • Converted old Python Code to Java.
  • Used Web Services (SOAP/Restful) to exchange information.
  • Used Hibernate framework for back end development and spring dependency injection for middle layer development.
  • Wrote Oracle PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers, and views.
  • Involved in debugging the application.
  • Used Maven to compile and generate EAR, WAR, and JAR files.
  • Created custom Exception classes to display appropriate error messages to business users.
  • Used Junit to perform white box testing of application.
  • Created test conditions/test data.
  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of Hosted VMware products.
  • Used Log4j for logging Errors and publishing logging information to various preferred destinations.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous deployment.

Key Technologies: Java 8.0, J2EE, Python, Spring 3.0, JSP 2.0, HTML, Servlets, EXTJS, Hibernate, JBoss, AS 7.x, UML, WebServices, WebSphere, PL/SQL Oracle 10g, jUnit, Jenkins, Unix, GIT.


Java Programmer


  • Participated in the analysis, design and the development of different modules for the integration with the application.
  • Followed Scrum Agile methodology for iterative development of the application.
  • Involved in system design, enterprise application development using object-oriented analysis in Java/J2EE.
  • Extensive uses of Spring MVC annotations to built lightweight application and integrate it with hibernate.
  • Generating company and financial report specific reporting periods and validating it using Spring MVC framework and JSP.
  • Used Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, JSP, JMS, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, Web services (JAX-WS, JAXP, JAXB).
  • Used exceptional handling to handle the exception in the java code.
  • Implemented DAO using Hibernate Reverse Engineering, MVC design.
  • Extensive use of hibernates to generate object relational mapping.
  • Developed Spring Controllers, Service Components, DAOs, Web Services and UI Integration for processing the member request for the modules.
  • Consumed Restful web services for external application.
  • Used Serialization process to serialize the data to store in the database and used the same data after deserialization.
  • Helped UI to integrate the java beans data using JSTL, Spring tags.
  • Generating Global ledger tree view having all the XBRL elements using jqGrid and jQuery.
  • Using JQuery framework to build user interfaces and integrating it with spring framework.
  • Understanding various taxonomy structure and applying treeGrid functionality of jQuery framework to model the tree for mapping. Using Ajax show dynamic view on the page.
  • Worked on JQuery and made multiple AJAX calls with JSON as a response object.
  • Generating output in XML format by extracting data of trail balance and global Ledger elements mapping from MySQL database.
  • Performing code reviews and generating code review report.
  • Fixing bugs reported by the testing team and updating the same after refactoring.
  • Involved in setting up Maven configuration.
  • Session Management using Http session.
  • Helped to design, implement and maintain multiple modules and services of the application.
  • Tested the application in different environments for compatibility. Understanding the functional and nonfunctional requirements from the specification and applying it to the module.
  • Co-ordinate with the QA lead for development of test plan, test cases, test code and actual testing.

Key Technologies: Java, JDK1.6, J2EE, Spring, hibernate, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Servlets, MySQL, Oracle, Web Services, Restful Inventory management and MRP system for CAC.

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