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Ios Performance Engineer Qa Resume

Cupertino, CA


Software Engineer with comprehensive experience across multiple layers of the stack. Natural leader effective at streamlining tasks and driving projects. Proven ability in all levels of testing including performance, functional, regression, and end user testing. Seeking key leadership roles in development or project management.


Programming/Languages: Java, Python, Ruby, C/C++, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, HTML

Tools: MongoDB, OpenGL/GLUT, Git, SourceTree, various Confidential Internal tools

Skills: test automation, quality assurance, technical documentation, database design, analysis of algorithms, computer graphics


iOS Performance Engineer QA

Confidential, Cupertino, CA


  • Designs and maintains large scale automation frameworks for multiple device types using Python and Ruby.
  • Performs cross platform automated testing for both watchOS and iOS and identifies/fixes automation blockers.
  • Analyzes and prepares weekly status reports of performance metrics and regression bugs sent to Executives.
  • Helps optimize system performance through telemetry tools, CPU logging, bug management, and statistical analysis.

Research Assistant

Confidential, Tucson, AZ


  • Developed and tested a software program to automate the crystal site sampling process for the Geosciences department.
  • Recognized pixel patterns and used geometry algorithms to identify crystals within an image and approximate their centers.
  • Utilized image processing and machine learning techniques to produce more accurate sample sites from the images.

Academic Services Assistant

Confidential, Tucson, AZ


  • Coordinated and optimized schedules for the Manager of Academic Services and Coordinator of Career Development.
  • Synchronized appointments and reminders for multiple Academic Advisors and provided support for their students.
  • Planned department events and prepared receptions for academic seminars, faculty requests, and career fairs.

Computer Graphics Intern

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Created a user interface for a Prototype Computation Mesh Generator using computational geometry methods.
  • Assisted the President of the company to improve existing libraries and add functionality for rapid prototyping of CAD.
  • Imported STL meshes to display and manipulate designs through an interactive environment with C and OpenGL/GLUT

Office of Student Services Assistant

Confidential, Morgantown, WV


  • Served as the liaison of students and administration for the entire Engineering College by streamlining communication.
  • Used excellent organizational and analytical skills to prepare 100+ student requests per week for approval by the Dean.
  • Analyzed data in Microsoft Office to evaluate admission/graduation requirements and improved overall office operations.

Student - Athlete (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball)

Confidential, Tucson, AZ


  • Exercised leadership and sportsmanship in the community through competition, clinics and service.
  • Devoted 20+ hours per week to athletic improvement and strength training while maintaining a full - time student load.
  • Gained valuable experience in teamwork, time management, problem solving, and goal setting.

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