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Mobile Developer Resume

Farmington Hills, MI


  • 10+ years of professional IT experience in development, testing & deployment in Consumer and Enterprise Applications.
  • Design, develop and test consumer facing mobile app and e - Learning apps
  • 5+ years of experience as an iOS developer working on various applications and versions of iOS including iOS 6-12.
  • Strong experience with iOS development using Objective C and SWIFT. Solid understanding of software development life cycle.
  • Good experience as a developer in designing, developing, implementing, testing and publishing apps on iTunes Store. Built Rich User Interface applications, integrating with various Databases and Client-Server applications in iPhone/iPad, application development using Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, MapKit, Google API, Firebase SDK, Facebook SDK, Push notifications, Location services, Bluetooth beacons.
  • Strong knowledge of Java for Android and Objective C, cocoa for iOS
  • 5+years of experience in Mobile Application Development (Android) using Java.
  • Expertise in creating and customizing UIViews.
  • Experienced in working with Storyboard and Interface Builder.
  • Experience with SOAP, REST and JSON HTML5 and Creating Web Services with SPRING
  • Experience designing, developing and maintaining Databases with Rapid SQL
  • Developed apps using iOS design patterns (MVC, Delegation).
  • Highly expertise in integrating Push Notifications and Network Connectivity.
  • Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as Requirements Gathering, Project Design, Development, Support and maintenance phases to meet requirement of project and familiar with agile software development methodologies as well.
  • Proficient with Java, C++, ObjectiveC, SWIFT, AS3, C#
  • Expertise in developing applications for Android operating system using Eclipse IDE and Android Studio, SQLite, Java, XML, Android SDK and ADT plugin.
  • Experience in working with scalable Android UI
  • Experience in the use of Continuous integration tools (SVN, Git, Tortoise) and best practices.
  • Experience in design and development of Rich Mobile Applications using JavaScript, XML, CSS, and HTML.
  • Experienced in database systems like MySQL and MS SQL Server to manage tables, stored procedures, functions, and triggers for the fast retrieval and manipulation of data.
  • Experience in using SQLite Database and Content Providers for mobile data management.
  • Experience on Android UI components such as AutocompleteTextView, RecyclerView, Alert Dialogs and Spinners for various layouts in Application development.
  • Experience in Graphic design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, After Effects and Dreamweaver for rich user friendly front end contents.
  • Extensive experience in 3D Software like 3DMax, Lightwave and Maya.
  • Experience working with XML parsers, RESTful API's and server side technologies like Apache and PHP.
  • Solid understanding of interfacing to back-end system using XML/JSON, REST/SOAP API.
  • Solid experience with TDD development using TestUnit
  • Experience in branching, pushing and merging codes with remote repository such as GitLab.
  • Good knowledge in using Tortoise SVN to maintain software version control, pull requests for committed codes and peer-to-peer code review.
  • Good understanding in Testing Mobile applications and bug tracking.
  • Proficient with UML Diagrams, Use Cases and Sequence Diagrams to design programming solutions.
  • Self-motivated and excellent abilities to learn new languages and other concepts quickly, excellent interpersonal skills and abilities to communicate with team players.


Mobile Technologies: Eclipse and Android Studio(Android), XCode(iOS), Unity, Adobe AIR(Hybrid)

Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, Objective C, Swift, HTML, CSS3, SQL, Python, Prolog, AS3, PHP.

Scripting Language: JavaScript

Web Designing: HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, AS3, PHP.

IDE: Eclipse, Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio, Adobe Flash, Unity

Web/Application Servers: Microsoft IIS

Framework: Firebase, Google Play Services, Cocoa Touch, UI libraries for Android and iOS

Version Control Tools: Tortoise, Git.

Databases: SQLite, MySQL, Rapid SQL

Mobile Operating Systems: iOS, Android

Operating System: Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Mac OS X.

Agile technologies: JIRA


Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

Mobile Developer


  • Involved in doing AGILE practices, attending weekly agile (SCRUM) meetings. Worked with an Agile, Scrum methodology to ensure delivery of high quality work with every iteration using JIRA
  • Worked extensively with Java, Objective C and Swift.
  • Worked with Android Studio, XCode, Eclipse, Rapid SQL.
  • Used RESTful and SOAP API services and maintained background image downloads, uploads, chat conversations, and messages from system.
  • Worked as UX developer.
  • Gather requirements from client
  • Design and develop mobile applications (Android/iOS)
  • Used encryption to maintain secure client session
  • Used a Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment in a Scrum development methodology to provide end to-end development.
  • Worked on Agile based development model.
  • Worked with SVN to checkout and update the codebase changes.

Environment: XCode, Swift, Objective-C, JSON, XML, REST, Rapid SQL, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Java, Firebase Analytics, Bluetooth beacons, Firebase SDK, Agile methodology.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Android/ IOS Developer


  • Designed, develop and maintenance of mobile applications (Android/iOS)
  • Responsible to qualify release compatible for IOS, Android, Mobile web, web (Play store, Appstore).
  • Participate in stand up meetings to report about scope of work, testing progresses, outstanding issues, blocking points and so on.
  • Developed the activities and UI layers.
  • Worked with UI Action Sheets, UI Table Views, Custom Cells, UI Scroll Views, Navigation Controllers, delegates and protocols.
  • Worked with Cocoa Frameworks, which includes UI Kit, Foundation, UI Image Picker, UI Date picker.
  • Responsible for UX
  • Implemented Accessibility and Localizations on the application.
  • Familiar with Core Animation / UI animation concepts.
  • Performed different types of functional and nonfunctional testing such as exploratory, GUI, usability, smoke, regression, browser compatibility, platform compatibility, boundary and security testing on different mobile devices with different OS versions.
  • Responsible for IOS and Android app build (XCode/Android Studio) and deploy to test locally and multiple registered devices.
  • Performed UI, Regression, Functional and Back end testing for the applications.
  • Implemented customized web view component to load HTML data.
  • Worked on RESTful and SOAP Web service calls, XML and JSON parsing included in the project.
  • Implemented the required GUI by making modifications to the xml files.
  • Collaborated with the team by using the version controller GITHUB.
  • Developed critical tools for this project like Customized Navigation bar, Page control and Scroll view.
  • Worked on Web Service calls, XML and JSON parsing.
  • Database and web service maintenance
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)

Environment: Xcode, Objective-C, using ARC and Auto Layout, GitHub for version control, XML, JSON Frameworks: UIKit, Agile Scrum Methodology. Android SDK, Android Studio IDE, JSON, REST Web Services, XML, Crashlytics, ActionBar and GITHUB, GPS Services, Google Maps. Bluetooth Beacons.

Confidential, Fort Lee, NJ

Videogame Developer/ Mobile Developer


  • Involved in doing AGILE practices, attending daily agile (SCRUM) meetings. Worked with an Agile, Scrum methodology to ensure delivery of high quality work with every iteration.
  • Worked extensively with AS3 and HTML.
  • Worked with Adobe Flash and Custom systems.
  • Used RESTful and SOAP API services and maintained background image downloads, uploads, chat conversations, and messages from system.
  • Worked as UX developer.
  • Design and develop mobile applications (Android/iOS)
  • Handled the client side session
  • Used a Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment in a Scrum development methodology to provide end to-end development.
  • Worked on Agile based development model.
  • Worked with SVN to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Worked in the internal process using SCRUM Agile methodology.

Environment: iOS 7.1/8.0, Xcode 6.0/6.3, Agile Methodology, iPad, iPhone, Objective-C, UIKit, JSON, XML, HTML5, CSS, REST, JavaScript, jQuery, SQLite. Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Google Maps, AML and SQL Databases, Junit.


Software Engineer/ Mobile Developer


  • Involved in SDLC gathering requirements, creating detailed Documentation which includes all Business
  • Design and develop Mobile applications (iOS/Android)
  • Requirements and technical specifications.
  • Worked with UI Gesture Recognizers.
  • Worked with UIActionSheets, custom Date Pickers and Date formatters.
  • Making network calls to the server using NSURLConnection and using the NSXML Parser for the data parsing.
  • Web services used to connect to database using NSURL, NSURL Connection and GCD.
  • Worked with UITableViews, Custom Cells, UIScrollViews, Navigation Controllers, delegates and protocols, NIB/XIB used for UI design.
  • Core Location technology integration with Google Maps to determine real time location.
  • JSON response parsing using NSJSONserialization.
  • Implementation of iOS Design patterns using Category, Extensions, Protocols etc.
  • SQLite Database integration.
  • Well versed with App Deployment and providing IPA and apk for testing and app store/play store deployments.
  • Performed initial agile team assessments and recommend and assist with the implementation of agile team structure for the teams and associated resources.
  • Worked with Scrum of Scrum ceremonies for example standup meetings, Retrospectives, planning sessions etc.
  • Extensively used MVC design pattern throughout the app for reusability and design changes.

Environment: iOS 4 and later, Objective-C, Xcode 4, Cocoa Touch, XML, iPhone Simulator, Eclipse, Java, Android SDK, Adobe Flash, AS3.


Software Engineer


  • Develop over 50 e Learning applications using Adobe Flash AS3
  • Creating project and application architecture deliverables that are consistent with architecture principles, standards, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Integrated a web-based content made with HTML.
  • Lead in technical design sessions with the development teams and graphic design teams, including the creation of class models, sequence diagrams, component models, etc., and detailed design specifications to ensuring that architecture standards are followed.
  • XML Response parsing using the NSXMLParser and NSXMLParserDelegate. JSON Response parsing using the SBJSON Framework.
  • Responsible for defining technical evaluation criteria for product and technology selection and determining technical approaches to ensure all architectural solutions result in a coherent systems design.

Environment: AS3, Adobe Flash, Tortoise SVN, Agile Methodology, XML parsing, JSON parsing.


Web Developer


  • Developed 7 e Learning Web Applications.
  • Developed front-end screens with HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Responsible for SCORM compliant applications.
  • As a developer, coordinated with onsite team and client in understanding the business process and requirement understanding.
  • Expertise in event driven programming with multiple active objects(sprites)
  • Participated in daily meeting for enhancing the features for the portal.
  • Preparation and review of Unit Test Plan, Unit Testing, Test Results review and other quality related work.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, DOM, Eclipse, AS3, Adobe Flash, Windows XP/07 and MS Office.


Web Developer


  • Interacted with the client in understanding the requirements.
  • Walkthrough the Detailed Designs and General Designs.
  • Developed the User Interaction Screen using HTML.
  • Developed the module to handle the access roles of the users for front-end system.
  • Responsible for designing website UI
  • Graphic design
  • 3D rendering
  • Photography

Environment: HTML, JavaScript, AS3, Adobe Suite, ArchiCAD, Newtek Light wave.

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