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Android Application Developer Resume

Spring Valley, NY


  • Over 5 Years’ of experience in Design and Development of Java based applications and experienced in Android SDK application development.
  • Good Knowledge in Kotlin Programming language.
  • Experience in working with Java, SQLite Database , Google Maps API , Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, XML, JSON, and Androids: Debugger (DDMS), Device Manager (AVD), ADT plug in, GPS Location Data and Push Notifications .
  • Working knowledge of graphic design and handling various kinds of media using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.
  • Experience in building multithreaded applications using Threads, Handlers and Asynctask.
  • Experience with source code control management like subversion SVN and GIT, good at using the markup languages like REST and JSON.
  • Good understanding in third - party libraries and techniques such as Dagger, RxJava, Retrofit, OkHttp and Butter Knife.
  • Experience in using Android Storage options like Shared Preferences.
  • Used waterfall, SCRUM-Agile software development method for managing application developments.
  • Experience with automated testing frameworks (e.g. Espresso, Robotium, JUnit)
  • Undertaken full life cycle of Android Application Development which includes testing on device and simulator as well.
  • Experience with MVC and MVP design pattern.
  • Good mobile and web design skills using Activities, Fragments, HTML 5, Java Script and XML.
  • Knowledge in building Hybrid Application using WebView.
  • Experience in using Gradle, Jenkins.
  • Excellent debugging skills with Eclipse, Android Studio.
  • Proficient with common Android framework APIs like Activities, Intents, Services, Broadcast, Content Providers, Authentication, and Location.
  • Good exposure in troubleshooting and debugging android applications.
  • Curious to learn modern technologies like Angular, Bootstrap.
  • Strong adaptability, effective communication and interpersonal skills.


Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin and C

Web & Scripting Tools: HTML5, XHTML, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery

Database Technologies: MySQL, SQLite

Web Services: REST, SOAP, XML

Development Tools: Android Studio, Eclipse ADT

Windows Platforms: Windows 10/8/7/XP, Windows Server 2008/2003

Version Control Tools: Git, SVN

Debugging Tools: Logcat, DDMS, ADB


Confidential, Spring Valley, NY

Android Application Developer


  • Implemented Scan Results and Wi-Fi Analyzer modules
  • Worked with JSON library to Parse backend JSON files.
  • Implemented All UPNP Device Details Module which consists of Attributes and other information
  • Developed Line Chart/Graph UI for Monitoring Live Wi-Fi Data like PhyRate, RSSI, SNR and NOISE Using HelloChart Library.
  • Developed Gauges UI to display WIFI Data like PhyRate, RSSI, SNR and NOISE.
  • Handling of backend and Live Data of UPNP devices
  • Used Retrofit and OkHttp Library to send the requests and getting response from the backend server.
  • Application was developed with JAVA and Kotlin using Android Studio.
  • Designed screens using MVP pattern for various devices with various screen sizes.
  • Issue fixing in Tree View, Card View, Network View and other features
  • Implemented results filter dialog fragments which consist of tabs in dialog
  • Implemented dependency injection using the dagger framework to enhance the thread usability off the main thread.
  • Used inter fragment communication in application by defining and implementing interfaces.
  • Used RxJava for handling and filtering the responses from backend.
  • Implemented customized ListView and used AsyncTask and Threads where it is required to improve the performance.
  • Registered the Broadcast Receivers with various intent filters for the android system announcements.
  • Used SQLite database for creating, modifying and querying the inventory backend data
  • Developed App screens and its workflow using Activity and Fragments which has views such as List View and Scroll View.
  • Used RxJava as a library for composing asynchronous and event based programs by using observable sequences.
  • Experience in using dependency injector called Dagger to test the classes.
  • Experience in Android Integration framework tools like Espresso and Gradle.
  • Developed UI and functionality which consists of Tabs using View Pagers and Tab Widget.
  • Developed Custom View Pagers to modify the existing behavior.
  • Designed the Custom Action bar, Custom Progress bar while making service calls.
  • Designed the Custom Dialog using the Fragment Activity.
  • Used JIRA for new requirements, issues and bug tracking and GIT for code management.
  • Performed on device debugging using ADB and tested application in both emulator and device using Log cat, DDMS.
  • Fixed the bugs identified by the QA testing team.

Environment: Java, Android SDK5.0, 6.0, RxJava, Retrofit, Volley, OkHttp, SQLite, REST services, Jenkins, JIRA, JSON, Android API’s, Android Studio, JQuery, XML, Kotlin.

Confidential, San Mateo, CA

Android App Developer


  • Involved in requirement gathering, UI design and development.
  • Used ADB commands to connect KarmaDrone and Camera.
  • Involved in Bug fixes on major modules.
  • Worked Wi-Fi connectivity module.
  • Designed screen for Joystick Calibration and Tilt wheel calibration.
  • Worked on SignIn/SignUp and Authentication functionality.
  • Worked on Custom views design and development.
  • Wrote code using MVC architecture pattern.
  • Involved in Joystick and tilt Wheel calibration native event functionality.
  • Worked on Passenger App connection, and controlling KarmaDrone from passenger App.
  • Worked closely with the Native Development team.
  • Implemented UI functionality for Create Account and sign In featured
  • Worked on innovative background reflecting the user account status that changes according to user’s account.
  • Debugging the code using DDMS and Logcat.
  • Used Shared Preferences to store and retrieve persistent key value pairs across user sessions.
  • Worked with Android 3rd party libraries like Retrofit.
  • Managed tasks within Agile framework, cleared sprinted tasks, and controlled JIRA workflows.
  • Worked closely with the testing team.
  • Implemented unique design for landscape mode.
  • Used Activities which implement Broadcast Receivers to listen to several Broadcasts from the KarmaDrone.
  • Worked on an Android Service to implement the Push Notification.
  • Used list views & populated lists to display the lists from database using simple adapters.
  • Wrote JUnit test cases for integration and functional tests to run automatically by Jenkins in the builds triggered by each push to Git.
  • Created UI& functionality for authentication feature.
  • Involved in development and enhancements of features to restrict the usage based on Authorization and Authentication tokens.
  • Provided subsequent releases, which included feature changes, enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Used to attend Scrum, Bug scrub meetings, and taken the ownership on product lead the team to reach goals.

Environment: Java, Android SDK5.0, MVC, SQLite, REST services, JSON, Android API’sAndroid Studio, JQuery, XML, HTML, CSS.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Android Developer


  • Used Objects such as Navigation drawer, Recycler view, ListView, ViewPager, SharePreferences etc
  • Implemented AsyncTask Loaders for making a network call also used thirdparty libraries to get the images
  • Worked on adding fragments dynamically to the activities that provided the capability to add and pop from the back stack
  • Used Google Maps and Google Places API to find nearby Confidential location based on current user location
  • Used GPS/Wi-Fi provider to navigate the directions to the nearest store.
  • Worked on Custom views design and development.
  • Storing data in to the data base using SQLite, Content Providers for small amount of data and XML parsing or DOM traversal for data retrieving.
  • Worked on GitHub version control and did pull, push, stash, commit, checkout code using source tree
  • Designed the Layouts according to the requirements using Activity, Fragments.
  • Collected and secured user info with the click of a button using Facebook sign-In with Facebook SDK and Gmail Sign-In with Gmail SDK
  • Implemented Pending intent to send new notification about the latest menu item
  • Worked on innovative background reflecting the user account status that changes according to user’s account.
  • Worked on storing data using Shared preferences to save login info.
  • Added Cart List options using SQLite Database.
  • Worked on MVP design pattern.
  • Tested application for relevant bugs, fixed the issues and deployed on different android firmware’s to validate the application stability
  • Provided subsequent releases, which included feature changes, enhancements and bug fixes.

Environment: Java, Android SDK5.0, MVP, SQLite, REST services, JSON, Android API’sAndroid Studio, XML, Facebook SDK and Gmail SDK.


Java/ Android Application Developer


  • Designed the layout designs using Android XML for all the pages
  • Created the log in and sign up page and integrated Google cloud services on the application.
  • Enabled synchronization of the user preferences to the secure cloud.
  • Implemented a common interface for the application making it compatible with a desktop , web or mobile .
  • Used Android functionality testing like Espresso in automation testing.
  • Extensively utilized AsyncTask, Thread, Handler and Intent Service for smooth UI experience.
  • Enabled comments sections for the users within the application.
  • Involved in working with Location Manager and Restful Web service
  • Responsible for consuming the REST services, getting a JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Implemented the search functionality, Action Bar and Draw-9 Patch Images.
  • Worked on the Android AsyncTask service to update List View Screen.
  • Implemented unique design for portrait and landscape mode.
  • Worked with design/UX team to create user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and full functional UI.
  • Followed the Waterfall methodology for implementing the project.
  • Analyzed and fixed the defects for various modules in the QA stages.
  • Involved in requirement gathering, UI design and development.

Environment: Java, Android SDK 3.2.2 and Android API's GPS, REST, JSON, Eclipse IDE 3.5, ADT Plug-in, SVN (version control), Espresso.

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