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Sr. Microservices Java Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • A self - starter with over 8 years professional experience and strong background in hands-on software development and engineering with Object-Oriented and Java/J2EE technologies with top financial, telecom, health and retail firms.
  • Diverse experience utilizing and implementing complex Client/Server Intranet/Web based N-tier and Microservices architecture applications in Banking, Insurance, Telecom and E-commerce platforms using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud config, Netflix OSS components (Eureka, Zuul, Hystrix), Pivotal Cloud Foundry, AWS, Rabbit MQ, Kafka, Zookeeper, Cassandra, My SQL, Restful Web Services.
  • Hands on experience in creating components and documentation using React JS.
  • Decomposed existing monolithic code base into Spring Boot microservices. Developed new features and provided support for all Microservices.
  • Developed presentation layer using struts tag libraries like logic, html, bean, etc in JSP pages.
  • Experienced in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Experience in Publishing and Consuming web services using Soap and WSDL. Good work experience with SOAP, WSDL, XML, XSD, UDDI, Axis2 and JAX-WS.
  • Expertise in java programming concepts like Exceptional handling, Multithreading, Core Java, Servlets, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Java Beans, Struts, IO, Collection Framework and JDBC.
  • Expertise in Front End web technologies like HTML, CSS, Java Script, AngularJS, AJAX, Bootstrap JS.
  • Experienced in Spring modules like Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Batch in Spring Framework.
  • Expertise in deploying applications on apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic and AWS.
  • Well experienced in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in architecting and developing the cloud-based infrastructure and applications. Creating reproducible infrastructure environments for the microservices architecture (Ansible, AWS CloudFormation).
  • Expertise with configure and setup on AWS from scratch (ELB, ALB, EC2, IAM, ECS, SNS, RDS) and building cloud-based solutions using PaaS, IaaS design patterns.
  • Experienced in creating UML diagrams like use case, class, Sequence and Activity Diagrams using Rational Rose. Database design and development involving Relational database schema, ER modelling and writing queries using SQL.
  • Expertise with CI/CD tools and creating pipelines for application deployment using Jenkins
  • Experience with backend Database languages like Oracle, DB2, SQL server, MYSQL, SQL lite with SQL programming language like PL/SQL Database environments. Strong in-depth knowledge of various database systems.
  • Experienced in container-based deployments using Docker, Docker Hub and Docker registries and Kubernetes.
  • Worked with Junit in unit test using Mocktio and power Mocktio, Integration testing and log4J determining application functionality, Clear quest, Bug tracking tools such as JIRA, Quality Center.
  • Experience in design patterns like Singleton, MVC, DAO, Factory, Front Controller, Session Fa ade.
  • Experience in TDD (test driven development), SDLC methodologies like Agile and Scrum.
  • Experience in using build tools like Gradle, Maven and AntWork Experience


Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, Python, PL/SQL

J2EE Technologies: J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, MVC Architecture, Java Beans, JNDI, RMI, JMS

J2EE Frameworks: Struts, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JUnit

XML & Scripting Languages: JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, Ajax, XML, XSP, jQuery, CSS, Angular JS, PHP, React JS, Node Js

Webservices: SOA Technologies- ESB, SOAP, REST, WSDL, UDDI, XSD, JAX-WS, XML, Axis2.

Design/Analysis: Design patterns, UML, OO Methodologies, AOP, TDD

Database: SQL server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere

Java IDE's: Eclipse, Intellij IDEA 2016.3, RAD

Operating Systems: UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Windows

Software Tools: Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle SQL Developer, ANT, WASAD, Junit, DTD, XML schema, SOAP UI, Postman, Jenkins

Configuration and Build Tools: GIT, MAVEN, Gradle, ANT, SVN and Hudson

Microservices: Stack Spring Cloud, Hystrix, Zuul, Eureka, Zipkin, Feign, Ribbon

Big Data/Hadoop: HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, Kafka, Sqoop, Cassandra, Mongo DB, Flume, Oozie


Sr. Microservices Java Developer

Confidential - CHICAGO, IL


  • Built Spring Boot microservices for the delivery of software products across the enterprise
  • Created the ALB, ELBs and EC2 instances to deploy the applications into cloud environment.
  • Providing service discovery for all microservices using Spring Cloud Kubernetes project
  • Applications are monitored using the Splunk, New Relic and CloudWatch alarms.
  • Used IAM to manage and create AWS users and groups and used permissions to allow and deny access to AWS resources.
  • Development of new listeners for producers and consumer for both Rabbit MQ and Kafka
  • Used Microservice with Spring Boot interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Developed the microservices using Spring Cloud with components of Netflix OSS (Eureka, Zuul, Hystrix, Ribbon, Feign)
  • Implemented Common API Gateway for the micro services integrations using Spring API Gateway and Netflix Eureka Framework.
  • Implemented Hystrix circuit breaker to avoid the message loss during handling at the consumer level
  • UI components are developed using Angular JS(MVC), React Js, JSON, HTML.
  • Configured and Maintained AWS ECS Repository for Deploying Docker Image by Creating a task definition, scheduling tasks and configuring clusters in the AWS ECS Console.
  • AngularJS, React JS, HTML to enable client - side data to meet specific criteria by applying various validations.
  • Implemented a production ready, load balanced, highly available, fault tolerant, auto scaling Kubernetes AWS infrastructure and microservice container orchestration.
  • Implemented Spring framework such as Dependency Injection, IOC, Spring Security, SpringAOP, and Spring integration.
  • Implemented server-side components using Node Js and MongoDB for data management.
  • New library development with micro services architecture using Rest APIs, Spring Boot and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • Managed successful deployment of enterprise grade PaaS solutions using Cloud Foundry
  • Implemented Web services using SOAP and WSDL which communicates through different modules.
  • Implemented database transactions using Hibernate ORM framework.
  • Used Jenkins and pipelines to drive all micro services builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes.
  • Involved in QA support and deployed the application on production server and supported the project.
  • Used the Agile Scrum model to develop the applications using JIRA
  • Test plans and Unit Testing using Junit and Mockito

Environment: JAVA, J2EE, AWS, SPRING MVC, SPRING Boot, SPRING Cloud, Cloud Foundry, JSP, HTML5, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS3, Angular JS, React Js, Mockito, Servlets, Hibernate, SOAP, WSDL, DOM, SONAR, SERENA, JUNIT4, MYSQL, JBOSS, Netflix OSS, Docker, Kubernetes, MyEclipse Blue, Windows.

Sr. Java / J2EE AWS Developer

Confidential, St. Louis, MO


  • Involved in architecture, design and development of high traffic application built in Java/J2EE using MVC architecture integrating spring, Hibernate and Struts frameworks in SOA.
  • Worked on modifying the existing Backend code for different level of enhancements.
  • Involved in J2EE patterns MVC, Dependency Injection (DI), Inversion of Control (IOC), Data Access Object (DAO), Business Delegate, Service Locator and Singleton for the enterprise application.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUNIT Test case.
  • Developed different JavaBeans and helper classes to support Server-Side programs.
  • Used spring as an application framework to build the Services layer and implemented its core modules such as Spring Core Container, Inversion of Control, Data Access and MVC and Used XML/java /annotation spring boot configurations.
  • Implemented ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework with Hibernate for mapping Java classes and database tables.
  • Used EJB through Stateless and Stateful beans
  • Designing & implementing scalable, Restful and micro services-based mobile back-end. The back-end is being written in Java using Spring Boot for simplicity and scalability.
  • Worked on coding Web Services with JAX-WS (SOAP) and JAX-RS (Restful). Used Apache Tomcat as application servers to handle the deployments of different applications.
  • Used GitHub as Version control for code repository and Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Worked on security groups, network ACLs, Internet Gateways, and Elastic IP's to ensure a safe area for organization in AWS public and private cloud.
  • Used Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) for different applications to provide high performance of applications.
  • Worked as part of Micro-services team to develop and deliver Maven projects to deploy on Tomcat.
  • Used Selenium for automation testing and find the errors in business logic and system exceptions.
  • Used Route53 to manage DNS zones and assign public DNS names to elastic load balancers IP's.
  • Used JReport for the business analysis of the data and developed logic based on the graphical reports.
  • Created auto-scaling groups based on memory and CPU usage to handle excessive or under use workload without needing manual interference.
  • Built scripts on AWS cloud for scheduling EC2 auto scaling load balancer with python SDK.
  • Performed Migration test and use cases for applications to AWS cloud with public and private IP ranges to accelerate development productivity by decreasing test-run times.
  • Worked on Amazon IAM Service enabled to grant permissions and resources to users.
  • Managed roles and permissions of users with the help of AWS IAM and also involved in developing the Web services using AXIS2 framework.
  • Worked closely with Testing team for issue fixing and coordinating test set up for testing
  • Created detailed design document, use cases, sequence and class UML Diagrams using Rational Rose.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 3.0, RESTful Web Services, Hibernate 4.0, Java, J2EE, JSP, AJAX, HTML, Java Script, spring, Maven, Amazon web Services, spring boot, ActiveMQ, Hibernate, Eclipse, XML, XSD, JDK 1.5, JMS, Tomcat 5.0, Unix, Maven and SVN, AWS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Route 53, VPC, cloud watch, cloud trail, code deploy, Auto scaling, IAM, EC2, Dynamo DB

Java AWS Developer

Confidential - Bellevue, WA


  • Designed and developed the application using agile methodology and followed SCRUM.
  • Used Atlassian tools like confluence for documentation, bitbucket for code repository, JIRA to create epics, tasks and subtasks and hipchat for internal messaging.
  • Utilized AWS Cloud platform and its features which include EBS, EC2, SNS, RDS, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, EMR, Lambda, Cloud Formation, Auto scaling, Cloud Front, S3 and Route 53.
  • Configured AWS IAM roles and Security Group in Public and Private Subnets in VPC.
  • Created EC2 instances by setting up virtual private cloud (VPCs) and security groups.
  • Worked on core AWS services such as setting up new server (EC2) instances/services in AWS, configuring security groups, setting up Elastic IP's, Auto Scaling and Cloud Formation.
  • Deployed applications on AWS by using Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Created AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for instance RDP/SSH logon and worked with teams to lock down security groups.
  • Developed API for using AWS Lambda to manage the servers and run the code in AWS.
  • Implemented modules using Core Java APIs, Java collection, Java 8(Streams), multi-threading and object-oriented designs.
  • Developed Java API to interact with the Amazon SQS for sending bulk emails.
  • Worked on spring and hibernate for managing the alerts generated to store into the database.
  • Worked on implementing Microservices architecture by using containers.
  • Utilized Apache Tomcat as an application server to handle the deployments of different applications.
  • Used JAX-RS for creating Restful web service where the request and response are in JSON format.
  • Worked on maintaining load balancing for incoming traffic to websites by providing load balancers. Created Auto Scaling group based on the traffic diverts to instances.
  • Involved in designing web pages using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Stored remote copies of repositories as backup for local copies using BitBucket.
  • Created Spring MVC components like dispatch servlets, configure request mapping annotation controllers and view resolver components.
  • Designed and developed JMS messaging services using J2EE by developing queues/topic, sessions and endpoints in ESB.
  • Involved in developing JUnit Test Cases to validate the type of data in the XML Files.
  • Used Log4J for logging and tracing the messages.
  • Used Postman tool perform repeated tests and achieve reliable results in a variety of environments.

Environment: Java 1.8, Eclipse 3.2, Netbeans7.1.2, IntelliJ IDEA, JQuery, Spring 4.0, Web Services, Oracle 11g, DB2, SQL, MVC, Jersey, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, Unix, Linux, JUnit, STS, Apache Tomcat, Gradle, Bit Bucket, JIRA, EC2, S3, VPC, SQS, SNS, SWF, IAM, EMR, Cloud watch, MongoDB, AWS Lambda, Postman.

Java, J2EE Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Involved in Design, Development, Testing and Integration of the application.
  • Implementing business logic and data base connectivity.
  • Client side installation and configuration of project.
  • Implemented the Consolidated applications front - end pages using JSP, JSTL, and Struts Tag Libraries.
  • Involved in developing UI layer using JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX.
  • Developed using simple Struts Validation for validation of user input as per the business logic and initial data loading.
  • Developed the user interface for the thick client using Swing.
  • Co-coordinated Application testing with the help of testing team.
  • Writing database queries on Oracle 9i.
  • Writing stored procedures, Packages, Views, Cursors, Functions and triggers using SQLin the back end.
  • Used Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and data persistence.
  • Wrote SQL commands and Stored Procedures to retrieve data from Oracle database.
  • Developed web services using SOAP, WSDL, and XML.
  • Developed the application using Singleton, Business Delegate and Data Transfer Object design patterns in the project.
  • Created and implemented Oracle Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and complex queries using SQL.
  • Used MQ series to send, receive and read the messages and also Created Queues.
  • Worked with Java Messaging Services (JMS) for reliable and Asynchronous Communication.
  • Used log4j for logging and SVN for version control.

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